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  • rodney 7w

    He's bringing me up from the abyss.

    Wind speaks of the fire that it swept.

    Wind gushed to melt the clouds to dissolve my tears.

    Wind held me close to help me to fly;

    I'm flying tonight.

    For those that are weeping tonight;

    With arms cramped with life's weight,
    With pain in your chest that takes your throat to task—

    This poem reads for your plight.

    It prays in the name of the God of all creations.

    The One who is about to change my life,

    The One that laid there - wounded and heart broken.

    The One that proved the ultimate commandment of blood sacrifice.

    The Lion, trampled by the same people's feet.

    In the will of Jehovah's sight,

    He brought me back to life.

    Time and time again,

    He keeps bringing me back to life.