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    Just Like Phoenix Reborn from ash,
    You reborn from failure and Experience...!

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    उम्र को आंकड़ों से जो गिनते हो नादान हो तुम,
    आंकड़ों से नहीं खुशीयों से नापो उम्र तो जानोगे।
    और बहुत लंबी है जिंदगी तब तुम जानोगे,
    अब तक दुनियादारी के तनाव में आंकड़े ही गिनते रहे हो वक्त के।
    पतन नहीं आपाधापी के पडाव है कुछ मोड़,
    जो काबू मे नहीं उस पर जीत पाने की असमंजस है होड।
    जब तक सांस है जींदा हो तुम,
    तुमने जो कर ली हर कोशिश क्यों शर्मिंदा हो तुम।
    आज नहीं तो कल कश्मकश सिहर जाएगी,
    तुम खुशहाल बने रहो वही हर सु काम आएगी।
    हैरानी तो तब मालुम होगी इस सफर मे,
    जो खुशीयों से बढ़ती उम्र गिनकर खुद को और जवान पाओगे।

  • shreyalaskar 2d

    Take me

    Hold my hand tight and take me to the mountain side,
    to see the serenity and to have a binge ride.
    Hold my hand tight and take me to the sky high,
    to see the bird's freedom and to make me fly.
    Hold my hand tight and take me to underwater right,
    to see the world of fishes and hydrophytes.
    Hold my hand tight and take me to the world of smiles,
    to see how people live away from tension miles.
    Hold my hand tight and take me to the home of mine,
    to let my mind see this is where I shine.
    - Shreya Laskar

  • sree_nidhi 1w

    Brought to the entrance by storks,
    As the scythe mark someone's departure
    In between is a journey of a lifetime
    Simple yet beautiful
    Yet we struggle,
    Looking for purpose and meaning
    When all we need to do is,
    Just smile and love
    Let the warmth in it,
    Reach the cold void in others
    And watch it does the magic of healing.

    #love #smile #life #death #journey #purpose #meaning #beautiful #lifeadvice #wod @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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  • manasa_avadutha 1w

    Confront or Comfort ??

    The journey from
    comfort to confront
    is easier than
    confront to comfort
    Thoughts ?


  • _amaan_ 1w

    @writersnetwork @miraquill @inked_selenophile
    #journey #life
    let your thoughts flow why to keep em still.

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    You Alright!? Something's troubling you?
    Why Gulping? Afraid? Confined..like still water in a pond? Searching for a clue?
    Trying to reach out to the ocean while staying in a pond, Ah..your unrealistic dream, waiting for it to come true?

    Well you are like water though not still but confined.

    Let yourself flow, like a river
    Flowing through warm beautiful plains, sometimes glaciers will make you shiver.

    Flowing through shade of forest, sometimes through polluted bare human lands, but never forget from where you begun .
    Adapt but don't change, you're still the same, same water, sometimes silver in moon or golden in scorching heat of sun.

    Yes it is difficult to make or find your way, sometimes you just want to again go back to your confinement you want to yelp.
    Just hang in there , there are tributaries leading you towards the ocean , they're and always will be there for your help.

    See after a long, tiring, easy but difficult, beautiful journey you are here .
    Even after reaching the ocean you're not done, look the place where you started your shadow is still there.
    Just like the moon changing shapes sometimes full, half sometimes quarter.
    Your journey change phases, it only ends when you are no more a "water".

  • sahil_poet 1w


    Kuch haqiqat-e alfaaz hai
    Yaha kon kiske sath hai

    Dohre chere sabke
    Sab moh-Maya ka jaal hai

    Apne suroor me
    Rahiye janaab
    Yaha har kadam par
    Jhuthe nakaab hai


  • passion_pearl 1w

    To feel the essence of being there
    Discard the blues,
    You ever had
    B'coz what is, will always be
    The Hues made me be you
    And uk what being you is upto
    So, will you accept me that ways
    Or we gonna end up nearly saying no
    Traitor haunt me, honey
    And I nearby fell into the rounded sink
    Idk whether you are there to hold me
    But that fall is a real haunt honey
    Uplifting the trauma,
    Can never be drama
    The burst that rest in the corner
    Which is left untouchable for me being you
    Because you and me are in process of something and we both are uncertain
    Of the land
    Because that land contains only us
    Us in the sky
    And will we ever ask why
    And will Chrysanthemum ever die ?
    The Zeal of missing is an outburst
    And those small lil' bubbles
    Are your messenger , honey
    And the burst is not in my hand
    I wanna hold you tight to remove
    All your insecurities
    And let uk, that I'll stay there
    Even if you are not searching for me
    So, relief, deep relief
    And am in form of one tiny lash,
    Which will always protect you from troubles
    Trauma is now leading to drama
    Making me feel sick and cold.
    To the place I had in utmost corner
    Is already snatched away, honey
    Making me stand clueless
    Making my utopia, numbness


    #pod #totd #life #trouble #rise #live #journey @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @miraquill

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    //Tryna live a life, loved

    Broken Heart, Broken Soul
    Makes the entire World, darken hole

  • maknhr 1w


    Ventured hundred times

    Toiled thousand times

    Search million times

    Thought billion times

    What gain had I?

    Met thousand people

    Friends hundred people

    Have hundreds relative

    None but I go alone

    _________&&____ cont.... 

  • biha_soundarya 2w

    Heart : I'm aware and very much conscious of my decision
    about you. I'll wait. It's not like I will be rushing for
    anything anymore. I got you back in my life. And
    I am not willing to let that go ever again.
    Conscience : Even if it takes many years?

    Heart : Yes. Who else was there for me. You made sure
    I wakr up everyday, literally pushing me out of
    bed. Sending me contents upon contents.
    Upgrading me, you made me realised my potential.
    Of all the people, you made sure that everytime I
    relapse, you were with me no matter what time
    of the day. You barely slept because of me. You sit
    and cry with me Even from my food you want me
    to eat better. Hell, I dress better without
    the cartoons t-shirt. So yes I know. Plus every
    emergency contact that I need to fill up or even
    contacts for anyone to reach when I passed on
    it only carries your name. I know I'll keep getting
    hurt along the way. I know. It is what it is.
    Conscience : Sigh. I'm responsible of you.

    **She have the entire time in the world and she will not make that mistake anymore**

    #acceptancec #heart #journey #pod #tod_wt #writersbay @miraquill #miraquill @mirakeeworldwidewriter @mirakeeworld  @writersnetwork   #wod #mirakee @writersbay #writersbay

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    A conscious decision.


  • biha_soundarya 2w

    Carry my heart like you're holding a glass
    Take care before it breaks the glass's gold brass
    Make your palm its resting palace
    For where it should dance
    And be its solace

    Heart : My heart is extremely fragile
    Conscience : Sigh

    Heart : It could just break anytime, but I learn.
    I have to learn that many times I only have me.
    Conscience : I'm sorry you feel that way.

    Heart : I do know there are things you need to do.
    Things that you don't have to explain or even
    owe me any explanation. I do know. Because I do
    not have that rights to even ask. I'll just be quiet.
    Conscience : Sigh. I'm trying my best to make you feel
    better. Be ok. And I know that you are capable.
    You're strong. I do not want anything to stop you.
    Even me.

    Heart : I know. I hope I do not break along the way. But
    us, what are we?
    Conscience : You want our relationship to be define?
    Heart : I want you to be with me. Through my steps.
    Through my journey. To hold my hands like you
    always do. To keep checking on me like how you
    have been doing for years. To not leave.
    Conscience : I will not leave. I told you I won't

    **The only thing that's beating is her heart. And may it not stop half way along her journey **

    #rhyme #heart #journey #pod #tod_wt #writersbay @miraquill #miraquill @mirakeeworldwidewriter @mirakeeworld  @writersnetwork   #wod #mirakee @writersbay #writersbay

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    Only thing that's beating is her heart


  • divya_soni 2w

    अपनी राह बनाने निकले ,
    खुद की ज़िंदगी को अपने हाथों करने निकले ।
    बहुत भरोसा करके देखा लोगों पर ,
    चलो आज एकबार खुद पर करके देखें ।
    कब तक किसी और के भरोसे जीते ,
    चलो आज ज़माने को खुद के नज़रों से देखें ।
    अपनी राह बनाने निकले ,
    खुद की ज़िंदगी को अपने हाथों करने निकले ।
    रहे थे लोगों पर निर्भर सारी उम्र ,
    चलो आज खुद से ही सब सीखे ।
    गलतियां तो हो ही जाती हैं सबसे ,
    पर बार बार जो जान कर चोट पौचाए ,
    उससे दूरी नापना ही समझदारी दिखलाए ,
    चलो आज एकबार के लिए खुद की ज़िंदगी का मोल खुद को समझाए ।
    अपनी राह बनाने निकले ,
    खुद की ज़िंदगी को अपने हाथों करने निकले ।

    - Divya Soni Panda (expressed_emotions)

  • sarthak_shah7 2w


    There is more fun in jornuey than just getting to the destination.


  • unnibabu 2w


    Adulthood is a tug-of-war
    On my right lies a child
    On my left stands a wise old man
    Both pull me towards their sides.

    On my right lies my heart's desire
    On my left lies a life all admire
    Choose one for the other to backfire
    Or stay in the middle until time expires


  • theswordandtherose 3w


    The week has seemed long while being in the macabre of thoughts and emotions unwelcomed and in some situations, unchecked.

    You see, my thoughts and dream life reveal the overflowing that seeps through unnoticed until either I awaken from the dream state of my subconscious or when I recognize the rising of the reptilian part of my brain.

    Making tremendous effort to keep my emotions from reacting to the persuasion of thoughts being manipulated…

    I find myself in a quandary…

    but not for long…

    For to allow myself to stay in the abyss of thought and emotional manipulation would only give authority to chaos to continue…

    To keep me from the peace that guards my heart and my mind…

    Such is His peace;

    My shalom… which I embrace and trust to keep me safely tucked away in the cleft of the Rock, which is and Who is my wisdom and understanding; my knowledge and insight;

    My safety and protection;

    My truth…

    And my hope…

    Shalom be the journey


  • shukla_jii 3w

    Stepped ahead with a mystery journey,
    It is going to be tough or easy one ?
    But one thing I did ,
    Just promised myself to accept all the steps
    and bloom in the end.


  • enchantedmedium 3w

    Disappointments for Growth

    As you travel through your life you will feel many things. Some are wonderful, beautiful and easy. However at other times it could be deep disappointment, sadness and so very hard.

    It’s natural to dwell on the latter, but have you thought about why that is? Have you recognized that there is actually a blessing in the making?
    Lessons for growth are the reasons you are dwelling on them. You subconsciously recognize this and spend this time running it over and over in your mind. It’s time to constructively process and figure out what you need to pull out of the experience in order to help you on your journey and create personal growth. I’ll bet you can find things that are positive hidden within these felt feelings.

    So take a moment to really analyze and dissect what will be a soul growth experience from those painful feelings and bring them forward into your journey to build a stronger you. And in the process you may also be able to help lift up the source from which the disappointment or sadness was created.

  • warrior_of_sky 3w

    Success demands 6 things:

    1. Hard Work
    2. Sacrifice
    3. Struggle
    4. Faith
    5. Patience
    6. Passion

    #miraquill #mirakee#poems #friend #friendship @sudhashri@angel_sneha #inspiration #journey #motivtionl #inspiration #journey #motivtionl

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    Success demands 6 things:

    1. Hard Work
    2. Sacrifice
    3. Struggle
    4. Faith
    5. Patience
    6. Passion


  • warrior_of_sky 4w

    You can never be really happy if you keep holding to those bad memories which makes you sad. #miraquill #mirakee #poems#poetry #motivtionl#inspiration #journey

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    You can never be really happy if you keep holding to those bad memories which makes you sad.

  • realityvision 4w

    What Life lesson we learn from journey of Milk to Ghee?
    #milk #ghee #life #journey #happy #realityvision

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    What Life lesson we learn from journey of Milk to Ghee?

    When the raw milk is processed step by step first you get curd, then butter milk, then butter, finally ghee it's taste and usage lifespan increases steadily, likewise when you start believing on your goals and start processing precisely your success rate increases steadily finally you will achieve your goal Have a nice day