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  • yours_fortune 2d

    Zodiac Signs weirdly obsessed with

    Aries : Books and more books
    Taurus : Music and strong vocabulary
    Gemini : Chocolate and pictures
    Cancer : Rainy day
    Leo : Makeup and are self obsessed
    Virgo : Beaches and the ocean
    Libra : Flowers and nature
    Scorpio : Music and art
    Sagittarius : Lovely dresses and accessories
    Capricorn : Aesthetic
    Aquarius : Space and stars
    Pisces : Dancing and their place

  • yours_fortune 2d

    She looks weird when she cries, should I sing or dance to make her happy...na...she is broken it would be silly..but yr I can't be so quiet
    Well well I'm sorry...just a #geminithing #mysecretthought
    #iloveyou #loveyou #cute #imissyou #youarecute
    #zodiacfacts #zodiacside #reality #funfacts #astrology #astro #dualface #faces #astro #astrohumar #tagyourfriend #bae

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    Zodiac Signs " SECRET THOUGHT"

    Aries : God "they're so boring"
    Taurus : Why I can't go home
    Gemini : Thinking of something funny in a serious conversation
    Cancer : Why they're looking at me like that?
    Leo : Are they seeing me?
    Virgo : Why they discomfort me?
    Libra : I hope they like me
    Scorpio : I need silence
    Sagittarius : I just want to get lost
    Capricorn : Am I good enough
    Aquarius : Ohh I'm so intelligent
    Pisces : What would they be thinking?

  • sanaquasarmdarga 5d

    To my Long Distance Love @SayedWasiq♥️ I know it's hard to stay miles far from each other physical Distance doesn't matter Baby we are closest to the heart Closest to the souls.......I Love You Jaan ♥️ I miss you every sec of my life����
    #longdistancerelationship #Love #dream #imissyou #closetosoulandheart

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    Looking into the Eyes
    I never knew magic would be such strong spell,
    Calmly Sparkling eyes mingled with everyone,
    Had a wider bright smile which entrapped hearts,
    He earns the moonlight with his sugar nature,
    Saw him with a maiden's heart,
    Was better than the best,
    Alas...........He was just years mature a day and few sights
    Made me drown in ocean of love,
    Though he disappeared that night yet my love speaks," I saw him"
    But the time didn't stopped.
    Once again the sunset was taking him away.
    We're saying 'Goodbye' to each other.
    Suddenly. Alarm rings and its 6:30 am.
    Yes once again "I met him".
    But again it was a *Dream*.
    ©SanaQuasar M Darga

  • yours_fortune 1w

    Zodiac Sign and how they say " I Love You"

    Aries : You are such an idiot
    Taurus : You are hilarious
    Gemini : You are cute
    Cancer : You mean a lot to me
    Leo : I like being with you
    Virgo : You are such a weirdo
    Libra : You are sharp and intelligent
    Scorpio : Well I hate you
    Sagittarius : Hey I missed you
    Capricorn : Are you ok
    Aquarius : We are so perfect together
    Pisces : I Love You

  • t2_titoo 1w

    Waiting for you

    Kin Lafzon mein likhu main apne #Intezar ko tumhe,
    #Bejubaan hain ishq mera... Dhundta hain khamoshi se tumhe

  • crystal_snow 2w

    #cees_bts_chall # spring day # bogoshipda #imissyou #BTS #army

    This song has a special place in my heart ❤️.....I love it soooo much because the lyrics are penned down so beautifully that if the coldest person would listen to this song, would be all teary eyed. And the best part of the song is that, there is hope in the end✨❤️. Which makes this song even more special

    And I love bangtan for their songs and for who they are. They never fail to bring a smile on army's face ��. They are our special boys and we'll stan them till the end. Borahae bangtan ��✨

    PS: thanks for the love and support.����❤️✨

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    Spring Day

    You left me and went.
    Like I was nothing.
    I hate you
    But do you know? that there's not a single day that I don't think about you?
    Whenever I look at your pictures, my love for you in my little heart only increases.
    I hate you.But I miss you.
    If I was small dust in the air, would I reach you faster?
    I want to be with you in the other side of the world, holding your hand ,like there's no tomorrow.
    Yes, the spring will come again, the cold in my heart will thaw.
    And I will be on the other side of the world, holding your precious hand.

  • mind_of_an_ambivert 3w

    I saw you after a very long time today and all of it came back. It was like you never left me. Knowing that i still missed you hurt a lot. And knowing that you were not mine anymore hurt even more.

  • amyjoylouise96x 4w

    I miss you a little less everyday.

    I still miss you
    But not as much as i used too.
    No, i'm still not over you
    But just like us, that wont last forever boo.
    See what i miss the most are the memories that we made
    The memories that you wasted and now they just fade.
    I dont regret those happy times because i was over the moon,
    Even when we would just cuddle until noon.
    You fucked everything up by giving up on me,
    You gave up on someone who would have supported whoever you wanted to be.
    I let you have time with your friends, your family & even yourself,
    Meanwhile you never gave a shit about my mental health.
    I do remember the good times but i also remember the worst,
    Like the times you would sleep at night knowing my heart had burst,
    Into a million tears because of a fight,
    & then all day i'd wait until you finally tell me we're alright.
    & i'll obviously never forget that hotel morning and how i stupidly let you get away with what you did that day,
    But i didnt wanna ruin your life just because you ruined mine & i knew the police wouldnt even care what i say.
    Because i'm a nobody & i've always seen myself like that,
    I saw you as an absolute King & i was just a fat rat.
    I always knew it was too good to be true,
    How could someone like me last forever with someone like you.
    You had your whole life ahead of you and i was trying to make a future for me too
    But you ruined that for me & now for so long i have been so lost not knowing who i am or what to do.
    I appreciate that for some time you did love me and you did care,
    Even though that love didnt last forever, it still happened, you were still there.
    But you left me & now i'm still trying to put the pieces together,
    I have been single since and the only feeling of being in love i have is sitting in rainy weather.
    I dont hate you because hate is a very strong word,
    But you definitely dont make me feel as free as a bird,
    You used to you were my escape before,
    & if you ever miss us that was your fault you threw the relationship out of the door.
    I wont lie and say i have moved on because sometimes it still feels like yesterday when you left what we had
    But everyday i become a little less sad.
    You're not always on my mind like you used to be,
    One day i'll find myself again, one day i'll be me.


  • laconic_words 6w

    Sometimes when you have given up on yourself,
    Some kind words from someone you love does a great job in lifting you up again.
    "I trust you even if you don't" from that special someone, really means a lot.


  • laconic_words 6w

    Sometimes when I miss you,
    My fingertips tingles restlessly,
    because they feel the absence of yours.


  • tranquill__sea 7w

    I am broken
    I cant be fixed
    I dont know your smile
    And I crave for what I cant behold
    What I see is everything I cant forget
    The people you left,
    how are they to mend?
    Stitches dont heal the wounds,
    they demand the pain to be felt
    The daydreams you gave,
    have become the nightmares I fear.
    You taught me to fight datkness,
    but I have demons in the daylight.

    Why do we love when we must let go?
    Give me another chance, I ll fix it too
    These pictures are not robots,
    They dont laugh your laugh
    they only render tears.
    I am filled and I am hungry together
    and food is not what I want.
    Silence isnt where I belong
    but chaos is not what I want.
    I am broken and you cant fix me too.


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    I am broken and you can't fix it.

  • fallenangel0106 7w


    Missing you feels as if every heart beat is tied into knots that I can never seem to untangle

  • _shattered_soul 9w

    I can't stop thinking about you until we meet!
    Wondering if you think of me, too
    I can't stop thinking of your lips
    Oh! How soft they are between mine
    I can't stop imagining your hands
    As they caress my every hair and limb
    I can't stop thinking of your face
    How I love it and it thanks me in return.
    I can't stop thinking of your voice,
    As sexy as the body it possesses.
    I can't stop feeling your touch inside me.
    My temperature rises and emotions explode.
    I can't stop thinking of how much I want you,
    how I need you
    No matter what you do,
    I can't stop thinking about you. Untill we meet!

    #ImissYou #ShatteredSoul #UntillweMeet

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  • emceemb 9w

    Missing that one person is a bitch �� #IMissYou #MB #haiku

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    I miss you

    Plagued by your absence
    Tormented by memories
    Tempted to reach out

  • theessence_ 10w

    Dear Steph.

    -You were amethyst in the ruins.
    Swirls of sun rays and moon dust

    -You were a pearl washed ashore this cesspool
    Your heart of silver immune to rust.

    -The rust of this wasted land.

    You were light redefined,
    You radiated with serenity.

    The honey on your cheeks,
    You were a fairy, no.
    An angel.

    I love to believe you ascended to the maker,
    That's what angels do, right?
    That the reaper didn't have you quiver
    And cry silently into the midnight.

    I love to believe your wings didn't wither,
    From an ailment that grips even the celestials
    What if it was neither?
    The bitter truth swirls within, and I'm in denial.

    The silver droplets from my eyes know no end,
    They flow with each beat of my heart;
    How can they not, when you're gone?

    Blue skies into grey clouds,
    Never again will you lit up my horizon.
    I still hear your laughter, just barely;
    When the last spec of moonlight fades.

    It beams at me,
    But I know I'm dreaming..
    Because, underneath this very soil you still lay.



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    Dear Steph.

  • young_flower 10w


    One thousand three hundred and thirty two days without your smile.

    The first 365 were the hardest. They were the ones that hurt the most, and made me fell the most lost.

    365 more, were spent trying to accept that I will never talk to you again. Accepting that death is infinite and not temporary.

    The rest? Well, the rest have been me trying my best to do more than survive. Knowing you'd want me to live, but feeling it's hard to breathe when I remember that you're actually gone...

  • hustle1209 10w



  • urvidhake_ 11w

    Missing You

    Walking by the bay,
    After a work day,
    I hopp onto the stone beside,
    Lying around like a helpless poor being,
    Constantly getting hit by a tide,
    It clicks me, what is the difference between me and this stone,
    Lying around the work,
    Constantly getting hit by the land of memories,
    Nights flooding with high tides,
    Where should I hide?
    You always come from the land of memories,
    And seek, to take me there.
    Where I cannot help but miss all the days
    We had before the lock down took over.
    And you were my only dreams drover.
    Now, I am just a lonely stone lying by the bay,
    Counting on the memories to take me away,
    Because I miss you today and everyday.

  • sonakshi_ 11w

    चल जो भी हुआ
    सह लुंगी।।
    तू दूर है मुझसे
    तेरे बिन वक़्त भी गुजार लुंगी।।
    तुम्हारी ख़ुशी के लिए तो
    तुम्हारा निकाह भी देख लुंगी।।


  • mariateresa 11w

    Feeling the blues comes in waves from the ending of a long term relationship with my true love and soul mate. A man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. This is how my heart grieves, through my poetry.

    #heartache #heartbroken #lostlove #truelove #soulmate #imissyou #soulconnection #endings #writerslife #mirakee #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #foreverlove #emotionalpoetry #processing #breakup #relationships

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    In recognition of my broken heart

    The silence from you creates a deafening madness
    Acknowledging the true cowardness of your non action leaves me in sadness
    No response to the heartache is worse than any words could express
    Pain like a knife dipped in poison driven straight into my chest
    Your love once filled me with a warmth so comforting
    Without it, I'm cast into a dark hollow place, trying to relieve the suffering
    Our friendship and laughter is what I miss the most
    Treasuring all the moments we shared the magic of companionship is what I hold close
    In my heart and in my soul
    The absence of you as taken such a toll