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  • preetkanwal 48w

    Letter to my dying spirit ,my muse

    My dear muse,
    Whole winter I saw you shivering in winter in tattered clothes .I tried numerous times to give you blanket of some warm words but you refused. Then I approached metaphors even they like migratory birds did not sit on the frozen branches of your thoughts .
    I tried to ignite some fallen leaves of lexicons in the courtyard of your mind even they didn’t catch fire as if they were in /coma /lying beneath the guilt of living being dead.Do not make me a living corpse.You are my life.Wake up from deep slumber.Emotions have become like snowflakes forming crystals of tears in my eyes.
    I do hope soon you’ll delve into the depth of frozen blue lake of my mind and together we shall float on the surface of poetry.
    Love you loads ❤️
    ©preetkanwal 17.02.2021

  • erics_girl 48w

    Dear Muse..

    Dear Muse;
    Give Praise to Abba Father;
    While meditating on His word..
    We give Him all the Glory for
    Everything we heard.
    Meditate, with gratitude for
    Everything He's done.
    He is Alpha & Omega, He is
    Father, Spirit, Son.
    Worship Him in meditation
    We should do it more often
    Giving Him Praise as we pray
    Our hardened hearts will soften
    Asking Him to guide us. Keep
    Us humble, keep us honest.&
    Give us strength to endure &
    hold onto all He promised.
    Dear Muse;
    Remember to repent & He is
    Faithful to forgive Be grateful
    He ascended to prepare our
    Place to live.
    Thank you for meditating.
    Sincerely yours truly


  • sneha91 48w

    An open letter to my muse

    My darling Sweetie,
    Do you have any idea ? How beautiful you are in my eyes ? Perhaps you dont know, your beauty give me inspiration to write poems for praising your beauty.Before you have not come in my life.I never compose a single poem let you know my mother is also a poet.I read lots of poems of my mother by reading poems of my mother my heart desire to became a poet.But i fail to write a single poem my mother frist poem is 'Rose'.I tried so many times to write a poem watching Rose flower but Rose flower doesn't makes me feel to write a poem.

    But it is you my Sweetie who makes me feel something deep in core of my heart that frist time i am able to compose my frist poem"For you my Sweetie".After then i never stop writing poems for praising your beauty.

    Really your beauty do magic in my eyes to hold my pen swiftly to flows my ink on papers to make me a poet what my heart desire.Where as beauty of Rose flower failed i aslo desire to be always with you my darling Sweetie to make lovely our life and i give you promise my love for you will never end even after i will became too old to lift a pen.My sweetie my muse my real Rose hope you too love me as i love you.

    From your lover.....

  • zeee_zephyrs 48w

    To My Muse

    Hey dear,
    The corner of my home still smells like you. Yes, the one from where you always crossed. The wooden table and the comfortable chair beside the arched window, the navy-blue curtains from where the crimson rays of the Sun try to pass through, the old expensive ornate vase with faded artificial flowers and the old turntable phonograph which once played our favourite music all lying on their respective positions but are void of your presence. The dead objects papitate for your essence.

    The reminiscences of those blissful instances always knocks whenever I cut across through the same narrow, quiet street which once never failed to make our each second a beautiful memory. The soft breeze, the faint rays, the chirping birds and the falling leaves always made a pleasing scenery in our moments.

    I am again in the same street, in the same room and in the same corner to find my lost smile. Sitting in the old chair, holding my pen, staring through the dusty window panel to find you knowing that the void of the corner cannot be infused with your joys but someday if you have to cross by this street and if I am still alive in your memories would you dare to come in and fill the void in the same corner which is half alive with my presence or will you not even give it a glance and leave it half dead.

    With love,
    Your love

  • bellemoon99 48w

    Dear Muse

    I didn't think I deserved love, but you insisted.
    I didn't think I deserved happiness, but you made me smile.
    Your femenine energy enlaced with the masculinity of your body.
    With each kiss a poem was born, with each embrace a burning passion to create.
    You became my best friend, my lover, but more importantly...my muse.
    So in every work I bring to life, a bit of your soul is there.

  • bluepuppy01 48w

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    Muse 1.0
    How can I ever run out of words when words themselves are my muse?

    To You, From Me:

    When I don’t know what to write, I think of you and begin to type. There’s no such thing as writer’s block if you take ‘em all and build a tower to live in like a child with legos and an endless imagination.

    “What to write? What to write?” people ask.

    My advice will always be you. “Write about writing and you’ll never be lost, for it’ll always be everyone’s default muse.”

    One may have customized every topic they’ve chosen for aesthetics, to express emotions, or just to empty one’s mind, but when all else fails and one feels as if they can’t pen a single thing, you’re forever there to assist- offer a metaphorical shoulder as a lift (not a pillow to cry on). You’re there to remind them where everything started before everyone kept pressing the update button.

    And me? I’m someone who never dares to press update. I stay where I know I’m comfortable, where everything is just right- not too this and not too that (call me Goldilocks for all I care). To me, you’re no longer just a default. You’re what I chose myself- not what I was forced to comply with. You’re a solid foundation that supports even a tumbling tower of building blocks like myself (lol apparently we’re both good at playing Jenga). Above all, you’re my muse. All I ever want to write about is you and until I was challenged to write this letter, I never knew. Sorry for realizing so late but aren’t infatuated people usually the last ones to recognize what they’re feeling? I think that fact says it all.


    For when you yourself are my muse, how can the page ever remain blank? How could the tower ever truly stop climbing? How could the sky ever end?


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    Muse 1.0

  • we_elude 48w

    To : My muse

    Hola muse!!

    This is probably my initial initiative to acknowledge you as my muse ....or else you are always crafted in my pre-frontal cortex ....... spreading to different neurons .....And soon some alien��attacks it to delete it.
    And I m left to wonder ....where did you go then ?
    Where do you live ? Are you even 3-Dimensional?

    I m still confused about my relationship with you .... whether I like you or not
    ....whether you are a friend or an enemy
    But out of all these questions ....how wonderfully we have managed to co-exist in the longest long term relationship on �� since our very being

    You have no idea ....how tumultuous nightmare you have given to me when you are highly curious about certain topic and all you do is research till 4:00AM and separating me from entire human species .... messing with my sleep�� and turning me into the chaotic one with frenzy flashes of emotions

    Being with you is like a trekking�� on the moon
    Sometime I fall freely. ...sometime I m lost ....sometime there's an injury ......and sometime I feel lighter .... sometime I see the beauty of earth ....sometime I see creation of us .............what an amazing spontaneous trips we have every now and then.......where everything looks so scattered yet only culminating to form myself .

    But it is not always easy to be with you.....your scattering makes everything chaotic that wasn't liked by the orders that I am surrounded by ......
    You are the wave .... continuously changing .......on different wavelength....not matching up with the one in the 'worldly' rulebooks
    And it scare me ....it did ....and maybe it will continue to scare me ....the consequences of it ....And then we go on a break ....for a while .......and again you knock at my brain ....out of nowhere with the musings .... That I love
    And we patch up !!!

    You are my core......like earth's core .....that core that provide me with warmth and occasional heat .
    I revolve around sun and you revolve with me ..... You are going to be in me till the continue my revolution around sun
    And when I ll stop....you too will stop

    You are impalpable even by me ....but you are the only one that knows me truly

    I know one thing for sure ....and it's a fact
    That we are going to stay together since the very end of our life (seems like a committed relationship ��)

    Till then we should keep creating ...our ART (life) together

    Here's to your acknowledgement by myself

    The one that you have been co-existing since our creation on ��

    Thanks for reading!!!

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  • the_vacant_soul 48w


    Beloved muse,

    It's been bout' a decade , I saw you last. Though, there's only few probabilities to see you again in reality but in my fancies you're always there. Well, I remember those shiny spring days in the parks where our play dates used to set by; imitating family managements and chores of responsibilities. That was the best part of my childhood fancies, but as time flew, we grew maintained our limited life and one day, I left the place.
    We had our time, but we didn't met yet from the day when our family left the place and without any exchange of contacts we were aparted and there we got our fate's vices. Though, your beauty, sharpness and mainly the arrogance is my inspiration to pen the fancies over.
    I'm addressing you as my muse, as you were always there in my mind while penning beauty or descriptions but within time, definition of friendship is changed. Societal restrictions are there, purity of friendship is lowered by world. I know, there are varied mediums now and yes, I can find you again I try often to find you on these modes but everytime it's unsuccessful.
    I always pretend that, you were also trying to find me, eager to see me but mine subconscious shouts "might be we'll never find, and our meeting is nothing but mere figments " but I skip my subconscious and start again to pen for you and bout' you with finding you, to connect again with you.


    Ps: I still miss you.....

  • bclark2681 48w

    My Love,

    I am writing you my love to thank you for being my muse, for being such an inspiration for the words and ink spilling upon my poetic pages.
    The day you graced my sight, my imagination went wild with thoughts and rhymes filling my head. Since the day we became one together, you have illuminated my soul like fire works on Canada day. My poetry flows from me like a gushing river flowing to the ocean blue and it has never stopped since.
    I have never announced to you that you affected me this much, that you gave me this amount of inspiration, that you were my muse and I felt it was time for to let you in on my little secret. I love you.

    With love,
    Your inspired poet

    Credit for picture goes to original owner
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    #muse #inspiration

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    My Love, My Muse

    My love, my muse, my inspiration
    For the words and ink staining my
    White paper with all my poetry,
    Flowing from me like a river gushing
    Towards the ocean blue, all for you
    Now you know my secret stimulant

  • wilmaneels 48w

    16 February 2021

    Dearest muse

    This has been the hardest time for me
    It's like you left - no warning just gone
    I miss those challenging eyes of you
    Almost like you dare me to write
    Now I am staring at a blank page
    Even worse - your eyes are no longer challenging me

    Don't you want to come back
    Bring the urge to write back with you please
    I think I miss you more than writing
    But I also know when you are around
    I write more - you know what that means right?

    I can't do this without you -

    Yours sincerely
    Ps: you are missing from me

  • theorphicmind 48w

    Letters of Fading Winter

    16th February, 2021

    To: My muse

    My dearest muse,
    You are omnipresent but barely tangible..
    I feel you, and I guess that's enough for me...
    You are not confined to one place, thing, person or a form. You are that intoxication when music pervades my mind. That high when I am infatuated with someone. The deep trance that sunsets seem to put me in. You are that state of euphoria when my eyes trace a falling star across the speckled sky. You are what the first birds sing about in the primaveral season. You render me breathless, yet you are the reason I breathe. The endless enigma weaved into the fabric of creation itself. Today I am, because of you. When I perish at Eventide, you are all that I shall leave behind. I have a favour to ask of you. Hold my hands and walk me through the sands. When we reach the horizon, I shall relinquish you, with a sated smile of sweet reminiscence.
    With gratitude,
    Forever your muser

    Pc: Pinterest

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  • sou_scribbles_ 48w

    Dear muse,

    I never knew that I'ld be writing this, but then, I am here. Is it just because of the 'write a letter' challenge???..I guess not. May be there are certain things, that I would have told you, anyway. This is in no way poetic...in no way this comes with deep thoughts, ideas or words. This comes straight from my heart, and what makes me happier is that....I know you will read this.
    So where do I start???...may be, I should go back to ten years ago, when we had first met as school kids. Little did I know, that one day my entire world would revolve around you....one day, you will be the reason of my songs and my poetry...one day, I would love every little cell of you........I wish, I had known about that 'one day' back then. Had I known, perhaps, I wouldn't have built those walls around myself. Perhaps, you would have given me your heart much earlier.......perhaps.....well, better late than never.
    Fast forward to the time I fell in love with my best friend....with each little flaw of yours....with each little imperfection, that makes you perfect.....that makes you who you are. You let me visit your own little world....and I came face to face with your insecurities..your vulnerabilities.....your fears.....your pains......your scars. It was then I fell in love with you a bit more.
    You, with all your human self, inspire me to create my poetries. Yes, you are just another ordinary guy. Yes, I find my entire universe in your eyes.....I find my rays of hope in your smile....I find my safe heaven in your arms. I don't know how you do this, but, I find my world in your imperfect self. How is this even possible?????...I don't know. I don't know how can someone be so perfect, so beautiful......but when I see you, I realise perfection exists. Is it just because I love you??...well, maybe...
    They say that I write romantic contents beautifully. Little do they know that its not me who is writing....its you, who make me write. The way you love me.....the way each and every song I listen to reminds me of you....the way you have made your home in my dreams and daydreams, my thoughts, my heartbeat....the way you have unknowingly become a part of my soul....you know, even my poetries and proses can't help but be all yours, and decades later, when we won't be here any more, you would still live in my ink, within the yellow pages of my diary. I am helpless about it, but this sweet helplessness is perhaps all that I have craved for, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
    Yes, you exist in flesh and blood......in all your imperfections, in all your scars, in your smiles and tears, in your wars and peace....you exist, and you are mine, and I couldn't have thanked my stars more for this blessing of Love.
    You know what, I have never been able to express how much I love you....may be, I would never be able to....perhaps, that would have been possible had I loved you a bit less, but then, I end this letter with some lines from one of my favourite songs.
    Keep holding my hand, my dear, for I am incomplete without you....

    Your crazy girl.

    Copyright: sou_scribbles_


    Well, this is temporary. Might delete it later��
    Turned out to be more of a love letter, but couldn't help writing this...
    #Ltmusec #dedicated #love
    @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee

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    Dear muse...

    I don't know. I don't know how can someone be so perfect, so beautiful......but when I see you, I realise perfection exists.
    (Read the entire piece in the caption)

  • heyyylouise 48w

    I want to be someones muse,
    Like how carl loved ellie.
    Even when time rolls by,
    Just as the music slowly die
    Your love still remains with no goodbye.

    #Ltmusec #inspiredbyfirefly #mirakee #wod @writersbay @_firefly

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  • crazy_panda_ 48w

    My muse

    I don't know how to define you. But whenever I think about you I feel eternal happiness inside my heart. I shared my good and bad with you. You know me very well.

    I had very limited friends in my childhood. And still I have few friends. Usually I love to sit alone and talk less. So the result is no one wants to come and join my company. So I enjoy my own company.

    Thinking and thinking..... one day I got something new in my life. I found my love, inspiration, and my soul in one. finally I found a new friend. Yay!! in my wonderland of course.

    'Muse', I can call it my muse. Without any shape, colour and character. But I wanted to give it a form. So I took a pen and paper accidentally. And start writing about my random stupid world. But since then I found my muse in writing. I'm not a writer though. But I share my thoughts and imaginations to my muse.

    Writing is the way to stay connected with my muse. So I enjoy writing and feel happy actually. I like to create, so I created my own muse of my imagination.
    I found my home in my muse, sounds stupid right. But yes that is true. Dear muse I'm incomplete without you. Me and my muse are not apart. We are one like body and soul. So I gave it a name. I gave it my own name. I call my muse 'Shefali' .Not self obsessed but I love my muse.

    Yours crazy_panda_��


    pic credit - Pinterest

    #Muse #my_muse #my_muse_name #Shefali
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    My muse


  • doshimeghana7 48w

    #Ltmusec #writersbay #mirakee #writersnetwork
    Day 2 Letter to Muse

    Today i am writing about few people whose life has been an inspiration to me. I have met some while heard about some from others. I don't know if this qualifies for this competition for muse actually has a slightly different meaning too. But then sometimes it is the love of writing what your heart says more important than just writing to win a competition.

    All Letters of the letter writing series at #megzyme

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    Letter to Muse(s)

    Dear Muses,

    Muse means a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. Well i am not an artist. But then Life is sure an Art of Living. For me Muse means the common man who holds a smile on the face inspite of the worst circumstances they have gone through. Whose story never comes in any media. You all are an inspiration to me in improving my Life Art. My outlook towards life totally changed after hearing your stories. After seeing how the dire circumstances did not change your smile. Neither did you start hating life. Rather your dreams propelled further. I too have started seeing life from a different perspective... You all are not Diabled, just Differently Abled...

    Dear Chirag,
    You were a victim of the terrible 2006 train blasts. The impact of the blasts left you paralyzed from below the stomach part. A person who used to walk & run is confined to a wheelchair since last 14 years. When corona started, the first thing you said was that this lockdown situation you faced in 2006 too when for a year you were completely on bed. The most amazing thing about you is that you completed your CA inspite of your situation. Today you successfully run your own CA firm & inspite of the wheelchair your momentum is more than normal people. I am blessed to know about a person like you...

    Dear Nikita,
    You were living normally like any other girl. But suddenly bad times fell and you faced problems with your kidney. One of your parent donated their kidney & the operation was successful. But within a year the problems started again and the kidney failed to suit your body. You underwent another transplant. Life was surely difficult with undergoing risky surgeries for two kidney transplants. And still the sword of uncertainty hangs on you. Swellings remain on your body. But you stand strong. Working in a bank and enjoying life to the fullest. Thanks for being an inspiration...

    Dear Hardik,
    You had gone abroad for your studies. And suddenly you developed some heart ailment. In urgency you were back to India to be with family. Further tests suggested that you undergo an operation. At present you heart runs on a pacemaker. The most vital organ of the body is in danger. But that has not deterred your dreams. You now run your own company in Mumbai and do not have a speck of helplessness on your face. Neither an iota of fear as to what future holds. You motivate me a lot...

    Dear Krunal,
    From being a carefee young lad with dreams in your eyes to being able to walk with the help of a stick, life changes so much. A professional working with TCS, one day while returning to Mumbai from outstation in a train, you suddenly could not move your legs in the morning. You were alone on the train & you could not get down from your seat. Some good samartians helped. Further tests revealed that a deficiency of a Vitamin in your body had freezed your movement. You were suddenly crippled. The easy movement suddenly became too difficult. Now life will never be the same. You have to walk with a stick. You had to leave your job because movement within the office was also very very difficult. Yet you always smile & inspire everyone around you. Hats off to you...

    Well there are many more muses who are an inspiration to me. But i will address them in another letter. This has become too long...Hope you all can read each others' stories and realize that you are not alone. We all have our special journey. I too have mine...

    Yours Truly,

    Meghana Doshi


  • ablaze_writer 48w

    Dear Muse

    You know this world is a sad place and I was used to be okay with it being that way.Cause I really couldn't bother much about people being mean. I was so used to being this way that not even parting ways with someone I adored for so long made me break out into tears.
    Maybe I was used to the definitions of Emotions being Shallow. Maybe I was okay with the fact that feelings change often and I shouldn't expect someone to stuck along with me forever which indeed is a truth but I was a restless soul who thought emotions were chore.
    But one night when the world felt silent,
    I heard myself,
    I saw myself,
    I ruined myself,
    I hated myself,
    When I saw you glimmering up there in the sky with that peaceful aura.You are such a piece of art that people often mention you in the love poems. You are such a good listener that all my worries which wear me down come back to me as inspiration.And some nights when you don't show up I miss a part of myself.
    I wanted to tell you how much you mean to me for everytime i look upto you I wish we could meet. Maybe we will.
    One day at the horizon and I will read you my poetry and whisper -
    "M O O N
    Y O U
    A R E
    M Y
    M U S E"
    A writer who missed you last night.

  • eternal_chaos 48w

    To you, always you

    I'm starting this letter when we are standing on ends or perhaps on "maybes". I still remember the way you came, a soothing zephyr that brewed a whirlwind and now I can't escape or I think I don't want to. We both were/are fragments struggling to gather our pieces, you lost your pieces in her and I lost mine in you. I don't want them back, I'll never, just keep them close to you, will you?
    You made me believe in magic, you made me preserve smiles. I started scribbling unsaid phrases in loose words, I wanted to decipher your sighs and to tell you about my silence.
    You talked of her restlessly and I read patiently, it hurted, it still hurts but I wanted to hold whatever I can get of you, even if it was a stanza that didn't fit in my verse. I had left holding on to people but then you came and it was never the same again, I told you about all my scars, all those things my tears still tell, you promised me that you will never leave me, you'll be there even if I will ask you to leave, I'm still gasping at the fact that how much life changed you, suddenly all promises vanished. I resonate when Taylor swift says "Nobody teaches you what to do when a good man hurts you". I hate your miseries for snatching you from me, I'm honestly crying writing this and sometimes I wish these tears to reach you but I know you will hurt and you're already in bits. I can't fathom the grief you've faced and still facing, you make me question that why is life so hard for good people? You had nothing just some rotten threads that you embraced and then life took that too from you, Why? Why! You were never mine yet these cruelties of absurd life took you away from me. Yesterday, when you bade me bye and filled me with the hope that you will come across me when life will be good, I didn't know what to react, I missed you all those days only to know that I now have to ink a forever of missing you. Life will never be good because the world doesn't deserves you, you're the selfless sky in the world that erodes the earth. You left but I will still say that you're the best thing that life did to me, I can't thank you enough for all those you gave me, my tears are all yours but they are ephemeral, smiles stay and you will too. I will wait for you until life will take me away to the soul you love the most before her. And maybe we will meet in another world where you won't love her and life will know the worth of good people. You won't forget me, right?
    You will smile someday ear to ear, will you ?

    -From someone who lost her pieces in you
    *Stamps it with tears*

  • castle_penllate 48w

    Dear muse,

    I write to you as a lost half, in a blurry wave of consciousness where screams are muffled and fear is caged.

    How time flies, leaving edges at bay.
    Awakened as a teenage in a world of ink, pellet so strong for a mason's chisel, courage so feeble like a flower's petal, what art could one possibly make from a dark paper?

    I admit I'm a tore canvas with no tint of brightness, and I've got colours to paint you too to darkness. But each time I raised the brush close to you, you smiled and whispered, 'I know who you are, and I will be here till you find it'.

    I'll wait, for the paper is still young, the brush still drips and my colours are still wet. I'll wait, to know me of me.

    With pain,
    Your lost half.


  • friedliebend 48w

    Dear you,
    From trying to write, then leaving it in the middle of nowhere, then getting back to it with a few things to remember, getting used to writing, writing to let go of some things, accepting that writing is the only way to let out a hundred feelings in me daily and finding peace within myself, to writing myself to sleep, you were always there with me and still are.

    Through all the chaos and through all the ecstasy. Carrying you everywhere I go and never being able to let you go. Seeing you wear uncountable masks meeting every new face and then shedding all of them off to show me who you really are, you kept gifting me sleepless nights. They left me because of you and they'll leave me because I didn't let you go. It has been a long way till here yet I'm holding on to you.

    Muse. Muse. Muse. And then one day you become the music in my ears. That constantly playing music others would get irritated by and that which I could never ever pause. How many times did I beg you to stop yourself from singing songs I wish I never listen? I forgot to keep the count. Every day some new lyrics so that I won't even think twice before putting my soul into it. You played yourself on loop until I had you byheart and till date I keep humming every single tone of your heart. I suggest you to them after filtering you a number of times till just the part of you which makes any sense is left but most of you is left behind for me to keep safe. Aloof from the world, just to put it all on a paper the other morning and serve them with a little bit of garnishing. They find you beautiful and I'm never able to even after trying since years.

    After going through all the reasons to regret having you, I find a few to smile at. You made the sky my other home making me realise that it listens. And that when I get back to talking merrily about the people I love after frowning over how those same people hurt me in a way the day before, it changes colours. You made me find that elegance in dark shadows and the reason to comprehend the tales behind them. I've been that shadow, I've been that bright background, I've been that reason and also the one who wrote about it all. Being unable of finding love in their hearts, you made me paint their smiles on my own and perceive the love that lies in those smiles which only I can see. I'm waiting for the day you'll answer me why someone's smile can make me cry and why their two tears of happiness which I'll always keep safe in my heart can make me smile through worse days and nights. You made me find a friend in an inanimate object until they started feeling like I need help but only you know how much that friend which is an object in their eyes mean to me and why. There's so much about you and I'm sure that you wish I never understand you completely and leave you on your own. Thing is I'll never be able to even if try my best.

    I kept writing about you until I stopped finding any words but you kept coming back to me everytime with a whole new chapter to ponder over. They kept appreciating me after reading about you and instead of being grateful to you, I kept pushing you away. I hate myself for hating you but you understand why, don't you? You were hurting me more than anyone and anything else and I was exhausted. Exhausted to a limit I started losing myself, to a limit I denied recognising myself. You changed me and I almost lost it there. Then you stepped back, walked a distance away and asked me to look at you. The days I felt like I wasted on you were actually the days I looked into my soul for once and for real. You were so similar to me that when he said ‘you’ are me, I flinched but accepted it as a fact. Acceptance is what you've taught me more than anything else. You pushed things to a limit that a writer wished for a permanent block but you even pulled me close enough, caressed me finally and made me realise that I was never a writer and never will be. You are me, I am you and we are just two sides of a single paper.

    Remember, you'll be loved by me even if not by anyone else. You know how much I can ever be able to love you, don't you?
    Take care you.

    Love, peace and smiles,


    #Ltmusec #writersbay

    Bg credits: Me
    I don't think I can ever write more than a para on self love so used this bg here :/

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  • _diyapatel_ 48w

    Dear muse ,

    Past days made me fall
    A little, but intensely
    I am not afraid
    Nor failed but ,
    My smile of body
    My control of mind
    Have apocalypsed the way .
    Bring me back to sun
    To eyes of glory
    To return atleast , me .