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  • i_adam 1d

    We are from the same Father...so... Appreciate me


  • i_adam 1d


    I remember the good old days
    When I was innocent of the flesh ways
    I was aware of only play
    adventure and food to mouth lay

    Till I grown up
    and there I know nothings so disastrous
    as the adulthood's Thorny citrus

    My blood turns torrent
    I had to bow to my system inherent

    Sunset and evening star, at the veranda
    I looked at children
    rub and tap their head
    for their innocence nothing less
    creates a nostalgic moment in me
    As I crave for the past childhood viridity

  • shk_huzaifa 1d

    Zamana chahai kitna b ghirra huwa ho
    Hum waisay hi rahain gay jaisay hum hai.....
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  • iqujiger 2d

    #Personification...wod...@writerswork... #miraquil
    During my #Breakdown
    #I came across with all this

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    When Those curtains obscured
    the Smell of my pain.
    When Those Walls hugged my
    poundering Heart tight
    When That silence kissed me
    with peace
    when those pillows drinked my
    salty tears
    When That darkness scorched
    me the whole Nights within it's
    Tranquil Blankets
    When those kises of Moon-Light
    cooled-down my burning lips
    When those shining feathers of
    Sunrays warmed-up my Cold Hope
    When That empty room hided my
    hazy mists of Melancholy
    within it's LAP
    I remember, I remember all those


  • i_adam 2d

    One of the best world quotes!
    Joshua Klemmant

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    "Know God so that gods won't disturb you"

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    Thanks for 51 followers within a week������
    One love poets!
    Help is of essence��

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    Help doesn't have to be financial
    It can be of a nature anything substantial and circumstantial

    So listen to the grieved voice confidentially
    For they have a trust in you exponentially

  • iqujiger 1w

    #WOD.... #COMBINATION.....@writerswork
    The moment# I found# you
    At the same time #I lost #myself

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    The same moment you filled my
    Heart with the butterflies
    I have lost my fireflies
    Which could have guided me on
    the right path
    # AFTER YOU#

  • shadesofyu 1w

    Battles with Victory

    "Hold on", was the only thing that everyone told her,
    "What to hold on for?" She asked,
    A prayer?
    There was a constant battle, something which was to be fought.
    A battle where a new life was destined,
    A battle where a new her would be found,
    But who would say it was a battle?
    "Was it really a battle or was she faking it?" the world asked!
    For when the sun came up and it showed upon her,
    They saw a light, a gleam, where fear was kept aside and love was engraved,
    Where self doubt was laid to rest and a new me was risen,
    Where care came forward and took over the singleness,
    Where I became we and me became us,
    Where we all stood by you, and walked with you.
    So when the world asked again, did she win the battle,
    We came forward, like the risen sun, in unison to see not new her, but a her which was loved by herself.

  • paruma 1w

    #combination #wod
    #I loved you a little more than myself

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    I loved you a little more than myself
    with each passing day
    Tending to your broken wounds
    cutting and pasting with my own
    I gave you every share of mine
    Like birds attending to their newborns
    As that was the only way i knew how to love.
    Its been long since you learnt to fly
    But even today with the break of dawn
    I blindly hope for your return
    Nor does the grave silence of the night
    bury the thought of you
    The set of those beautiful imageries
    Still remains vivid within me
    And with a teardrop on the brink of my eye
    I silently wish that i could make you stay.

  • prakashinin 1w

    #I am paintig my nights with happy lies#word

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    It is half the truth and half the lies
    Only because life is a flow.

    I am paintig my nights with happy lies
    only because life was taking me to a path which was decorated with thorns .It was streching like an endless path infront of me and I couldn't find any
    ray of hope from any side.Still I saw the colours of life scattered all around .Why not pick them all and paint my life with happy lies.I have been doing that all along.Gradually l could witness a slow and steady change really happening in my life.It was absobing the colours of my lies and getting changed.It was no longer seemed colourless.All the Rainbow colours started sparkling from the canvas of my life.

  • diamond49 2w

    Sometimes we get so obsessed with ourself, our ego needs to be melted by heat of goodness, modesty
    When we become selfless, modest we get real happiness, and blessings of everyone
    #SpreadLove #FromIToWe #I

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    A Dwan
    Of Winter
    To Low The Cool
    Chillin' Night Moon
    & I got what I was willin'
    A Bag full of shillin'
    A Card of wishes
    And a way to
    We from

  • i_adam 2w

    Dear beloved Children
    the potential product of itchy men
    never crave for adulthood
    you indeed know nothing of their tests & livelihood!


  • sherene38 2w

    #I know I am not the only one# Someone else had to just see that# Oh my gosh

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    Seeing spiritual hidden things in a day throughout the year...little mysteries...
    Tickle my intelligence and fill me with questions...


  • sherene38 2w

    #I hope I get enough souls LORD��

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    As a believer, you know you can't save everybody.....BUT you sure wish you could!


  • jpwriter 2w

    I am him

    I do not pretend my agenda is what it's not,
    I suppose I could pose and be him that I am not
    In the wind I can sin and ploy with the plot
    Then again I am him and him I am not
    If I'm missing in the mission, know I love you a lot
    And if I'm him then I am and love is what I've got
    If it's immediate my Impediments will go ahead & stop
    And if I'm him then I am and stopped is how I blocked
    If they're blasting me for a blasphemy 
    Then God is all I got
    And if Im him then I am but God I am not


  • uttkarsh_15 2w


    I was broke and I failed
    I was rendered hopeless and got derailed,
    I was in void , the brain stoned
    I regretted and I moaned ,
    I tried a lot but the void remained ,
    I was Soaked
    All energy drained,
    But This Time I'll let them try
    Let them think and let'em pry ,
    Keeping all the conflicts aside
    I'll wait to hear
    From your side .

  • tanushree10729 3w

    #sometimes #I have to rise☺

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    Sometimes the weather is good
    Sometimes the weather is harsh
    But one thing consistent here is sun always rises
    So am I
    I have to rise like sun no matter how bad or how worse the situation is

  • poet_holuwatoseen 3w

    #frienship goal. #i miss my girl #writers of mirakee #resonate with me # Heartbroken #paim #read repost and like #love

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    That Feeling

    Ruffled feelings heap up in me that
    creating a facade of inner peace,
    becomes incapable of diminishing
    the effect this feeling has imprinted on me.

    What could be worse than
    the memory of loosing a dear friend?
    Is it that pain you feel when you realize
    they are no more in your life?
    Or the prick of pain that emanates from solitude when you feel their absence
    and miss their royal presence?
    Is it that moment of feeling stupid
    when you realize that you lost them
    to something that was never worth it?

    That pain when you realize
    they are gone for good,
    when you realize that
    you can never have them back.
    Girl,I am still where you left me
    Right here is where I am
    Cos you left me no choice
    than to stay here forever
    waiting for the day you'll come back to me.

    You left me no choice
    but to stay here forever
    I miss you so hard
    my tears are not enough
    to express the regret I feel
    for making you feel I betrayed you
    even though I never did
    you never gave me the chance to explain
    and now I wallow in self pity

    Babe,you left me no choice
    than to swim in the river of forlorn
    waiting miserably for that day
    you'll be mine again
    Then I'll never let you
    slip off my hands again.

  • jpwriter 4w

    If I....

    If I caught a break, what would I catch
    I bet it's broken is my guess
    If I knew Luck, what would it say
    Shake my hand walk away
    When it rains then it pours, 
    The storm like today
    Or the hurricane last night
    The worry & fright 
    Will only hurt me in the fight
    So I stay in the line + cross it anytime
    That gives me positive traction when I slide
    We could give up or just die
    Live in fear, what? but just why?
    If I hear ya and your cry
    As the tear drop sheds yours eye
    Just near it one more try
    Know you can do it if I....


  • himaanshi 4w


    स्वाभिमान और श्रिंगार दोनो ही मेरे अपने
    सरलता ही स्वरूप मेरा कभी शत्रु नहीं पनपे
    प्रगतिपथ नहीं छुटे मिले सबका यहीं आशीष
    ना भटकू राह से मेरी करू पूरे सभी सपने।।