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    She's the one who listens, the one you go to
    She isn't the passive silent type,
    No, she feels everything for you too.
    She is the one who will answer at two in the morning
    And actively participate like she wasn't just yawning.
    She is also the one who fights her demons at night
    Who feels that everyone is too preoccupied to question her might.
    She is the one whose sheets are ice cold
    Because she has no one to hold.
    She is the one who never has a missed call
    Because she isn't someone's missing heartstring
    No one at all.
    No goodmorning text or where should we go next
    No one to bother or to get vex.
    She is the one who mediates invisibly and shows you a different angle
    Who tries to save what she may never know
    But like Olivia Pope she will help you handle.
    She is the one who will replace you at the edge of a tower
    And talk to you nonstop for hours.
    She is the one who will push you until your head is full
    Yet she is the one you trust when you are entangled.