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    David and Vera sit at a club on a wonderful Friday night drinking in the atmosphere while sipping on drinks as their other friends party hard. In the ire of the moment, they begin to talk about a whole lot of things bombarding each other with new developments in the clique and other news. Suddenly they run out of things to talk about coupled with the fact that David has had too much booze, he asks that they share each other's secret.
    'How about this?.... Let's talk about secrets', he says with a belch
    Surprised at the suggestion; she posits that the information is called 'secret' for a reason meaning it is not meant to be divulged but pressuring her to play his game of secrets and scandals, she gives in.
    'Okay...okay', she begins. 'But you have to go first y'know.... It's only right since you came up with the idea'
    'Alright... Alright', he begins drunkingly. 'So you want to hear my secret?'
    'Yeah...I mean it's your idea', she says with a chuckle in her voice.
    He leads into the valley of secrets buried by time asking Vera to brace up for what he is about to drop on her. He seems so happy to reveal the secret or maybe it is the alcohol of which his breath reeks of. He steadies himself in his chair and taking a look into the sky as if embarrassed by the secret he says,
    'I have never had sex in my entire life so far'. Immediately after revealing his secret, as if it is what is keeping him from falling asleep from the excess booze he has so far drunk, he falls to the table in a deep sleep to Vera's astonishment.
    'Hmm... That's nice', she says as she strategizes for whatever reason to capitalize on the divulged information. Finishing up her drink and his, she beckons to Tim, one of the friends shared by David and herself to assist her in carrying him to the car so she could take him home seeing that he is drunk.
    A few minutes later, she arrives her house with David still asleep in the car and is enthralled with the fact that her plan would pull through smoothly. She has everything carefully planned and taken care of, having her bath, waxing herself, protecting both themselves. All of these brought on by a little secret game, she feels a bit horrible that she is about to violate the pure young man but has the epiphanic thought that he will enjoy the moment just as much as she would or even more considering the fact that he is the man believing he has probably been fantasizing about this moment.
    She has her way with him for a full hour undisturbed. While still in the ecstasy of the moment, he begins to wake up unknown to her as she rides him with closed eyes revelling the experience. It seems scary to David watching Vera ravish him like a plate of food because to him, they were both on board with the chastity thing.
    Vexed by the situation, he pushes Vera off of him wondering what could have been the reason for such a callous act as raping him. Picking his clothes off the floor, he runs out of the room and into the sitting room. Putting on his clothes and shoes, he storms out of the house weeping like a child as he jumps behind the steering wheel of his car which Vera had driven him in and zooms off to his house.
    Although still very mad at Vera, a few minutes after he gets home and takes a shower, he calls her up apologizing for getting so furious with her,
    'Hello Vera', he says with a calm voice.
    'Hello David darling', she says coyly. 'I'm guessing you enjoyed it and are calling to fix a date for some more. I....'
    'Come off it, Vera', he screams disappointed in her words. 'I did not. For God sakes, I was a virgin and now you have ruined me'
    'C'mon... Don't be such a child', she yells over the phone. 'You are acting like a wussy....'
    '....You know what, Vera? I can't deal with you right now', he says sounding really surprised at her character. 'In fact, I never want to see you anywhere around me again, okay? Goodbye'
    Unbothered, believing David is blowing the matter out of proportion and acting erratically, she lets go.
    David seems satisfied that he has let Vera off lest she re-enacts the awful stunt but is vexed that he has lost the chastity he had nurtured for twenty-nine years to something other than his wife, he believes he is yet to meet.
    He finally decides to move on with his life after two years of mourning his precious virginity. Vera crawls out from her hiding place into his sight while he is at the bank for a little transaction. One he could have done from the comfort of his office right on his IOS phone but probably by the working of fate, he decides to come to the bank to do the transaction. He comes upon Vera right there at the teller desk to his right.
    'Vera', he calls out on noticing her.
    'Yes can I...' she looks up from her phone and realizing it is David. She yells his name before suddenly remembering she is in the bank after one of the security guards gives her a warning stare.
    Vera feels so happy to have stumbled on David,
    'Wow, we have a lot of catching up to do', Vera says looking into David's eyes so happily. 'I'm so excited. Here's my card. Call me so we can meet up for lunch, dinner or something'.
    David feeling almost very contemptuous takes a look at the card and remembering what had happened two years back returns the card to her,
    'No-no...No-no', he objects. 'I can't have you do that to me again'
    'What are you talking about?' she queries.
    'The rape', he whispers. His voice shaking a bit as he recalls the horror. They are engrossed in the topic when the security man comes over again to tell them their lines are moving.
    'Don't be silly Dave. This is a new Vera you are talking to', she says as they move along in their lines to their cashiers.

    He ignores her words which he perceives to be lies and moves along to meet the cashier to execute his transaction leaving her dumbfounded for about a minute realizing she may have made an error approaching him in the first place.
    Parting ways again, they go on to complete their transactions and leave the bank together before going their separate ways to their cars. They both stare at each other for a short while before jumping into their cars and pulling out of the bank premises to their various destinations. Getting home, thinking about the episode that happened at the bank earlier and recalling the fact that Vera had practically raped him some years back, he has an erection thinking about his encounter with her at the bank.
    'Maybe life's telling me something. Maybe she is my wife because I had made a promise to myself to keep myself for my wife and my wife alone and I am not dead so it must mean something. Maybe she is my wife. I mean she has been coming unto me for a long time now. Maybe she is my wife hence the reason she was first and yet I am not dead'
    He ruminates a little longer before deciding he would hit it up with her the next time they cross paths. The following months, their paths unfortunately do not cross again. It seems as though fate decides to punish David for not grabbing the opportunity when it did present itself the first time. They are both miserable until on the thirteenth day of the third month after the episode at the bank, they cross paths again while both in Russia for a summit.
    At the summit, they can hardly concentrate as they steal glances at each other distractedly. Somehow they seem to have tuned out every other person and thing in the hall. It becomes a break in their stay in the summit when they are noticed,
    'Excuse me, Mr. David and Miss Vera', Professor Tamaran Gogh, the convener of the Summit calls out as he bangs on the podium to get David's and Vera's attention. 'Do you both need a break or something?'
    'Oh, me....', David asks unsure he is the one being spoken to by Professor Tamaran Gogh
    'Yes.... Yourself and Miss Vera over there', Professor Tamaran Gogh says adjusting his glasses. 'You look like you both are getting bored with the session and need to be excused to be some place else'.
    'Not really, Prof', Vera explains.
    'You know what?', Professor Tamaran Gogh suggests. 'I think we all do need a break. We have been sitting and listening for the past hour. A lunch break would not kill anyone. Let's take thirty minutes to relax and ruminate on what we have discussed so far.'
    Happy about this, David hurries over to meet Vera who is on her way out of the summit venue for a refreshing walk around the venue.
    Taking a deep breath he begins,
    'I have been acting like a kid who does not know what he wants exactly but over the past few days, I have realized that there is nothing I would want more than to spend the rest of my life with you. Going down on his knees, he pulls out a ring. 'This should have come sooner and I am terribly sorry for the delay but Vera Emerald Rudfeller, would you do me the pleasure of spending the rest of your life with me?'
    Vera pauses a bit smiling heartily as if about to play a fast one and turn down his proposal before saying,
    'Nothing would make me happier right now than to keep you as mine forever so....Yes, yes my darling David Forster, I will marry you'
    Stretching her hands out to David, she pulls him up and in for a passionate hug and kiss as a mixture of tears and smile overrun her face.


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    Hating the same people together,
    they fell in love...


  • socialintrovert 144w

    Is it the end

    We don't have much left to say,
    But we anyway talk all day...
    I don't know if this is the end,
    Or beginning of a new pathway...

    We don't meet each other anymore,
    No spending time like before,
    I don't know if this is the end,
    Or if there is something new for us in store...

    I don't understand what is happening around,
    Everything seems to be upside down,
    I don't know if this is the end,
    Or just another work around...

    We don't have anything to fight,
    And for some reason that sounds more wrong then right,
    I don't know if this is the end,
    Or across the tunnel there is some light...

    Lot of words still hardly anything worthwhile,
    the conversation always sounds fregile,
    I don't know if this is the end,
    Would we walk further or this is the last mile...

    May be we have enough stories,
    Irrespective of the setbacks we have enough glories,
    Even if this is the end,
    It was all worth the memories...


  • sidharth_jeevakumar 176w

    In my head

    I was mad about her
    Yet chose to be silent
    Fearing the change
    Ruining my fantasy
    Narrowed to just us
    A phenomenal world


  • sidharth_jeevakumar 176w


    അവനെ ഓർത്ത് നീ പ്പൊട്ടികരഞ്ഞപ്പോൾ
    നിന്റെ കണ്ണീരൊപ്പാൻ എന്റെ ഉടുപ്പുണ്ടായിരുന്നു
    കെട്ടിപിടിച്ചു ആശ്വാസ വാക്കുകൾ ചൊരിയുവാൻ
    നെടുന്തൂണായി ഞാനുണ്ടായിരുന്നു
    എന്നാൽ നിന്നെ ഓർത്ത് വിതുമ്പാൻ
    ഇന്നെനികാരും തുണയില്ലെന്ന് നീ തിരിച്ചറിഞ്ഞില്ല


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    Who the hell told to listen to the heart???

    @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork
    #mindless #loveuntold #untold #soulwriter

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    Call her.
    Tell her the truth.
    She'll understand.
    Maybe she feels the same.
    - heart
    Just don't.


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    Are the goodbyes really needed,
    Or just the only way,
    To say the things I would never say,
    To may be ask him to stay...

    Is that smile a real one,
    Or just how I hide,
    All those tears i have inside,
    All the times I silently died...

    Is that complaint actually there,
    Or just the way to know,
    The something he would never show,
    The things I could never let go...

    Is that frown a real one,
    Or just the one to tell,
    The reason he bought- I did not sell,
    I secretly wished he would break the shell...

    The distances are no big deal,

  • socialintrovert 190w

    Is it you?

    Is that love I see in your eyes,
    Or merely a reflection of mine,
    Is that the warmth you are spreading around,
    Or how much brighter did the sun shine.

    Is it me reading too much into the lines,
    Or is there something in me that you Like,
    Are these butterflies for real,
    Or was it just me who the Cupid strike.

    Are you the one getting me dizzy,
    Or was it just the wine,
    Are you waiting for some answers too,
    Or is it just me in the line.

    Is it all enough to get us going,
    Is it enough to make you stay?
    All this and still so much to say,

  • viveknigam 204w

    Ice Cream

    "I got only this one", he told her.

    After eating the ice-cream using the same spoon,
    He smirked cutely and produced another one from his pocket.


  • viveknigam 204w


    In the chilly winter, our hands stone cold.

    My jacket found its perfect place on your shivering shoulders.


  • jhenals 205w

    Maybe you are the rain
    the fair rose needed in a warm autumn day.

    And maybe you are also the star
    a desperate navigator needed in a pitch dark night.

    But you chose to be the rain.


  • sidharth_jeevakumar 215w


    പ്രണയം നഷ്ടമായപ്പോൾ അവളോടി വന്നതെന്റെ നെഞ്ചത്ത് തല ചായ്ച്ച് കരയാനായിരുന്നു. രാമച്ചത്തിന്റെ മണമായീരുന്നു അവളുടെ മുടിക്ക്. അങ്ങനെനിന്നവൾ ഒരുപാട് കരഞ്ഞു. കണ്മഷികലർന്ന അവളുടെ കണ്ണീരെന്റെ പുത്തൻ കുപ്പായമാകെ പടർന്നിരുന്നു. അതിനി ഒരിക്കലും അലക്കാതെ സൂക്ഷിക്കണമെന്നു ഞാനുറപ്പിച്ചു. പണ്ട് പഠിച്ച പള്ളിക്കൂട ഇടനാഴിയിലൂടെ കൈകോർത്തൊരുപാട് നടന്നിട്ടുണ്ടെങ്കിലും, എനിക്കവളോടുള്ള ഇഷ്ടം പറയുവാൻ ഇന്നും ധൈര്യം വന്നിട്ടില്ല. എന്തും എപ്പോഴും പറയുവാൻ തക്ക വിശ്വാസമുള്ള വെറുമൊരു കൂട്ടുകാരനായി ഞാനവൾക്ക് താങ്ങായി നിന്നു.


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    Words and feelings have strange relation between them.. words he said she perfectly understood, but failed to understand the feelings behind.. this is to all those poems the poet wrote in memories of his poetry, SHE!!
    #wordsmisunderstood, #feelingsignored #meaninglessness #poetryofpoet #hersoulpoet #loveuntold #untoldlovesotry #love #lostlove #poet #poems

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite

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    The words I wrote,
    She never knew what it meant..
    Thought it's just another poem,
    By some heart broken poet..
    She thought it's critic's role she has to play,
    But she was the whole poem I engraved..
    I could say it loud in public,
    But failed to say it to her that she is the one I always dreamt..


  • soulsoother 251w

    Love Untold

    It was mine,
    My untold love.
    Silent and invisible
    Yet beautiful.
    Ablaze and vivid,
    Yet Gentle.
    All mine!!

    From exchanging glances,
    to wavering arms
    and wandering dances.
    It swooned me
    a hundred of times.

    It killed me everytime.

    From the day I remember
    When you walked past by me
    To this very day
    when you're walking down the aisle
    My love for you
    has grown longer and stronger.

    Ah yes! You were ignorant all the time.

    I was filled with compassion
    Though, it was just another old-school madness
    and the same old fashion.

    I wrote innumerable letters
    when it was fiery and it was cold.
    But then again, my dear, I junked them all,
    Cause it was my love untold.