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  • angel_sneha 1h

    If telling a lie
    Helps someone
    It is not considered a lie


  • mercynitya 2h

    Today let me talk about something real. Something that most of us don't know about. How dangerous it is. I am going to talk about suicide.

    I never thought I would ever talk about it because I never wanted to or had to guts to even tell myself that I wanted to kill myself. But it started when I read the book 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. It is also a series in Netflix.

    I never took it seriously and I was quite annoyed with all the over usage of cuss words. But as I completed the book, it hit me. That there are actually some people who have felt so bad. Jay Asher showed it to us. God. I was scared. My heart trembled. I was so stupid going on judging the character Hannah (who kills herself) for what all she does but when I try to look at her point of view, I felt she didn't have a choice. She was looking for reasons to live. She didn't want to die. But she was out of reasons to live. When she lost hope, she was searching for reasons to give up on herself. It was not so easy for her.

    This might just be a fiction but they are many people who lost their lives. Just think that they would have been alive if someone talked and helped them. If not all, atleast some of them would have been alive right ? This world is becoming a cruel place to live in but only we among ourselves can help each other through thick and thin.

    If you ever had suicidal thought, please share them with your loved ones. Don't let it actually kill you day by day. Someone could help. If you want, I will be here to talk to you. No matter what it is, stay strong and fight for yourself sweetie. After all, everyone makes mistakes. Don't be harsh on yourself.

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    Everyone makes mistakes. Don't be so harsh on yourself.


  • backstorypoetry 3h

    People may call us selfish, when we try to grow by staying with those who are always out there grinding.
    But, the point is when we try to grow ourselves, it doesn't matter what people have to say. We know what we are doing.

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    Choosing to associate with those who want to be better and make the world a better place is not selfish, it’s correct.

  • maxedson83akalyricalslouch 11h


    I find myself dealing with a return of my insomnia. At one time it crippled me driving me to have hallucinations and turning delusional . My actions while in that state of psychosis acting out in inappropriate manners where i turned to the hospital because, "where else was i I supposed to go" so i was admited as psychotic and then when i then acted psychotic. I was arrested for a crime i did while dealing with hallucinations and i acted out in an extremely out of bounds behavior but went to the hospital because i know i was irrational. Now i have had to been rated on a tool that categorizes a person in certain categorizes. So im being rated as to whom i am due to an action in psychosis. Even the jail said i was psychotic. So im being based as a person on a Action i did while pschotic. Is that an accurate interpretation of whom i am. Ive tried to get into psych wards 6 times in various towns and no psych ward will take me due to past problematic issues after an intake in their psych ward.
    So i end up sitting in the e.r. for 10days till they get sick of me and basically have me leave. Then i hear repeatedly on t.v. and in the news how the government has funded units to be accessible for people, psych patients of my type whom are difficult to deal with
    i still cant get in one when i need it. Where are these psych units designed specifically for people with of my cases and how do i get in if the "Damn hospital" can't get me in. And i am admitting what i did was wrong. but it is also a fact that i was in a state of psychosis. But i own up to my part and am paying my price and i will continue to do so as the person i really am not the psychotic patient i was. I WISH I NEVER WENT TO A HOSPITAL FOR HELP!

  • iamsatyajitrout 4d


    Fear is the only imagination of the grief to come...

  • nothingleftsoiwrite 5d

    Glued to You

    Too easily attached
    Hoping for the most
    When I know for a fact
    I need to let go
    I have to act fast
    Before I'm too low
    From where I can't come back
    But I am far too slow

    I'm not exaggerating this infatuation,
    got me exasperating over my lack of patience with myself,
    I'm just a sad creation, an empty book on a shelf


  • himayan_writes 5d


    How good is a mind,
    That can trick itself?
    That tends to go blind
    Instead of crying for help!

    How good is the mind,
    That dreams up the dead?
    That reads between line
    Where there's no lines to be read!

    How insane are the genius
    who can con themselves?
    They keep playing stories in their head
    Pretending that helps!


  • fullstop_poet 1w

    "The Light That Let Me Loose."
    Seven days I sang songs of sorrow,
    As claws and clubs struck me in combo.

    At the time, I was drunk with darkness,
    But light led my growth to greatness.
    Lifting me from the well of wishes,
    Lifting me from the maze of madness.

    Upon the top with the highest height,
    Stood the light bringing bright,
    Bringing bright to my darker depths,
    And making me a marvelous sight.

    As one set loose, I am free,
    Like a bird, like the breeze, I am free.

    Ever felt like there was no point going on... I have, but I met someone who gave me hope again.

    #hope #help

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    The Light That Let Me Loose.

    Seven days I sang songs of sorrow,

    As claws and clubs struck me in combo.

    As one set loose, I am free,

    Like a bird, like the breeze, I am free.


  • teokannan 1w


    Why should God help humans? They are so full of themselves.


  • psychologygirl 1w

    Drawing is so tough.
    Ah! giving figure to anxiety is tough.


  • longoh_37 2w

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  • geetikavya 2w

    सहायता करनी चाहिए लेकिन दूसरे हमारी करे तो अच्छा लगता है।

    लेकिन हमें करनी हो तो नसीहत दी जाती है, पहले अपना घर देखो।
    सहायता कभी भी, कोई भी आसानी से नहीं कर सकता,
    कुछ न कुछ तकलीफ झेलनी पड़ती है।
    अपनी ज़रूरत और दूसरों की ज़रूरत को आंकना पड़ता है।
    दूसरे ज़रूरत में थोड़े से भी ज्यादा लगे तो खुद का स्वार्थ छोड़कर उस समय दूसरे की सहायता की जाती है।
    ऐसे ही भावना से दुनिया चलती है और हम तक सहायता किसी और माध्यम से भी पहुंच जाती है। ज़रूरी नहीं उसी से सहायता मिले जिसकी की हो।
    सहायता का मज़ाक न बनाएं, खुद को सीमित न करते जाएं।
    खुद को सीमित करने की सोच से जमाखोरी की प्रवृत्ति जागृत्त होती है।

  • gabrielallmon 2w

    I’m not Okay

    I’m not okay
    But that’s okay
    I’m smiling on the outside
    And laughing about nothing everyday

    I’m not okay
    I’ll put on a mask and push
    It all away
    Hide all my feelings till they start to fade away

    I’m not okay
    Maybe I will be someday
    Hopefully one day i’ll find a way
    To be okay

    It’s easier to play pretend,
    Makes it easier to just blend in
    So I can be a better friend, not true

    Don’t have to worry about myself
    I can focus on somebody else
    Help them solve their problems 1 or 2

    Be there for those who need to cry and
    Be there for those who feel like dying
    Put a smile on their face and watch them rise

    Such a beautiful dream
    That I can’t ever see
    At least not today
    Since I’m not okay

    And I’ll just have to pray
    That one day I’ll be okay
    One day I’ll be okay
    But that just won’t be today

  • _truesayings_ 2w

    जिंदगी एक बार मिलती है
    बिल्कुल गलत है ।
    सिर्फ मौत एक बार मिलती है ,
    जिंदगी हार रोज मिलती है ।
    बस जीना आना चाहिए


  • theswordandtherose 2w


    There are places I choose not to go, for while I am in my healing I am concerned for afflicting my own demise with thoughts from my dark place.


  • anubhavjha 3w


    Ego Won't Help You Grow,
    All You Will Get Woe.


  • darkvoid 3w

    What happened?

    What happened to that girl ,
    the girl with perfect grades
    the girl playing in the ocean every afternoon 
    the girl laughing with her friends
    the girl doing a photo shoot wearing her favorite dress
    What happened to that girl
    the tanned girl who was skinny like a model
    the girl who ran out of fingers to list her passions
    the girl that spent hours making desserts, locking her fingers clean of chocolate 
    the girl who read books on the beach, wind brushing against her hair
    What happened to that perfect girl? 
     What happened to daddys little girl? 
     What happened to that smart girl?
    What happened to the girl who was perfect?
    How did that girl with perfect attendance and straight Es come to be here;  half an hour late , head dropped  and feet dragging hiding from society with puffy eyes from crying. 
    Only a hoodie to hoodie to hide the body they hate so much.
    How did this happen?
    Was it the loss of innocence, 
    a realization that life is meaningless?
    Was it the shattering of childhood dreams,
    t he last ounce of hope ripped from their heart?
    How did this person end up wearing a sports bra for days on end hiding their body? 
    How did this person end up eating 2 chips for lunch because the texture of a sandwich makes their brain tear apart?
    The dry skin flaking underneath a bra stained with sweat and the constant roll of hunger remains them how their life is a mess. 
    When did their showers become hours long , sat on the floor, tears brushed away from their skin , their skin burnt bright red, the scalding water taking the pain away , the stained water rushing a wave of red down the drown?
    Every step reminds them of how their footsteps feel wrong , they don't deserve to belong on earth, every breath a breath wasted on this planet.
    What happened to the mornings of freshly cooked french toast and sunrise walks? 
    What turned the mornings  into sobbing under the covers the harsh sunlight reminding them another day will rip away the threads of hope?
    What happened to the girl that was terrified of death?, now only a ghost remains , one which begs and plans for a way to escape life.
    Only a Ghost ,   at the back of class , only words muttered are 'present sir', before they slink back underneath their hoodie , headphones in, thoughts intruding their mind.
    Every sound makes them flinch
    Every bright light is too strong 
    Everythings  too much to handle 
    Everything's too much 
    What happened to the girl laughing on the beach in the sunshine?
    Playing fetch with her dog?
    Kicking balls back and forward with her dad? 
    What turned them into the monster that ripped apart a can , using the sharp edge to feel things  ,the sharpness making everything feel better?
     How did the monster come to lie in the stormy waters , the winds and fog swilring around them , there hands around there neck , shoes soaked , taking the last breath , then hiding, waves washing over then , winds howling around them , they are at peace , motionless , until they gasp for breathe and they relaise that there is still life within them, screaming out in fury that life exists?
    What happened to the little girl whos only wish was too see a shooting star?
    Was it the fact that they learnt to hate their body?
    Was it the fact that  someone calling there name became a harsh reminder that they exsit.
    Or was it just that there  brain that invades every thought , sweeping over like a wave, trying to drown them.
    Their cries for help
    Shut down
    Until it became a whimpering cry for hope.

  • unbeknownst 3w


    With a beautiful smile on your face, just choose to remain silent.

    Coz I know they'll hear your spoken lies instead of understanding your unspoken truth.


  • mrlight 3w


    Dirty streets during rain time
    Whereaside an orphan cries;
    Help! Help! Help!
    The silent words,
    An orphan cries.
    We see but dont touch him
    in covid time.
    Hate him but dont take him,
    Still the orphan weeps!
    Help! Help! Help him!
    Feel you please the little words,
    Oh my passers-by,

  • shayarsaab 3w

    Ho Gayi

    Dil Mein Itni Tanhaai Hai
    Aur Rooh Mein Itna Akelapan Hai
    Ki Khud Se Khud Ki Rafakat Ko
    Muddat Si Ho Gayi