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  • akoijr 13w

    Only in your fragrance
    And the softness of your skin
    Does my existence ever have a minute

  • shaabie 19w

    And one on the summer flowering trees of Delhi that were giving me some major nostalgia.

    @hindiwriters @writersnetwork

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    बूंदों को जो तरसे मई, तू बारिश की आस होना,
    लूँ परेशां रात काटते इश्क़ में अमलतास होना।

    स्याहि-पन्ने रूठे सभी तो कचनार के सूखे पत्तों पर लिखना,
    लाल गेरु के शब्दों से पहली फुहार की सौंधी मिठास होना।

    छोटी बड़ी ख्वाइशें साँची, जैसे सपने वैसे ढलना,
    टूटी छुटी नींद के तकिये में सेमल का कपास होना।

    कोयलों से हो धुँआ बस, और बुझा सा हो जुनूं 'शाबी',
    फूल से तू उधार लेना शम्मे, बीहड़ में भी पलास होना।

    जनवरी में अब कहाँ ये गुल सारे फिर खिलेंगे,
    आँखों में तू होना मई बाहर चाहे जमी ओस होना।

  • rhythmic_beats 29w

    Twin flames heating up the frozen sky by warm poetry. Isn't it a perfect date��♥️

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    #hot #cup of #poetry
    #shivering #nights of #january
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Sweetheart let's get wrapped
    In the cloudy blankets of moon
    And have a hot cup of poetry
    In the shivering nights of January.

  • charlieka 36w


    Every time I see you is like another season of Winter cold flush the bite of frost the burn of a January wind brushing my face with a kiss when you say goodbye

  • _writer_at_heart_ 37w

    A letter for January

    Dear January,
    You disappeared like sugar crystals in water, slowly reducing to nothingness with each subsequent stir...and just like everything comes to an end you too ended.
    Meanwhile i had few regrets and lesson to keep in my head.
    January symbolised new strength, hope, excitement, joy and zeal to have goals done.
    But as it is said, "it's easy to say than to do", i realised i expected too much than i should.
    I should have known, hoping is good but there's a thin line between hoping and over expecting which we seldom cross. Hoping is okay in my sight.

    If we donot hope how will we dream or plan. When, the first step to have passion or aim to do something is hoping, how can we don't hope but just plan ?

    It's never too late but it won't wait for us. So the moment may vanish but to treasure and utilise the moment, one needs to act without any delay and panic.

    What about now ?
    Why to grief for January when one can find solace now ?
    Let it go as the time too goes.
    Why not to live for now, before this too flows.

    I know i have a habit to think a lot and start planning more than actually performing. Before the arrival of January i was busy planning for it and when January arrived i again wanted to plan for the rest of the eleven months.
    I should have known its now or never,
    I should have acted wise to stand now and start acting in the present.
    Though acting in present is obviously good but planning for future is too important.
    But i realised i was more busy in planning for future than for present.
    January taught me i should have done every such things by balancing properly between present and future.

    If we ponder carefully, we would too realise that, January teach us, its easy to come but going is always the only constant. Like the tiny sugar cubes and salt, January disappeared into thin air, leaving everyone to wonder how temporary everything could be and its obvious to feel blue when something is left to oblivion and goes by.
    But why to only blame January when each month are slave of passage of time.
    January was just the calendar's ingrown elevator month, we must cherish for being lucky to survive till here and till now.

    Every ending leads to new beginning so ultimately nothing ends but actually moves ahead.
    According to its own span, something walk with us, as long as, it is meant to walk.
    It's because something ends so something new arise. Ending is mandatory for new beginnings that are awaited to rise.
    We ought to be thankful for everything that even leaves. With every goodbyes, lies a wheel of lesson and chapter unopened to catch and spin.
    What we call the beginning is often the end and what is end, often leads to a new beginning. In reality everything ends and something begins. What begins ultimately one day ends.

    Dear January, untill i meet you again, next year ; i want to hold on these lesson you convey to all of us.
    I will always remember that every new beginning, comes from some other beginning's end, which is very rightly said.
    If i will be brave enough to say goodbye to you now, then life will reward me with a new hello, which i shall use untill it too vanish somehow.
    We all gotta make our move because time and life won't wait for us. Then how can i even expect calender to wait for me..!!
    Dear January, it was great to have you even with the highs and lows i received under you, but now is the time to close our chapter so that i begin with my new chapters, to play with my life's strings.
    Goodbye until we meet again.
    Your host,

  • nidifice_dweller 37w

    #mirakee #january

    Dear January
    ~You disappeared like sugar crystals in water,
    Slowly reducing to nothingness with each subsequent stir~
    You remind each soul to seize the day and be the author,
    Tis your life and you mustn't waste it in an avaricious blur
    Rest awhile and calm the disquietude within you
    In this wondrous vessel of time you'll find new joy, of a different hue

    Oh how I long for everyone to see your untarnished beauty
    Wiping away the debris of yesteryear
    You are a most clever concoction of Chronos
    Bestowed upon us to usher in newfound hopes and celebrations.

    Though you are long gone now
    Your sweetness still remains fresh in my memories
    Etched into my sinews, showing me the light through the pain
    So for now I rest assured, knowing that soon you'll be here once more
    And we may all revel together and begin again.

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    Ode to january


  • shivangij 37w

    Days went by

    Dear January,
    You disappeared like sugar crystals in water, slowly reducing to nothingness with each subsequent stir of mine you kept on dissolving like each day I experienced as so like each day to kept on reducing in the number of days.

    I witnessed each day as year's first month with joy and eagerness to enjoy. Side by side, I felt productive to do something new and big. I decided to sketch out the plans for my career.

    I don't know why but Oh dear January!, you came with an enthusiasm within all of us. With same quotation, "It is the first month of the year, make it memorable and enjoyable." Dear January, you filled me with the spirit of enthusiasm earlier but later it went like the usual other day with college classes and more of leisure. Oh January, you were atleast relaxing with journey, hobbies and rest afterall with a bit to study.

    As I witnessed each day, with every kind of emotion coupled with situation, people or conversation or in silence. I did not even realised you went like sugar crystals which I was dissolving. I thought, it would take time but as it went I realised it took no time for it to leave.

  • poukii 37w

    Dear January

    Dear January,
    You disappeared like sugar crystals in water, slowly reducing to nothingness with each subsequent stir.I remember our first meeting at 6:00 am on your 1st day,when my alarm keep on buzzing. I was set on fire when the ray of sunshine that came cracking through the morning snow kissed my face. I began to like my glowing earth toned skin first time in my life.I keep on looking at my beauty in the mirror.I had never ever felt so valuable in my life.
    The glimpse of spider spinning web so carefully in my garden encouraged me to start a new chapter in my life,to start a new routine in spite of having thousands of failed attempts in last year.
    I decided to write my dairy consistently. Thank God, I am able to keep atleast one of my resolution till this day.
    In the beginning I felt like your days were crawling like a snail. I really loved your freezing cold nights. Screeching winds were dreadful in the morning,so from the second day itself I snugged as a bug in the rug. With the passing of day my resolution to be an early bird stayed as such.
    How can I forget my favourite days of you. On your 14 th day , during Makar Sankranti, glimpse of harvest in near by paddy field filled me with ecstasy. I cherish the traditional attire that my Grandma gifted me. My blood filled with patriotism seeing the parade on your 26 th day.
    You know, you had mixed with my blood so deeply. Why you went away from me so quickly? Why you flied away from my hands like the white dove? Ooh!! I forgot ,you want to meet your bloody valentine,Feb. Then go and meet her, I won't be a barrier in your garden of love.
    You had given sweet cherishable memories to me.
    I will always remember you forever.
    Your lovingly,

  • mindofminah 43w

    Indefinitely, There Is Always More Where That Came From...

    Every journey has to start somewhere. 2020 was quite the exponential experience, in and of itself. Through time, I wonder where these empty pages shall take me; consciousness floating. Amongst tidings of reality I am cleaning, sorting, writing, dancing, jamming and simply existing. Encompassed by all that life has to offer; my momentary frustrations continue to arise, entirely playing unto the predetermined intergalactic enterprise. Unprecedented ties. The mere facets of its own existence, causes it to uprise and heighten itself.

    I've been in a juxtaposition; 'tis quite the oxymoron. I'm frustrated by the more frustration arising. Either way I am leading a healthy lifestyle, and every day/moment that passes, goes towards cultivating this and more.

    Time having passed, yet having remained; 2021 is now reality.

    A finality to the previous cycle. In many senses I am relieved, exhilarated and curious with heading forth. I reside with gratitude for all the previous year has consisted of. All trials, new experiences, discoveries. How full-fledged I am coming into myself and my power, is indescribable. I am astounded by the year of tears, anger, communication, adoration and more; just as depicted, 'twas truly a year of 2020 vision. This next metamorphosis of time, will be its own mystery. Never shall I fear the unknown. Blessed tidings, the manifestations coming to light. To express through words would take eons. I know my worth, voice, gifts, presence and what I deserve. I am ready to put whatever work in.

    Cheers to creating the foundation. 2021.

    "This ending comes as grace to free you from all that you have known, for what you have known is now too small for your soul." - Rumi

  • deepti_prabha 44w

    "Wo Jo Aaj Aagye Bbadh Rahe Haina?
    Unhone Kal Pichey Mud Kar Bhot ,
    Dekha Hoga!"

  • bashful_wordsmith 44w


    January came and put her head on my stomach and laid down on the bed with me. She had white and black hair.

    “How are you?" she asked while playing with her locks.

    I told her that these days I have been longingly staring at the windows and the doors. I told her about that there is a stir inside of me whose cause of vibration I can't pinpoint. Maybe it's the cold, or these walls finally getting to me. Maybe it's nothing.

    I have been wondering about the shape of desire and want lately. But my words and I have long ago made peace with the fact that most of the days they will die within me, so I don't know how to tell the wind about the burning edges of me.

    I told her that I am always imagining about long roads and a sky so wide and so encompassing that I can walk to it and only feel its existence and mine.

    “Why are you always chasing the sky?” she asked.

    I smiled.

    I once read that there are four levels of parallel universes. In level three, I said to her, there must be an alternate reality where the five-year-old me didn't go to the planetarium. That there exists a universe where I didn't awe about the black holes as a kid; where the touchable low ceiling didn't take me away to an unreachable place.

    There, I told her, in that reality maybe, maybe I am not always running towards the light. But here, I will always be a moth flying towards the flame.

    Glowing, glowing, glowing.

    She hummed and I then noticed her blue shaded lips.

    They are pretty, I said. I told her about my childhood pictures in green frock and lips stretching for a grin in pink lipstick.

    She gave me the same incredulous look which I had received once before and asked, “What happened now?”

    I only laughed and shrugged. “I don't know.”

    I don't know a lot of things.

    She then stood up and brushed her clothes, preparing to leave.

    “So you still don't like winters, huh?”

    I shook my head shrugged again. I am always seeking the summers. I grinned and told her that maybe it's my name after a flower or the way I was born in spring or just the fact that my existence feels larger and warmer in the heat. Hopeful.

    Or maybe, I swallowed, winter is like an old friend whom I have misunderstood. Maybe there are days where I want to take its hand and ask her to tell me how it is and I will tell my story.

    Maybe sometimes I see myself in it. A mirror rooted in front of me where I can see the withered parts whom I don't know how to love. Winter demands the warmth. The hope of bloom.

    The acceptance of your shadows and their curves.

    January gave me a lazy smile and turned away.

    I will try, I said to her, to be better.

    She laughed dryly and replied, "I am made up of promises and resolutions. Many of them broken every day.”

    I bit my lip and looked down at my feet. I thought about the times I have wondered how people can just be. They are themselves—however raw. However undefined. While here I am split into pieces I don't know of. And it's okay but some days it is hard.

    I then thought about the long roads and the wide skies and the endless chasing of light.

    I looked up at her and smiled. “We all begin somewhere, don't we?”

    Bending and breaking. Giving up and then trying again because we can.

    She turned to look me one last time, lip titled into a smirk. “Yeah,” she replied and went away.

    Marking the endings and beginnings.


  • heavenly_broadcast 44w

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  • deadly_writer 44w

    Love of silence

    I love the silence that surrounds me
    at night,
    when the sky is bright and the moon alight.
    It makes me feel alive.
    Alone, yet so alive.
    I'm a poison to my own mind.

    People were created to be around other people,
    to hold hands with,
    to laugh or cry with,
    to tell and listen stories with,
    to share a meal or a quiet moment,
    to dance,
    to feel someone's heartbeat,
    to taste warm lips,
    to gaze at a beautiful view.
    to feel this view with someone.

    Human connection is a quiet necessity that not everyone acknowledges, but,
    we are born twice:
    first is to exist,
    second is when we learn to feel and understand how to be human.


  • yours_fortune 45w


    Being ignored
    Someone standing too close
    Repeating ourselves
    Unwanted visitors
    Loud people
    Unruly kids
    Bad hygiene
    Noisy people
    Crowdy places
    Touching without asking
    Public Embarrassment
    Avoiding or getting ignored

  • art_is_dead 46w

    its january already

    its january morning with fog-ridden trees and food-gone-cold - i don't keep up with my blocked-nose and cold-feet - its already day-half-gone-but-don't-know-how and i'll probably never get used to it
    i walk slower with every task i keep re-writing on my to-do-list
    my calories burn on hating myself
    its january already - it's january with its freezing-nights and sadness-overwhelming


  • gagan_nahata 46w


    आसमा का वो दिलकश नज़ारा देख जब अपने घर आया,
    रंग बिरंगी पतंगे याद कर, मेरे मन में ये विचार उभर आया

    कुछ इसी तरह आसमा को छूते सपने हम सभी देखा करते थे
    जो कोई ना कर सके वो कर दिखाने का जज्बा हम भी रखा करते थे

    पतंगों से पेच लड़ाते लड़ाते जाने कब हम इतने बड़े हो गए
    इस जन जंजाल में जाने कब हम इस कदर खो गए

    जाने क्या हो गया उस अंदर के बच्चे को हमारे
    जिसके हुआ करते थे अनोखे सपने, इतने सारे

    जिसे हार का मतलब ना था पता
    जो अपनी मस्ती में था हमेशा जीता
    बड़े होते होते ढल गया वो भी उसी माहौल में
    कट गए पर उसके भी जब जा मिला वो उस माहौल में

    हो गया वो भी उसी हारी हुई सोच का शिकार
    भूल गया वो क्या देती थी उससे सच्ची खुशी, और किस तरह करता था वो अपने आप से सच्चा प्यार

    इस उत्तरायण
    क्यों ना फिर सोचे हम उस बच्चे के बारे में यार
    क्यों भूल गए कि छोटे छोटे कदम से होता है हर सपना साकार
    क्यों ना फिर होके देखे मस्त मगन एक और बार
    क्यों ना फिर खुलकर जीये वो आसमा छूते सपने - खुली आंखों से इस बार!

    क्या छोटी क्या बड़ी
    पतंग तो आखिर पतंग होती है
    लाती है खुशियां सभी के होठो पे
    वो तो बस उड़ान भरने के लिए होती है!


  • animeshjaiswal 46w

    Mushkil toh tab hota hai jab pata chal jaata hai

    #Mirakee #Pod #January

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    Andaaz Kamaal Ka Tha Unka

    Nazar Andaaz Karne Ka

    Ki Hamein Andaaza Hi Nahin Hua

    Unke Iss Andaaz Ka

    Animesh Jaiswal

  • heterophemizer 46w

    Please appreciate it, if you like it.

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    The chills of an early January dawn,
    were accompanied by shivers and dewdrops,
    wrapped in a blanket of wool we sat,
    wondering why we were still awake,
    neither of us broke the momentous silence,
    the comfort was enough for our sake.

  • vakilankita 46w

    It is always about you.
    It is always with you.
    It is always within you.

  • yours_fortune 47w


    " You manage things, you lead people".
    You are someone who defines reality. Who has the power to convert vision into reality. Someone who believes in " Lead me, follow me or get out of my way". They love to dress up and get easily bored by same thing. They are picky with the friends, dress and food they eat. They are bit stubborn and are rude sometimes. Highly emotional and speak on mouth. They don't like to talk besides someone back. They have different charm which makes them completely lovable and beautiful. Not to introvert not to extrovert but they behave or act according to the person they are with. Sarcastic and full of life. They are being loved for their kind, childish and overcaring nature. They love traveling, exploring, food, expensive shopping, capturing. If you have any of such jewel in your list, trust me you are lucky. Keep them close to your heart. They will brighten up your life. They will never miss guide or cheat you.