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  • stateofmind 4w

    Magic is a universal language
    Every race, person, life form, presence, entity, uses it
    And effortlessly, they communicate the message of life
    And, by study or error
    we find the translation when we need it
    But, only if we allow ourselves
    It is in and all around us
    Whether or not we look for it
    It matters not, for you already speak it
    It is within you and you speak it
    I salute you, kin
    We are one and the same


  • jishnu1498 16w


    If it takes one Second to say no ples...
    don't say it
    but if it takes ten years to say yes
    I will wait you u......

  • prernabhardwaj 17w

    नश्वर(नाश) शरीर

    डर के साए में है हर कोई , खौफ हर दिल पे छाया है आज ।
    सोचते सब यही के मौत ने , अगला नंबर किसका लगाया है आज ।।
    मौत अपनी से कोई भला कब डरा है यहाँ , मौत अपनी से कोई भला कब डरा है यहाँ ।
    खो ना दे अपनों को कही , बस इसी आशंका से मन सबका भरा है यहाँ ।।
    ऐसा नही के ज्ञान हमको ये जरा भी ना हो , ऐसा नही के ज्ञान हमको ये जरा भी ना हो ।
    के है चीज कोई ऐसी कहां कौन सी , के है चीज कोई ऐसी कहां कौन सी , जो के नश्वर (नाश) ना हो ।।
    ये जो जीवन है देन उसकी है ये जानते है सभी , ये जो जीवन है देन उसकी है ये जानते है सभी ।
    जब भी चाहे बुला ले वो वापस, जब भी चाहे बुला ले वो वापस, ये मानते है सभी ।।
    रिश्तों के बंधन , मोह के है ये धागे , जीते जी भला कब टूटते है यहाँ ।
    बुद्धो (भगवान बुद्ध के जैसे) के सिवाय किसी से कभी , ये रिश्ते सभी पीछे भला कब छूटते है यहाँ ।।

    डॉ प्रेरणा भारद्वाज

  • theturquoisemetaphor_ 18w

    Poets are Immortal

    George MacDonald wrote a two word poem "Come Home."
    The only Home people seeked for: those ages was Poem.

    The best things about poets are
    they are immortal and still make us alive
    with their blue ink.
    The worst thing about poets are
    they are immortal, and few phrases
    will hit us hard, no matter
    how many times we read.

    Poets not only want us to read inbetween
    the lines, Poetry and Poet is beyond that.
    Every word penned by a poet, will create
    an impact on someone's lives,
    William Shakespeare might be your favorite poet,
    You know why is he immortal?
    Even after his death, We adore his poems
    and feel it. Each of his ink counts.

    Actually, reading a poem is difficult
    rather than writing a poem,
    To write a poem,
    you just have to express
    your grieves in your heart, Imagination also.
    Even their imagination creates a curiosity
    to read the poem for readers.
    and that's why Poets are immortal.

    Jab jab dard ka baadal chaya,
    Jab gham ka saaya lehraya,
    Jab aasoon palkon tak aya,
    Jab yeh tanha dil ghabraya,
    Poetry is a therapeutic vibe to
    erase all negativity being piled up
    in my brain and heart.
    Poet and his ink is the reason.

    Poetry is not about fascinating words,
    It's about, raw feelings midst words.
    Poets are not about they word they pen,
    They're about the similes that create our life.

    Roti ke bina insaan chaar hafte jee sakta hai,
    pani ke bina chaar din,
    aur hawa ke bina shayad chaar minute,
    lekin umeed ke bina insaan chaar second
    bhi nahi jee sakta hai,
    and everytime I am reminded of this
    I recite "Emily Dickinson's Hope Poem"
    to myself gazing at the stars, which makes
    me feel like as if I am a part of the sky.
    And it's because the poet, who comforted me,
    She might have died, but her words
    will never let her to.
    Poets and his ink is the reason.

    Poetry isn't dying
    It keeps merely changing,
    Changing perspective
    Under different vision of readers.

    Mera pass maa hai,
    And I call it Poets.
    Its guides me, guards me.
    My scars and bruises are
    seeking solace by their ink
    and Poets and his inks is the reason.

    Poetry is not just an art and Poets are not just an Artist,
    They are magicians, and their magic wand is poetry: a harvest.


  • anumit_13 19w


    I can't be immortal,
    But I can cry.
    I can't feel the pain of death,
    But I can feel sorrow.
    My emotions doesn't explode,
    That doesn't mean I'm feeling less.

  • kaach_ka_panchi 19w

    She Keeps a Cigarettes and glass of wine in her hands,
    She looks like Hollywood Queen.

    Her eyes are like a flame hidden in it.

    The dark circles under her eyes feel like midnight.
    As if the pain is hidden there but calm and numb.

    Her open hair looks like Wavy butterflies.

    The heavy lipstick on her lips looks like a dark fantasy.

    Her natural skin glows like a fresh morning.

    Her tongue looks like strawberry jelly.

    She smells like melting chocolate.

    Her long legs look like a long bottom rock in the river.

    Her colourful long nails are the edge of the arrow.

    Her navel is like a lotus blooming in a pond.

    Her back looks like a mountain slope.

    Her kisses taste both sweet sugar and poison.

    Her vagina is like a flower blooming on a high mountain.

    And I am cutting all the beauty of Paris where I saw a mole on her breast.

    Sweetheart, you're too hot to handle,
    You're My witch, my goddess.
    You are my Paris.
    #paris #kaachkapanchi #immortal #signoflove #mirakee
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    You are my Paris


  • kaach_ka_panchi 19w

    There is a bridge over the river.
    Where all the great loving couples put a lock there
    And throw away the key so that their love will one day becomes immortal.

    I can not bring you the stars and the moon.
    But I can get you a lock and write on our name.
    You will kiss the key, make a wish for us and throw in the river.
    Means this place remains an our sign of love and so that it starts to become immortal.

    By the way, I am not sure that this trick is enough to make our love immortal but I am sure that one day our love will become Paris.

    (FYI: Pont des Arts was a place in Paris where Love Birds could express their love for each other by placing heavy metal locks on the bridge. It is now prohibited by law and regulated by the local police authority. Locking a love lock is prohibited here, it would be a legal offense.)
    #paris #kaachkapanchi #immortal #signoflove #mirakee
    #quotes #poetry #poems #captions #writerscommunity

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    No immortality for love,
    but the Paris.


  • we_are_not_beautiful 20w

    The love, I once wrote for myself on the autumn leaves, is fleeting with the hope of no returns.There have been several ludicrous attempts, to stitch my life with tangerine along with fuscous threads, expecting the rainbows, droplets of water and petrichor will embrace the blues in my veins but the green leaves never accepted my dried and old skin.

    The once undying metaphors and mellifluous verses are now slipping through my palms like warm and light sand, now I'm afraid to sit alone on the shore, now I'm afraid to hold my own hands for self assurance, now I'm afraid to dive into the deep ocean of poetry.

    I have never felt uneasy with cold moonlight on my skin, but the thought of old glistening touch of moon have always made me restless.

    I consumed the comeliness of galaxies, breathed in the fresh breeze, gulped in the flowing rivers, spritzed the oil of flowers and worn the crown of colourful leaves,
    to become immortal.

    I failed, I'm falling and now I'm freezing with no hope of being my young and carefree self.

    "It drives you crazy getting old"
    "It feels so scary getting old"
    ~ Lorde, Ribs.

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    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    Celerity of growing old
    On my skin
    Moulding it old
    Distorted and shrivelled
    I feel

    Frisson of growing old
    With my elegiac soul
    Taking away euphony
    Crumbled and shattered
    I feel

    Animosity of growing old
    My fayre thoughts
    Forcing out serenity
    Warped and threatened
    I feel

    Volatility of growing old
    Faith and patience
    Hurting my heart
    Faded and short-lived
    I feel

    Truth of growing old
    My seraphic touch
    Burning the fragility
    Scared and defeated
    I feel


  • newcomerspoetry_official 20w


    आज हारें है कल जीतेंगे, फिक्र की बात थोड़ी है ।
    इम्तिहान है जिंदगी में, कोई जिंदगी का सार थोड़ी है।


    अंकित सिंह राणा

  • entitled_thoughts 26w

    Khuda par yaqeen rakh ai bande
    Us-se behtar sahaara dena wala aur koi nahi
    Aik baar aankh band karke yaad to kar
    Us-se behtar tera madadgaar aur koi nahi

    Tu kyu bhaagta hai un logo ke peechay
    jinko aik na aik din to chale hi jaana hai
    aaj unho ne wafa kar bhi li
    To maut ke waqt to saath chhor hi jaana hai

    tu yaad uss rab ko phir kyu nahi karta
    jisne aakhirat tak uske saath ka wada Kiya hai
    tu aik baar dil se dua to kar
    uske siwa meherbaan aur koi nahi

    tu rota hai unn logo ke saamnay
    jo tere liyay kuch nahi kar sakte
    tujhe rona hi hai to uss rab ke aagay ro
    jinse zyada kareem aur koi nahi


  • da_ksh 27w

    Immortal thoughts

    Butterflies fly away
    but some memories don't
    Days ,weeks, months pass away
    but our problems don't
    Summer, winter, spring go away
    but our excitement don't
    Old people also pass away
    but their teachings don't
    Strom,cyclone,droughts go away
    but their repercussions don't
    Childhood, adulthood all pass away
    but our hope don't
    Friends,family, neighbors leave away
    but our loneliness don't
    Our mortal body too go away
    but our thoughts and writings don't.


  • arsharsh 27w

    Faith in Shiva

    It's true that there are problems,
    In fact enormous problems in my life today.
    I accept each one of them happily.
    I know I am going through hell today,
    I can walk through this hell with a smile.
    For, Lord Shiva is there along with me.
    He, the creator of Universe.
    He, the destroyer of devils.
    He, is looking at my efforts,
    My efforts to improve my self.
    May lord shiva bless you all, keep you safe.
    He will show me a path,
    A path to follow and to explore which,
    Will definately lead me to success.

  • roel_gonz 28w

    Now I am in the land of unguarded walls
    Just between the sky and the stars
    I whispers in the night
    And ruins of memories collided
    Through the bitterness of this tainted world
    I found silence...

  • roel_gonz 29w

    Be with me tonight
    Just meet me under the blood red sky
    And be immortal with me
    Just for one day

  • moira_valleyofsilence 32w

    Inked Immortality

    Sometimes, some people are dead to us, not in the flesh, but dead emotionally, . And yet, unknowingly, those same people stay alive in our life, through our own words.
    Immortality is not only with skin and bones. One can live forever and never die , their essence captured in those very words we wrote for them.
    If someone is a part of your poem ,they are mostly likely immortal and they might never die.
    So think before you frame someone in your precious words because not all people are worthy of that elixir of life.


  • ayayrunsblog 33w

    The Seed That Allowed Me To Breathe

    I inhale and my lungs are greeted with a rush of cool air,
    Air, that I never knew I needed to breathe.
    I needed to breathe.
    I needed to breathe but I didn't know how,
    Stifled by expectations that needed to be met NOW.
    Now; time that I didn't know how to get,
    Emptiness; a constant reminder, made it hard to forget.
    That is, of course until I met you,
    The colours of my life went from dark greys, to bright hues.
    You changed my life, and taught me how to breathe,
    Little did I know that finding you was just the seed,
    The seed that held the answers and fulfilled every need.
    And one may think it's inevitable that the oxygen would run out and our time would be up,
    I shaked my head as I knew fully well that she, the source of my oxygen, was also my immortal cup.

  • atulprayagi 34w

    केवल युद्ध नहीं लड़े हमने
    इतिहास को भी मोड़ा है
    बाबर हुमायूं अकबर के
    दम को निचोड़ा है

    हमने पीठ पे दाग सहे
    सीने पर एक चोट नहीं
    मातृभूमि के लिए लड़े कटे
    हमको कोई अफसोस नहीं

    हम अडिग रहे,हम झुके नहीं
    कितने ही सम्मानो से
    अरे घास की रोटी ऊंची मानी
    कितने ही गरिष्ठ पकवानों से

    इसलिए राष्ट्रभक्ति की खुशबू आती है
    उस मेवाड़ी माटी से
    और स्वाभिमान क्या होता है
    सीखो हल्दीघाटी से ।


    #महाराणा #प्रताप #हल्दीघाटी #स्वाभिमान
    #पुण्यतिथि #योद्धा #समरजित #मेवाड़
    #death #anniversary
    #Maharana #Pratap
    #legend #worrior

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    महान राजपूत योद्धा
    हिन्दू सम्राट
    "महाराणा प्रताप"

    Source :- Wikipedia

  • sugandh_ankahi 35w


    O inquisitive heart !
    You wonder and ponder ,
    a lot on How to be immortal.
    Is the way passes through the greatest power ,
    Or possession of innumerable measure?
    Or to the divine charm and worldly beauty?
    Or dedicating your life to duty ?
    You desire to offer bards
    An epic to sing and a tale to recite,
    long after your shiny dark hair
    turned into a a mist of silver grenite.
    Listen to me O noble soul !
    A non-judgemental gaze ,
    often a compassionate praise ,
    Offering a shoulder to distressed,
    And helping hand to oppressed,
    Lending a gentle ear ,
    To who suffer inscrutable fear,
    Soothing words to calm insecurity,
    In terbulent times some assurity ,
    kindling hope in a drowning heart ,
    Dropping Moment of joy in child's Cart ,
    Every instance of a kind deed ,
    Is how you sow an eternal seed .
    Its your softness that will shine,
    As the Deepest Etch in stone of Time ..
    ~ Sugandh

  • thatinnervoice 35w


    The souls who are still trapped with these immortals crave death!!
    But soul doesn't die.


  • she_express_alot 38w

    #love #immortal #mirakee #poetry

    I always wonder, what would restrain my mind and my heart from wondering in his direction.

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    Miss him!

    I wonder, would medication ever help my mind not to miss him every second of my day.