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    She knew,
    That very soon she would be moved to a new home six feet long, twenty-five inches wide and thirty inches deep; surrounded by solitude, darkness, stillness and hush.

    But, the people who knew her, wouldn't let her live the life that she had left. Why this hurry ?
    So, she embraced anonymity and shoved people away if they tried to befriend her.
    Was she enjoying her anonymous life ?

    Coming soon...


    By Ira Neer

    P.S - Not a love story.

    ©ira_neer ✍️ May 12, 2022

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    #keep calm #time# space# alone

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    जिंदगी कभी कभी ऐसे मोड़ पे ले आती है
    जहा से समझ नही आता की
    आगे बढा जाए या वापस मुड़ा जाए।
    तो उस वक्त जरा रुको ठहरो खुद को वक्त दो।


  • tanushreesarangi 10w

    Keep doing good

    Even if you don't get any immediate
    Benefit out of it do keep doing the good
    Work. You'll get the benefit may be in
    Some other form, for sure. So ,keep

  • jeetspeaks 11w

    Keep doing good

    Even if you don't get any immediate benefit out of it, do keep doing the good work. You'll get the benefit, may be in some other form, for sure. So, keep going.

  • toydonna84 13w

    #Keep pushing forward

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    Cold hearted people

    Sifting through the driftwood of hardened hearts. The hearts made out of wood.The ones who feel no love.
    Trying hard to get through the calluses of numbness to reach the love within. It's exhausting being so nice in a world so cold.
    Emptying myself to get a positive reaction from a negative person. I use up every last blessing of kindness trying to get through some of the coldest people. The physical assault is no where near as painful as the mental assault. Realising 11 years have been wasted on the devil trying to convert him into a spiritual being.A snake like man so tricky, but torcherious like the devil. I'm left battered and bruised but those injuries will heal. It's my brain that suffers the hardest injury not even my heart was injured as bad as my mind. It's ok though a tough lession was learned. Loving a snake will only get you ate. They will feed you fake love until you trust them and are big enough to fill their belly... They will starve themselves from their evil doings until your trust and love is as much as they can stand to consume in one sitting and eat every ounce of dignity, pride, love and compassion you have. They will choke out your faith and snuff out the blinding light that guides you and disguard any part of you that's left for the Jackles to finish your remains until no one even remembers the good you represent. God was right it's harder to love someone who doesn't love you back, but simple to love someone who loves you.
    Don't waste your spirit on someone who is always trying to break it.

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    #keep loving yourself
    #there is only one of you❤️

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    The perfect you

    You whom is you
    You who has been you
    You who knows how to be you
    You who knows what it takes to be you
    You who knows the pain you go through
    You who knows your dream you
    You who visions your future the most
    You who knows your story
    You whom I can't be
    You whom you're good at being you
    Everybody has their vibe
    Some like yours some are not
    You're special ❤️
    Not because I say so but cos it's what it is

  • safu_1 15w


    To love without condition to talk without intention to give without reason to care without expectclation;That's the spirit of true love.A true relationship is with someone who accepts your past supports your present and encourages your future ; do not fall in love with the face and body. fall in love with the spirit heart and character.

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    #Keep the space...

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    #life #learnings #keep trying new things #living life

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    ~ Count your experiences, instead of counting your success and failures.


  • holybible 21w

    1 John 5:2

    By this we know that we love the children of God,
    when we love God, and keep His commandments.
    © HolyBible

  • knrz333 27w

    Ignore neglected

    Is he hiding something or someone?
    He doesn't write to you like he used to?
    He is more and more distant with you?
     If this situation is similar for you, don't leave it lying around! You deserve answers

  • gulshan07 29w

    #its not too late to become best person
    #if any mistakes plz tell me in comment section
    #no one z perfect
    #keep supporting��

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    One day everything will
    Come to an end
    And uh will taste
    Every fruit of ur

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    Sometime we can't describe our feelings..
    #keep #support @hafisha98
    #love #night #thought #writersnetwork #life #feelings #feel #words #writer

    Thanks to @writersnetwork

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    Am Weird dark, till Find my lights ..!
    way aren't show!
    so I loseing,my mind..
    counting my days, I leave this
    hopeless world..!!
    I never knew it's all be lie!!!

  • mysteriousgirl3 32w

    It matters

    It matters when a person who used to talk to you daily is now not talking to you for a single minute❤️

  • diyabedi 34w

    Pheww, writing after a longg time, it feels good to be back here.
    Will read everyone soon, I hope you people have not forgotten me XD

    #keep @writersnetwork @miraquill #pod

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    Precious Emotions

    A beautiful childhood and the eagerness to grow up
    Looney tunes and birthday balloons
    Senseless fights and deep wounds
    Fancy dress and stubborn wishes
    Inventing games and mimicking characters
    Sleeping with your favourite toy and hugging trees
    The process of growing up and noticing the unnoticeable.
    Unwrapped joy, palpable cries
    The bittersweet taste of coffee and unveiled lies
    Those suffocated poetries and unheard stories
    The mocking and the inevitable embarrassment
    Unexpected betrayals and a forgiving smile
    Ugly heartbreaks and painful separation
    Bleak emptiness and the dark loneliness
    The anxiety during exam and the relief when it's over
    Happy achievements and "Proud of you" moments
    The smell of my favourite food and the surprise parties
    Late night texts and 3 am thoughts
    Existential crisis and frustrating dilemma
    Amazing festivals and cringey selfies
    Words, words and some words
    The thoughts of life and the thoughts of death
    I have preserved everything I ever had.
    In the end, when someone asks me what I have preserved over the years, I say with a smile- Precious emotions.

  • nikkimira90 35w

    We shouldn’t waste our time crying over the time we lost cause it’ll only get in the way of the time we have. So just be free, do you and keep moving forward.

  • cute_hitarthi 40w

    Keep going

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    order from me (please read)

    Sometimes I always think..why is this life so difficult.Sometimes life is not on our side, sometimes we fall and give up and give up again.But I realize something ..Life is not always going to be easy sometimes we feel we are fail in life and sometimes we have problems.But for me that doesn’t mean to survive and give up? Experience gives us knowledge and makes us even stronger..So to anyone who reads this and is being Sad ke giving up. I beg you don't give up you can still go on even though this life is hard.But believe that, there will always be light or a solution to solve that.Just remember keep fighting. You are strong!Thats all.Thank you for read this writing❤️✨and have a nice day ya!.

  • hallgd 42w

    #Keep Him in your heart
    #He'll never depart

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    Without God, there is no love. Did he not send to His Son the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove?
    Does he not sit on His throne above?

    Is not all things possible with Him?
    Isn't life with Christ not so grim?

    Therefore, always keep him in your heart, and from you he'll never depart!

  • aesthete_foreverr 43w

    #keep smiling

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    Being happy doesn't mean that you don't have any problems..
    Being happy means you fight with your problems to keep that beautiful smile of yours!