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  • junkyard 24w

    #This poem is about someone i like but shy to ask her out. Is there anything called riding it safe when it comes to those you love?

    #Mickey #Junkyard #junkypoems

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    The hug she once gave me becomes tighter by the day.
    I can't escape her grip.
    My heart wants her so i can't ask her out.
    What if she says no, then I'm left vacant.
    Thoughts of a silly mouse.

    Oh Micky; sometimes i wish i was a chipmunk.
    A little clever with girls not with the cheese.
    And if i can't have both.
    I will starve for her.

    Geez, 3 years now.
    This beyond a crush, I'm wracked.
    But with every conversation;
    piece by piece I'm assembled.

    We paint our chats yellow with emojis
    All laughs and smiles
    Amo soltanto te
    English Micky english
    ti amo ancora
    Oh Micky; again

  • junkyard 26w

    She my vocals!

    I can go to a concert; watch her sign ingredients off a cereal box;
    play dead for a minute;
    borrow her my heart beat; give her a rhythm.
    still call it a one-man band.

    But I'm okay with that.

  • junkyard 27w



    I'm stretched to my limits,
    why can't i break?
    Nightfalls; my manhood bends;
    Yet one can't dodge nature.
    Skirts and blouses can't feminize the blows.

    I change my underwear;
    but i can't change my inner thoughts.
    Classy pants doesn't mean you have clean privates.
    i wish they knew.