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  • khalidah98 29w

    I just turned 23 today and I had learned a lot and I’m willing to learn more as I grow. Days went by so fast that I almost didn’t forgot my birthday. I wasn’t as excited about like I was last year and the many years after. But this is a special day for me and I’m gonna try to put a smile on my face. I hope to learn more and be the better person I can be.

    #birthday #July3rd

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    It’s my birthday


  • khalidah98 134w

    I have learn so many things this and last year.
    I am grateful for what I had experienced
    And every since I turned 20 last year I had found my new and forever talent
    Which is writing
    I never thought I was so good at writing even though I make some grammar mistakes
    But my writing isn’t perfect
    I have always wanted to write poetries but I was afraid and didn’t know how to start
    I was having doubts but then I remember that a poem doesn’t have to rhyme and it doesn’t have to make sense
    It can be long or short no matter how you express it
    So I decided to try it out and writing "it's okay" is my first poem
    But I didn’t think it was good enough until I met a very special friend who told me that I write really good and introduced me to mirakee
    Which is the app I fell in love with
    It’s just amazing to see
    That so many people write just like me

    Today is my 21st birthday and I’m so grateful for everyone who wished me happy birthday. But most importantly I am very grateful to God for creating a beautiful unique human being who happens to be me
    I didn’t really have a friend to even wish me on my special day last year but I am so grateful this year 💙
    And I hope that I will learn and experience new things In‘sha’Allah
    Even though I don’t celebrate but having so many people giving me birthday wishes actually made my day
    Happy birthday to me ❤️🥳🥰
    #birthday #happybirthdaytome #July3rd

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    Happy birthday to me 🥳