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  • miss__jyoti 5w

    शत शत नमन!
    Even we can't imagine their pain����
    The most difficult task is being a soldier .....
    Hats off to them ����

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    आत्मा ही नहीं दिल भी रोता है,
    जब कोई फौजी हमारे लिए शहीद होता हैं

  • arshkaplish 11w

    Indian soldier

    I am an Indian Soldier
    No bomb can blast my Faith
    No Bullet can tear my Love
    I will always stand strong against the enemy

    I am an Indian Soldier
    No snow can freeze my Power
    No heat can melt my Courage
    I will always fight to keep my land safe

    I am an Indian Soldier.
    No river can stop me from progressing
    No desert can hold me back
    I will always ruin the evil plans of traitor


  • arjunsinghchoudhary58 12w

    It is proud privilege to be a soldier
    #mirake #indianarmy #armybrat #writes #loveforever

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    Donning responsibility of nation on his shoulder
    Brave enough to call him soldier
    Risking his life to protect out freedom
    Selfless act of valour done without any return
    Always be honoured for his sacrifices
    War means over time and higher prices
    Well knowing the value of his uniform
    Which can not be purchased by paying off
    Working hard to survive in every situation
    Every moment for him is a new version of transformation
    Unaware of the fact
    Turning life into death
    Trying to live today as today
    As tomorrow he doesn't have a chance
    Photos in gallery now left as a part of memories
    Where this legend rule our heart for Centuries
    Hosting falg of his country high
    Coming wrapped in it while
    Very proudly Martyr himself in war zone
    Surely he will be the part of heaven
    Courage and patience are his two strong weapon, which he use to carry with him often
    For he shall be remembered
    For ÑÖW and FÕRÈVÉR.


  • alfaazdilke 14w

    A huge salute to the soldiers protecting us and fighting to make sure we sleep peacefully.

    #love #army #india #loveqoutes #life #watan #indianarmy #reality

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    Mohabbat usne bhi ki thi
    Lekin Do alag alag se
    Yaadon mein usko sajaye rakha
    Pehne wardi khaaki woh farz adaa karta raha
    Mahino usse door rehta tha
    Hind ki mitti ko seene se lagaaye rakhta tha
    Hua shaheed woh ek din
    Ro usne yeh kahaa
    "Hamara saath yahin tak tha"

  • vehliboysachin 15w

    खून बहाया नदियों जैसे
    फिर कहीं ये मुकाम पाया..
    वीर शहीदों ने शहादत से सींची आजादी
    तब जाके कहीं ये तिरंगा लहराया...
    जय हिंद!

  • wanderer_soul46 15w

    Captain Vikram Batra

    एक प्यार परिवार से होता है,
    एक प्यार अपने यार से होता है,
    पर सब से बड़ा प्यार तो वो है,
    जो देश के लिए कुर्बान होता है|
    जिसने सिखाया की रुको मत,
    जब तक कर न लो हासिल,
    उस मंजिल को, चलते चलो उसी और,
    याद रखना उस शेरशाह के शब्द,
    "यह दिल मांगे मोर"....

  • suza_kulung 16w

    A small tribute to all those soldiers and freedom fighters who had died for our nation. On the occasion of 75th independence day, Though we are lacking behind in many things after so many years of freedom but to that soul who had died while protecting our nation, they are really great and true Indians. Hats off to them and salute from heart.... ������������ JAI HIND

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    वीर सेना

    कफ़न वो लेके चला था अपने नाम का,
    इस धरती मां के रक्षक बनकर,
    आशिर्वाद वो लेके अपनी जननी से,
    देश के खातिर मर मिटने को वो चला सीना तान कर।

    दुश्मनो से घिरा था,
    पर मन में न था कोई डर,
    सिने पे गर्म गोली बरसती रही,
    लेके नाम अपने देश का लड़ता रहा मगर।

    सूना पड़ा है गोद आज उस मां की,
    बूंझ गया उस आंगन का एक लौता चिराग,
    एक अरसे के बाद,
    आज वापस आया वो,
    अपने आंगनको भरने,
    पर चला गया इस दुनिया को छोड़,
    सीना चौड़ी करके।

    बूंद बूंद अपना खून गिराकर,
    न आने दि अपनी धरती मां पे आंच,
    मरते मरते भी बचा वो गया वो,
    धरती मां की लाज।

    याद कर आज उन वीर जवानों को,
    जिस की ख़ून से रंगी है यह धरती,
    शत् शत् नमन है उन वीर जवानों को,
    जिन्होंने अपना जीवन धरती मां पे नीछावर करदि।


  • unpredictableink 16w

    लौट के आता हूं, ये कह कर गया था
    वर्षो बीत गए पर वो ना आया।

  • poetselixir 18w

    Soldier's Mom ❣️

    Hiding the tears in her eyes,
    She said goodbye to her son.
    Clouds of uncertainty hovering,
    An unknown fear creeping inside.
    This day came once again,
    She wish she was strong like him.
    Smiling without thinking of pain
    And she need to smile with him.
    She want to protect him and
    keep him safe in the sheild of her arms
    But she made her heart understand
    Her son was going to save someone's sons.
    She said him a bye with a fake smile
    Continuously praying for well being.
    But then the news came of a missile,
    like the missile it too destroyed everyone.
    Many years have been gone after that
    But still everyone is missing him.
    She was proud and accepted the fate,
    but heart was still waiting to hear his voice.


  • examcrackers2020 18w

    Kargil Vijay Diwas - 26 July

    On this day is 1999, Our soldiers once again proved that they will not tolerate any evil eye on our motherland....Whenever I read our Kargil war, Captain Vikram Batra and all others who were the part of this mission, my heart filled with pride and I just feel how selflessly our soldiers are serving for our nation and for our safety and what we are doing on our part?

    I think ,we all should ask this question to ourselves and try to return in any form, from what we got from our nation.

  • missjyotii 18w

    है नमन शत-शत उन्हें ...
    जिनके नाम पर.. छाती.. चौड़ी होती है,
    वो सीना ठोक के दुश्मन से कहते हैं..
    हम भारत माँ के बेटे है,
    शहादत हमारी असल कहानी होती है!


  • niharika_singh_tomar 18w

    Wrote this a year ago, thought to post it now..
    PS- not all words are mine there are some quotes I saw on google and tried them to bind up together along with my words and write something beautiful:-) and it went like this, hope you'll like it ❤️ Jai Hind����
    #indianarmy #defenceaspirant #martyrs #defenceforces #nda #cds #ssb #ota #indianairforce #indiannavy #jaihind #indian #musings #patriotic

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    आज तुम लड़ते हो हिंदू या मुसलमान पर, वह देते हैं बलिदान देश के नाम
    पर जब पूरा हिंदुस्तान सोता है, तब भी किसी घर का बेटा सरहद पर
    अपनी जान खोता है। तुम क्या समझोगे उस पिता के दर्द को जिसका बेटा
    सरहद पर होता है।
    तू शहीद हुआ ए जवान
    तो न जाने कैसे तेरी माँ सोई होगी,
    पर एक बात तो तय है तुझे लगने वाली गोली भी सौ बार रोई होगी।
    कई बच्चों के सिर से उठ गया पिता का साया,
    वह पत्नी राह देखती रह गई, पर उसका पति लौटकर न आया। वह बहन
    भी क्या बोले जनाब जिसका भाई रखी से पहले ही राख होकर आया ।
    अब नहीं जगोगे,
    तो फिर से आज़ादी की भीक मांगोगे ।
    न जाने कितने ही दिल हताहत हो गए,
    वे अपनी आंखों में हिन्द के जज़्बात दिखा कर सदा के लिए सो गए।
    निहारिका सिंह तोमर

  • niharika_singh_tomar 18w

    'He is a Soldier'

    That fire in his eyes
    Slaughtering the enemy thrice
    That patriotism in his heart
    Tearing his enemy apart
    Neither he's a superhero nor any 'Avenger'
    Protecting his nation 'He is a Soldier'

    Niharika Singh Tomar

  • jigyasabinni 19w

    When we talk of sacrifice, it's not only our soldiers who sacrifice so much for the country but also their spouses are the one who are actually sacrificing every day.. living with that grit of managing almost everything alone right from managing home to kids and everything....
    Salute to all the veer sanginis for their sacrifice...

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    #panchdoot_sarthak #panchdoot #hks #panchdoot_social #likho_india #panchdoot_magazine
    #globalpoetcult #sacrifice_wt @writerstolli #writerstolli #indianarmedforces #indianarmy #indianairforce #salutetheforces

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    Air Force Wives - A sacrifice a pride

    Many years ago
    Saw them fly
    Their flying machines
    In that blue sky
    Doing aerobatics , flipping
    Acrobatics, zipping
    That jet roar
    Which were music to the ears
    And these aviators
    Used to disappear
    In few moments
    Always used to ponder-
    Who are they ?
    How do they look ?
    How would be that person
    In the mighty fighter plane ?

    Who knew that
    Destiny would bring me
    To the same aviator
    The jet roar which
    I heard from childhood
    Would become part of my life
    That man from skies
    Would become my soulmate

    With the first rays of the dawn
    They are our of the home
    For work
    To the Flying squadrons
    Every moment is like
    Preparation of the battles
    The flock goes out on their missions and campaigns
    Air defence, Strike
    Air combat, interdiction
    And so many names
    From morning to night
    Busy in these campaigns
    Far away from life's ups downs
    Busy they are, in their fighter towns

    For us, the better halves
    Getting alone in moonlit nights
    In emotions, in dreams
    In pictures, in thoughts
    Alone we are weaving dreams
    Incomplete ambitions
    Incomplete we..

    In those moonlit nights
    Riding on the light waves
    These avians are creating
    Formidable warfare

    When they are back home
    Seeing their blissful faces
    With our sleepy eyes
    We forget our loneliness
    In that pride
    We are also defending the country
    With our bit of sacrifice...


  • jnkumar 21w


    जीवन में आईं बाधाएं पर फिर भी तो वह रुका नही,
    भारत मां का वाह लाल दुश्मन के आगे झुका नही

    घेर के बैठे थे कारगिल वो सरहद पार के भेड़िए ,
    पर शेरशाह के आगे कोई भी तो टीका नही

    भीसड़ भरकर हुंकार दुश्मन पर वह टूट पड़ा
    देख के उसका ये रूप दुश्मन हुआ था भाग खड़ा

    बिना दिलाए मातृ भूमि को, पूर्ण रूप से आजादी ,
    कैसे लौटे घर विक्रम वह है अपने सपनों का आदी,

    पता चला सरहद पे कही कुछ बुजदिल बैठ और
    विक्रम आगे बढ़ चले कहकर, "ये दिल मांगे मोर"

    कितनो की बलि चढ़ी कितनो को चकनाचूर किया,
    उन नापाकों को पल भर में मातृ भूमि से दूर किया,

    घायल अपने साथी को उन भेड़ियों से बचाना था,
    सायद राष्ट्र के भाग्य में उस महावीर को गवाना था,

    सीने पर गोली खाई विक्रम फिर तो भी रुका नही,
    जाने कैसा वीर था मौत के आगे भी झुका नही,

    उठाई बंदूक हाथ में और दुश्मन पर फिर वार किए,
    पीठ दिखाकर भागते गीदड़ों में तीन और मार दिए,

    विक्रम अब भी हैं सरहद पर जनता है ये सारा वतन,
    हे भारत मां के परमवीर तुमको हो सौ सौ बार नमन।

    शहीद परमवीर विजेता - captain Vikram Batra️

  • lovely_rachana 25w

    Love is that truth

    Love is that truth
    With which we both bond
    Despite being too far away
    For maintaining my essence you stay
    When we were together
    You never pulled me back
    Even when I went too far
    I became your guiding star
    I looked at you from above
    When you collected the Shaurya Chakra with my name
    What I did was for my land,but today you brought me the greatest fame
    The uniform you wore made me smile
    For you stepped up to prove our love
    I tried till my last breath to slay the evils
    But then I looked at my body in the kills
    I tried to return back into it
    But alas I couldn't do it
    I was worried about you
    Before I slept for ever
    But your pride cries became my saver
    Now from the heavens I still watch you
    Proud of the uniform that now adorns you

    - For my dearest wife Nikita Kaul
    - From Major Dhoundiyal


  • ashupriyaa 25w

    अंतिम पग।

    अकेला है, पर मंज़िल खास है
    चुनौतियां, ये क्या कोई नई बात है
    वक्त यही है और यही जस्बात है
    निश्चाए कर अपनी जीत, बता दे
    इस वर्दी में क्या खास बात है।

    तेरे मन में क्या है, जो तू इस सफर पे चला है।
    बहुत मुश्किलें थी , मालूम है।
    तूने भी बहुत कुछ सहा है
    मुद्दितो कोशिशों के बाद,
    नाकामिया ही हाथ है।
    चल फिर एक बार कोशिश कर,
    ये अंतिम पग की बात है
    निश्चाएं कर अपनी जीत, बता दे
    इस वर्दी में क्या खास बात है।

  • unpredictableink 25w


    जो सीमा पार हमारी सुरक्षा करते है
    अक्सर उन्ही के परिवार को हम सुरक्षा प्रदान नही कर पाते।।

  • yourarmy 26w

    I think this is what ARMY feels��
    when we see them crying in pain or happiness........��

    When i see you cry
    My heart mourn
    For not being there
    To wipe your tears.
    Pain occupies
    my whole body
    for being helpless.
    Throat tightens
    as if it is
    My eyes filled
    With emotions
    Floods out.
    Baby "sorry"
    for not being there....
    You will be always loved.....
    Stay strong......

    #BTS #got_ARMY_behind_us #Indianarmy #btstan

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  • yourarmy 26w

    "Aap humare dil main rehte hain" ��
    "You stay in our heart" ��

    Hearing this I was bursted into tear
    Placing my hand on heart
    I whispered "Oh my dear"

    I felt like I found that lost me
    Who was busy in
    Learning Korean for you on apps

    Claming me down, holding my phone
    I kissed the screen
    I was smiling with wings
    Saying "They are our Kings" ��

    #BTS #Indianarmy #purplelove #btstan #aap_humare_dil_main_rehte_hain

    Note - picture credit to the rightful owners

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    "Aap humare dil main rehte hain"