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  • bobble 117w

    The greatest story ever told

    In the middle of night, a long time ago
    Three men, in the sky, saw a strange UFO
    Its lights, which were sparkling, soon caught their eye
    As it whizzed and it whooshed through the darkening sky
    Then from the strange object, appeared a queer face
    Something unseen before from far outer space
    It beckoned to them, put thoughts in their heads
    As they lay there quite still in their external beds
    One said to another "Let's see where it goes"
    So from their cold beds, they quietly arose
    They followed the light of the ship up above
    For days and for nights, like a labour of love
    At last, the spacecraft came to a stop
    Voices they heard, so they had to eavesdrop
    A woman was screaming "I just want it out"
    A male voice replied "There's no need to shout!"
    They crept a bit closer, as far as was able
    Until they were outside a small wooden stable
    The voices continued, the man's more of a whine
    "Whatever you've done, that baby's not mine!"
    "I've told you before," came the weeping reply
    "I was abducted and taken up into the sky
    Some aliens examined me with their long green fingers
    The result of it is that this baby now lingers"
    Then silence ensued, just a few more words sworn
    By the mother before her new baby was born
    Now please don't hit me with charges of libel
    It's just my interpretation of one part of the Bible

  • angeldisco 161w

    Integrity - Joseph's Story

    Christmas 2018


    Last year
    At the time of Christmas cheer
    I shared the story of Mary
    This time, I want to explore from another side
    What was it like to be the Father of the Messiah?
    This is the story of Joseph
    What would it be like in His words
    Spoken in verse
    I call it Integrity

    My beautiful Mary
    So innocent and dreamy
    With her bright-eyed charm
    Playful, fun, devout
    There was no question
    No other to be chosen
    When asked, her father had no doubts
    Her mother no reservation
    And although I had grown up in a world where love was not in the marriage equation
    I loved her
    Her heart for God, her mind, her wit
    Her powers of persuasion
    I couldn't get enough of it
    And I hoped one day she could love me back
    Oh Mary and I
    We were engaged
    I thought I could fly
    Amazed and expectant
    And then she got pregnant
    The sense of betrayal and shock is beyond what I can process
    My mind is stuck in an emotional funk
    All I can think is:

    *Oh that Mary's not my lover
    She's just a girl who claims that God is the One
    And the kid is not my son*

    There's obviously only one thing to be done
    The whole situation is offensive,
    I'm on the defensive
    I've been known as righteous
    But I will be perceived as
    A first rate jerk
    A hypocrite, lacking judgment
    No self-control, no self restraint unable to even wait
    I was of the line of Kings
    Everyone will wonder how I could do such a thing?!
    How could she do this?
    Compromise her purity and not own up to it?
    And people, how dare they assume anything
    If they think this was me they don't know a thing

    *People always said be careful what you do
    Don't go breaking young girl's hearts
    Momma always said be careful who you love
    And be careful what you do*

    Well this time it's me who's got a broken heart
    By the law she should die
    She's betrayed her pledge to me
    I don't owe her a thing
    I could cause her suffering
    Matching the degree of my own pain
    It's the word of God
    It's the law

    But it's also Mary
    I still love her
    I want to protect her
    So I had a plan
    To maintain my honour as a man
    But not at her expense
    To be a line of defense
    For both our reputations
    But it hurts
    This deep disappointment
    And it's stress-filled
    This bitter pill
    And the emotion loop I'm in
    Makes me obsess again

    *Oh that Mary's not my lover
    She's just a girl who claims that God is the One
    And the kid is not my son*

    There's only one thing to be done
    So it's over
    I'll divorce her
    If the betrothal is dissolved
    Maybe this internal conflict can be resolved
    How could what she claims be true
    It's irrational, illogical, not possible
    It's got me tied up in knots, and so so blue
    Her words feels like fantasy
    And it's making me want to escape reality too

    Stunned, shattered, exhausted
    I passed out and in a dream my subconscious mind wandered
    To the worst case scenario
    Mary at the synagogue's threshhold
    And they're ready to stone her
    Absolution of the community
    Through honour killing
    But I felt horror and grief
    I didn't want this
    Lovely Mary at my mercy

    And that's when the angel appeared to me
    A light washed over the scene
    As a brisk brease stirred
    A sense of peace washed over me
    The pure love I always associated with worship
    And there He stood

    “Joseph, you descendent of David, the King
    Do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife,
    Loving her for life
    She's telling the truth
    The Baby she carries
    Is not the product of immorality
    Divinely conceived
    The result of Holy Spirit's overshadowing
    She will give birth to a son,
    The Chosen One
    You are to give him the name Jesus,
    Yeshua, Jehovah Saves
    because he will save his people from their sins.”

    I awoke with a start
    And a pounding heart
    Such a mixture of regret and relief
    Faith and disbelief
    At what I had almost done
    My heart renewed
    It surged with love

    *Oh dear Mary you're the Mother
    You're the girl that knows that God is the One
    The kid is His only son*

    There's only one thing to be done
    I'll obey
    Mary, I'll take you as my wife
    Protect you and the child with my life
    Raise him as my own
    With the same love God has shown

    The wedding was a small hushed affair
    Hardly anyone there
    My declaration of paternity
    Had me branded indefinitely

    I had lived to be known as righteous
    But my heart has changed
    To be content with God's perspective
    My fears of disgrace realized
    Replaced by the honour of becoming God's choice
    A surrogate father to His son
    Oh the burden and joy of His Trust
    To embrace fatherhood
    To model manhood for everyone
    A challenge, a promise, an opportunity for His good work in me to be done
    And after His birth

    *I took Mary as my lover
    That faithful girl that knows our God as the One
    The Father of Our Son.*

    So much love inside me
    So much joy in my being
    I lost everything important to me
    To gain Christ
    And He added a wife, a family

    And in this experience I have learned
    It's easy to care about other's perception
    Or rely on what we see and think we know
    But God in His higher perspective
    Cares more about who we become
    So He shifts the laws of reality
    Causing our preconceived notions to be undone
    Pulling us into the mind-bending journey
    Of exchanging what we think we need to be happy
    For the joy of His life, the way He created it to be
    Replacing reputation with integrity
    And like Mary, I have no regrets
    I encourage all to learn from my experience
    Surrender to Him everything you value,
    All you hold on to
    Allow Him to bless you in return with His best
    The priceless experiences He has designed just for you


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