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    Writing saved me, I indirectly told the whole world of the pain I was going through and that healed me.

  • _krashnika_ 1w

    Late but happy pride ya all!

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    Love is like a gust of wind,
    By action of oxytocin the bond is formed .
    Who you are to judge ?
    It's like a storm.
    It's like a dark path that you can’t seem to find an exit to,
    Love is too beautiful thing to hate,
    Yet some people discriminate .
    Love is just Love ,
    Yet people kill the white dove .
    It's not like you can control the Cupid's bow,
    Oh darling ,you will find me in the rainbow ♡

  • quotes_fromhearts 2w

    Love the rainbow with pride

    They are people with bones, blood and flesh just like you,
    So what! If their choice of love is different
    And not similar to everyone
    Don't they have the right to love,
    Just the way they want to?
    God has created each one of them with a special heart,
    Then why does the society create differences,
    Setting discriminations and make them apart?
    They have feelings too, that craves for love and care
    Yet the cruel society judges and mocks at them
    Ill treating them unfair,

    Don't strangle their emotions, snatching away their identity
    Give them freedom to love and flourish their entity
    Don't treat them as if they are a curse to the society
    Rather give them their rights to live with equality
    Accept them with open arms, changing your conservative mindset,
    Let them come out happily from their suffocating closet
    Embrace them as a part of us
    Respecting their dignity with pride

  • luci_the_enbie 3w

    Hey guys !!! Whats up? I hope everyone's having a good day/night!!!! STAY SAFE!!!!!

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    He makes me feel warm and loved,
    Even when he's a thousand mountains away from me!
    He creates a spark of joy in my eyes,
    Something you only see in romance novels!

    How he makes me gain a stupid smile on my lips,
    When he utters the same thing , that i was just about to utter!
    The great sense of humour we share , which keeps not only keeps our parley lively ,
    But also becomes a simple delight to my soul!

    He's a trickster and he tricked my heart into colliding with his,
    And to be honest I'm not even complaining about it !
    He constantly gives me little butterflies,
    In places that i didn't even know I could get butterflies !

    I hope this lasts, this is the first time I've sacrificed my expectations of something very fairly-talish,
    For something that is realistic and more better than a fairy tale!
    Even if it doesn't last , I still am very grateful,
    For the short time it lasted and will hold on to that memory forever!!

  • emily_grace 4w

    Summer love

    Although I'm not certain how

    She spoke in cursive letters

    Letters that loop-da-looped with heart dotted I's

    Floated out of the curve of her smile

    Oh she radiates like an August evening

    When the sunsets didn't feel like an ending

    But like truly beginning for the first time


  • the_perplexed_globetrotter 5w

    Boundaries are eternal!

    It's just a colour for each to lure
    Not more than a shade to procure
    They set black for the funeral
    White for peace of all
    Pink and blue for each gender
    Picking one out of a rainbow is such a blunder
    Same are the emotions they hold
    Sometimes they can't be more loud
    It's a waste to prove themselves each hour
    And they need no shades to be what they are.


  • ntombekhaya_oz 6w


    I watched as the fire that was once burning so hard slowly started fading away. I could feel the pain every second she splashed water on it. I tried to ignite what was once there but the water was just too much.

    Love was slowly starting to fade. She was becoming emotionless, she was becoming empty, She was losing interest. With every 'hey' she sent, came back a greater silence.

    With nothing to feel, I wondered if they noticed. Did they notice that I was fading away? Did they notice that they were losing me?

    Or did they really not care enough to notice that I was slowly fading away.

  • ntombekhaya_oz 6w

    Not Enough

    Once they start making you feel like you're too much and too little at the same time... back away because fact is you're NOT enough to them.. So you are not their cup of tea.

  • ntombekhaya_oz 6w

    Secret Lover

    I wished I could tell her that she makes my heart skip a bit every time I see her. That I feel like I'm inside a fresh boutique of flowers everytime I stand in her presence. That her voice makes my blood flow in the fastest way and her smile brightens up my day. I wished I could tell her that if I was hers she wouldn't even be doubting herself because I'd make sure that she knows her worth every single day. I'd make sure she knows that she is loved and she is enough.

  • rhaegari 8w

    p r i d e

    coming out is not stepping out of the closet. it's about letting people in.


  • ntombekhaya_oz 9w

    My love for her grew everyday. It didn't matter who said what and who opposed to us being together. The heart wanted what it wanted and it was her.

  • scribblingsolace 9w


    Emerging to life was his biggest fear
    As he mustered up the courage
    to reveal that he was 'peculiar'
    He got called filthy and unacceptable,
    Some used the 'F' word too
    because apparently, he, wasn't being
    someone he was "supposed to"!
    Questions innumerable clouded his brain
    He seeked for answers enduring the pain
    Why could he not board the chosen ship?
    or call it night as 'he' pecked a 'guy's' lip
    Were they pretending or too blind too see
    Would they ever agree 'Love is gender-free'?
    He let a teardrop stream down his face
    as he thought if there was no other way
    Was everything now never meant to be okay?
    How long would it take for the blur to clear
    Were they never to accept that he was infact 'queer'?


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    #gaylove #larry #poetspage

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  • ntombekhaya_oz 9w

    Her Poisonous Tongue

    "My heart broke and I quickly remembered my brother's words. He told me he was going to create a distraction.. An accident was not a distraction.. It was attempted murder. What on earth was wrong with him?"

  • ntombekhaya_oz 10w

    Accepting me for me

    Someone asked me why I like 'flaunting' the fact that I'm attracted to women.. They even asked if I'm "trying to change the world with my sickness."

    I laughed a little bit and said, "See, I'm not trying to change the world.. I just don't want the world to change me.."

  • ntombekhaya_oz 10w


    She bleeds from the life she lived in her past..
    She bleeds from what is happening at the moment and she bleeds to the wrong people...
    She's hurt and she's bleeding

  • thepoet_j 11w

    here’s your love poem

    A master manipulator can lie to even themselves, damaging anybody in the process.

    didn’t I let you manipulate the dance
    pull the words from my mouth
    require me to bleed love poems from my heart
    knowing full well you were going to leave
    maybe I was the fool
    Falling for when you said
    “I wish you would write me a love poem”

    I should’ve heard
    “Please, can’t I win over your heart because I lost the last one”
    “Please can’t I shape you into the one that will help me move on”
    “Please, won’t you bleed for me”
    “Please, won’t you spill that blood out in music”
    “Please I want you to think about me in all the ways he never did”
    “Please, I don’t want my body to remember this pain anymore”
    “Please won’t you fall for my lethal baby blues”

    You were right about one thing, Maddie.
    They were lethal.


  • ntombekhaya_oz 12w


    To survive I tell stories. Give me a pen and a paper and I will show you my thoughts.

  • thewallofsomeone 12w

    [[Out, of the Plot Twist]]

    [It was fun but suffocating for him to see his name getting linked to a girl by his group of friends.

    Deep down he thought, "I never believed they are getting fooled so easily." He didn't care about the girl; she had no feelings for him either. Both weren't each other's type. The friends kept assuming.

    6 months later, he "came out", and watching them going bonkers, yeah, that was the real fun.]

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    Out, of the Plot Twist

    It was fun but suffocating for him to see his name getting linked to a girl by his group of friends.

    Deep down he thought, "I never believed they are getting fooled so easily." He didn't care about the girl; she had no feelings for him either. Both weren't each other's type. The friends kept assuming.

    6 months later, he "came out", and watching them going bonkers, yeah, that was the real fun.


  • _teal_ 14w

    Intro: Hidden Love

    Cue to DJ: Hello and welcome to the tale of the hidden love between two gorgeous people.

    In approximately one minute sit in a quiet empty room to listen to the tale of two friends oh wait they are lovers.

    Cue to DJ: On a rainy evening one woman went to seek shelter from the thunder and the rain, she walked in the bar that was near her.
    Little did she know destiny had led her there at that specific time to meet her soulmate. As she walked in her eyes zoned out to one fine lady.
    Her dreads bouncing to the sound of the music she was producing, her lips curving in a perfect crescent smile.
    She stared at her unable to move or talk she was struck by love at first sight.
    The impossible had happened in their small university town love had happened between two women.
    Today we are here to announce that their love has bloomed but they live it in secret, their sweet secret.
    People refer to them as the friends who connected beyond a cosmic level.
    They address themselves as lovers bound by love and fate to be with each other forever regardless of who disapproved.

    Thank you for tuning in to our radio.


  • thara_jin 14w

    Unlove you not

    I always tell you- I can't unlove you
    Even we're no longer together.
    Even you're with somebody else

    I can't unlove you because if I do, I'm afraid I'll forget how love looks like