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  • anuradhasharma 12w

    अरसे हुए , आपके इंतज़ार में ।
    अब आपके भेजे पैसे ,
    भी पाबंद लगे ।
    ले आई हूं , गिरवी गहने ।
    जिसकी आस , हम भूल बैठे थे ।
    अम्मी–अब्बू भी , ठीक लगे ।
    पर शायद , उन्हें आपकी कमी खले ।
    बच्चें भी , बेफिक्र स्कूल जाते ।
    पर उनमें भी , कुछ खालीपन लगे ।
    राशन–पानी भी , कम नहीं होते ।
    पर आप बिन , स्वाद कहां सजे ।
    होली –दीवाली भी , खूब मने ।
    पर आप बिन , वो त्योहार न लगे ।
    नहीं चाहिए , कुछ हमें ।
    आप , घर लौट आइए ।
    हमें बस , यही चाहिए ।
    अरसे हुए , आपके इंतजार में ।
    अब आपके भेजे पैसे ,
    भी पाबंद लगे ।


  • arya101 72w

    A Soldier

    Put my medals on my CHEST
    Tell my Mom i did my BEST!!

    Tell my Dad not to BOW
    He won't get tension from me NOW!!

    Tell my Brother to study PERFECTLY
    Keys of my bikes will be his PERMANENTLY!!

    Tell my Sister not be UPSET
    Her bro will not rise after this SUNSET!!

    Tell my Nation not to CRY
    Because I am a Soldier born to DIE!!


  • dr_rubycon 116w

    Everybody has an agenda; sometimes it's conscious, sometimes it's not, but it's always there.

    I don't know what it feels like to be anyone but me.
    I know what it's like not to put your family first.
    This has cost many a great deal that they'd say, "If I had to do this all over again, I'd ask myself, is it really worth sacrificing a life with someone I love over an idea that may never be?"
    Can you dig it?


  • punint 140w

    Life of a Soldier

    She wished him goodbye,
    Said, 'come home soon.'
    He uttered not a cry,
    And left at noon.
    Tears welled up in her eyes, seeing her love of life go,
    He stood on the field,
    Enemies approaching,
    He started firing,
    Unaware of his tomorrow.

    She was helpless, nothing she could do.
    She sat by the radio listening to the news.
    There he was fighting,
    Fearless, courageous and bold.
    Hit by a gun,
    He fell back with a jolt,
    Blood spilling from his body, then
    His hands;his hands turned cold.

    He was wrapped in the tricolour,
    With medals on his chest,
    He always used to say," I will never rest till I do my best."

    He sure did his best,
    Died a glorified death,
    A martrydom, the nation won't ever forget....

  • aaditya_gupta 233w

    Can they bring back?

    They say prayers reach God,
    So do wails and cries,
    They say good people go to heaven,
    So do Martyrs and their pride.

    But what is left behind is a trail,
    The governments say they would revenge without fail,
    Of the blood,the loss,the limits they cross.

    B u t.

    Can they bring back?
    What lay there lifeless in the shack.
    His lifeless room.
    The dance he would, seeing his son become a groom.