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  • magical_poems 1d

    Do you think I am a fool or do you prove that your way?????

  • iforever 1d

    Nothing is ever lost
    From every mistake
    You have a lesson
    Life is made up of losses
    Each unique version
    But in totality they teach
    What valuable book lessons cannot reach
    Call them experiences
    Or adventure or depressed
    But nothing is ever loss
    Something or the other it teaches

  • alonestar1 2d


    बहुत बड़े नुकसान से अच्छा है,,,
    अपना छोटा नुकसान किया जाए ।।


  • rohit_kushwaha 3d

    तू साथ नहीं मेरे तो कोई बात नहीं
    अक्सर तेरे यादों से भी गुज़ारा कर लेता हूँ मैं
    तेरा साथ होना ज़रूरी नहीं मुझे खुश रहने के लिए
    कभी कभी तुझे याद करके भी मुस्करा लेता हूँ मैं

  • theebonecollector 1w

    Lost at Sea

    I once prevailed over vicious seas
    For years alone
    And for years with ease
    Now I'm just afloat
    With no wind to carry me
    Like fresh driftwood
    The scent of the sea
    Washes over my senses
    And Im taken back to us
    The light to my dark
    Insatiable hunger
    And voracious lust
    The calm to my chaos
    The missing piece to my puzzle
    Now you're gone
    Leaving darkness in your wake
    Lost with no  stars
    In the undying black sky
    To guide my way
    The clouds are heavy
    Thick and grey
    Lucid memories
    Get me by
    While I barely tread water
    Short of alive

  • knicii 1w

    Its become so rare, at the same time so easy to fall in love these days that heartbreak is something you see everywhere. It makes people feel so lost to fine and then lose love so quickly, that people finally end up numb. This poem is to symbolize that pain and effort.

    #love #loss #numbness

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    Just a Dream

    She dreamed of love - a prince charming and a happy ending,
    A warm feeling in the chest spreading out to the very tip of her fingers,
    That familiar fuzziness like being wrapped in the softest quilt,
    Like sitting in front of the fireplace on a cold, dreary night,
    Like holding a puppy and watching it fall asleep in your embrace.
    Love seemed so beautiful, so flawless, it was almost like a privilege.

    Like a priceless artifact sealed away in glass,
    Every misplaced affection, a hint of love,
    Even the pretentious snares of cunningness and villainy,
    turned into a reason of celebration.
    Like an optimist envisioning a half filled glass,
    And a dreamer conjuring shapes in formless clouds,
    She kept on looking out for an oasis in the desert,
    A far fetched hope to quench her thirst, to end her search;

    But the sharp shards of the gravelly sand cut into her throat each time she tried,
    A familiar crunch in the chest, like sea shells cracking beneath careless footsteps,
    A painful reminder of the oasis being but a mirage,

    Disillusioning her from the bed of roses that she thought love would be,
    Wearing her throat out until she couldn't speak.
    Soon, she was rendered mute with lost dignity,

    All that remained now was an irreparably broken heart and some sanity,
    Maybe it was finally time,
    The time to give up on that childhood dream.

  • jennau 1w

    Pieces of you

    Here without you I'm conflicted
    My entire life views shifted
    While consumed by grief
    Slowly acceptance brought relief
    Though I know within me you can still be found
    I Learned to find pieces of you all around
    Looking hard within has helped me see
    Pieces of you is what made me 
    From the swing on my patio
    To grounding in the garden I grow
    From the swings in the shade of fruit trees
    To the crabapple blossoms floating in the breeze
    From the art that grows natural and wild
    To the smiles on the face of my own child
    Some days the connections are followed by pain
    But those pieces of you are what keep me sane
    Giving me strength to bare the rain

  • angels_halo_shines 1w

    I Get It

    Remember when there was a certain time when you were talking about being pregnant? I told you then and there, your mind needs to be right. I don’t remember much I do remember that. You said yourself the other day “Mom, you just cloned me from you.”
    Well, I must have and had no idea I did. Because you sure do all I did.
    And I never wanted you to feel what you had to endure. I had feeling I tried to convince myself otherwise. Just like me, the history repeats itself.
    I prayed, prayed more than ever it wouldn’t be that way. Because I am not sure how to help you. Besides to be there for you, listen and try to keep your mind directed elsewhere. There’s not much I can do. I feel so bad. I told you before go get a blood test, see what your blood type is. I also know doctors aren’t to nice when you going in saying you want this and this done.
    I get it. I wish they could have been more on it than they were. I’m just so very sorry. You need to heal from this now. Not masking it. That’s all you’re doing. You need to mourn now. Not a month from now, not a year from now.
    Today, you need to do it now. I will leave it alone.

  • faulty_puppet 1w

    Sometimes, all you can do is live with the pain

    #hurt #regrets #loss #pain

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    Madhosh hoon
    Kuch lamhon me ghum
    Hoon mai in hawaaon mein
    Door behte lamhon me ghum

    Kuch rishton ke wajood se hoon
    Kuch khoye logo me ghum
    Mutthibhar khushiyon se door
    Bangle me qaid dard me ghum

    Ek rishta toot sa gaya hai
    Usse judi yaadon me ghum
    Ek wajood se bichda hoon
    Apni ek aur choti si maut me ghum

    Woh takiya mera humsafar
    Usme kuch aansoo hue ghum
    Aaj thoda aur anaath hoon
    Lamhein yaadon ke qabr me ghum

    Madhosh hoon
    Ghum main kahi
    Thoda bikhra hu ab
    Mai ab aur mukammal nahi


  • loftydreams101 2w

    A Lake Cradled in the Mountains

    Floating through a quiet space
    Beyond the rumbling salvos
    Perched high in the mountains
    Far away and at ease
    Forgotten skylines glow
    And roar infernal,
    The enclosing ring
    Of grieving embers
    Wailing up the steep walls
    Of this parcel of Eden
    Are the hollow hearts of mothers
    Who roam from their beloveds
    Nothing cries back down
    From this perch in the wild
    The horror rings through their bodies
    As they claw the cliffsides

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • mrunalinideo 2w


    It is sinking in,
    Carving me from within,
    Eyes fill and heart's emptying,
    There's never an answer to me calling,

    Regret is terribly stifling,
    What if's are eternally haunting,
    Grief exists even in breathing,
    I am a lost whimper in the world of anguished howling,

    Thoughts are disintegrating,
    Mind is particularly weakening,
    Sorrow is rather paralyzing,
    Loss is blooming and I am withering...

  • samharty 2w

    my mental moshpit

    sudden snakes in my brain
    what a waste are my inaudible cries
    mental welts i give myself
    because I made you leave
    now you hate me
    fuck my life
    it's all just too hard to believe

    inaudibly i crumble and fall into the dirt
    don't bury me, just leave me here
    dead inside, inert
    i died the day you left me
    i'd never felt so hurt

    hope in the shape of Zoloft
    just isn't doing the trick
    i read our chats over and over
    seeing the flogging thud of failure
    knowing how much i lost leaves me feeling sick

    you said i was toxic, maybe that's true
    i only know I've never loved anyone the way I love you
    my mental mosh pit, my hodgepodge mind
    i feel so much, but I'll never say
    and the snakes in my brain will probably never go away

  • loftydreams101 3w


    Love is on an upswing
    Taking off on a soft April breeze
    Gliding high
    As the jealous ground seethes
    A hero’s broad arc glimmers
    So fearlessly ablaze
    Prison walls are razed to dust
    By the joyous screams of praise
    The song fades with the dusk
    As sparks rain in the dark
    Giving back to the earth
    Yet another mortal scar

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • nocturnal_enigma 3w

    * 28.4.2022; 3.00 A.M (Malaysia)

    @writersnetwork #Loss

    * 1001st post at Miraquill ��

    * Last line meaning: My path of life seems slippery.

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    -oss ~

    It's my life. I am the boss.
    I put on my own lip gloss.
    I like to eat chicken floss.
    I used to drink Extra Joss.
    I have a plan: Weight-loss!
    It's slippery. On rock's moss.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • thenorthernnubian 3w


    The loss of you still cuts deep


  • soniatuli 3w

    Loss of companionship , confronted me to myself....


  • inkmen 3w

    With new hopes,
    the rays of sun charms
    the road of life.
    Till the dawn,
    stay awake from
    the twists of life.
    Until we loss,
    we never thought
    of failure.


  • abandoned_soul_ 3w

    I'm always at a loss of words when it comes to describe the beauty of nature,not words but I want the eyes to speak.

  • tarah1625 3w

    Something that ruined her happiness was the past because of those insecurity and trust which she lost.

    And still she doesn't have trust.

    Because once it is shattered then it's always difficult to build it back.

    Ultimately this is life.

    - Tarah.

  • dreamypisces 151w

    When you give lot of importance to someone in your life,
    You might sometimes lose your importance in their life.