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  • kidluvari 4d

    #horror #love #feelings #heart #outsider #lonely #beautiful #emotions #tragic #fate

    inspired by edward scissorhands. written out of the perspective of kim. i hope you feel something when you read it.

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    i watched him with loving eyes
    they called him a freak
    and ran him out of town
    i had to follow him
    for without him
    here i would drown

  • dark_carnage 5d

    The Wicked One.

    I know you.
    Hollow eyes,
    words concealing deadly lies.
    Always on the prowl.
    Preying on the weak,
    a frail soul is what you seek.

    I remember you.
    Bloodthirsty as ever,
    craving for tears that aren't yours to shed.
    Tell me,
    do you ever mourn the dead?

    I pity you.
    A mere silhouette in this gloom,
    treading a path of doom.
    Too lost, too late.
    To be saved.


  • faceless90 1w

    Demons Atonement

    The shrieking unknowns will not cease with their woes until dieties dose them with preachings of hope.
    Though demons invoke the deceiver below they still dream of atonement from Jesus alone.
    So they plead unbeknownst to the people whom host their regime that's composed of a legion of ghosts.
    Through screechings bemoaned what they seek is now shown; they've been freed from their foe Lord Beelzebul's hold.

  • iammartariq 2w

    Not every shooting star makes your wish comes true. Some maybe flammable that might burn your dreams..

  • darkmoon696 2w

    This is part-9 of my ongoing short story. I hope that you'll give it a read and comment below to let me know of any grammatical mistakes and also any inclusives to the next part. I'll surely consider them and implement in the next part. ✌️ Happy Reading ❤️

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    #shortstory #story #part9 #heartfelt #romance #action #drama #horror #gory #pod #wod #writersnetwork #miraquill

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    The Short Story-Part 9

    Dominating all the voices, there is a horrific male voice screaming ‘This is the beginning of the end; Satan is going to rip your tongues out’. The priest sprinkles the holy water over April’s body while reading out verses from the bible. Natalie and I can hear her skin burning, as the drops fall on her.

    Just when our hope started diminishing, ‘Get him out of me, please!!’, April yells in her voice and this brings back the hope that she is still in there, struggling. The demon starts rupturing her body from within and we can hear her bones cracking. It gradually becomes difficult for us to hold her down, so we get a rope and tie her hands to the back and her legs to the chair.

    As the priest continues yelling out numerous verses, suddenly, the cupboard placed right behind the priest tumbles over. Lucky I got him in time and pushed him away, saving him. The cupboard was intentionally pushed over by the demon as well as all the flickering lights, floating tables, and chairs. ‘Tell me your name, demon’, the priest yells at April in hope of a name to weaken its powers. The priest sprinkles the holy water and places a cross at April’s forehead that creates a bleeding cross mark on her forehead. The demon inside her groans and yells ‘Butcher’....


  • priyanshusinha 2w


    "Please let me go! That creature will eat us both"
    "Just shut up! This is my house. No one else lives here. And you are my patient so you have to follow what I'm saying"
    "This is your house but that thing is.. that is...."
    Doctor gave him the injection which left him asleep.
    The night was here.
    "How long I've been sleeping?"
    "Like 9 hours"
    "That's not good. It will come to eat me"
    "Nothing is going to happen"
    "But that creature..."
    "There isn't any creature."
    They both heard a big thud from the next room. Doctor was confused but, the patient was scared. He was screaming, "It is coming to eat me. It is coming for me"
    "No! Its not!"
    "I know its coming for me.."
    "It's already behind you, stupid"
    The whole house was filled with his screams and doctor's laughter.

    THE END.


  • iammartariq 2w

    Not every swing is horror,
    Some brings never lasting happy memories back


  • faceless90 3w

    Thoughtless Subconscious

    With memories forgotten and the present day unwanted I reflect on why the clock ticks incessantly for all men.
    If seconds offered pauses would everyone be thoughtless or dead because our conscience expects us to be conscious.
    Our temples would be spotless and spells of periodic digression would befall with our sensories concoctions.
    While conceptually preposterous I've dreamt and even processed that death to correspondence with everything is solace.

  • darkmoon696 3w

    This is part-8 of my ongoing short story. I hope that you'll give it a read and comment below to let me know of any grammatical mistakes and also any inclusives to the next part. I'll surely consider them and implement in the next part. ✌️ Happy Reading❤️

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    #shortstory #part8 #horror #drama #action #heartfelt #pod #wod #miraquill #mirakee #fiction

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    The Short Story- Part 8

    ‘Well Hello there!! April, I guess we haven’t met each other till now’ the priest says, as he got up from the couch. April is confused and a bit scared from seeing the priest. ‘Yes, we haven’t till now’, April replies. We all get together in the main hall and the priest places candles all around the room at every corner. After he is done placing the candles, he comes to us, while we are sitting around the dinner table. The priest takes out a bible from his suitcase and two bottles of, something that appeared to be some sort of sacred water. I turn off all the lights in the house and return to my chair.

    We gave a couple of sleeping pills to April, mixed in her glass of water, without her consent. She had this glass of water after a couple of minutes of her conversation with the priest. The pills knocked her out, which made it easy for us to hold her hands and legs while the priest started his prayer from the Bible. Eventually, April’s body started feeling heavy for us, and difficult for us to hold.

    After a couple of minutes into the exorcism, we start hearing the same voices from April, that we heard every night. Natalie and I are petrified watching our little girl like this. Dominating all the voices, there is a horrific male voice saying ‘This is the beginning of the end; Satan is going to rip your tongues out....


  • gli_tch111 3w

    Clock pt. 4

    You’re not sure if you’re awake. You open your eyes and look around at the room you’ve been in for weeks, but something feels wrong. 

    Your eyes drift over to the tray, still sitting there, still empty. Pushing yourself up, you try to see what’s wrong. 

    But nothing’s out of place. You lean your back against the wall and hear... 


    No ticking. No footsteps. Not your own breathing. 

    There's nothing.  

    You bring your hands up to your ears and feel something warm. You put your hand in front of your face to inspect it, and to your horror, your hand is covered in blood.  

    Panicking, you feel for the source of the bleeding. It seems to be coming from your ears, but you can’t figure out why. Your ears are flooded with blood, dripping slowly onto the ground.  

    You can’t hear anything.  

    Holding your arms and rocking back and forth, you listen as hard as you can, for anything, anything at all, even the ticking. 

    S I l e n c e. 

    It surrounds you, wrapping you in a sort of darkness, though the lights were still on.  

    You’re just beginning to get a grasp on the situation, but then you  










  • gli_tch111 3w

    Clock pt. 3

    Coming back to yourself, you feel the remnants of sleep weighing down your body. Your brain feels like mush inside your head, sloshing around when you try to sit up. You’re sprawled across the floor, and as you rub your head you feel a stinging sensation at the back of your skull.  

    You look around and see dried blood on the floor. You must have fallen and knocked your head. That would explain the deep ache you felt in your body. 

    You notice that the tray is still there from your last meal. Your breath catches in your throat and you feel your heart drop. They always take the trays. Why didn’t they take it? 

    Your hands are shaking as you crawl over to it and inspect in for any signs of it being moved. It doesn’t appear to have been touched since you slid it there.  

    How long has it been since you ate? There’s no way for you to tell for sure, but you’re sure it had been a few hours. Why haven’t they been here? 

    Your heavy breathing matches the rhythm of the clock, the ticking in time with your inhales and exhales. You’re breathing too hard. You need to calm down. 

    But you can’t hear yourself think over the noise, the  







                           bouncing around in your skull, pushing against your brain and flooding through your ears.  

    Your senses are overwhelmed, and you feel your heart beat in time with the  

    T I c k  

    T o c k 

    T I c k 

    T o c k 

    T I c k 

    T o c k 

    Make it stop make it stop make it st- 


  • gli_tch111 3w

    Clock pt. 2

    There’s a buzzing feeling in your head when you wake up. You look around and are once again greeted by blank walls. You’re still in the corner.  

    Shaking your head to clear the fuzzy feeling, you listen for footsteps. After a few minutes of waiting, you decide that they aren’t bringing you food yet. The ticking is a quiet sound in the background, grating on your ears, and you try to ignore it. There’s nothing else to focus on, though.  

    Your mouth is dry from sleep and lack of water, and by the sharp pain in your stomach you can tell it’s been a while since you ate. You think they might have skipped a day in your meal schedule. Maybe they were letting you sleep.  

    The longer you’re awake, the louder the ticking becomes. It sounds less and less like a clock and more like a drum pounding inside your head, blocking out all other sounds.  

    You don’t notice the steps in the hallway until they’ve come through the wall. Startled, you look up sharply, but quickly lower your head when you see them. You shouldn’t look at them.  

    They set down a tray and hesitate a moment before leaving. They say something, but it sounds muffled and distorted, sending shivers down your spine and making you shrink into yourself further. After a few seconds they leave, and your muscles relax in relief.  

    They only speak sometimes, usually when they’re mad. You half expected them to take the food back. They’ve done it before.  

    You hesitantly eat the offered food, and then push the tray away. Leaning your head back against the wall, you stare at the ceiling, trying to block out the ticking. Every sound felt like it was stabbing your head, and digging into your brain. You flinch at every noise.  

    Clamping your hands over your aching ears, you pray for it to stop. You press down harder and harder until you can barely hear anything. The pressure hurts but it’s better than the constant  

    T I c k T o c k 

               T I c k T o c k 

                          T I c k T o c k  

    But even though your hands are pressing as hard as they can, some of the sound still gets through. You can hear the clocks muffled sounds. They echo in your head.  

    T I c k 

    It hurts.  

    T o c k 

    You’re holding your breath to keep quiet, and though your lungs are screaming for air, you refuse to make sound.  

    Your chest burns and your head feels like it’s going to burst. 

    T I c k 

    And everything goes dark. 


  • gli_tch111 3w

    Clock pt. 1

    The ticking of the clock fills the otherwise silent room, loud and quiet at the same time. You sit in the corner, your head in your hands. You’ve been here for days, and the incessant sound felt like it was digging into your skull and straight into your brain. They bring you food twice a day, or at least that’s what you think. The days have been blurring together the longer you’re here. 

    There’s thumping in the hallway, approaching your room. You don’t know how they get in, there’s no door, but somehow, they still appear, setting down a tray of mush for you to eat. It’s just enough to keep you alive.  

    The thumping stops, and you know they’re going to come through the wall again. You don’t look up when the tray is placed in front of you, instead keeping your eyes fixed on the ground in front of you. They don’t like when you look at them.  

    You only raise your head when you hear their footsteps disappear down the hallway. The tray is sitting a few feet in front of you, a pile of grey mush on it. There’s no spoon, so you have to eat it with your hands. You think there used to be a spoon. But you aren’t sure. 

    You uncurl and reach your hand out to grab the tray and pull it toward yourself. After eating the food, you push the tray away again. You don’t know how, but the trays always disappear before your next meal.  

    You focus on the ticking once again. You don’t know where it’s coming from. There’s no clock on the walls, and the sound seems to come from everywhere at once.  

    Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. 

                      Tick-Tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. 

                                         Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. 

    The sound bounced off the walls, surrounding you and driving you crazy. The longer you listened, the more distorted it sounded, twisting and pulsing through the air, becoming voices and whispers making your skull ache and your heart pound inside your chest. Your pulse is racing so fast, you’re sure they can hear it through the wall.  

    Your breath is coming out harsh and fast, making you dizzy and increasing your panic. Your vision is getting blurry, dots dancing in front of your eyes. There’s a sharp pain in your chest, and then you lose consciousness.  


  • priyanshusinha 3w


    I was scared to listen a knock at my door. Well, knock at the door isn't scary but, it was almost midnight and I was alone at home.

    I went to check the door. Through spy-hole I saw that no one was there. Then I realized, the knock was from inside of the house.

  • darkmoon696 3w

    This is part-7 of my ongoing short story. I hope that you'll give it a read and comment below to let me know of any grammatical mistakes and also any inclusives to the next part. I'll surely consider them and implement in the next part. ✌️ Happy Reading❤️

    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld

    #shortstory #part7 #heartfelt #drama #action #horror #miraquill #pod #wod #writersnetwork

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    The Short Story- Part 7

    This is the second time since Lexi’s death that I am caught off-guard and completely shook. I charge into the room, grab her tightly and haul her to the bed. What surprised me is the fact that she’s still intact, in an unvexed sleep. This continued for nights with every night being the same. First, the weird eerie noises make their way out of April’s room, and then the whispers accompany.

    One fine morning, I decided to bring this to Natalie’s notice. ‘Natalie, are you hearing any voices during the night?’ I ask my wife with an espresso in my hands. ‘No David, why do you ask?’ she asks with a grin on her face. ‘Nothing to worry about Nat, but I am going to tell you something and this is going to sound crazy’ I say, as her smile fades slowly. ‘I am hearing disturbing noises and assorted voices from April’s room, for the past few nights and there are instances where I was passing by April’s room and noticed her, floating’. I haven’t seen Natalie, this tensed, in ages. She sits in the chair, in front, and says ‘Sorry I wasn’t honest with you earlier. I am hearing them, as well. David. I think we should call a priest and find out what is happening’ she says, in a relieving tone.

    The next day, we call a priest to visit us in the evening. We lead him to April’s room and he senses a strong negative presence. We call April to reach home as soon as possible from her friend's place. When she arrives, I notice that the priest is shaken for a minute or two before he started talking. ‘Well, Hello there!! April, I guess...


  • darkmoon696 3w

    This is part-6 of my ongoing short story. I hope that you'll give it a read and comment below to let me know of any grammatical mistakes and also any inclusives to the next part. I'll surely consider them and implement in the next part. ✌️

    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld

    #shortstory #part6 #story #action #drama #horror #pod #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork #heartfelt

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    A Short Story- Part 6

    Natalie and April are still asleep and I didn’t bother to wake them up and scare them with the bad episode I experienced last night.

    After over a day of thinking, I call Brandon, the broker, and tell him to rush over to my place. ‘I don’t know what to do, Brandon. I am going to call the cops this afternoon.’, my voice trembles as I say that. ‘Let’s not call the cops right away, David. There is enough evidence to put you in a tight spot and well, you know how the cops of this town are. They wouldn’t hesitate for a second to put you behind the bars’, Brandon said. As disgusting it may sound, there is no choice for me other than to get rid of the body before the neighbors realize it.

    Hence, we decided to dispose of Lexi’s body using the chemicals that I have with me as part of my research. I don’t want to startle Natalie and April so I make sure they don’t get to know what happened in our basement.

    A few days passed by and one day as I get up to go to the restroom at 2 in the morning, I pass by April’s room and find her floating in the air with her blanket on. A bolt out of the blue, held me in that moment, frightened as hell. Suddenly, I am pushed back to reality with the sound of the wind gusting through the windows, take over.
    This is the second time since Lexi’s death that...


  • priyanshusinha 3w


    "Hey Dad, I made a new best friend in our school"
    "Woah that's cool. How is he?"
    "He is good. I swear you too will like him."
    "Well, then call him for dinner"

    At dinner,
    "How's the food son?"
    "Too good"
    "Nice. I too like the meat today"
    "Told you, you are gonna like him"

  • priyanshusinha 4w

    Teddy's Eyes

    "Papa, I want this teddy bear"
    "Ok baby, you may have it"
    The child was too happy on having that cute teddy bear. As they returned, her mother was creeper out of that teddy.
    "It's eyes are like real ones"
    "Haha" both laughed.

    It has been 10 days, that child was again playing with that teddy. But she was confused a bit.
    "Papa, I think it's eye colours are changed"
    "Maybe he wore the colourful lenses" he said jn mocking way.
    Knock knock, a neighbour was there. He was panting.
    "What happened?" Child's father asked the neighbour.
    "Mr. Saah is been murdered by someone."
    "Yeah and... and.. his eyes are not in place"

    "Daddy, why my teddy's eyes are bleeding?"

  • wifey_suicide 4w

    Horror Story

    The chains start to shake, while the walls begin to shrink. I shake my legs loose. The chains refuse to let me be free. As I'm grabbing the chains with my hands, screaming with tears. Sweat drenching down my face. Finally the chains break open. I gain strength and balance into my feet, as I start to run down a long deep hallway. I am set free, but freedom is another price I need to pay.

    As I'm running down this hall, it has seems to not has ended or even shows signs of the next room. I hope for a door. Is it even worth running? Do I stop running? I keep running, full speed as if something was chasing me. As my feet hit the floor, the more I realize that not piece of cloth is on me. Hair in the wind. Air breathing onto my torso.

    I collapse.

    Lower right side of my rib cage is in flame. As I whine and whimper in pain. I feel so faint, as if something or someone has stabbed me.

    I should've stayed home today.

  • priyanshusinha 4w


    There was a legend in my town that, if a student is getting low marks then they will die before the next exam. Each of the students were working hard to get more marks.

    The one who had got less marks was still not studying. He was scared at all of being killed. I came out of his closet and made a slice.

    From next day, again each of the students were getting high marks.