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  • brundabrunda 3d

    You told that i hold you always , i know you will hold me but stay with me forever
    © Brunda

  • brokengypsysoul 5d

    The things that used to annoy me are the things I think of now and miss about you...


  • kasishakespeare 1w

    Tu me manques

    One night when you choose oblivion and everybody in the house
    Thinks you are already hanging around with angels in your sleep
    But your eyes are wide open your soft cry keeps on repeating itself like an old broken tape
    You are catching catastrophes that
    Causes great damage in your mind , heart and soul

    You refuse to sleep , busy scrolling on your phone looking for pictures
    When you were with her holding hands together
    When y'all were still lovebird
    Probably the best couple at school
    Your mind tries to cause war with your heart , you feel like your still love her
    But your mind is still feeding you your insecurities
    You feel like you can reverse back the time but it's too late
    Maybe the only thing left for you to do is to escape this catastrophe
    Just say something polite but don't get your hopes too high because time won't repeat itself
    I miss you and that may be your few last words then you may find rest in your troubled mind
    And look forward to a brand new day

  • ifyouwantpeace 2w

    Ode to Austin

    It's only 1:00
    I thought it was 2:00
    And I'm missing you.
    So lit it feels late,
    Utopian altered state of mind;
    All the memories I can rewind
    In the sweet smell
    Of the close to city air.
    Do I even dare to recall
    My ultimate fall and fail?
    Yet it never grows stale...
    I find it exhilarating!
    These hills don't have eyes,
    But they hold a prize
    That's beyond comforting...
    It's humanizing, rectifying, frail.
    But I'll hold on as long as i can to this feeling,
    I feel something real and alone that is healing
    My fragile soul that is constantly
    And searching and hoping for life more appealing
    Than what I've experienced this far; I've hit the ceiling of pain,
    But I'll carry along just the same
    Just as long as the ones that I love are okay,
    Then I'll take the blame and I'll rearrange
    Because what is existence
    Without some assistance,
    Without the control of refrain?


  • euphoriccree 2w

    Some say absence makes the heart grow fonder. But why is your absence in my life right now making me this. . . Miserable.
    Missing you is making me a mess.

    Cree Sameon♡

  • marcelino 2w

    Missin' you.

    I don't know anymore
    what you did to me mi amore
    definitely hate feeling this way
    guess I've missed you..how was your day.

    Wishing I could forget everything
    you got me fuvked up in every lil thing
    but I'll run to my tress and branches
    nothing much up there, just high with my ashes

    That girl I knew is missing
    the girl that loves and fights every lil thing
    the one under the sheets I moan
    yeah, she's long gone.


  • beyond_closed_eyes 3w

    I'll wait for you

    Did you forget about me?
    Cause I feel very lonely, What a tragedy
    I remember the day we first met each other
    It was because of your mother and father
    It was on your birthday
    I still remember that day
    We grew up together
    I wish those days would've lasted forever
    I remember when you fell and scraped your knee,
    You were crying hysterically
    Time flew by so fast, do you still remember that?
    The day you started school was sad for me and you, cause i couldnt see you and it made me feel blue.
    Now you started high school
    And it seems like you don't have time to play
    It's okay, ill wait for you everyday.
    College is around the corner and we still haven't played
    It's okay maybe one day.
    Now you left to school again, i really do miss my old friend.
    Months went by and you came home from school vacation
    I'm ready this time, let's have a celebration.
    Your vacation passed and you didn't play with me again. Now I know i might of lost my best friend
    It's okay I'll wait for you till the end .
    Days passed by and I'm not feeling so good
    I hope you'll come down from school
    So we can play again, best friend
    and make amazing memories again
    As I lay on the ground sick
    I just want to give you one last lick
    But I'm guessing this is it.
    Did you get mad at something I did?
    Did i act bad when you were a kid?
    Was it because I peed on the door ?
    Maybe that's why you don't love me anymore?
    Im sorry if I failed you as a friend
    hopefully one day I can see you agai.........................

  • frozenparadox 4w

    This isolation stole the little moments I wish to treasure whenever I see your presence in a distance. I'm hoping to hear your voice again, even when your talking to someone else.


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    Your voice is incomparable.
    If the world is an ocean,
    your voice is a swelling wave
    moving towards me.
    Sometimes piercing, sometimes serene,
    but always a pleasure to hear.
    I never get tired of listening to it.

  • marcelino 5w


    'imagine, we messed our lives up
    cus we were in love. now we divorced.
    and for a second i can't seem to get my eyes off you. trying to keep my nerves, making sure I don't mess myself up on that stage. buh at every glance I make towards your seat, I only see your face. out of all the evils in this world -like my fear for the stage, your face seems to rebuke 'em. and I don't wanna look like a wimp on that stage, as tough I'm performing only just to you. what more can I do.
    buh I'd be damned if I said I didn't enjoy every bit of it. Cuz you were so tempting to look at even though I'm so far from your seat. before my act, I needed some peace, something to get me outta my head. and here you are. my long lost love, the perfect distraction.'


  • theshewolf 6w

    Your void

    And while my heart is bleeding
    I pray for yours to heal
    All these memories of you I'm keeping
    It's the immense love I feel
    We covered the problems with a smile
    And now the problems have covered us
    Promised to walk a million miles
    And now they ask if we need a plus
    Without you my Biryani isn't as delicious
    Neither is Chandler so humorous
    How do I tell you without telling you
    I miss you so much

  • yours_fortune 6w


    Aries : Cheekbones and nose
    Taurus : Seductive eyes with a weird smile
    Gemini : Youthfulness and chubbiness
    Cancer : Emotive eyes and perfect lips
    Leo : Beautiful hair and fair skin
    Virgo : Gentle features and perfect body shape
    Libra : Dimpled cheeks or cleft chin with a giggle smile
    Scorpio : Deep intense eyes and best smile
    Sagittarius : Glowing smile and shining skin
    Capricorn : Bone structure and perfect nose
    Aquarius : Beautiful features and perfect jawline
    Pisces : Hypnotic eyes and cute smilr

  • simranshah794 6w

    Main Samjha to usi din gaya tha jab wo mujhe pyar Se Bola karti Pata hai tum bahut acche ho kyuki Aisa bolane wale akshar Sath chhod Diya Karte Hai..

  • euphoriccree 7w

    This poem I wrote for my best friend; Gabriel depicting all the problems I know he has but he is scared to tell. He believes he is a guy and he is not supposed to share his problems with me as a girl. . . Not being sexist but just how he felt. This made him smile and I like that.

    #family@euphoriccree #creesameon #love #bestfriend #strong #imissyou

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    Him. (Why do you pretend for me?)

    He may not be the tallest,
    But indeed he is the strongest
    I have seen
    So far that I have lived
    All he wants is to be loved.
    Some that don't know him think he is fine
    That he has everything he wants.
    Of course he does not want
    Them to know his weakest spot.

    Makes them think he can handle it
    He can't control it
    Tries his best to just roll with it
    But deep down he is breaking apart
    Into different tiny parts,
    And no one can see
    Because he tries to hide that scene.
    Tries to be there for everyone he loves.
    But his not there for himself.

    His family is quite dysfunctional
    And his best friend can't function as all
    The SAMEONS are the only ones
    Holding him back, tryna get him on track
    But it's very hard, his exes broke his heart
    Though he replied to their texts,
    He tried his best, not to go from one to the next. But they still left
    Not caring how he felt.

    When he asks why,
    They claim they were tired of him
    Making him feel like happiness is scarce
    Though he has his family with him
    They don't complete him.
    I really want this cute boy to be happy,
    He is still very unhappy.
    His pretence is not for me,
    I can see right through it.
    I know he is not in a great state
    Mentally and emotionally.
    But I wanna help him
    Many don't know him
    But I do, and I love him!

    Cree Sameon♡

  • euphoriccree 7w

    The Perfect Woman.

    She was the greatest
    And the wisest
    Woman I have ever met.
    Sadly taken away from me by death.
    I still owe her a debt
    For all the teachings and knowledge
    She left in me
    And I pledge
    Never to forget her.

    Especially when times are dark
    And in the late hours.
    I don't have to see her in my dream.
    I feel her presence even when
    I'm not asleep
    And she gives me peace.
    I love her so much
    Because she bore me with love,
    Taught me with love,
    And that's why she is my Mom.

    Cree Sameon♡

  • surrealepiphany 7w

    I'm not sad

    I miss my mum

    I miss my baby too

    bigger me 

    and smaller me

    and ten year old Becca

    I know first-hand that that little girl

    deserves so much more

    why can't I give her that

    I wish I could leave her alone

    because I'm not any good

    but how do you lose a friend

    the friend you never could separate yourself from?

    I wonder if I could ever make them happy,

    all three of them,

    before I fade away. 


  • simranshah794 8w

    Sabko apni mohabbat Ka sila mila par maine zaroorat se jyada mohabbat Kia isliye Mujhe dhoka mila

  • brokengypsysoul 8w

    Today wasn't the best...
    The tears had a mind of their own
    They fell while I was making dinner
    They flowed freely all day long
    They fell while I did the dishes
    My eyes would dry but not for long
    They fell while I was making desert
    Until again they came back
    They fell in the shower
    Do you not think of me
    They fell while I scrubbed the toilet
    Do you not care
    They fell when I lay in bed
    I asked how you were
    They fell to full the silence
    Why didn't you ask how I am


  • gutzwvw 9w

    I Miss You

    I miss you,
    As much as death misses life.
    I fear you like butter fears a hot knife.
    I love you the way red loves war.
    You sadden me like lost hope.
    I get depressed when you don't understand me.
    But when you happy.
    Everything is right.
    There is an order to the flow.
    Writers expound their souls.
    Just a roll and a tumble in the hay.
    And away we stray.
    Back to the wonderland.
    The entranceway to a world away.
    Can I play with you.
    So that we may raise the stars again.

  • firefly93 10w

    Spineless Fool

    You want the ultimate answer
    An immaculate cluster of words
    You want to hear my heart
    Make its strings play a chord

    This heart is foreign to me
    I do not understand why
    I know not myself you see
    Believe me I still try

    I am a spineless fool
    'Tis true, I am a mess
    My heart must go to school
    And learn a lesson I guess

    I do not need labels as you
    To keep all the items in place
    My spirit is free yet it is true
    It does not fit in a labelled case


  • explodingsun 10w

    My soul it weeps
    My joy it sleeps
    When grief takes a hold of my heart.
    Time ticks by
    Each night I cry
    We grow further and further apart.