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  • poetrynowar 1d

    See The wounds of love are deadly
    I was full of innocence and loving you became my crime

    I was a being of diverse thoughts unmatched, untamed
    Love to someone like me became darkness and for someone love is light

    People became Crazy in love and some mystic
    Reasonable for some and somewhere it made houses of unconscious people

    Someone in love became someone's master somewhere people changed
    In love Someones hope and delusions broke and someone's love became their reason of valour and proud

  • shoaib_sofi_123 1w


    hum nai daikha hai khoon sai saja kar b
    bai rang sa phir b mera kashmir hai kyu
    ہم نے دیکھا ہے کھون سے سجا کر بھی
    بے رنگ سا پھر بھی میرا کشمیر ہے کیوں۔۔

  • shoaib_sofi_123 1w


    jahanam barpa kii hai,
    aur naam jannat rakha hai meri waadi ka.

  • shoaib_sofi_123 1w


    tum zameenu pai zulm likho, aasmanu pai inqilaab likha jaayai ga
    sab yaad rakha jaayai ga sab yaad rakha jaayai ga

  • blessedpens 1w

    The Unknown

    Who's this unknown, the not known goon?
    Who's terrifying the noble souls, the moron,
    The amort hearted unknown who anathemise the innocent souls
    The arcane unknown whose hands play fouls.

    Who's is this unknown, on the streets who roam?
    Who has transformed the ariose vale to pain prone,
    The impalpale unknown intricate to nab,
    The knavish unknown untraceable on map.

    Who's is this unknown, who's tormenting the families?
    Who's plucking the emerging lilies,
    The cynical unknown, the rancid unknown
    The disgusting unknown, the flown unknown.

    Who is this unknown, who is spewing venom?
    Who is poisoning the hearts- the grisly buffoon,
    The malefic unknown, the noxious unknown,
    Woe to this unknown!
    woe to this unknown!

  • __shahid_manzoor_ 1w


    Cxe myani bapath dazaan rozakh , ye kti
    chu mumkin!
    Te myani marnich sadah cxe bozakh, ye
    Kti chu mumkin

  • laughter_to_spread07 1w


    though the river of sins dried out for scarcity of water...
    Yet, not even the hem of my garment had become wet
    ― #Ghalib

  • poetrynowar 1w

    Gale Padh Jaun Me Koi Fanda Nahi Hoon
    Nazar Aata hain mujhko bhi Andha Nahi Hoon

    Soche Mere Bare Kuch Bhi Tasavur Tumhara
    Me Bhi Galat Sochun Aisa Banda Nahi Hoon

  • poetrynowar 1w

    My Friend Got Dumped So Many Times That Now We Call Him The Garbage!


  • poetrynowar 2w

    Some Scars Are Scary


  • poetrynowar 2w

    My thoughts are violating find 'em out
    Those screams are chilling clear and loud

    Gimme a cigarette light it up
    A pen and a paper to write it up

    Panic spread through the room Though its empty
    All the walls are shaking beyond their capacity

    It's out of my control the revolutions in my head
    All of the sudden emotions playing dead

    My face turned pale in suffocation
    And my pen awaits to write but no communication

  • nibras 2w

    Noon chai
    Roti from the kandur
    A steamy serving
    Of harissa but only
    If the day is good to you

    Seething embers
    In kangris perhaps, who knows?!
    The smell of charcoal,
    The air cold,
    Fragrant, woody

    The earth brown
    The trees naked
    Snow trembling
    In cloudy laps;
    So anticipated!

    The mountains majestic
    The lakes silent
    Birds hushed
    A child recalcitrant
    Out loud

    The Jhelum
    Ambling along,
    Languorous with
    Its burden of filth,
    Of mud and silt

    A poet somewhere
    Wondering in thirst:
    "Many are the flavours
    Of these our grey
    Misty mornings of mirth!"


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    On Winter. In Srinagar


  • poetrynowar 3w

    Hazaar Gum Hain Gumo Ka Koi Thikana Nahi
    Mohabbat ki baat mat kariyo wafa Ka Ab zamana nahi

    Yaha Ke Logo Ka Kirdaar Badal Gaya Hain Saahib
    Dukh De Kar Kehte Hain Tumhara Dil Dukhana Nahi

    Muttafiq Hoon Mein Har Us Se Jo Iss Duniya Ka Mara Hain
    Kooch Kar Gaye Sare, Fakat Apno Ka To Bahana Nahi

    Ye Kaisa Riwaaz Qaim Hain Jaali Sab Khayali Hain
    Mujhse Karo To Dokha Hain Apni Kahi Nibhana Nahi

    Geebat Kar Ke Logo Se Fakhar Se Ik Baat Kehte Hain
    Tumse Zikr Kar Liya Hain Tum Kisi Ko Batana Nahi

    Khud Ko Ameer Kehta Hoon Gadagar Sare Zamane Ko
    Tum Sab Ke Sab Gir Chuke Ho Nazre Mujhse Milana Nahi.

  • saqibm_01 4w

    //Ramshackle Hamlet//

    // //
    Ambient suffused with giggles of men, women, children of the hamlet,
    Clanging of utensils, clapping of merry children were auricular.
    Sluggish and senile old men were smoking hookahs and discussing good old days.
    Bleary farmers cuddled under blankets with '' filled with hot embers.
    Besides, pitter-patter had added music to it, that evening.

    ‘' strewed the surface of kitchen like foliage in fall drapes the surface.
    Chuffed members sat at their positions as if were their thrones.
    Dinner under an earthen lamp was as soothing as a thirsty traveller in desert sits next to Oasis.

    Next, In heavy downpour everything swung for them like in autumn, in a jiffy, trees get stripped and birds become roving as they lost their homes.
    Silence disappeared in the darkness of night with the steep in the howling of canines and,
    'A Fierce Knock' at the doors of homes
    Now, startled villagers didn’t know the faces and fate that were behind the doors,
    Torment, brutality were waiting for them at the entrance of their homes.

    Fear stricken people stepped out and looked at the lilly_white faces of each other till they pooled in the playground and were beleaguered by men with arms, novel to them.
    That wasn’t playground anymore, but a ‘Garrison'. Fragile leaves of chinar were trampled by tough steps of men in long boots and moustaches.
    Amidst evil grins, muzzles of guns were pointed at this pool of terrified villagers murmuring ‘La Ilaha Illallah’ like one on a deathbed.
    This innocent murmuring came to halt as ‘’ begot rattle in the terrain.

    Pool of People’ became ‘Pool of Blood'
    Same faces that were together on '' now lay scattered lifelessly.
    Mouths that sang folk songs, were steeked
    Eyes that longed for dreamland were shut
    Homes became ruins.
    A joyous hamlet became ramshackle on the night of Autumn.

    Saqib Manzoor.

  • poetrynowar 4w

    How To Start Your Own Business Free!

    Good entrepreneur doesn't always come out of money, its a quality that comes with experience and experience comes with time and hustle,

    If you really want to set your business and according to you your idea or company will be something new and innovative, or simply a business that can generate employment and wealth there are more ways open folks,
    you just have to look in the right direction

    Quitting will count you among losers as you maybe aware of that the business is risk and risks are always adventurous our lack of expertise and management will drag you down
    but if you have versatility in your approaches that will make you stand out from the rest

    Few Points To Consider
    Idea_ whatever your idea of business maybe,
    its a business anyway, SWOT analysis all of it

    (SWOT_strength, weakness, opportunity and threat)

    Strategy_ see what needs to be done, Plan your every move, aim and target

    Planning_ put your plans into segments see whats the most possible thing you can do without the money,
    like making business models, pitch deck and other document that you may require further,

    Execution_ Register your company as msme, that's free, Get Gstin thats free too, obtain necessary documents like OPC that will cost you about 6 to 7k it will include (Inc. Certificate, E-Pan, E-Tan, AoA, MOA, ESIC Registration And your Digital Certificate DSC)

    Then register your company on #Startupindia profile or Your State Startup initiative,
    see necessary guidelines and obtain recognition and DIPP certificate, as of now you will be registerd as a startup By Govt. of india Department Of Promotion and Internal Trade
    Basic Benefits, Tax Exemption, Seed Capital Funding And Grants

    Acquire Funding_ Money is the key element to any business, its a soul, if you dont have it Get it, Register yourself on PMEGP portal, file for 2.5 Million INR, 60% Fixed Capital And Rest 40% for Working capital upload necessary Documents like adhaar, qualifications, population certificate, project summary and DPR all of them can be obtained free of cost,
    select your nearest bank and get your funding without paying a single penny, and if you need more you can still apply for Capital seed funding for your startup, if your company is innovative 2 Million as grants or up to 10 Millions as loan with interest rate of 4 to 6% only,

    Wish you best for dreaming big

    Risk is All it takes, cheers

  • laughter_to_spread07 4w

    ہو اگر خودنگر و خودگر و خودگیر خودی
    یہ بھی ممکن ہے کہ تو موت سے بھی مر نہ سکے
    #SyedAliGeelani #kashmir

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    If the ego is self‐preserving, self‐creating and self‐sustaining,
    Then it is possible that even death may not make you die.

  • laughter_to_spread07 6w


    Hello world's largest democracy !

    Restore Internet and Call services in Kashmir.

  • mudasirfirdosi 6w


    The dread of the dead,
    of the stiff remains
    Of feeble breathing
    fragile beings,
    The fear of the love for
    gone chiefs
    Pity the nation of the
    carcass thieves.


  • litrazor 7w

    When even copper melts I try paper
    when noises tear the sky I try whisper
    when 'realty is a dark dream' I try dreams
    when facts simmer I try cold rumour
    when summer suffers I try autumn.

    When the owl curses 'o woe to you'
    I try the age old myth 'gobru*';
    slain Saleems mother
    will have another.

    When blasts shake the roots
    I try slogan.

    *Gobr = son(Kashmiri)

    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld
    @kashmiriwriters #kashmir #itry

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    I try.


  • sobiya_amin 36w

    دھکا نہیں جو کسی سفید چادر سے
    میرے جنت میں وہ لہو کا نشان تھا