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    Let them go!

    You know you are going to lose them, but all you do is be there beside them whenever they need you. Because you know that they matter to you, but you forgot that they might hurt you badly in the future. What if they don't choose to stay in your life and fly away from you? That will indeed rip your heart out, but this time you won't do anything except blame yourself for the crime you never did. You will blame yourself for being beside someone who matters to you, but is blaming yourself fair enough? Maybe not, but the heart beating inside you will force you to blame yourself; because that heart is the one who will be bleeding, not you, but don't forget to remind yourself that this isn't your fault. And this isn't the fault of your heart for loving someone unconditionally. Not getting love in return hurts, but what kind of love it is which doesn't hurt? Does that kind of love even exist in this world? Love is something that comes with pain and sacrifices, and thus, we can't blame anyone. Let some people go away if they want to because we can't force someone to stay. Let that heart bleed, but don't let that heart force you to blame yourself, because the happiness you experience while in love surely doesn't come for free. So, don't blame that love because at least you loved someone with all of your heart; at least you met someone who can fill your heart with love. What do you want more than this? Maybe someone out there doesn't even get to experience this, but you got! So, be happy in loving them! If they are going away from you, let them go because seeing them happy will give a strange satisfaction, which no one can give you.

    So, let them go! Let them fly! And don't hate them for not staying!

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 15 October 2021 @20:57 hrs IST

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    You flew away from me..!

    I was working as if it was just another day, but today, when I called my kitty cat happily, I felt my eyes getting wet and realized that I was hurt after you told me that you had moved on. How can I run away from reality when the reality is right in front of me? Yes, you are free to move on, but I was still stuck somewhere in the past, holding myself from moving on because it hurts to let you go away from me, but I have to, even if it rips my heart out. And there you are! Flying away from me, and now, I know it's the end because this time, you won't come back to me when the night falls. And the silence of the night will start creeping me, leaving behind the void who knows that I had lost myself while finding someone who will stay!

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 24 Sept, 2021 @14:25 hrs IST

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    ख्यालों को हक़ीक़त मे जीने का
    जिनको कभी कोई ख्याल भी न आये,
    क्यूँ कर ज़िये उन्ही के ख़ातिर हम
    जिनके ज़हन में ये सवाल भी न आये...


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    "Never let someone opinion to become your reality because it's your life not anybody else... "

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    Let the dead flowers you've once planted, raise again and fill your nostrils with sweet fragrance.

    Let the eyes you've once lightened blossom again in sun's essence.

    Let the fallen tears you've wiped away send you kisses of smiles on your tasty lips.

    Let the wishes you've given up on make you dream again in your pearly eyes.

    Let the hidden prayers you've forgotten be accepted by the Lord, Almighty.

    Let the words you've said and written be an inspiration for others to pick seeds of knowledge from your autobiography.

    © Madinah_Writes

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    Wishes To You


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    #let'slove #part1oflet'slove ❤️❤️

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    Let's love

    Spells L-O-V-E love,
    Starts from L-I-K-E like!
    With aim of C-A-R-E care,
    And ends at A-P-A-R-T apart!!

    All the feelings gathered in a single heart,
    Happiness that soaks all tears,
    Tears that soaks all pains,
    Pains that soaks all those memories,
    Memories that soaks lively moments with you.

    Each moments makes me realise your presence,
    Your presence lays down relief,
    This relief lays down stillness,
    This stillness lays down your remembrance,
    These moments makes me feel "I m in love".❤️

    Have not you noticed some changes in me??
    The way I care , the way I talk , the way I look , the way I touch , the way I blush , the way I feel,
    Don't you realise you are special for me??

    Just enough!!
    I can't wait anymore,
    I can't tolerate anymore,
    I can't control anymore,
    I can't bear this pain anymore.

    Hey , listen. I adore you a lot.
    It's eternal and unconditional,
    I want that you too love me.
    My heart is aching to get you ,my love!!❤️

    I don't know,how to express,but I love.
    I don't know,how to love,but I love.
    I don't know,it will be successful or not,but I love.
    I don't know,that's right or wrong,but I love.

    ~waiting for your company
    Let's love❤️

  • poet111 12w

    #Let your child..

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    Let Your Child.......(1)

    Let your child
    Get his freedom
    As you take it
    All by yourself

    Don't impose on him
    Your own ideas
    Your Gods
    Your beliefs
    And your religion

    Don't make him
    A parrot
    Make him a human
    Let him think for himself
    You don't think for him
    ( to be continued)

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    #Let’s have fun

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    To the fruit fly
    I said, “hey guy,
    Why ya tryna be sly?”
    Caught red handed, no reply

    As he stood on the side
    About to…..slide
    Into some sweet berry wine
    The most divine

    I said “careful little fellow,
    Temptation is deep, the ledge shallow,
    A false step, you’ll be more than mellow,
    But dead, like dudes in the gallows”

    He said “chill holmes,
    I got eight chromosomes,
    My life is now 39 days gone,
    3 hours to live and I’m done”

    So he jumped.
    Damn now I have a fly in my wine, let me get a spoon.

  • iam_rose 19w

    #let us live in peace, not in pieces


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    #lets ponder

    Humans by nature want to excel ,be better than their fellas.All desire to be in limelight in one way or the other. Be it in education, workplace or living standards.One never feels satisfied with their lots that results in a chaotic life.

    Because the more we have the more greedier we grow. Brooding and scheming all the time in devising the plans to compete and excel tends one lose peace of mind and taste of life. Though in bettering our religious education we must compete with the ones who are way better than us performing all righteous deeds and standing firmerst on the tenets of Islam irrespective of their needs and status.This way we can rectify our misdemeanor and achieve perfection, in Sha Allah. It's idiotic to think like life is for fun,it's totally biased and based on western idealogy, we can't rebel the doctrine of Shari'ah, the way we dress,the way we live, the way we think is all recorded in the books and we are CERTAINLY accountable before Allah SWT for every single deed. Having faith in Aakhirat ,the day of resurrection how come we neglect this faith Allah forbid,this way we gonna earn His rod and wrath.

    Right that we have youth,we are in the prime of our life,we wish to live in full bloom,we wanna enjoy every ounce of our existence.So we can do it all but that does give us licence and free will to rebel against the mightiest of all kings,the SUSTAINER, and undoubtedly the WRECKER of this whole universe, the supreme power Allah never can be pleased whenever His subjects i.e., us ,fall in the snares of evil, and commit haram things (Allah forbid) in the pretext of Moj-Masti, what is HARAM is HARAM and thus prohibited.

    We CAN but enjoy our lives still and do anything that pleases ourselves untill it falls in place i.e., within the framework of Shari'ah....

    we have been blessed with priceless gifts in terms of Life itself, the precious of all assets is the good HEALTH,the greatest suppot system ,none other than our beloved parents,then our Life is bedecked with the jewels of Noblest relations, our siblings, the beautiful colours added to the rainbow of our life is by our true friends,(By true friends I mean ONLY those ones who lead us towards Deen ,hence perfection,,,,baqi sab goli -maar-types)
    Then what else is needed....
    Why hankering after filth and disgrace?
    Why complaining all the time?
    Why ruining the delecacy of life?

    Just learn as long as you are sound in character (kirdaar) you are the WEALTHIEST of all millionaires of this world.

    Let's submit our will before the will of Allah and seek HIS forgiveness of all follies we committed so far.He will forgive us in Sha Allah for His is GAFOOR UR RAHIM

    Much love to all❤️

  • cuper751 19w

    Let me

    Let me sink in the dark
    Let the time pass
    Let me decompose into earth's mass

  • bas_yun_hi 20w


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    चलो आज फिर ...⚡⚡✊

    चलो आज फिर एक मशाल जलाते हैं
    क्षुब्ध हृदय के यलगार को दिशा देते हैं
    रूदन और मृत्यु को यम बन थामते हैं
    प्रकृति की ज्वाला से ज्योत जलाते हैं

    चलो आज फिर एक साहस करते हैं
    माँ के शोक से दृढ़ निश्चय गढ़ते हैं
    अजस्र नयनों को अश्रुमुक्त करते हैं
    बूढ़े बाप की लाठी से हठ छीन लाते हैं

    चलो आज फिर हंसते और हंसात हैं
    अनजान अदृश्य का भय दूर करते हैं
    पिंजरों को खोलकर मुक्ति संदेश देते हैं
    खुद की हार से, जीना सबको सिखाते हैं

    चलो आज फिर एक शंखनाद करते हैं
    बिखर चुकी आशाओं को बटोर लाते हैं
    मिट चुके सिंदूर से एक लौ जलाते हैं
    बेवक्त उखड़ी सांसों की सौगंध लेते हैं

    चलो आज फिर एक रुद्र प्रयास करते हैं
    खो चुकी उम्मीद में नव कोपल सींचते हैं
    प्रचंड उदंड जिद्द से कल को सजाते हैं
    सृष्टिश्रेष्ठ हैं हम, महाप्रलय को जीतते हैं

    ~~ बस यूं ही !

  • sheikh_huzaifa 20w

    Let me sometime alone!
    I wanna show you nothing
    Let me make myself calm!
    I am fed up, let me alone
    Let me take a deep breath
    I can feel the peace
    Let me sometime alone!

  • sa_chin_tan_u 20w

    #Let's join the broken hearts##

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    Aqeedat se jis dar sir jhuke,
    Waha ho teri maujoodgi,
    Ibaadat se jis dar gham mite,
    Waha ho meri zindagi.

    Mere Saathiya, mere Auliya.

  • snappy_appy95 21w

    Dear corona ,
    Please let go
    Lift up your evil veil you so beautifully spread across town
    I need to show you
    How humans can do better

    For even if we bomb children
    And shove iliac bruises on women
    We have millions of charities working for them

    For even if a crowd dies of hunger
    And people cry for shelter
    We have temples made of gold and diamonds who feed them on weekends

    For even if there is climate change
    And sea creatures dying because of us
    Polluting the air around us
    We donate to nature on daily basis with plastic

    For even if we have illiterate ministers
    On throne
    And more banners roadside rather than trees
    We gift plants to each other on school days
    Where only privileged goes.

    So dear corona..please let go of my world
    For it is already being handled by us humans
    Lift your beautiful veil
    And I promise that humans shall do a better job.
    Lovingly yours....


  • yasasvee_varsha 21w

    #Love #Sacrifice #let them go #let them grow #Life

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    If you were a flower,I would just be a drizzle in your garden sky!!


  • rohi06 21w


    When someone leaves you only two thing can happen:
    1)Either they will understand your worth
    2) or you will understand your worth

  • strangewriter2002 21w


    Sometimes It's Better To Let Someone Be
    It Makes Both Of You Free
    From Maybe A Toxic Or Unrealistic Entity

  • charithaburri 21w


    When you throw stones at me don't expect something else to be served.....

  • rohi06 21w

    For my sake

    the day when i realised you will never be mine,
    all the beautiful things in the world are faded.
    It seems my world stopped spinning and i am stuck in that day,when i realised i have to let you go
    the more i am stuck,the more my world is drawn into this black hole. There is no escape,until i let go of you,There's a hole in my heart
    for I have never loved someone so deeply,this hole may not heal but i have to learn to live with it

  • lapis_lazuli 79w


    When religion become
    the reason of fight,
    The arsenal will be replaced
    with fundamental rights,
    The Supreme Court will
    become the ground of panipat,
    And only the verdict of CJI
    will decide which one is just ....