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  • shk_huzaifa 1w

    Talk with your patience
    Not without patience.....

  • masteryola 1w

    be kind

    Cities seemed to be always growing and each day I continue to see unfamiliar faces from different ages. Each time my eye would land on these unknown faces I see, I feel emotions and when its magnitude is great it moves me that at night or even at day I wonder about their stories.

    I never could truly tell their life stories but always knew that beneath the person I see and beneath their faces are stories I might never know and the thought of having all these people pass me by and not knowing a single thing about them, their struggles, and what drives them got me thinking how judgment seem to always approach us first and leaves us clouded.

    Like fast cars in a busy road with no traffic, there is no pause and we cant ask even the simplest question of how are you. We let the stories go and each day the stories pile up in a library that we all have access to but we just dont find the time to visit.

    And if you are one of those people who badly needs their voice to be heard, I hope you find someone who listens and I wish we could find the time to listen-actually listen because who knows what difference it would make if only we heard one another. I just hope for a less judging world. Remember there are 7 billion people in the world and we don’t know each and everyone’s story. I hope that is enough reminder to be more kind and less judging.

  • shk_huzaifa 2w

    Sucha pyar wo b hota hai
    Jiss mai humai yai nahi pata hota hum aik dusrai k hongay ya nahi
    Laikin pyar itna hota hai
    Ki jahan ka saraa pyar mil jata hai
    Chahay hum oon k ho na ho
    Par yai zaroor kahain gay
    Hum oon say bohat pyar kartai hai
    Oon k aanay say hi humai khushi milti hai
    Wo hai toh hum hai
    Raab tak chood diye humari kahani.....

  • alextheft 3w

    Kind people

    There's this thing with kind people,
    They can have ambitions
    But they'll always look sideways
    To when they could,
    They'll wait,
    Like Fools,
    Can use the term narcissistic,
    But never be one,
    Oh, kind folks,
    Never do they last in long run,
    They weep,
    But more for others
    All those headaches prevail
    Life long,
    To when they can earn
    Their dignity,
    But these kind folks
    Might as well die
    And take those memories to the grave
    How calm are they when
    Life gives up on their valour,
    While we,
    Can't even sleep well at night.

  • amangaur 4w

    सबकी अपने अतीत की कहानियाँ होती हैं
    तुम अपनी को किसी से बहतरीन मत समझना!


  • _truesayings_ 5w

    "तू ' घर ' अपना जो भूल भी जाए,
    तो मेरे पास चले आना।
    मैं अपने अंदर तुझे बसाने
    पूरा ' शहर ' लिए चलती हूं।"


  • girlwithoutfilter15 5w

    Always be “extra kind” towards people
    Who love to see you
    For they Carry tons of
    hatred within


  • lollipop71 7w

    One of a Kind You Were

    Your love was like no other, one
    Of a kind, although not as strong
    At times as I would have wanted.
    Tough love? Is that what it was?
    That's my belief and I hold it
    Within my heart until my end here
    On earth.
    You cared for my boo boos as a
    Mother would. You made me
    Soup when I didn't feel so good.
    You encouraged me to do better
    When I didn't think I could.
    You let me see what fun was like
    In your own special way.
    You were always there for me in
    My younger years, but not as much
    As I always wished you were.
    My adult years you were there for
    Me more. You would still care for me
    When I fell ill no matter what age I was,
    No matter how tired you were.
    I did my best to take care of you when
    You no longer could. I only hope I did
    For you as well as you expected I could.

  • itsssiya 9w

    Heyy yall rudra here I'm sorry I haven't posted In a while I had exams �� but I back now and will post lyrics once everyday I hope you like it #love #mirror #super #promise #fearless #amazing #someday #brave #kind stay happy stay positive ����

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    What do I  see 
    When I  look in the mirror 
    I see a perfect killer 
    I'm beautiful sweet but a little sour 
    I can be sweet if your nice to me 
    I am an angel inside and out 
    And I don't need to doubt 
    My abilities 

    My sign is supergirl 
    I'm strong I'm cool I'm fly 
    When I fly I soar so high 
    I will reach the sky 
    I will climb so high to a place no one has dared to try 
    I'm gonna be the impossible 
    Be unstoppable 
    I'm gonna be a real life superhero

    Today's the day 
    I'm gonna pave my way 
    Not gonna be afraid 
    Just gonna keep pushing on 
    Like there's no tommorow 
    Cause that's what I see when I look in the mirror
    Someone brave kind but a little sour 
    I see that I won't give up no matter what

    someday in someway you will look in the mirror too 
    And I promise to be there for you 
    When everything turns blue 
    I will protect you 
    Cause I'm gonna be a real life superhero

  • brundabrunda 9w

    My inspiration

    He is my special person ,he took a special place in my heart ,he is the precious gift the god gifted me .He thought and blessed me like a teacher but i feel you're my good friend and i never conversed with you like a teacher , he seeked the creativity inside me . I can't forget him because he have given me a unforgettable memories , every time when i spoke to him , he made that moment very special to me .I will trust him alot because he can feel my love , sorrow , anger and all .he have some special powers to chill me at anytime . He is my biggest inspiration .
    Greatful to have you in my life
    Thank you for being with me .
    © Brunda

  • angels_halo_shines 9w

    Here I Am

    Everyone is their own authenticity whether it's following or leading the crowd. I am one of a kind, I do not follow or lead, I am just me. I have the ability to change the energy of a room full of people. Some ask how? All I do is walk in & my presence alone will do so. I can feel the energy of someone approaching me.
    I find that, a gift in itself. It took me years to understand my gift, once I learned about myself, I had to believe. Believe & it shall be.
    Manifestation, learn it, believe in it, took EVERYTHING to a whole new level. Its simple. I never thought it would be so easy. Positive = positive, ALWAYS REMEMBER. Don't think negative or in the end it will be you guessed a negative outcome. Took me quite a while to learn just that. I can help others in ways I NEVER & I MEAN NEVER thought were possible. I try to help others the best I can. To uplift another comes great rewards on doing so. The feeling inside your heart, is amazing.
    Learning by helping others is also life lessons.
    To learn through another is teaching a form of wisdom to want to help even more. A support system sometimes me more than you know. Kind words you never know when someone just needs to hear them. One day that may be you in their position. Seems to me if there's a way to uplift the world we should all do so. Even if it's one person at a time. We could make our time here peaceful & less angry.
    I hope everyone understands & does their part. Maybe it can be a better place for us all!!

    #unique_chall #empath #empathmind #writersnetwork #writersofmirakee #ceesreposts #truth #peace #kind #please

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the love!! ❤️������

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    Here I Am

    I am me.

  • sheikh_huzaifa 9w

    Nazru mai reh kar tum nazru mai raho
    Sath mai reh kar tum sath mai raho
    Huway kya fanaa
    Tum nazar mai raho
    Tum sath mai raho.....
    #love #poetry #life #World #people #loving #caring #respecting #honourable #kind #positive #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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  • rakeshbalu 10w


    May the soul leave the body.
    And at times, it comes back to protect the world.
    You live in this world. But to the soul, you are the world.
    And, to whom so it may concern.
    Death is only the beginning, for the soul to remain alive in our prayers and memories.


  • kimzee 11w


    Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink and your thirst increases. Kissing is merging of two lips, two soul and two spirits that makes them divine. Kissing you is like dancing in the rain; it is exciting kind of sensation that you can't help but fall in love with

  • _indescribablewords 11w

    Do good deeds secretly with the motive to make happy others and to help them not for show off and to get appreciation by others, rather do it for the sake of god so you might get appreciation by god himself!

  • sheikh_huzaifa 12w

    Abhi toh alfaaz aa nahi rahay
    Abhi toh afaaz aa nahi rahay
    Kya karay khamoosh kar diya kisi ki chahat nai.....
    #love #poetry #lovers #loving #life #care #respect #best #ever #seen #kind #innocent #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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  • tejaskanse_ 12w

    It's ok

    Its ok to wish happiness for them even after you are not together, you are a kind person with good heart.


  • ammy21 12w

    Everyone just came
    Being nice to me
    Nd they call nd msg me
    when they need me
    Nd i helped them
    But when i need them
    They're busy in their world
    They just left me
    They hurt me a lot

    I'm just depressed from all this
    I don't wanna suffer more
    I'm just tired from this

    Why should always i suffer
    Whyyy ????
    Coz I'm kind nd good
    So u can take advantage of this
    Nd hurt me...

    Just remember there's a limit of my patience
    When the limit gonna broken then u can't handle it
    Just remember it nd keep in ur mind

    You only see my soften side nd u take advantage of my kindness nd goodness
    You don't know my hardest side nd when u know it you're gonna end ...

  • the_ramble_queen 13w

    Be kind.
    It's a superpower only few possess.

  • pranalishah 13w

    - Diamond -

    Know this, as you walk
    down the tunnel of traumas and decay,
    a silver lining awaits sparkling bright like a diamond
    down the line…

    Try to be kind to yourself,
    as you’re much stronger than you know,
    for times are tough, and the journey is rough…

    But know this,
    you’re more than you can comprehend,
    you’re braver than you relate…