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  • rithin 1w

    I would light a thousand candles in front of your God, if only he could make you see my love for you is brighter than all of it.

  • rithin 1w

    Words left unsaid,
    Countless poems written,
    But never read.
    Dreams too long to recall,
    Yet hard to forget.
    The bitter melancholy,
    Devouring my hope within.
    I love you,
    But ours is a love that cannot be,
    For tied you are with a hundred chains.
    Destiny, yours and mine, intertwined,
    Yet never the same.
    Ours is a love that cannot be,
    For you have your chains,
    And I, just a heart.
    Full of love that cannot be...

  • mr__bps 1w

    Now we will not call you
    You are lost
    Still we come to you again and again
    For fear of losing you

  • ashu8800 2w

    The mirage of love is to be attached to someone
    As soon as it vanishes you will be left with no one.


  • mystic_poet_x 2w


    Sometimes I do wonder,
    was it really cupid?
    Or was I so blindly in love,
    Was I that stupid?


  • scarlet 3w

    I would like to throw my arms around you,
    Nevertheless I push you away,
    Hold back the tears and words of concern
    We must never again cross the point of no return...

  • scarlet 3w

    Stirring my cup of coffee,
    I remember a sweeter brew.
    Looking at my distorted toes
    I remember a prettier smile

    Poke and probe into my heart
    And I'll bleed memories
    Of a twinkling eye...

  • midnightwanderings 4w

    I found you, you found me. We both had each other, but we both agreed to lose each other. And now both of our souls have been watered by tears.

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    I'm okay was a lie I didnt realize I had told myself.

  • shelagh77 4w

    Make belief

    I have tried to go all in
    Love you with all I am
    Put my ego on a bench
    Told myself that u are worth it
    Move in with you

    Does that make me damn?
    Because just again I trusted
    When I promised myself I wouldn't
    I fell off a cliff because I knew you would catch me
    I ignored what my friends told me
    What seemed obvious
    Funny that even I feel so sad
    Sad that I hoped
    This was all make belief
    I feel broken

    But I guess what is life if you never learn
    After all the best lessons are extracted from mistakes
    Because then you know how stupid, used and damn you felt when u chose love

  • rithin 5w

    I had this dream. You smiling and walking down the aisle with your dad holding your hand. Sunlight shone through the glass paintings of the church and in that moment your face was the most beautiful in all the world I have ever seen or dreamt. I couldn't take my eyes off you even when the priest declared us man and wife. A moment away from kissing you I woke up. Now its just a dream which I alone will cherish and you will never know unless i write this...


  • girl_engima 6w


    You may think that your inner demons have left you but they strike you just when you are the most vulnerable, just like moments like this.


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    You said
    I tried same
    I failed
    You gave me up

  • atwistedword 6w

    Love Endures

    I pen this with tears in my eyes
    Have we said our final goodbyes
    So much has happened these last few weeks
    Living this life isn't for the meek

    I approach this poem with love and beauty
    I pray my words will give you less worry
    I understand the trauma of the years
    One of the reason for my bountiful tears

    I realize now that I've become just another
    A toxic person, draining your forever
    You feel so much, you have to shut down
    I didn't understand, I wanted to be around

    You need space to contemplate life
    All I gave you was pain and strife
    Never my intention, I wanted to love
    But my eyes were shielded, dark things above

    I know you see my messages with dread
    Not enough energy to read them, your head
    Save them for later when you have more strength
    How did we end here, I needed to think

    Think as I did, I realized my errors
    Expectations too high, left you in terror
    Love is fragile, a thing to nourish
    A thing to grow, and forever cherish

    I've continue to seek your forgiveness
    As I write this, I've been remiss
    You cannot yet give your heart
    Your lovely lady is gone, apart

    The tears flow hard as I write these words
    Truth is now seen, as I now hear
    Love in my heart is still on fire
    But your love died in the funeral pyre

    Am I the cause of the loss of we
    This I realize and now see
    Is there is friendship left between us
    Hard to be friends bevause you lost trust

    I've become just another hurtful person
    I'm sorry, dear love, my decisions have worsened
    An already hurt heart, from years of abuse
    I'm so sorry, I'm just another asking for truce

    I had been your queen, your princess, and light
    I wanted just you and a happy life
    You are a sweet, loving man with deep wounds
    All I did was add to your death, your tomb

    I understand fully, now that I've opened my eyes
    If you wanted to continue to try
    I'd hear those words that I so desire,
    "I forgive you my love, my hearts on fire."

    But your hearts gone cold because I was a jealous fool
    You don't need it, bury the tools
    You can't be bothered, I understand now
    I just can't believe, this happened somehow

    I take all blame, I strayed from the light
    Jealously covered my eyes, darkness my plight
    Anger in words, best never said
    Looking back with knowledge and dread

    I've lost my soulmate, this is true
    I'm sad now, forever blue
    If you have forgiveness in your heart
    I'm here, we don't have to be apart

    Love Endures

  • afiba_yankey 7w


    It’s heartbreaking to look back on a relationship and realize how much someone loved you. And to know at the time you either couldn’t or wouldn’t see it.


  • ashu8800 9w

    As soon as you go through a heartbreak
    it turns you cold inside,
    the warmth inside you starts to dwindle,
    And as the sore pain tries to wiggle
    The more lonelyness lingers
    Indeed as chilly our skin pores feel,
    as silly the heart beat seems to rig.
    The blend of the past with the present
    merely seems to be like a rift.


  • him_godson 11w

    I miss you

    I can't pretend that I don't miss you,
    But every time I do miss you,
    The thought of all the pain I've felt rushes through,
    I hope you miss me too.... Sometimes

  • lovesmessenger 12w

    Love's Last Breath

    Like a surgeon
    I was brought in a patient
    that was badly misshapen
    I asked for a backstory
    it was harsh and short
    looking at this vessel
    I could tell it had a rough story

    I begin to cut away
    to reveal its secrets
    but every procedure I tried
    its life kept slipping
    I was nervous but I pressed on
    doing numerous of my trade's secrets
    still its form was left bloody and weakened

    I started to cry
    trying to get it back to how it was
    yet all my efforts seem to prove
    less than their worth
    trying to revive it
    but hard as I might try
    it slowly faded away right before my very eyes

    No one showed up to identify it
    so it was marked as a Jane Doe
    as I sat with my head down low
    I began to think of how I lost it
    how in this life it wasn't destined to live
    and how in the end it was left all alone
    fighting for its right to live
    as I covered it up with a white sheet
    I saw it for the one sided love that it was

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay #lovelost #sadness #breath

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    Last Breath

    Its last breath was a sigh of relief as it was never meant to be

  • tunveiled 13w

    Every chance at love
    Lost because of trust
    Heart started to beat fast
    Asking me to run away
    But at the same time
    Wanted to hold onto

    Every chance at love
    Lost ,
    Lack of self believe
    Questioning why interested in me
    Am I worth it
    Instead of is he worth it?

    Will I ever get a chance again?
    Will I be able to throw myself in?
    Will there be any person I can hold onto?


  • papiyas_poem 13w

    यूं तो तुम्हारी याद कभी नहीं आती
    मगर बात जब जरूरत की हो तो तुम ही नजर आते हों

  • lovesmessenger 13w

    Thank you for the repost! @writersbay

    ��Tree of Temporary Shade ��

    Like an apple on a tree
    that was very much out of reach
    was how your love
    was presented to me
    every branch of you conspired against me
    just as I stop reaching
    your branches would lower for me
    that led me to ask,
    Why constantly fool me with this trickery?

    I continued to dwell in your shade
    to protect me from the heat
    yet when I was hungry for love
    I couldn't grasp the apples on your tree
    tantalizing and heavenly
    your apples probably taste
    yet you never allowed one to fall so I could taste
    Why constantly shield me if your love wasn't meant to fuel me?

    I set up home at the base of your tree
    hoping one day you'll eventually trust me
    yet the seasons came and went
    but still not one apple had graced my lips
    you were supportive during storms
    til the point I felt safe calling you home
    for even though I never ate from your tree
    it still was nice to live by thee
    but still I asked,
    Why let me stay if you didn't truly want me?

    One day a great wind blew
    changes was in the air
    I felt it and so did you
    so along came an adventurer
    we both never knew
    as I figured he took a liking to you
    you allowed him to stay on the other side of you
    time passed and one day I heard a crunch
    to my surprise your apple had graced his stomach
    I was hurt and looked up at your branches
    to realize you no longer shaded me with your branches
    I left on my journey to begin anew while
    Why fool and malnourish me if another was what you were looking to feed?

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #sadness #lovelost #treec #writersbay

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    Tree of Temporary Shade

    Its form was my safe haven but wasn't my heart's final destination

  • i_write_what_i_cant_speak 14w

    I write

    I write my luck,
    I write my fate,
    I write my future,
    Thus marking the end of this fairy tale...