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  • pranav_sharma97 1d

    Heavy hearts

    There's people all around,
    walking, running, talking, shouting.
    There's this chaos melting to order. An empty bench hosts one such soul. It sits, waiting for something to happen. Looks over for hours and hours. They go by and just go by.
    Surrounded by souls all around, yet all alone. Earphones feed words to those ears. Trees dance to the tunes, winds flowing to emotions. Dawn turns to dusk, there's no one else at the bench. Filled with unsaid words, soul just goes on joining the crowd of chaos.

  • pranav_sharma97 1d

    The tears falling down make a huge difference. Probably the biggest one comes from that first one hugging the cheeks, towards the lips, followed by the sigh.

  • reign_unleashed 5d


    U straight up
    Tell me who u are
    Even show it too
    Yet I stick around
    Hoping to find
    A different u
    I never wanted to change u
    U just brought me in
    Under false pretenses
    This shyt has been senseless
    Everything about u
    Causes me anxiety
    The minute your phone rings
    Or I see it in ur hand
    My mood changes
    My body shuts down
    My ears perk up
    And my eyes are laser sharp
    Never at peace
    Constantly waiting
    For what's next
    Can't get into building plans
    Cuz I'm waiting for
    The walls to crumble
    As much as I love u
    I know this is no good
    We've served our purpose
    Our times run out
    Please leave quietly
    I need to rebuild my house

  • mandah88 1w

    No One Like Me

    Save all your sorrys
    I've heard them too many times
    I no longer believe them
    I know that theyre all lies
    Don't tell me that you love me
    I don't want to hear it
    I once did believe you
    But you're full of sh*t
    Forget about yesterday
    And I will, as well
    None of that matters now
    You lost me, can't you tell?
    Throw away the letters
    Delete me from your phone
    I won't forgive you this time
    I guess you're on your own
    You've hurt me for the last time
    My heart's beyond repair
    I did everything for you
    But you never seemed to care
    You may not regret it now
    But I know soon you will
    Cause one day you'll experience
    All the pain you made me feel
    Your actions have consequences
    How could you forget it?
    Karma will hunt you down
    And make sure you regret it
    That does not compare though
    For what you'll come to see
    You will finally understand
    How there's no one else like me
    No one there to love you
    There's no one there to care
    No one's going to replace me
    When you realize I'm not there
    We both know your not sorry
    And now it's time we say goodbye
    I should have done this long ago
    But I believed you when you'd cry
    I know I'm the fool here
    And in a way I'm to blame
    Should have never fallen for
    Someone who played the game
    © Manda H.

  • the_faye_adams 1w

    All the trauma you had to endure
    that you are reminded of daily
    about what he did to you
    just 6 years old and
    then again at 8.
    I wished you hadn't
    gone through all of that
    I wished I could take it back
    you were just a child
    and he should've known better
    he couldn't care less about the
    damage he caused
    and now here you are sleepless nights
    and trying to get through another day
    fighting for your life
    and flinching at the touch of others
    I'm sorry, I'm sorry you blamed yourself
    I'm sorry for the cuts and bruises
    for feeling like the only escape you had
    was to leave this world.
    I'm sorry that you felt powerless and weak
    that you thought you deserved
    all the bad in the world.
    I wish I could have been stronger for you
    the future you would've had
    your optimistic heart, believing life
    is nothing but beautiful, and
    to have that ripped right out of your hands
    now I sit here, pessimistic and
    picking up pieces
    slowly trying to get you back
    from trying to healing
    and fixing your mental health
    I hoped for a better life for you
    you were just a child.
    Life is beautiful, wonderful, lovely
    and chaotic and damaging all at once.
    it all depends on what you focus on
    after all these years
    I try to make it up to you,
    I promise you one thing
    You'll be okay, stronger, on guard
    but okay.

    #letter #wod #healingjourney #forgiveness #lettinggo #selfcare

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    You'll be okay


  • mike_h 5w

    I know , I know we can't be
    At least I did my best
    To love you
    And get you out on your misery
    Now you're free
    You can go back the way it was
    In your eyes I see
    He's still there and not me
    I know, I know he's so lucky
    Go and be happy
    Cuz' that's what I want you to be
    Even if it ends on hurting me

  • doreena 5w

    Letting go

    Its crazy how you get attached to someone,
    How they become a great part of your life,
    How the little things get to your heart,
    But gradually you realise you aren't on the same page,
    The heart doesn't accept what the mind knows,
    And after a lot of struggle,
    Finally when ego is lost,
    But self respect can't be lost,
    Its hard and gets lonely,
    But I just know you aren't the one for me,
    For I was lonely with you...
    I had to let you go,
    For the shackles became too much,
    And I couldn't lose myself again...
    Though I thought you'd understand,
    But then I was just a hopeless romantic...
    Letting you go is hard,
    But its getting peaceful...

  • mariateresa 6w

    As I continue to unravel my most recent romantic partnership that lasted 8 years, I am committed to releasing what doesn't serve me. Creating room for what I can receive and opening to abundance in all areas of my life. Elevation within mental, emotional and spiritual transformation.

    #transformation #metamorphosis #elevation #spiritualjourney #spiritualenlightenment #soulhealing #awakened #relationships #truth #lettinggo #releasing #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    I choose me

    You were a gnawing at my soul
    Our love, for its existence was how I rolled
    Seduced by fantasy, dreams and an unfulfilled promise
    Nothing ever materialized to show me you were honest
    Reviewing the years that have past
    Knowing I was holding onto nothing that would last
    Releasing the memories of you, I bid you farewell
    Go in peace now, I bravely depart, with love in my heart
    Continuing to keep the commitment to self-heal through self-love

  • mmbftd 8w


    I understand now
    Your fear
    Your cowardice
    The way you violently
    Kept us in line
    To make yourself feel important.
    And I've been your sounding board, since I was four years old. I was a wise child even then, because I had to be, to survive your rule.
    Now, even after your coma and near death sequence miraculously gave you more chances to live again ...
    You change nothing
    You have always been a liar
    A manipulative man
    Seeking out sympathy from your daughter before she could even ride a bike.
    Your marital strife, was a saga you versed me in.
    Now, you are almost 90. Ancient. Their should be wisdom acquired by now, but there are only more lies, more boiling hatred for anyone around you who thinks for themselves. Because you are a follower, begrudgingly. You do it to be a martyr. For sympathy.
    But I've none for you old man. I'm to blame. I've coddled you my entire lifetime and I've suffered from it. You never stood up for me, never got to know me, never heard me or cared to question anything. Your weakness sickens me. Have you never been grateful for anything?
    You tell me how you and mom fantasize about how much better your lives could've been if you hadn't had us kids. With glee you told me this! Even if it's true...why speak it? You want me to know that you are sorry we exist?
    We never asked to be here, under your thumbs, manipulated and diminished by your violent outbursts of fists and screams.
    I used to watch you beat my dog through the window. Horrified and terrified and all at once grateful it was not me in that moment. But I loved my dog so much. He was my one spot of joy. You hurt him. You hurt me through him. You planted seeds of terror in my soul. Your eyes black like hollow holes of rage. I could not save my dog, nor myself. You were my father, the secret monster. Smiles and songs for strangers, jokes and laughter to draw them in.
    And then other times you made me sing. Trained me to be your partner in ways my mother could not. You wanted to be famous. You wanted adoration above all else. You still do. And when I was little I sang and thought we sang together for the joy of song. The purity of harmony filling the air around us. But I was your monkey. You fooled me. You pretended to know me. As I tried my best to communicate with you through song.
    I'm so angry all this time later. Mostly at myself. For not seeing through you sooner.
    You created a jester that only a child would accept.
    I kept your secrets because you told me your life depended on them. I grew up angry at a mother you made into my enemy, with your lies. Your groomed me to be your soldier, your mascot, your shield against her.
    And even now, with your second chance at a valuable life...you cannot step into a life lived with integrity.
    You can only brag, about yourself incessantly.
    Old man, I loved you so, idolized you, took punches for you, gave you so much of my time and protection. Above my own life, I cared for yours.
    You are a bad man.
    You are on your own now.
    I can't save anyone but myself now.
    And you'll not even notice me gone.

  • mariateresa 9w

    I am fire, purity of love. Myheart is a vortex that wants to hold on yet my soul teaches me that continuing to let go will bring me exactly what I deserve, beyond my wildest dreams. A higher love, a Divine love. And so it is.

    #divinelove #higherconciousness #soul #souljourney #soulhealing #fire #releasing #lettinggo #healing #writerslife #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #miracles #magic #mirakee

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    Burning inside

    Fire within me burns so bright
    Reaching so desperately, embracing all the Light
    Fast moving in accelerated motion, I rise within the flames
    Leaving ashes from the past behind
    Nothing holds me back
    Burning all attachments
    Holding no expectations
    I must walk alone
    The path of soul waits for no one
    Space is created for all that is to come

  • untethered_writer 9w

    In another life,
    I'll try not to look back as I walk away from you.

  • eyeenma 10w


    Aren't we supposed to lose it all!
    Perhaps thats what we are here for.

    Losing a bit of us with everything
    That we love we let go .
    But all I see is tremendous desire to hold on!!

  • j_a_yankey 11w

    Knowing it was the best thing to do doesn’t mean it was the easiest.

    I put it off. Dragged it out. Cried, reconsidered, then cried again.

    It was not easy to let you go.
    But it had to be done.
    It was best for me. It was best for you too.

  • kkyubaby 12w

    letting go

    this poem is me letting go
    of all my worries and doubts
    of all my what ifs and random bouts
    of insecurities and uncertainties
    filling my system without mercy –
    like the water flooding once the gates are opened
    like the stars swallowing its neighbouring friends when exploding.

    this is me letting go,
    and trying to free my soul
    from the restricting cage i put it in.
    this is reclaiming myself
    and steering the wheel of life once again
    headed to somewhere full of mysteries
    that makes me feel once again – like a living human


  • sarie_the_writer 14w

    Words written to express how I feel
    With ink that disappears
    Because the only time I can truly be honest
    Is locked away hidden in a computer labeled journal
    With a password that only I know
    And in there are thoughts of truth
    Things I wouldn’t ever say
    And yet sometimes I want to say
    Actions holding true restraint
    But like the keys typing entering a reality of my life
    That wasn’t truly the life that was right
    And yet it was somehow right
    Or perhaps how it should be
    Because it was mine
    So thoughts that consume my every day mind
    Written to never be found or read by anyone but me
    Thoughts what a wonderful and yet dreadful thing
    Like thinking of you
    Which I tend to do a lot
    Whether it’s dreaming or thinking but never speaking
    Never telling a soul how I truly feel
    Cause like the ink that disappears
    those words must disappear
    For a reality I want couldn’t be
    So many problems and created by a mix up history
    But the concept of wanting you only shows the reality of me
    Wanting one that’s not available and emotionally disconnected or another that was the embodiment of toxic and damn was it toxic but I always found a way to love the two
    And so you both became a reality of the truth of me
    As insane as it might be
    I saying I wanted stability
    And yet my subconscious was showing me through my reality what I truly wanted
    As if my words were lies and my heart oh how my heart became the enemy
    Falling for people I knew damn well I shouldn’t be
    Like walking on highway in insane traffic expecting not to get hurt
    And yet the hurt brought a comfort of pain that I knew all too well
    And so as I write each line it brings a clarity that I knew but never truly accepted
    And so I accept that the concept of how I was loved was due to not loving me enough
    And the more I began to love me the more I seen that flaws between us and yet
    A piece of me still wants us
    But I’ll never say your name accepting what remains
    For I deserve a love that I know is true
    And my heart tends to confuse the two
    With emotions on high and so my mind has to take the lead
    So with words written they speak a real secret truth
    That only I can truly interpret
    Like a type of a da Vinci code that I created
    And a heart that shares love for two locked away never to be found
    Loving one more than the other
    With tears no more for acceptance has been restored
    I am here and my heart speaks for me no more
    I am enough and all doors have been closed
    Keys buried that only a true love can find
    And if he does
    There I’ll be willingly openly loving once again without fears
    For that man will be loved
    Like a true love was never here
    And a heart never broken
    Never damaged
    I will love him like I love me with no boundaries
    For I am no longer hurt but healed
    And lessons in love has taught me what is real
    So once again I will feel without fears
    For the reality of love will actually be the reality I deserve
    And he will be the man that deserve the reality of me
    As his actions proves the words I speak

  • spirit_13 15w


    Such infinite mystery abides in simplicity
    No right or wrong
    No action to be taken
    No action to be stopped being taken

  • thepoet_j 16w

    If you should choose to leave

    If you should choose to leave
    Let me know
    I’ve learned to thank my guides as you go
    Learned to release my grip
    And let the water flow
    Learned that it’s gonna go if it wants to go

    If you should choose to leave
    It’s okay
    I’ve learned I didn’t need you anyway
    Love will come another day
    If you should choose to leave you may

    I’ve learned that my soul
    will manifest before my mind does
    It’ll pray to the universe or whatever aligned us
    If this love should no longer align please release it - I’ll be fine

    The heart will break
    Will shatter, will crack
    I’ll pray for your love,
    I’ll yearn for it back

    Still, above anything else,
    My soul knows me well
    It’ll embrace the fall-
    “if I fell, then I fell”

    If you should choose to leave-
    Please know
    I hope that you heal easy-
    Wherever you go


  • yesenias_song 16w

    Here I lie again, in bed. With thoughts and glimpses of you in my head.
    Dizzy spells of the past that seem to forever last. I'm Exhausted. At times consumed by the memory of my hearts crippling pain. All those sacrifices just in vain. Shadows of the version of you I once loved still dwell. They make me want to yell. Vision turned into a nauseating delusion. So sick of feeling this way. So much to be said but knowing you could careless anyway. Prayer is my solace. Pain is my darkness. The recent events just broke me even more. I'm so insignificant to you that I'm the one you still choose to ignore. Not worthy enough to be seen by you. So easy to make a promise to but in the end you still choose not to pull through. You're not the man I fell in love with. You've retracted to that insecure man that I met. Instead of building yourself up, you've let darkness be your everlasting breath. In the end, I want to forget. Not love you or loathe you. I just want to not look back with regret. I pray to speed up the healing process to bring forth indifference.
    That beautiful notion is all I crave because only then will my heart, mind, body and soul be anew.


  • blue_nib 17w


    बहुत खूबसूरत होता होगा !!!
    किसी खूबसूरत चीज़ को...
    सालों सहेज कर रख़ना...
    बिना अपेछा के, "छोड़ देना " ¡¡¡


  • _flow_of_words_ 17w

    You flew away from me..!

    I was working as if it was just another day, but today, when I called my kitty cat happily, I felt my eyes getting wet and realized that I was hurt after you told me that you had moved on. How can I run away from reality when the reality is right in front of me? Yes, you are free to move on, but I was still stuck somewhere in the past, holding myself from moving on because it hurts to let you go away from me, but I have to, even if it rips my heart out. And there you are! Flying away from me, and now, I know it's the end because this time, you won't come back to me when the night falls. And the silence of the night will start creeping me, leaving behind the void who knows that I had lost myself while finding someone who will stay!

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 24 Sept, 2021 @14:25 hrs IST