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    Chapter 1
    "SHONAli,will you close your eyes for me?" "But why", she said in insecureness, "trust me SHONAli close your eyes", she agreed. There was a moment of silence, we can easily feel the petrichor coming from freshly wet ground ,cool breezes were alarming me that something scary is going to happen.
    I can easily feel my heartbeat is skipping a bit, words were playing hide n seek in mind, i took a long breath and in low stammering tone i said" Its crazy how unexpectedly you've made such a huge impact on my life you mean the world to me and I am so thankful for all you've done for me over this short time that we've actually gotten to hangout and get to know each other. You are without a doubt one of the strongest and most free willed people I've ever met and the only thing I can ever ask of you to do for me is to just to be yourself, I Love You and no matter what flaw you may think you have but to me it's all a part of what makes you unique and incredible".
    she opened her eyes in shock after listening and i hold her hand, this time her hands were not the same that use to be when giving high-five, were not even same when our hands collides while walking, there was something different in her touch this time,but there was a fear of losing a friend or love. There was mixed feeling running in mind and her teary eyes were giving me goosebumps and finally she said "no" in shaky voice ,i don't know why her shaky voice giving me more pain than her no, many questions were coming in my mind.
    While lost in my toddled world i sensed cold breeze were coming with water droplets in my face ,to check what is happening I opened my eyes and i was shocked to see myself in my bed and happened in my dreams i don't know how to react to it and water droplets were thrown water over me by maa as i overslept.
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    I wrote it in 2017, exact today 23rd may 2017