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  • poetrani 5w

    In my hometown

    When i was at the age of 10, i start writing Stories. I lived my own imaginatively creative writing that was passionate, stubborn, expressive and emotional, full of adventures and risks, escapades, happy and chaotic. And now at this ripe age I'm living it in reality what a successful writer can feel.

  • nocturnal_enigma 10w

    * 29.9.2021; 3.19 P.M (Malaysia)

    #NuEmHometown (See also my haiku on Hometown Cha Cha Cha)

    #Haiku #NuEmHaikus #NuEmHaiKor
    #Hometown #Kdrama #mysterious
    #dissappearance #Scary #goosebump

    * "Eeek" An #onomatopoeia #NuEmOnomatopoeia

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    Hometown ~

    A mysterious...
    dissappearance; Scary ghost...
    lurk in the hometown.

    It gave me goosebump...
    when one of the ghost's eyes seems...
    like looked at me! Eek!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • nocturnal_enigma 11w

    * 19.9.2021; 6.38 P.M (Malaysia) .

    #Sundayc @writersbay

    #Haiku #NuEmHaiKor #NuEmHaikus

    * I'm currently watching #Kdrama #HometownChaChaCha #Hometown #ChaChaCha
    Episode 7 tonight. Waiting for episode 8! "Lalalalalalalalala Romantic Sunday" ��
    (I misheard it as Magic Sunday. ��)

    #NuEmHometown (See also my haiku on Hometown)

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    Hometown Cha Cha Cha

    Back to our hometown.
    Let's us both dance Cha Cha Cha.
    "Romantic Sunday"

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • k_bindu 29w

    Rangoon Creepers & The Nostalgia

    The Rangoon creeper, also known as Chinese honeysuckle reminds me of my nana's place, where I used to go every year until class X. As soon as I entered the house, I was enchanted by the entrance gate and would defer going inside. The familiar gate used to be all decked up with the drooping cluster of red-pink flowers. This evergreen climber was massive like a giant, starting from one end of the house to the other end. It had made a beautiful bower around the gate, welcoming everyone with its charming fragrance.

    I could see multiple rangoon creepers in almost every household of Durgapur (that's my hometown), hailing either from the wall or from the gates and flowering profusely. The blooming of these bunch of flowers on every branch would drive me crazy as a child.
    I also used to suck honey or the sweet juice from the end tip of the flower and was elated doing that as a honeybee. This creeper had somehow become my greatest childhood fascination.

    Even today, whenever I see any 'Madhumalati' (that's her sanskrit name) vine around, I can't stop myself from admiring its beauty. The Rangoon creeper has become an ornament of every flat in the city and I have also grown this creeper at my home recently. This bizzare houseplant has always baffled me since my childhood and will always be one of those early nostalgia that I have as an adult.


  • raghav86 40w

    Missing Nainital

  • rhythmic_beats 54w

    Home to|one|

    So many names, faces, skin colours,
    Different genders, different places,
    Different climates, different seasons,
    Different attires, different cultures,
    Different delicacies, different views
    And different languages,
    Makes all of us unique and differentiated
    From one another.

    There are so many monuments,
    So many wonders that attracts the tourists,
    Different religions and their divinity
    Shines in each place as there is no place
    In the world where God is not present.

    What makes the personality of a person
    Hugely depends on his hometown;
    The culture, the choices, the society,
    From small small things to the big ones,
    Many finds attachment for accent,
    Many finds attachment for the way people are,
    Many finds attachment for the literacy,
    Many finds attachment for art.

    Definitely everyone have endless words
    To express the love for their hometown!
    Hometown owes their heart and the
    Peace when you sleep and rest in the air
    Of hometown gives you a different
    Pleasing moments.

    But what if I say we all have one hometown?
    It may be Earth for someone,
    It may be solar system for someone,
    It may be milky way galaxy for someone,
    Or it may be universe for someone.

    Well the way we all love different seasons,
    The way we love our planet;
    Shining like a gem,
    The way we love our solar system;
    Like precious rings traveling in the space
    The way we love our galaxy;
    Playing and dancing with other galaxies,
    The way we love our universe;
    Having magical firecrackers of
    Nebulae, supernovas,
    Many moons and stars shining bright,
    Universe is home to our soul,
    Universe is one place where we all
    Live in the melodious verses,
    One form we all have common is soul;
    An energy which bonds
    To the peaceful vibrations.

    I'm lucky to live in the hometown:
    Universe which blesses all the lives
    With its muses,
    Giving all an amusing journey.
    Hometown- home to one.


  • barbad 54w

    #Hometown ka hometown na lagna
    Ajeeb hai mohabbat me khanabadoshi v

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    ठ़हर तो जाये हम तेरे शहर में
    पर मस़अला! ये है
    के हम भी यहीं के है

  • jmt9415 57w

    Silent HyLL

    If you ever wonder what its like to be from the ville? Then turn on your tv and watch the movie silent hill. Because for us, life and the movie are exactly the same. You enter the ville sain but leave never able to possibly be the same. Drug addicts, derilicts and chaos. Did i happen to mention i partook in all the above? And i may be all those things but im also a loving brother, father and son. We are fighting a losing battle that i now question if that it could ever be won? Because the more i look around all i see is a bunch of dying suns. Literally and metaphorically, so when will it all end? Only if and when we decide to take control of our perception again....

  • jana_3009 58w

    @writersnetwork #hometown

    Description of my home town��

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    A busy town
    So many streets
    Wherever you turn
    someone greets.
    Not much to see
    but it still gives
    you glee.
    So many petty
    yet pretty shops
    to drop by.
    Goats and peacocks
    in the fields.
    The honking
    trains can be heard.
    In this town you are
    a disenthralled bird!

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  • sagejuvenile 58w

    A city made of concrete and bricks like any other. And yet the roads are paved with dreams, the smiles founded on acceptance, and the blanket of fog that rolls over tucks you in to let you know you are home, no matter where you come from. This city is San Francisco.

  • tomorrow_i_remember_still 59w

    Golden fields shimmer under blankets
    Of golden rays sweeping the evening sky
    The blood of old leaves intermingles with
    The autumn rains and midnight dew
    Under a northern patch of the universe
    I have explored with my eyes since youth

    Rolling hills, all those soybeans and corn
    Blushing maples, towering oaks, sycamores
    Coyotes howling and deer panting
    Shots fired, dad and grandpa come home
    Bringing their catch of the day from hunting
    I grew up helping them process it all

    And still, I try to process it all,
    All the days chasing Ohio national roads
    As far as the East spans to the West
    South Vienna memories stretching
    Out to meet "A Great Place to Live" on route 40
    Where I went to highschool 3 years ago

    London parks, my deceased grandparents
    On mom's side of our own maple tree
    Autumn leaves Summerford and Springfield
    In a trail of wistful aromas I still smell
    Sitting in the back of my Aunt Ruth's Cadillac
    Her dove coos, Judge Judy makes the verdict

    The verdict is that I've cheated on her,
    My Innocence, to whom I was once so loyal.
    Religiously going to church 3 days a week,
    Bible studies and prayer meetings, we'd sing,
    Radio programs on at all hours of the waking
    In the living room playing hymns before sleeping

    Now, Ohio is getting cold as autumn departs
    Dirty rain will give way to the purity of snow
    And I'll remember sledding down the hill
    First with my sisters, then my lover
    and no more thereafter for I have grown up
    She once lived in Harmony, but since has moved out.

    Autumn in Ohio.
    Autumn in South Vienna.
    Autumn in Springfield.
    Autumn in Summerford.
    Autumn, in London.
    Autumn in general.

    Only in autumn
    have I experienced love,
    Only so in Ohio
    have I likewise tasted love.

    Winter is the Season of Giving,
    Spring is New Beginnings,
    Summer is Life and Living, and
    Autumn holds those moments
    we're missing most right now
    And the folks
    who will always remain there with us


  • tiny_sparkle99 59w

    Prayer for Homeland

    O' merciful creator!
    Oh, seamlessly kind God!
    You can't be this cruel
    to your creation; who are defenseless from your rage.
    Indeed it is us who brought this wrath to ourselves,
    But it is you who are our ultimate saviour,
    It is you who can snatch away deadly clouds from sky,
    It is you who can stop water from washing away our homes,
    it is you who can calm down flood from damaging our homeland,
    and it is you can calm down
    flood of eyes, overflooded with pain of becoming homeless
    it is you our heart calls
    for redemption and relief.
    it is you who can be kind
    even to the sinners like us
    for you are Al- Rehmaan and Al-Raheem


    #hyderabad #flood #hometown

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  • sagrika_prakash 59w


    Full of serenity,
    With greenery all around.
    Where mountains call your name loudly,
    And you can hear birds repeating that sound.

    Where you feel you're sitting in nature's lap,
    Also denoted as 'devbhoomi'.
    HIMACHAL, the land of Gods,
    It is my hometown..
    Queen of hills- SHIMLA


  • lady_bardquaint 59w


    Beauty, hope and magic
    Stays alive in my hometown
    Eyes of the residents
    Filled with love, belonging and purpose
    A doorway to the heart
    A town for the people
    My hometown, Embu

    The green country side
    Rich in flowers and trees
    Humming birds and Honey birds
    The wind draws waters in the rivers
    The sun shines our elegance by day
    And moon dims by night
    Giving a chance for the Orange streetlights
    To vintage the busy town
    A land of opportunities
    My hometown, Embu

  • k_unwinds 59w


    Feel the warmth of summer
    And comfort of winter
    Seek pleasure of flamboyant
    Rose farms around
    Take a chillpill in my hometown
    So called 'LITTLE ENGLAND'
    Let your heart be one of them

  • 2chinmayee 59w


    Baleshwar :- The missile city , The sand city

    Horizon creates the floor with pebbles
    alongwith star fishes at low tide
    in the northern Coastal city enshrouded
    with the 4 beaches (bay of Bengal)and
    the beach (Digha beach )also
    on the Odisha -westbengal border.
    Eastern beach/Chandipur of North Odisha
    lying on the bed by holding the island
    (Abdul Kalam island/Wheeler island)
    for a new era of science..
    Smiling Springs cuddle the wildlife sanctuary to evaporate the agony of the broken universe...
    The place known for the first commerical
    factory by English Rule in Odisha and many
    historical places too .
    On the top of the Nilagiri hill torrent of spring
    showering whole year open the lord Shiva ( lord Panchalingeswara Bcoz of five shivlinga
    enshrined inside.) Famous for our language
    which is little bit similar with Bengoli ( West Bengal border city) and
    Gajja too (a type of sweet).
    Presence of lord Krishna know
    as kheerachoragopinath ( milk stealer Krishna )and Emami Jagannath (looks like duplicate of Shrikhetra Puri ) makes my city special .....
    //Love Baleshwar//

    Chinmayee Mohanty
    Pic credit goes to the rightfull owner
    #hometown #mirakee
    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    /#600 post pls show love ��/

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  • ashlen 59w

    #hometown #creativearena #pod

    Amidst the Himalayas
    Surrounded by greenery in all directions
    With smell of Earth in air
    Lies my hometown- "Sikkim"//
    A North-eastern or Seven-sisters State
    It's a place still unknown to many
    A place of divine serenity
    Where all religions -Hindu, Buddhist,Christians resides together
    Home to different varieties of flora and fauna
    It's a kingdom with many untold stories
    Here with every Season
    Comes a splendid view
    And is truly an abode of Gods //
    Here lives people who are so called "chinkey eyes"
    Who are thought to be Chinese and so on
    Yet those who don't know , we are a proud Indians
    Who sings "Jana Gana Mana" as national anthem
    And who fights in border for India //
    With lofty snowy mountains
    Rivers flowing by and chirping of birds to be heard everywhere
    Here lives people who are worshippers of nature //
    From famous monasteries,temples to diverse biodiversity;Gangtok, tsomgo lake to Ladakh;dazzling waterfalls to virgin forest
    There are infinite reason for it's beauty to be admired
    And there lies a desire in every Sikkimese heart to be born in this serene abode in every life...

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  • anikghosh99 59w


    The hometown smells like a sweet dream....
    The way it makes the lively world seem

  • arya_ballal 59w

    Driving through the dusty roads,
    Striding past the gushing river,
    Rain drops filling the puddles on streets,
    Falling leaves from shaggy trees.
    Once I fall for its serene beauty,
    The noise in me starts to calm down,
    People start to fade away in broad day-light,
    Its only you and me creating this heavenly sight

    You're my home, I'm your pride