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  • huemeruy 159w

    ASK ME OUT, BUT...

    Ask me out for dinner, but don't take me to a posh place. Pizza will do, or we can have it delivered and eat it while watching a movie.

    Ask me out for a movie date, but it doesn't have to be in a movie house. I know a website or two, and we can just stream movies/series at home til 3am.

    Ask me out for a road trip, but you don't really need to own a car for that. We can just take the bus, and go some place random. Bring a backpack, with some clothes to last a night or two.

    Ask me out for shopping, but it doesn't have to be in the malls. We don't need to use credit cards to purchase stuff we can barely afford. Let's shop for groceries instead to buy whatever food we can pay for in cash, and donate to the homeless and the needy. I'm comfortable with what I already have, they don't have much.

    Ask me out for coffee, but you don't have to order one for me. Drink whatever it is that satisfies you, just allow me to bring a book, or a puzzle, or anything that puts my brain into use. Thinking stimulates my brain, not coffee.

    Ask me out, but you don't need to spend much. After all, I can pay for my needs and wants. All you have to do is ask me out...