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  • scaredycat2222 5w


    Promises, baby, promises.
    Sugary sweet nothings generously poured into my ears.
    Cuddles and kisses and fogged up windshields.
    Never been more sure of anyone, untill you, my dear.
    Smiles go missing with the grand romantic guestures.
    One day a door swung and hit me cause he let it go.
    He became so busy he couldn't see me untill the wekeends.
    But needed to spend his weekends catching up on chores.
    Hed didnt call after work like he always used to
    He treated me like i wasn't a priority anymore.
    When he Finally found a little time to come and see me.
    His eyes were glued to his cell phone cause i guess i made him bored..
    Obvious questions were met with obvious answers.
    Feelings expressed were misunderstood.
    When i checked for butterflies they were al gone.
    I thought that love would last forever.
    I was wrong.

  • lunalight 13w

    I was Wrong

    I want to share my feelings
    I want to share those moments
    I want to share the happiness we had
    But something stops me
    The word you said.....
    I felt whole world left me alone .
    I felt like standing in middle of a Sea
    I cried in a four wall
    But suddenly I felt I was wrong

  • sayanchowdhury 76w

    O my princess
    I bow to thee
    I was wrong
    Unchain me
    And set me free
    From thy cage,
    Give me relief
    From thy rage

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  • marsmorgan 105w


    I had no idea
    That I had been tricked
    And the games that you played
    Were disgustingly sick.
    I had no idea a person
    Could steal ashes from a heart,
    Just to stop the beginning of a new start.
    I screamed
    I yelled
    My heart ripped in many pieces,
    And it was all a manisfestation of your
    Incurable diseases.
    You made me hate a person
    I genuinely adored,
    And when I said I couldn't stand him
    Had you felt like you scored?
    You sat back and watched me cry over
    The actions that were taken,
    But the blame was enormously mistaken.
    You slid through my home
    like a snake in the night,
    And now I'm left shattered with only truth
    In the light.

  • simply_hrj 137w

    I am sorry to destroy all this.
    I should have never done what I did.

    Life's taking a sharp turn that I didn't expect
    And I am to blame for all this mess.

    But there'll always be my wishes and prayers
    For your happy life and dreams
    My dear Lost Friend.

    Maybe, I was just unworthy of you.
    Sorry again.

    #life #lost #friend #villain #iwaswrong

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    Life was moron going montonically on
    Nothing to relish
    Nothing to cherish
    Everything seemed boring on.

    Then I found you one day
    Light seemed to make it's way
    Stars started their beautiful play
    Everything was just sweet in some way.

    I had feelings that I didn't want to feel again
    The sun made its way clearing the rain
    I just wanted to be yours
    And to make you totally mine for every cause.

    This led things on a path too coarse
    I never understood that things this way
    Would go really really worse
    And never realised I would destroy something so dear.

    Now, I have come to the path where I've killed
    Everything that was so amazing and beautiful
    to you and to us
    And no more words can explain
    The type and amount of distress.

    I am really sorry to you and me
    Even though that word won't make sense
    From me anymore to you
    All I know that I've killed a beautiful dream.

    And, I don't deserve to ask even a pardon
    I'll just accept that I just can't expect anymore
    And you can think of trust no more
    I am going down with all this memory with me.

    And if it'll be just one person that I keep in memory
    It's going to be only you for me
    And I promise I'll live happily and freely
    Just because I don't want both of us
    To be unfair to our lives that we have.

    I promise that I'll catch all the happiness
    That come our way
    I'll always wish for things to go your way
    And there will always be a prayer
    From my side for your long and beautiful life
    Every moment of my life & every single day.


  • _printemps__fille_ 139w

    The last month my phone rang
    And my heart bang
    My lips whispered a slang
    Which I thought would last long
    And it's you to whom I belong
    And I composed a fairy tale song
    With you and me along
    I thought we were the most strong
    But you proved me wrong
    My phone never again buzzed
    My heart always sobbed
    And my lips tight-lipped.
    I thought it would last long
    But I was actually wrong!

  • myrakar 191w


    How thrilling was the movie you asked,
    More thriller was my experience of your those scripted parts

    Lie, cheating, faking was all the core,
    Your crust was crispy which I had always adore

    I won't mind you giving up on me,
    As my love was true and pure as gold

    How will you know those depth of my talks,
    You wanted to cross the ocean to reach another shores

    I was innocent to act like that ,
    With your each moves you made, gave me hate

    I was too afraid to utter a word,
    Except you, everyone else with me tried to snuggle

    They explained me life goes on,
    Yeah !! Now I realise it's never late to quit and move on...


  • lunatic1512me 194w


    She was my favourite movie..
    She was my favourite song..
    She was my happiest memory..
    But yes dear , my choice was wrong..

  • parrwinn 199w

    I was wrong

    I was wrong when I thought you would love me forever.. May be I was expecting too much from you. May be I was wrong in understanding your affections to love. But believe me I loved you from the deepest core of my heart. I'm not sad that you walked out of my life. I have learnt to live with your memories but I want to tell you even if I am wrong I still believe in love.