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  • laughter_to_spread07 1d


    Whoever has no shyness has nothing of humanity left with them
    except for flesh and blood...

  • pinkfloyduwu 1d

    This world is confusing and people in it are too— laugh and they will scowl, weep they will laugh— love they will hate, hate they will like you. Hit a lame on his leg and they make you climb the ladder higher or try to help him they will go mad and abuse you till your death and after that, they will build your statue for themselves and singing and dancing all day, in every once a year they called out all this in praise of your name — now I know how god has felt.

  • pj_animation 3d

    Human connection was lost long before the pandemic
    Humanity is dissolved and gone yet higly academic
    Our sweetness as honey only favours with money
    We are a crowd yet it is forever lonely

    A global network of communication
    Yet pure lack of understanding
    Advanced in technology
    Only weaponised to annihilate

    The pandemic shone light to who we are
    United in a disjointed form of un-oneness
    The distance made a yearn for connection
    That we had lost since the technological age

    We are robotised and evolve less human
    Glued to the screen of self-destruction
    Lost in a world that was long found
    Together yet very alone

    I yearn for understanding our race
    I yearn for the growth of culture
    I yearn for all positive vibes
    I yearn wishes were true

    I'm lost in a dream
    Where love is more than an emoji
    Im lost in a dream
    Where human connection is stronger than the internet
    I'm lost in a dream
    Where humamity is perfect in its own imperfections

    I'm lost in a dream which to wake from I want not
    For the real realm is bitter and broken
    Where the glass is always half empty
    And where darkness covers the broad daylight

    I hope humanity will save the humans
    For the humans to save the race
    A race with dignity
    Dignity with pure connection to humanity

    #humanity #love #soul #pj_illmind #readthisJ

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    I'm lost in a dream that I wnant to wakeup not
    And enjoy the peace of its lost calmness
    Living as a free spirit

  • guided_liberation 4d

    New Earth

    And just like that, the silent warriors of these times came out of the shadows, the woods, they came out from behind the canvas, the tablets. They came from all walks of life, from all over the world and they were at once awakened by the vibration of their ancestors blood that pumped like a drum throughout their bodies and they began to shed their poisoned minds and their spirits were instantly revived. Their words flowed like lava, consuming every lie that was spread since their birth. They marched together and spread new seed throughout the land and showed the broken spirits of the earth a new way of life.

  • barishtha 4d


    The path of life amazed you,
    It screams loud.
    The surrounding and situation
    Gives rise to a new soul,
    That we are not found off.

    I used to speak up loud,
    Now the unspoken words are
    Roaming around.
    Smile, cry, laugh, fly..
    Human emotions that can't be denied.
    Uplift the life, Let the inner child never die.

  • solyjust 1w

    Respect never be related with specific race, religion or colour but with humanity.


  • girly_writer 1w

    If we could look into each other's hearts
    And understand the unique challenges each of us faces
    I think we would treat each other much more gently ,with more love ,patience,tolerence n care

  • seraiah_smiles 1w

    #Pagsusukat #humanity #trust #God

    #Life #Earth #NewEarth

    He that is faithful in that which is least, is faithful also in that which is greater: and he that is unjust in that which is little, is unjust also in that which is greater.
    — Luke 16:10

    • Faithful in little here on This Earth? Faithful in great on New Earth.

    Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.
    — Matthew 23:12

    • Humility is what truly makes us great.

    He has brought down the mighty from their thrones and exalted those of humble estate;
    — Luke 1:52

    • The irony of faith: that we become lowly in spirit/humble in order to be raised up by God.

    But God has promised us a new heaven and a new earth, where justice will rule. We are really looking forward to this!
    — 2 Peter 3:13

    • New Heaven and New Earth: Humanity's Eternal, Perfect Paradise.

    #Proverb #Bible #Verses #Verse #BibleVerse

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    Perhaps us humanity,

    our life on This Earth is God's way of measuring how little or how much we can be trusted with heavenly roles on our life on the New Earth.

  • cassiopeia_sky 1w

    World Homeless

    Have you ever been so hungry that you traded the sheets for the streets...

    Worldwide all you see is poverty lack of food to eat...

    Ask yourself why do we look away and not pray...

    Today we need to create change just to have a place to eat and sleep...

    Homelessness does not discriminate change that narrative without guilt or sin...

    Humanity we need just to find our dignity and zen...

    Have you ever been homeless I have can you relate cause it's right in your Damn face...

    World Homeless Day 2021

  • tosinfaith_o 2w

    Of secret shadows...

    Dear Black

    I love you.

    Not just because you could hide the deepest secret in the dark.

    But, because even when my old soul wears a rag, you would still choose to hide it tag.

    Be like Black.
    Learn to keep a secret.

    With Love,
    Tosin Faith

  • hans11 2w


    Vulnerability makes room for empathy.
    Guarded would never know the cost of being secure.

  • cassiopeia_sky 2w

    Judgement Day

    What would you do if you knew all you had was one more day...

    Would you make amends for all of your sins ...

    Could you say that you were kind to all mankind...

    Would you make love all day long going against the grain of time...

    Do they know their credit card does not swipe as payment for crimes against humanity...

    My fate lies in the ONE for only GOD can judge me

  • anuradhasharma 3w

    ख़ुद की ही ज़मीन पे दायरे बना लिए ,
    इंसान इतने समझदार हो गए हैं।

    मासूमों के दानों पे हिस्सा करे ,
    क्या इतनी लालच भर गई हैं ।

    खाल नोच इनकी बोली लगाए ,
    क्या इंसान दरिंदे बन गए हैं ।

    छाया करने वाले पेड़ों को ही काटे ,
    क्या इंसान इतने माहिर हाे गए हैं ।

    सांस लेने वाले हवा में ही ज़हर घोले ,
    क्या इंसान इतना भ्रष्ट हो गए हैं ।

    ख़ुद के ही ज़मीन पे दायरे बना लिए ,
    इंसान इतने समझदार हो गए हैं ।


  • sabhya_shehari 3w


    क्या सच में कुछ भी सच है या सच भी एक झूठ ||

    अखिर कौन बताएगा क्या सच है और क्या सफेद झूठ ||

    क्या मैं भी एक सच नहीं और हू सिर्फ़ एक झूठ ||

    क्यों लड़ता है ए इंसान तु जब तेरा हर अरमान का सच एक झूठ ||


  • angeljohn 4w

    Once and It's Only Once

    Once you told me;
    "I wish to step out of thee
    and portray myself,
    as the one I want to be.
    For captivated in thy heart
    is a shield that hides my art,
    getting ripened in me
    into a frameless abstract."

    Alright, Artist with no sight.
    I provide you with a dais,
    that is; my own eyes.
    Step onto it and analyse your audience
    prior to your artistic introduction.
    For I have witnessed the evil intention,
    of this world; once being God's own creation.
    Aback, I give your independence.
    Fulfill your wish, but be aware of arrogance.

    As arrogance is a certification
    to pen your own destination,
    with no communication with the world around.
    Cause ego is readily gifted by arrogance
    and this spontaneously declares
    you to be in extreme solitude.
    Then you'll pleed for a heart
    to forever be it's honest part,
    and you'll return with a brightened sight.

    Remember, my own soul,
    striving to play an artistic role.
    Once and it's only once
    that life provides, a merciful chance,
    to be a human with moral sense.

  • lost_in_time 4w

    Victim mentality

    Everyone speaks, screams, wails.
    No one listens anymore.

    I am right, only I know the truth,
    Everyone else is knows nothing, has to be wrong.

    Only I am informed, my opinion the pinnacle of truth in a sea of lies.

    In a world of black and white, it's my way or the highway.

    Everywhere only enemies, with me or against me, no in between, no compromise allowed.

    Solely my emotions valid.

    Becoming the eternal victim, helpless in a world full of possibilities. Only talking without trying to change anything at all.


  • mariateresa 4w

    Illumination of truth

    Rays of Light piercing its truth, continuous eternal climb
    Shattering all darkness, abundantly shining throughout time
    Ones who feel lost require a more compassionate touch
    Be forthright in your love bringing, it's never too much
    Purity of love's rays are transparent and run clear to drown out the static
    Rising to the surface to claim humility, quieting all panic
    Listen as its sound marries to the Light, soaring higher and higher
    Grand flight of the Light bearers ultimately eradicates the mire
    Behold the illumination of the truth that lies within the core of each soul
    Love is the miracle that if believed in enough will surely save the world


  • jeetspeaks 4w

    Forgive all. Love all.

    This may sound a little strange but there is a noble reason why I write this. When you learn to forgive all for whatever wrong they have done, you actually help yourself by saving your peace of mind. If you keep on fighting with them whole day and whole life, you are not gonna achieve anything but to lose. You will lose your peace of mind, your mental stability and as a bonus, you may get lifestyle diseases too. Therefore, if you forgive all, you are not going to any of these in life. Have a happy life! Forgive all. Love all.

  • kaydeedubb 5w

    Bearing Blood

    Are you okay with the blood on your hands,
    On your wrists, feet, ankles?
    Well, how about your fingers,
    Or around your neck, on your teeth?
    All of the bling, but what about life?
    Life is seen lesser when you can't see,
    But look beyond the sparkle and fame.
    Open your mind to wisdom to see beyond. 
    An amputee lives across the waters,
    Brutally slain at the hands of greed.
    The love of money has fried many,
    Drained the minds of humanity.
    Not knowing is ignorance in it's bliss.
    To not care is the blood that taints for a lifetime.
    Baring blood is deemed fashionable,
    But all of that sparkle bare the unimaginable. 
    Bloody hands, bloody feet,
    Bloody wrist, bloody neck,
    Bloody lobe, bloody tongue,
    Bloody brow, bloody nip,
    Bloody button, bloody cheek...
    Are you okay bearing the blood?

  • aadil_sadiq 5w

    Just a random thought about #humanity #beinghuman #love @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld #pod
    Personal Experience: in this era when everyone is struggling for happiness.I will tell you a short cut for happiness. Since childhood I've had developed a habit of helping others whosoever called for, which was a great source of my happiness. Then I developed a habit of helping others volunteerly, you won't believe how peaceful it turned out to be for my internal peace. Besides this, whenever I need any sort of help Karma plays a vital role without even seeking for help.
    Psychologically and spiritually speaking when we help others it automatically rejoices our mood, because we have been made with the feeling of sympathy, love and care, when we help each other our soul rejoices which brings us internal peace and happiness.

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    Nothing lasts for long, neither your name, nor your fame.
    What remains is how you made others feel.
    No matter what your status is, be humble to everyone you meet.
    Be a reason for someones smile. This cost nothing but creates a great impact.