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  • sheikh_huzaifa 2w

    Today, also a heart touching story happened. A four year old baby girl namely Adha Jan from Ompura Budgam, Kashmir was missing from last evening. Today, her dead body was founded near her house. She was killed by a leopard, who was roaming in their area from many years.
    May this little baby girl get high place in paradise (Jannat)... So, sad. You can see her image with rabbit in her lap. So, innocent. So, cute...������
    Shame on the administration who don't take initiative after the missing report of baby girl. Why the government here first sees what will happen? Why don't they take action before this baby girl give her last breath? Why the administration is so lazy here? Why? Many questions arises in both heart and mind! We feel shame! After having so many big facilities but small facilities are still remaining... We don't want these kinds of things happen again in Kashmir. We don't want any other baby lose his/her Life. I want to say to the government. Take initiative regarding these things...
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  • strangewriter2002 2w

    3 AM Thoughts

    You Make Me Feel Free
    You Make Me Feel High
    You Help Me Fly
    To Reach The Highest Point In The Sky


  • yisenspoetry 3w

    All of life peaks and valleys. Don't let the peaks get too high and valleys too low. ����

    #poetry #poet #smile #high

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    Even going through high and low,
    Don't quiver, Don't sorrow
    Just remember all these shall pass
    Because the seeds we sow today
    Will be plants of tomorrow.

  • sheikh_huzaifa 3w

    Some people says! Love hurts...
    Especially, at the end...
    But, this is their wrong thinking...
    Love doesn't hurt
    People hurt at on high level...
    We love our Allah!
    We love our parents, family...
    They don't hurt us...
    Sometimes, the bond we make with someone is the wrong decision...
    That doesn't mean making bond is wrong. Choosing that bond with that negative, bad person is wrong.....
    Who doesn't care about you and is not interested in you......

  • snigdhac92 4w

    "An army of overconfident birds"
    They were called,
    Flying across the narrow way;
    Sky above and doom under.
    Navigating, moving effortlessly ,
    The deathtrap isn't trapping their will.

    Their hearts flip-flopped in their chest,
    As they lurched wildly ahead.
    Another flock laughed
    Their heads moving on hinge;
    "You cannot"
    They screamed.

    "Watch us"
    The birds said, as they moved
    across and higher,
    The orange sun their canvas;
    The world their witness.

    Whi said you cannot?
    The one who could not.

    #poetry #fly #hope #motivation #birds #high

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @shwetasays

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    "An army of overconfident birds"
    They were called,
    Flying across the narrow way;
    Sky above and doom under.
    Navigating, moving effortlessly ,
    The deathtrap isn't trapping their will.

    Their hearts flip-flopped in their chest,
    As they lurched wildly ahead.
    Another flock laughed
    Their heads moving on hinge;
    "You cannot"
    They screamed.

    "Watch us"
    The birds said, as they moved
    across and higher,
    The orange sun their canvas;
    The world their witness.

  • anumit_13 4w

    Still love you

    In the middle of the storm, even though it was hard to see, and after, when the raging winds had settled on a breeze
    before the rising sun turned the sky pretty colors and after it flickered out and faded away into the dark

    Underneath the stars that their love had been etched into
    There was no love until death for them.

  • swetaswadhismita 5w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word micro-tale on Feathers #feathers #I #want #to #fly #high

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    I want feathers to fly high.


  • deerfuture 6w


    She came out
    As a phoenix,

    He held
    Her high,

    Just enough to
    Give her
    First flight...


  • hawaani 6w

    #Hawaani On Life #HIGH SCHOOL DIARIES

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    I was a very good student and all the teachers in my school liked me. Even before I entered form three (3), I had taken many awards including BEST STUDENT OF THE YEAR. No one could take the first position in class unless the term I had been severely ill and couldn't write the end of term examination.

    Because of my performance in school, I was admired by many girls but I never showed interest in any of them. I was deeply focused on my education and my future. I wanted to be a BIOLOGICAL SCIENTIST and a MEDICAL DOCTOR at the same time.

    Everything was moving on well until we got a new Chemistry teacher, Peter Paul Doku. He was a National Service Personnel from University of Ghana, Legon. He was very young and very intelligent too. Most of the girls, especially the bad ones, soon started referring to him as the sexy teacher. One thing I didn't like about Mr. Peter Paul Doku was his biasness when it came to matters of boys and girls. He was always on the side of the girls.
    One day, he even lashed a form three boy for punishing a junior(girl) who was misbehaving during preps. Many boys in the school noticed his interest in girls and soon started hating him.

    During the middle of the Second Term in form 2, my classmate and closest friend, Belinda, told me that Mr. Peter Paul Doku was making advances at her. She said he invited her to the staff common room when no teacher was around and started touching her. He pushed her hands off her and dashed out of the staff common room. I didn't completely believe Belinda until one day when I was in hurry back to the school to pick up my book. All the students had gone to their dormitories. It 10:00pm and preps were over.

    I had left my book in class during my haste to follow Faisal for some gari and shito because my chop box was very empty.
    On my way back to the classroom, just behind the the dining hall, I saw Mr. Peter Paul Doku pulling the hands of a lady I suspected was Samira, the class prefect of Genert Science A. Though it was very dark where they were standing, I could notice that Mr. Peter Paul Doku was pressing the bottocks of Samira. She was resisting but it was obvious she was just trying not to appear cheap to the Master. She was interested.
    He looked away and saw me before I could hide in the near by flowers..


  • alsyniarico 7w

    #real #art #love
    #beauty #live #memory
    #true #hard #emotions
    #life #high @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Sitting in the dark waiting for the light...
    The bullet of spark has stuck me tight...
    Having been told again and again...
    I used to repeat but they forgave...

    Not upto the star is high...
    Not often but always to myself I lie...
    Tears all around are wisely spread...
    Reflecting the mirror which once was dead...

    XYZ reasons have not yet grew...
    But they exist...yeah they do...
    All the miseries in my heart I had...
    Spread those glories all ahead...

    The ways i know..
    Never let me discover the frozen snow...

    If deleting that memory would have work...
    Oh nature..all it needs a single jerk...
    All it needs a single jerk...

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    Self Expository

    All it needs a single jerk.

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  • b_gotti 9w

    A Solipsistic Statistic

    It's sadistic how horrific it is to wake up one day and realize you have become nothing more than a confused Statistic. Wondering how you permitted it and then, even assisted it. Questioning how you got here like, was it all scripted? How tragically insipid and more than just a little solipsistic. Really, it's not as complicated as you would present it. Listen to me, your Fate has already been predicted. This is not satiric. It is not mystic or even cryptic. It's all right there laid out for you to see like an exhibit. You'd see it if you weren't so egotistic. It's actually a bit ritualistic, kind of like you hand-picked it.  It's easy to try to twist it, but face it, you chose this. It's you who is accredited. It's you who inflicted this parasitic kind of restricted life on yourself. I'm not being pessimistic, it's simple logistics. You can try to contradict it but come on be honest , just admit it. Your hopelessly, tragically,  fucking addicted. Wishing on every star you were all together just omitted. That you had never even existed. You've tried before to kick it but learned this shit isn't a gimmick. By yourself you'll never lick it. Why? The answer isn't drastic, you already know it. That substance you hate to love, gives you exactly what you need when you seek it. Making life less hectic exactly when you need it.  That deep all consuming pain inside you that's always looming on the line of insanity? It numbs it. That part of you that constantly screams inside your head, always begging for you to release it? It silences it. Making quitting seem so, unrealistic. It gives you that reprieve you need that keeps you from emotions you're sure will kill you. You feel it's somehow out of your control. That you're on the outside looking in just hoping you will win. It's honestly voyeuristic. That's not living. That's just a mimic. Now you are conflicted you feel like you've been unjustly convicted. Look, I'm not one to be antagonistic.  I'm simply here because it's words in which I've been gifted. I try to use them to touch your soul and then lift it. For I too know the struggle and know this war to be wicked. I am you and you are me. Yet our reflections in the mirror no longer depict it. There's no longer any difference. I scream at the stranger with my face looking back at me to wake the fuck up. Look around, it's got you! Let me be explicit,  everything you love is gone. You have to fix it! Why won't you just end it? The lies we tell ourselves are no longer sufficient. Saying I'll quit later. There's still time. Tomorrow. Yeah Tomorrow I promise I'll stick with it. Idiot. You know damn well Tomorrow has never existed. There is only today. Right now we must commit to it. We can't miss it. We have way too much at stake to risk it. It's a cycle and we all must break it. You are in control, even as an addict. Some time back you gave up your place, like you never had it. Now its up to you to take it back, almost like you had always planned it. Then expand it. It's not egotistic or idealistic. It's completely spiritualistic. It's falling to your knees and begging please.Then saying it again, this time like you meant it. Really comprehend it. Now look at the pieces of your life that has fallen apart. Pick them up piece by piece and cleanse it. First go to the ones you love but have offended. Find that bridge you burned and mend it.  Your family will commend it then their love and pride will be re-extended. Oh, and the reason you started using to begin with? Those demons that reside inside your mind driving you ballistic? The ones all you want to do is numb until their grip on you is lifted? They all leave, as soon as you command it. I don't know about you but let me be candid about my addiction. I've gotten high doping with the best of bandits. It's always been the big dogs who I stand with. Never letting my feet touch the ground, nothing but true gangsters is who I ran with. Then, when I finally landed, I was left completely abandoned. Now I'm just a girl that's stranded empty-handed trying to understand it. We are all, right now, eternally conflicted restricted convicted and elicitly Afflicted.  Enough is enough, this is your fucking life dammit. Now save it


  • _disha_jn_ 11w

    Dreaming with my eyes open, gets me kinda high!
    I wish to be that kinda high everyday.

  • girlnextdoor477 12w

    Reality Is

    You can never fully know someone until you've seen them at their darkest

  • vijaishna 12w

    At times, it's the high.
    At others, it's the depth.


  • justwordsby_tha_ra 13w

    I'm sad!
    I'm hurt!
    I'm tired!
    I'm angry!
    I'm broken!
    I'm in tears!
    I'm lying on floor!
    Yet, I'm not lost yet!
    I will rise from ashes!
    I will fly high from same ground,
    That let me down n burned me out!


  • impavid 16w

    #long #way #high #school #love

    A long way

    Sometimes all I know
    Is I cannot determine
    How much I have missed
    To gain a time
    That lies in uncertainty,
    Somewhere in the future clocks
    I have come a long way
    From the guffaws in the corridors
    Which were dim lit in winters
    And strolling like they were
    A garden to the tired self
    Being buried in books all day;
    I have come a long way
    I miss the mysterious conversations
    From eye to eye, till heart to heart
    With folks I never knew
    Would be my personal favourites
    I miss you all, my sweet friends
    You're irreplaceable, my heart echoes
    Losing a lot, to gaining heart aches
    I have come a long way
    Missing you every day.


    Pc: rightful owner

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    // Losing a lot, to gaining heart aches
    I have come a long way //

  • ahighpoet 18w

    kavita ek galti ki.

    maafi to hamesha mangta rahunga..galti hi kuch aisi hai.
    poochunga mai uss din mohabbat meri kaisi h..
    aage ki marzi ka haq tumse cheen k..,
    pyaar ki apni arzi lafson Mein gin k.
    puraane pyaare Paanch pal ungliyon pe ginke,

    uss pal mein tumhare Paas mai rehlun,
    chalte hue galiyon Mein tumhara haath mai pakdu..
    college se wapas Jaane ki raah to tumhe Yaad hogi...
    aayenge wo pal wapas jinme tum mere Saath hogi...
    raat k akelepan Mein miss tum bhi mujhe karti ho.,
    fir se wo na ho jaaye bs Iss Baat se tum darti ho..

    galtiyan sochte hue kavi ek dum aur leta hai,
    aur dhuen mein apni premika ki tasveer niharta apni laal aankhen band kar leta hai.
    agli shaam fir is galti ki gatha shuru hoti hai.....


  • ahighpoet 18w

    धुएं में उलझा मन

    भंवरा बन कर देखना चाहता हूं यह दुनिया कैसी दिखती है,
    क्या पेड़ों पर पत्ते अपनी मर्ज़ी से हिलते हैं ?
    क्या होता है जब दो प्रेमी आपस में मिलते हैं.?
    यह बातें मन में , और होठों से एक कश और लगे ,
    धुआं जो हो रोशनी के सात रंग और दिखे,
    लोग जो हँसे साथ , पीठ पीछे बात कुछ और करे.,
    हाथ उठे और साँस चढ़े जब छोटी बातों पर गौर करे,
    खुद पर भरोसा कर राह चुनी अब उसी राह पर रोज चले,
    सब कहें पागल बैरागी पर लोग लक्ष की ओर चले,
    अकेले पथ पर लगे डर रोज, पर पकड़ हिम्मत की डोर चले,
    सुकून की तलाश में दो कश लगे घास के
    और मोह माया सब छोड़ चले।

  • rekhta_ 19w