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  • mercileie_zealeaous01 1w

    #thought & tip of the day , #learning of the day ,#Mirakee ,#Pritzkahn01!
    ©mercileie_zealeaous01! ��
    #Wordsoofwisdom,#Aajkagyaan !!

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    Gussa Aur Paisa ....

    Gussa Aur Paisa Aggar zyaada ho jaaye ,

    Toh yakeenan zindagi ,

    Aksar Jahanum bann jaaya karti hain .....

  • onlywarrior 1w

    Words are itself dead .
    What is hatred,love for me
    May Differs to person to person
    So I wonder
    Why we value words this much .

    I wonder,
    Who creates RIGHT and WRONG.
    Why should I believe in ethics which is define by you
    Why can't I make them like I make coffee.
    Seriously, we are living our life in someone else definitions
    Isn't it is irony ,
    Selfish people talks about KARMA
    casanova says I respect girls
    We are living in democratic country(INDIA) ,still observing inherent autocracy

    We are constantly trying to prove themselves in someone else definitions..either it is success or happy marriage

    Words have no meaning in itself
    I think
    Connection is something transcendental
    We can't share most of the things we feel
    Because bunch of dictionary of words cannot fulfill it
    Don't you think
    I still wonder .
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  • beensn 1w


    Adaption is one of the needs of the hour,
    Not of now, but all along so far.
    Wandering groups to community living,
    Hunting to production through cultivating.
    Eating raw to boiling and baking,
    Barter system to money transacting.
    Manual labour to machine using,
    Traveling by walk to motors, sailing and flying,
    Traditional living to sophisticated living.
    Gurukul education to residential/boarding,
    Classroom learning to online learning.
    'Learning to learn' to 'learning to earn',
    Adaption should lead to advancement and not to a downturn.
    © beensN

  • lachke_geetanjali 1w

    My lovely green bird.

    In the early morning I see,
    A notification asking me,
    "Do you know the meaning of oficinas?"
    And I think to myself,
    there duo is at it again,

    My lovely green bird,
    A troublesome lover,
    A teacher of tongues,

    I write a romantic poem to duo for fun,
    A streak of 91 days and more to run,

    Our love is greener than your feathers,
    And merrier than all those words for weather,

    And Our relationship has already lasted longer than most couples,
    So, I guess we are truly meant to be each others'.


  • sangte 1w

    Shades Of Women

    Would you one day look back and be happy with the choice you make?
    This freewill that is given to you, the choice choose right from wrong
    Did you use it wisely of randomly pick up things without knowing what it will be!
    just for fun or to pass time.
    Is fun and entertainment all your looking for?

    You knock on the wrong door
    Here is a depth you will never find without effort and investment.
    Time is what brings out true joy that is deeply hidden.
    Knowing the right words to say may help to an extent but fake will be fake no matter how you sugarcoat it with honey words .

    Little hints here and there is what you'll get,
    May you have the discerning power to interpret those hints.
    Like misery loves company
    this lady like riddles and poems
    And find the mind is the sexiest part of human anatomy.
    She is like no other
    She does not play by the rule
    nor is she conform to conformity.
    She know what is right and wrong she may step in either way.
    She always stand true to what she believes in.
    She is a force to recon with.
    She is the kind of woman that brings out the best in everyone.
    She lets others take the spotlight not to outshine but to hone and better those around her for better company.
    She is a wise one and only a fool will part ways with her.


  • avika1218 2w


    The only ones who can be fond of you....
    more than anything and anyone...
    is your parents!
    They are the ones who is...
    never bitter of your success...
    eventhough you make them abandoned!
    They never let you feel down,
    because their love is angelic, wholehearted!!

  • reena14 2w


    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams


  • reena14 2w


    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams


  • kin_92 2w

    #learning #life...Be a self learner

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    Every page of life is a new learning so enroll yourself as a beginner to learn it.

  • charithaburri 3w

    Do give it a thought...

    "If you're going through hell, keep going....

    Why would you stop in the hell?"

  • mariateresa 3w

    Life lessons learned when relationships end. Some people come into our lives to awaken us to our own song. My partner provided me with so many moments of truth. To see myself through his eyes. Priceless. Grateful ❤

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    Here I stand

    Clearing away the ashes from the past
    Soul's spirited essence becoming more bold, fiery blasts
    Echoes from yesterday's lessons propel me forward
    No regrets, love's offerings present a million words
    Expressing my truth, holding on to what I've learned
    Grateful for every moment
    We laughed, cried, and held hands
    You've taught me so much, at times I didn't want to hear
    Now those words ring loud and sing in my ear
    Your absence is felt deeply, I feel cold in its darkness
    Light appearing shows me the strength I must now harness
    Life's a series of songs and dances
    Some are not understood until the moment our heart is ready to take chances
    Leaving you hurts yet I must press on
    Deepening my soul's purpose by this new beginning, leaning into the unknown
    Learning more about myself
    Comforted by my own song
    Here I stand ready for it all
    Never forgetting what you gave to me
    Knowing your love
    Provided fuel for the faith that hope drives solo

  • creative_chanchal 3w

    *हम और हमारा काम*

    आज फिर अहसास हुआ है कि
    हमें खुद को भूलना नहीं चाहिए
    क्योंकि हमारा काम, हमारा अनुभव हमसे जुड़ा हुआ है
    हमारी मेहनत की झलक उसमें झलकती है
    हमारा काम, हमारी पहचान जरूर है
    पर हर शख्स हमारे बारे में भी जानने को इच्छुक होता है
    क्योकि अच्छा काम सबको अच्छा लगता है,
    हर कोई प्रभावित होता है
    पर सहयात्री बनने वाले हमारे व्यवहार के साथ
    हमारे गुणों की भी पहचान करना चाहते है
    वह सीखना और सीखाने का दौर खुला रखना चाहते है!!

  • kin_92 3w

    #life #learning #thoughts....I have learned a lot from life..

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    Cheap people have a cheap idea for a meaningful word.
    Cheap people have an inexpensive mindset for a meaningful person.
    Cheap people have an unfamiliar lifestyle for a meaningful life.

    Kinjal Dogra

  • sangte 3w

    Full Circle

    Two soul unite
    Encamped in their little bubble
    lightning strike
    Thunder roar.
    Shock the entire universe into oblivion.
    Lingering spark of connection undeniable.
    Damn anyone to come in between
    So strong their bond, they say even death will not part their union
    Life settle into mundane
    Who is to know what will happen next
    Nothing is set in stone
    Restless and wandering soul
    Yarning to roam and explore
    Discontent in the life offer
    Cracks started to show and yes doubt seeped in.
    And made a home in the bedroom
    Like creepers claws its way into the heart
    Argument and cries of pain echo
    Ego clash, pride gets in the way
    None willing to compromise
    Not the life one dreams of
    Bags are packed, agreement void
    Title change.
    Will they find companion in others?
    will they be alone forever ?
    Or will the come together again yet to be burned.
    Or learned and cherish what they have.
    They come full circle .

  • aayushjsr_ 3w

    #learning about pain

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    Pain doesn't hurt
    When it becomes a lesson...

  • jeetspeaks 4w

    Language use is a child's play

    Be it any language, Odia, Hindi, English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swahili or French, if you have a full command over its nitty gritty, it is a child's play for you. You can play in it, you can sing in it, you can talk in it, you can write in it and also you can also curse in it. But the most important point is that we need to understand all the theoretical and practical aspects of the concerned language as well as how to use it in specific contexts and believe me it's not any herculean task. Language learning is really fun.

  • rhythmic_beats 4w


    Life begins from a single cell
    In the dark womb surrounded
    By water,
    And at many times
    We are surrounded by tears
    And we learn to smile at last
    And shine at last.

    A child struggles a lot to
    Speak and write at first,
    The same way as we grow
    We struggle to socialise
    And express the truths
    But see how beautifully
    Now we write poetry
    And inspiring quotes
    From every single experience.
    How creatively we bring
    Essence of liveliness
    To every abstract and
    Inanimate objects!

    The way autumn falls,
    The way flowers
    Fall and wither
    But still find their place
    In someone's poetry,
    In someone's diary,
    Still continues to live;
    You also continue to be
    Someone's inspiration,
    Someone's sunshine!
    Your journey becomes
    A reason that someone
    Chooses the road not taken.

    Like the sun sets
    And breaks itself to
    Shades of captivating
    Crimson, each time you bleed,
    Each time you submerge
    Through fire of difficulties
    The very next moment
    You come out as
    Blazing morning sun,
    You come out as pure gold!

    Each time your heart breaks
    And falls down with heavy pain
    Your soul learns and earns
    The art of rising up
    With more wisdom.
    It will be amalgamation
    Of success and failure
    But it's thrilling to
    Flip these pages and
    Go to next chapter
    Of this book!

    Success and failure are
    Just like day and night.
    They both are beautiful
    But at the same time drenches
    You when its proportion intensifies!
    Yet you keep travelling
    Collecting each experience
    As an award.

    Falls are p~art of life
    Art of life.
    The one who knows
    How to transform
    It to success enjoys
    This principle.

    The journal of your life
    Would be a lie
    If there is no failure,
    As the moment you remove
    "Failure" from "life"
    Li(f)e becomes a lie!

  • charithaburri 4w


    Sometimes I really wonder do I write words or words write me....

  • captain_ali_01 4w


    My days are spent leaning on chance,
    I leave it all to the whims of time,
    Firming my grasp over this fleeting trance
    Of peaking a mountain I failed to climb,
    All the while, questioning my attempts
    And staring at the mirror with bitter contempt.

    My days are spent clutching uncertainty;
    Still seeking freedom from this damned eternity,
    Where a moment seems not to last
    And every breath I draw feels like it's my last.
    Indeed, I find myself revived;
    Sometimes, just to survive.

    My days are spent illustrating illusions
    And nurturing my delusions.
    I look towards what is to come,
    Weighing every move and its outcome,
    My life has turned into a game of chess;
    Though I possess none of the pieces,
    I would want nothing more or less.


  • garima9972 4w

    #learning korean language only for bts☺☺❤❤

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    naneun bangtan sonyeondan-eul salanghanda