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  • machoboy 30w

    It's been 3 years now and my love for you continue to go on. It is disheartening that we are apart now but memories that always mesmerized my heart is of us.

    I feel good when nature who has witnessed our love bestows her blessings towards love in this world.
    As there was a best period in our relationship there was a period of worst too. And in final case you have decided to broke off with me.

    Honestly, even today I have remember how you told me that you love me but I didn't know how you said that "I don't love you anymore".

    I have still remember my first hug, my first kiss, my first tears, my first moment, my first fight, my first laugh, my first love....all with you but I don't remember the last because the last never happened.

    ��कोई मंगदा मेरा सी समां
    कोई हौंदा सूरत ते फ़िदा
    कोई मंगदा मेरी सी वफ़ा
    ना तो मंगदा मेरियां बला

    तेरे बिन होर ना किसे
    मंगणी मेरियां बला
    तेरे बिन होर ना किसे
    करनी धौप वैच छां
    तेरे बिन सानु...��

    #Happy_Anniversary #27march #pri*cu #Love_ends?

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    Service to Mankind

    Love is a service in which
    you have to be the best and for it
    you have to deal with all your flaws
    and accept the fact that there will be
    no quick appraisal for your service.

  • rishi_9 118w


    फर्क इतना सा है बस.......
    तुम किसी को भूलने के लिए एक ढूंढती रही,
    मैं तुमसे मिलकर किसी को भूल बैठा

  • miss__jyoti 118w

    Can it be possible to be with your love as a friend
    After being Loved

    Is it possible??