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  • icjation1 7w


    Our first kiss was magical.
    It was ace.
    Still feel the taste of your lips.
    Thy succulent lips
    ready to devour my inexperienced lips.
    With thy magical 10 fingers
    enjoined to thy experienced palms,
    romancing various parts of my bazookas.
    Raising its teats at attention, firm & strong
    anxiously waiting.......


  • icjation1 11w

    Road to yesterday...

    "Why do we love?
    Is it our way of finding our place in this world?
    Finding someone who completes us.
    Is it our search for a deeper connection?
    Or are we just afraid of being alone?
    Does life still have meaning without love or trust?
    What do you do when love lost?
    Do you give up?
    Or do you try to find love where it is lost before it is too late?
    Why do we love?"
    "Road to yesterday"

  • icjation1 22w

    Cycle d'amour

    And it came again.
    Much stronger than before.
    Wasn't expecting it in this format.
    Wasn't expecting it from this vessel.
    Wasn't expecting it so soon.
    But was hoping it will come.
    Not today.
    This love is heineken,
    I'm drunk in it.
    Fill my face with the taste of your lips.
    Caress my nipples with your experience palm.
    Lock our tongues together.
    May we breathe as one.
    Wrap me up in your arms.
    Place my ear on your heart,
    Let me listen to its rhythm;
    For there I wish you make my abode.

  • icjation1 23w

    Dear Li, I hope my letter gets to before you go to the warfront, I hope you're opportune to write me a poem for the outcome of the war is not certain...

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    My muse.

    I admire her
    not only for her smile,
    though it was beautiful.
    Not only for her eyes,
    Though they shone brightly.
    Not only for her stubborn heart
    Though they loved endlessly.
    I admire her for her strength and courage.
    Those kept me afloat too.
    the hardest thing
    And the right thing
    are the same.
    You gave me something
    That no one gave me before
    You gave me peace
    Though sometimes,
    It ws like a river
    That had been rushing
    You made my water still
    Once you open the door for me
    It was like swimming
    In heavenly pool
    I found rest in your arms
    I found love in you
    You are my love, my life
    Open the door fully for
    You will eternally appreciate it
    Love you

  • icjation1 34w

    Dear Li, I hope my letter gets to before you go to the warfront, I hope you're opportune to write me a poem for the outcome of the war is not certain...

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    Dear Li...

    Write me a poem Li,
    sing me a song
    which rhymes to the beating of your heart
    for there I wish to make my abode.

    Write me a poem Li,
    with each verse adorn with your pure love
    and each lines professing your love.

    Write me a poem Li,
    I will hold it dear to my heart
    for it is your written form.
    choose words with the taste of your lips
    sound of your voice
    smiles from your face.

    Write me a poem Li,
    for I am drown deeply
    in love with YOU...

    With Love:

  • icjation1 36w

    As a writer becareful of your words & thoughts, for the universe listens.
    Writers are called demigod because of their abilities.


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    He learned.
    But as a victim.
    Not writing bout love ones.
    In a negative way.
    His story emerged BSS.
    But for his inamorato.
    She who his heart beats for.
    She whose lips he wish to lock in his.
    Someday though.
    She who was his muse.
    She who opened the gate his love life.
    She who initiated him to the club of love.
    He LOST!!!
    The spirit, he seeked for consultation.
    Picked up his sword & shield.
    To rewrite the story, in a positive way.
    But deed has been done.
    Broken calabash can't be same again.
    For the Universe listens...
    The mind;the greatest tool of a writer.
    He will heal.
    Not today but someday...

  • icjation1 41w


    What is love?
    You can't hold it, they say.
    Can feel it, they stated.
    It is in the eyes of the loved,
    they believed.
    Powerful it is.
    You don't fall but grow.
    Perhaps you can call it a god.
    For its attributes.
    Only requirement from worshippers is
    So hey honey,
    be my god.
    And I,
    Your worshipper...

  • icjation1 41w


    Today I write to you,
    For it is a ritual.
    I must perform.
    Not to seek for your love.
    You've given me tons of it.
    But to tell you,

  • icjation1 41w


    Your first touch.
    Remains evergreen.
    Your lips fixed to mine.
    Our tongues locked together.
    Eyes shut.
    Minds far from the present.
    Tangled souls.
    Four crossed legs hidden from mortal eyes.
    Blessed with active ten fingers,
    enjoined in an experienced palm.
    Today I refuse disembarking.
    On fantasy lab.
    Ride me down.
    To cloud nine honey.
    Thank you Lord for the

  • icjation1 42w


    Remember, you cannot REdefine what you did not PREdefine...

  • icjation1 43w


    FRIDAY they call it.
    FREAKY FRIJAY they say it is.
    Work days Benjamin.
    Acronymize POETS Day.
    Robinson Crusoe's first Island companion.
    filled with vibe.
    Loyalty & goodluck is its signature.
    So, hey darling,
    Let's PARRI all night.
    It's VRIJEN!!!!

  • icjation1 43w


    Hello love,
    can you hear me?
    It's been ages.
    We sailed away.
    On the sea of amour.
    was our hull.
    was our keel.
    mutual respect,
    was our rudder.
    With evergreen memories.
    unfading love.
    Always remember.
    I LOVE YOU...

  • icjation1 50w


    I am BLACK
    they say.
    I am a DEFAULTER
    they believed.
    Down they laid me.
    Unresistant I was.
    On my cervical spine.
    He kneel.
    Please when I cry "I CAN'T BREATHE",
    Remember I am a HUMAN BEING.

  • icjation1 50w


    I am the teenage girl.
    On the street.
    Serving as P.A to my mum,
    in a corrupt country.
    Hit by the bullet
    by those assigned to protect me,
    rejected by those supposed to heal me because of mints.
    Left in my painful misery.
    When you hear my story,
    Remember I might be your CHILD.

  • icjation1 50w


    I am a woman.
    "weak specie" they say
    birth with tons of rules,
    and traditions
    I must obey.
    Always ready to put
    the blame card of my misfortune on me.
    In a pursuit for comfort,
    relaxed in my "earthly heavenly" abode.
    It was suppose to be sacred.
    But he has no reverence for it.
    He satisfied his dangling modifier.
    Eliminated my dreams in a loathsome way.
    When you hear my story,
    Remember I might be your SISTER.

  • icjation1 51w


    ...and they came again.
    This time,
    well prepared,
    leaving no stone unturned.
    With the Padrone,
    displaying its prowess,
    gigantic & sinewy sapiens
    bowl over
    at its feet.
    Will thy jellyfish
    succumb or subdue???

  • icjation1 58w

    The human touch

    "Human touch,
    our first form of communication,
    safety, security, comfort, all in a gentle caress of a finger or at the brush of lips on a soft cheek...
    Connects us when we're happy & bolsters us in times of fear...
    Excites us in times of passion & love...
    We need that touch from the one we love almost as we need air to breathe.
    But I never understood the importance of touch.
    His touch.
    Until I couldn't have it.
    So if you're able,
    Touch him.
    Touch her.
    Life's too short to waste a second..."
    (Five Feet Apart)

  • icjation1 71w

    4th Anniversario!!!

    Given up completely on the existence of love, you rekindled it with your love for each other.

    Being broken and locked up heart & hope of loving again but your love story and life is just like the serpent hanged on the stick for the Israelites to look up to for healing, and I was HEALED...

    Scared of getting married and my dreams dieing with the wearing of handcuffs called wedding ring, your support for each others dream eliminated the fear.

    Not believing that they're still good men, you proved my philosophy wrong.

    Being an ardent fanatic ambassador of "the cycle continues", you keep on giving me reasons why the cycle ghats to stop.

    You are the true definition of LOVE..

    Love is patient, understanding,tolerance, forgiving, sharing...

    For LOVE is the greatest...

    Felice anniversario!!!

    Happy 4years to 4eva...

    Austino et Thonia...


  • icjation1 75w


    Everyday we dey
    Everyday we dey
    Everyday we dey
    ordain new men of God
    Everyday d prophet dem
    dey prophesy
    Everyday new church
    dey come out
    Everyday Bible dey
    finish for market
    But everyday sin,
    bribery &
    bad things
    dey increase.

    Everyday women dey
    enter labour room
    dey born new pikins
    Everyday dem dey
    feed dose pikins
    dem LIES
    say dem be
    Leaders of tomorrow
    tomorrow don reach oooh
    But their ancestors
    still sidon for chair
    Grandpa still be
    Errand boy
    dem own papa
    no get hope
    2 serve errand boy
    in d nearest future
    Na only six feet below
    dem dey b leaders.

    Everyday we dey sing
    Education b d key
    em b master key
    say we wan dey educated
    everyday d system dey produce
    5.0 Cgpa illiterates
    labour market dey complain
    dem no know say
    some Professor dem
    follow cox am
    dem too shake
    Guys dem hand
    Dem too praise and laugh
    with Eve pikin dem
    some students sef
    head don block
    Skul matter no fit enta again
    why we no go get
    5.00Cgpa illiterates.

    Everyday youths dey hustle
    dem dey work multiple work
    dem ancestors,grandpapa & papa
    dey yab dem
    say dem be lazy youths
    dem deceive people wey
    dem fit deceive
    turn dem 2 death messengers
    Some turn to G guys
    D women matter
    heavy 4 mouth
    Good youths remain

    Everyday I dey ask
    why all dis dey
    Na em I remember

    Mi na ICJ
    Education English graduate
    4 Abia State University
    Mi na teacher
    I follow 4 d good youth
    I still get hope say
    Mi country NAIJA
    go better...



  • icjation1 77w


    Hello love
    I write to you today.
    Don't know it's more than a month since you dropped the bomb "we ain't compatible" but the wound is still fresh like yesterday.
    I've never felt this way before, don't know why I still love you, though I'm not suppose to again.
    Nothing amuse me anymore.
    Why drag me to hell when you know you ain't staying there???
    Why unleash my heart to love when you know that you won't fight for our love??
    Today I saw a car that looks like yours and my heartbeat skipped...
    I've been undergoing therapy to heal.
    I really need to heal & love another again if it won't work out..
    But hey, one of my therapy session topic was always speak positively
    I believe that we'll come back again...
    I know we'll be together again...
    Even not as lovers but as friends...