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    If independence is achieved on a platter of gold,
    The institution of colonialism will remain forever it strong and old.

    Yet, we dream and follow promises complain their fake-interests.
    Everybody was creating the blames,
    Nobody was fixing the problems.

    Long Ago,
    In the African World.
    The old father's the young immediately after sunsets.
    When it was time for storytelling.
    Our folklores, Alo ati Orin ibile.
    Time for entertainment and moral lesson.
    When was the normal in the black society.

    Grandma tell me this!
    Grandma tell me that!
    Grandma tell me why the tortoise have a rough, shelly back?
    Why is the dog a hunter's pet?
    And why is lion the king of the jungle?
    That was so much fun,
    The children would gather under the gaint mango tree.
    Singing historical and cultural songs.
    Alo o! Aloooo!!
    Follows another set of mind blowing riddles.
    Flashing their smiles, showing off their expensive dimples.

    The children would rack their minds to answer grandma's questions.
    Brain cracking, riddle follows.
    Then, as I heard.
    Children would laugh to Grandma's stories and ask brainstorming questions.
    With words of wisdom where everyone could think by themselves.
    So I was told...

    And now, I'm growing.
    To what our life and living has become;
    Like a bird's empty nest, that was once filled with life.
    Now, I stare at the African life of nothingness.
    What I see is failed promises and bloodshed.
    Bokoharam, Herdsmen attack, EndSARS now!
    A dark, starless world in silence.
    As the youth of today cry and seek for the best.
    Hoping for a future that like a fairytale, might never come.

    When the best is traded for selflessness.
    What are we doing?
    Where are we going?
    Who is our tomorrow?
    When today is full of sorrow.
    Are we getting wiser?
    When all we depend on is Google and the internet?
    Fake news, swimming in the air like flies in dirt.
    Are we even blessed?
    When we await betterment from our so called leaders.
    Would there ever be a change or are all these sufferings are permanent?
    Year after year, we await to fill another hungry lion.
    Or have we forsaken the gods of the land?
    Which is which? I need to know.
    What is next, we need to think.
    Why is our tomorrow,
    Laying at the end of the brink?

    War of independence,
    Seen through it's eyes.
    That sees no transformation,
    All in the name of change.
    They change for the post of power that never satisfies them.
    The war of independence is war of death!

    Lasted with several years with thousand souls, dead.
    Dusted and forgotten.
    Women and children,
    Expecting genuine freedom from colonial rule!
    The independence they promised was not real, ungranted.
    Everyone was hungry to sit by the side of the power pot!

    The rich were getting richer and the poor, poorer.
    We were made as a stepping stones for the colonial masters. 
    Those days and still now.
    Independence turned out to be opposite,
    Corruption and injustice.

    © Madinah_Writes

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    A Struggle For Justice.


  • masterdquotes 2d

    Sometimes you could be great and yet the Universe punishes you for no fault of your own! Gotta remember, everything happens for a reason! #punished #remembered #forgiveness #divinity #peace #justice

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    Like the serpent bearer, we are smote by no fault of our own.
    We suffer unjust punishment for no fault of our own.
    But, when the time comes, we shall find our place in the skies, the world bearing witness to our memory!

  • shaabie 2d

    Inspired by events - old and fresh.
    On the new drafts and notifications which flood us one by one so very often.
    बहुत शुक्रिया @hindiwriters ❤️

    #jungle #hindi #government #forest #rights #notification #law #resistance #people #pod #justice #satire

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    कागज़ नया आया है

    मौसम वही पुराना है, आज कागज़ करारा आया है,
    हुकमी तहज़ीब वही पुरानी है, बस कागज़ नया आया है।

    सफेद कुर्ता खाकी जैकेट और एक तरफ को चिपड़े बाल,
    कागज़ी महकमों का कागज़ी फरमान लिए नौकर नया आया हैं।

    "अरे! बाबू दफ्तरी,  कुछ ही जंगल बाकी हमारे, थोड़ा ही पानी बकाया है",
    "अरे! बिकाऊ है ये सब जो भी बकाया है, तभी तो कागज़ नया आया है।"

    "सोचो ज़रा, जंगल चीर रास्ते होंगे, सफर तुम्हारे सस्ते होंगे,
    नैया तुम्हारी छोटी भैया, काम बड़े करने का वक़्त आया  है।"

    "दरख्तों पर दर-ब-दर खुदे आ रहे किस्से, हर शाख का पंछी वाकिफ़ हैं,
    जंगल टूट बनती बस कुर्सियां हैं, और वही से ये कागज़ भी आया है।

    नैया छोटी सही हमारी, बड़े वायदे बस जालसाज़ी हैं,
    जेबें तुम्हारी भर के भारी, हिसाब टिकाने को कागज़ ये आया है।"

    "हाय! इतनी तल्खियां, इस आग-बगावत को ज़रा रखो संभाल,
    ये चंद एकड़ की नुमाइश बस, अभी पहचान आज़माइश का भी कागज़ आया है।"


  • happygirl_muski 3d

    Inspired by the post of @amateur_skm
    #girl. #molestation. #rape. #maadurga. #abuses

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    हैवान बहुत है हमारे समाज में....
    खिलौना समझते है लड़कियों को...
    सलीके से बात तो दूर..
    इज्ज्त तक नहीं देते हैं हमको...

    पर अब समय बदलेगा....
    न कोई बाल विवाह होगा...
    न ही कोई बलात्कारी बचेगा...
    और न ही किसी गुड़िया को...
    अब फाँसी की फन्दे पे लटकना पड़ेगा...

    हमको खिलौना समझने वाले मूर्खो...
    यह गलती अब दुबारा मत करना....
    माँ दुर्गा का स्वरूप् हम....
    अब हमको कमज़ोर समझने की भूल मत करना....

  • soultxt 4d

    Stories are just another way of bringing words to life
    You know justice is done to the words when the time carries the tales

  • cutegirl02 5d

    Aaj phir mere aankhe naam gayi..
    Jaise phele the duniya waise ab nhi Rahi
    Ab bhi Darr hi lagta h mereko kaha jau kaha najau
    Jaha dekho Sabke nazar bekar,kharab h
    Iss meh mera ka kya kusor tha
    Mehne just apna bachpan khela tha
    Kabtak chupti raahu maa ke Aachal meh
    Mereko bhi duniya dekhni h
    Aise kab tak chalega..✨

  • supasesh 1w

    Modern warriors

    Young golden gladiator
    New age madness
    Love strung agitator
    New Life flashes

    Fuck fly pigs kill
    Wicked don't rest
    Act up they have a pill
    Ignorance conquers the best

    Demon's in uniform
    Trust  fleeting
    Cowards start to conform
    Teach with beatings

  • tuckerdinnes 1w


    bones exposed

    mountains moving


    shifting see-scapes

    fire rising



  • devilfish 1w

    Lady With The Pink Umbrella

    Lady with the pink umbrella
    You look so lost
    On this dark day

    Lady with the pink umbrella
    The skies are painted grey
    I saw the face of sullen countenance
    she conveyed

    Lady with the pink umbrella
    Could it be we feel the same?

  • devilfish 1w

    Circles Of Ash

    A ring of love
    Burned to circles of ash
    As if a dove could stand
    The cigarettes and all the

    A ring of love
    I no longer respond to
    A touch without thinking of abuse
    I try to interpret and it's been fused

    I try to undo what I can
    But, I can only carry myself
    If I can come to my feet and stand
    Without any help then I will be able
    I envy the constant state of stable that even a blind man can see he's veered off the path
    B L A C K

    A sweeping band of rain
    Torrential as it's pouring in vain
    Clutch has shook me
    And rattled me
    An onyx seductive black

  • cherish312 1w

    First time saw this in a movie called "Shahid" and it is one of my personal favourites

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    Personal Favourites

    By showing me injustice he taught me to love justice. By teaching me what pain and humiliation were all about, he awakened my heart to mercy. Through these hardships I learned hard lessons. Fight against prejudice, battle the oppressors, support the underdog. Question authority, shake up the system, never be discouraged by hard times and hard people. Embrace those who are placed last, to whom even bottom looks like up.

  • anuradhasharma 1w

    कोर्ट के दर पर , दरखौस्त कर ।
    कितने अपनी जिंदगी में ही ,
    लड़ाई लड़ रहे है ।
    क्योंकि फैसले में ,
    ज़िंदगी लग जाएगी ।
    खर्चें भी काफ़ी होंगे ,
    और ज़िंदगी सिर्फ उसमे ,
    लगा भी नहीं सकते ।
    उसके बाद भी क्या पता ,
    जीत अमीरों , कसूरवारों की हो ।

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  • prernasaxena 2w

    PearlVpuri Case

    @pearlvpuri Case...Please Don't Judge A Rape Case because A man is Accused of Doing those things, Please Be human And See the whole thing by yourself, make this world a better place for men also....Shame On those parents who use their daughters As Some Sort of Business Deal, Please understand this that Daughters Are no Business deal....Thank you

  • igautamji 3w

    Old wounds
    Unhealed, unscarred
    Unjustly bleed

    Copper tastes
    Own medicine
    Prescribed in red ink


  • sandye 3w

    #lathi , #police , #justice , #god , #baton
    Lathi charge is a third degree weapon or torture?

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    ❌Lathi charge❌

    पुलिस का खौफ जहां-जहां •••
    लाठी लेकर •••
    लोग भगवान् के पास न्याय के लिए यहां वहां •••
    कटोरा लेकर••••

  • soundlesss 3w

    In a court of justice two lawyers put forward their respective relevant arguments taken from the authorized law books to decide the point.
    But it is upto the judge to decide the case in favor of one among two of individuals.
    When the opposing lawyers put forward their arguments, both of them are legal and bona fide .
    But the judgment is given as to which argument is applicable to the particular case.
    And we have to accept everything favorable to the circumstances. As similar in case of real life too wether it's in favor of yours or not, accept it as if you had chosen it. As the ring of justice would never ends on wrong side So the one who did so just have to bear it

    #justice #consequence #judgement #result #acceptance #wod #pod

    Pic credit:pinterest

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakee_assistant

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    For Time Being, Taking Into Consideration The Age,Time and Object, methods are sometimes rejected even though bona fide. And Everything To Be Tested By It's Practical Result.

  • madinah_writes 4w

    We Want Peace!

    Hate for nothing, we had enough!
    And that is the reason, we choose the streets, not our sweet beds.
    For every living being out there!
    Let this be a time for a start!
    A new era, of Justice and peace!

  • le_hornet 5w

    Refection On My Detention

    22nd of May three days before George Floyd, was a black man from U.K who said “I can’t breathe” never knowing set words would be part of history.

    Over joyed when George Floyd got justice, but it never answered for many that were murdered before and to this date, the system has always been corrupted.

    I found my fairness with great friends, all different races made sure I got the gold in the end, the perfect barista and set of judges, mixed with my good character, no racist pig can F#%K with.

    Though not much has changed in that system and people only think black lives matter when it’s sponsored by an algorithm, I myself am grateful for the voices of difference, who intend to unblind justice with their vision, George Floyd is 1 victory, now let’s get the other 999,999 their winning.


  • udavee_dissanayake 5w

    Eighth the March

    Eighth the March
    Twenty twenty one

    Women in streets,
    Yearning as beasts,
    On the day of women,
    For a day for women!

    Men in clean suits,
    Who detests leading roles,
    Confides them all,
    Of a fair play.

    Men in cushion seats,
    Promising these queens,
    Of justice,
    And equallity.

    Me in my bed,
    Grins in heat,
    Watching my small flat screen.


  • magicalspirit 106w


    Tears rolled down her cheeks ,
    Clothes were tattered and stained with blood.
    She was lying on the corner of the street,

    Feet, numb.

    So weak that she couldn't even protect herself from dogs.


    She lost the battle, she was just two, too innocent to even fight a battle.