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  • arwenium 1w


    Grant me a wish, I'll follow your lead
    Show me the memories when you made me free
    Remind me of garden where careless I'd be Courage it took from darkness to flee
    Guide me to place, where vanished are brought
    There's still one battle left to be fought
    Paint my face in sharpness and steel
    No other pain is yours to feel
    Look at the horizon and others will see
    How brighter you shine by believing in me.

  • the_amorist 2w


    What happens to a man stripped of his beliefs?
    What's to become of him
    Who's gone so far astray
    He's forgotten how to swim?
    Would you be the seraphim
    To bring order to his disarray?
    And remind him of the existence
    Of a higher power when his will
    Be as fragile as a hymen? 
    Would you be a testament of its omniscience? 
    Or be the Frey in this existence
    That holds a design akin to a frey? 
    Would you be the light from lanterns
    To him who's lost his way
    And be his guide out of this darkness of concerns? 
    Would you stay to convey
    A message of hope
    At his hour of dismay
    Or would you just watch
    As he withers away? 


  • czarcasm 3w


    Widow, widow
    Weeping beneath the willows
    What troubles you so
    Did another loved one just go
    Your cries are so haunting
    To approach you is daunting
    Solitude you are flaunting
    Is being alone what you're truly wanting?

    I can sit right beside
    And we can both watch the tide
    There's no need to talk
    Let's just go for a walk
    I know what youre feeling is heavy
    It's not something anyone would envy
    But I don't want you thinking 'End me'.

    You still have love
    From everywhere, even above
    His grave I helped weeded
    A legacy he planted, seeded
    Don't let your last moment be that you were defeated
    I can't let you go, for you're still needed


  • nightsurfer 3w


    "Hit me up for any help", they said,
    yet I'm hopelessly left on 'read'.


  • eyeenma 3w

    Love and Care

    When we see someone weak,
    We hear crys

    We Sympathize and want to help.

    What about the people who are strong and deal with everything??
    Do they not deserve love and care??

    Everyone needs To be cared and Loved
    No matter they are weak or strong.

  • tamasa_taniska 4w

    Dear Love

    The world is too huge,
    Yet, I found you without any clue,
    I promise to stick with you like a glue,
    do not make me feel blue!

    Your presence makes everything great,
    You help me to accelerate.
    Never stop being true,
    Because that is what makes me want you!

    Pal like you are very few,
    Who stays in my every damn breakthrough!
    If I am an achiever,
    You are my heaver!

    If I believe,
    It's only because you never leave.
    You are my faith,
    You never let me be afraid.

    May it be sorrow or contentment,
    Together we celebrate every torment.
    If I am a plant,
    You are my roots!

    The many times I burst out on you,
    It's a smile on your face that you carry through!
    May the situation be bad or worse,
    It's you whom I Head first.

    You are a rainbow to my beautiful sky,
    Without you I couldn't reach so high!
    You are my love,
    And I am your lover!

    Thank you for all the wonderful memories


  • sumita_panigrahi 4w

    Nothing comes easy in life. If you are going through good, your life is amazing. But, if you are going through worst, then smile away your scars.

    You are your only savior. Just like your shadow, shadow is the one who never leaves your side no matter how your day is, it remains with you 24*7. Then you can have your own back... Just keep breathing and keep believing ��������

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    5 gentle reminders for today!!!

    1)Smile, even if you are going through the worst.
    2) Forgive people, never keep grudge upon anyone.
    3) Accept the truth, it may feel bitter but you have to.
    4)Live your life to the fullest. Never regret anything in life.
    5)Help someone, try to spread smiles.

  • angels_halo_shines 5w

    PLEASE, God

    Y’all ever wonder why life is difficult at times? As an individual or just in general. I wonder a lot. It’s said “God never puts more than you can handle.” Really? Cuz I can’t handle anymore. Too much is too much. I am telling you. “Give your problems to God.” I do. Things never get any calmer, not for me. 1 BIG test after another & another. The never ending life of testing to see if I will lose my mind or not. I am about there. Not many can help me, besides the man upstairs. I need His help. I can’t do this as I have been. Something needs to change, it’s ongoing, undeniable dilemma. Maybe this is ALL a damn nightmare? Can I please wake up now? Let it end. If there’s no perfect ending, I can live with that!! Just let it end. Just let it end. Please hear me this time. I am close to where I cannot deal with nothing else. And you know I am.

  • guided_liberation 6w


    With biological and psychological warfare lurking around every corner, there's no wonder why the human mind has managed to decline so rapidly.

    Surrender to nature or corporation? Regurgitated lies, what a grotesque observation.

    Be cleansed by the land or be injected by the hand of the most toxic, spirit draining system ever known to man.

    Humans begging to be injected and confined. Demanding that their families bow to their corporate gods or be ostracized.

    If you have eyes to see and a mind still capable of original thought, then help heal humanity of their Insanity or simply conform and surrender what’s left of your body and mind.

  • obscuredwords 6w

    Every smile, every laugh, every happy person has unimaginable pain beneath, just beacuse you cannot see it doesn't mean it does not exist.
    They laugh, loud and hard because they know these moments are rare, just because they have accepted their pain.
    You want them to feel that pain again and again, you become a beautiful reminder of every failure in their life, you question their happiness. You tell them they shouldn't be happy.

    But this is what you don't understand, that they have seen that part of life which was painted black, and now, they see all the colours in the sky.

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  • _indescribablewords 7w

    Do good deeds secretly with the motive to make happy others and to help them not for show off and to get appreciation by others, rather do it for the sake of god so you might get appreciation by god himself!

  • kitpit 7w

    A plea to GOD

    I don't know
    Why I share this
    May be God's will
    Once I've witnessed
    HIS holy kindness
    May be this time
    Also it may work

    I pray ���� ����
    Oh GOD
    Take care
    Of her
    all others
    victims of fate
    ill healthy
    and guilty

    I promise you GOD !
    Everyday at any second
    I pray the same at my heart
    And try to comment here
    Something to remind you

    Yours truly son

    #pray #help #dua #selfless #god # plea #apleatogod

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    Please pray for a sister


  • writtenbykg 7w

    As I am not a native English speaker, can someone help me understand the meaning of this phrases please?
    "Where the light falls"
    "Yours is the skin where light falls"

    What does it mean? Can someone elaborate? Thank you sooo much in advance! ����

    #question #mirakee #help

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    Not a poem


  • lunatic_pen 7w

    It feels like I feel what I don't want to feel. ��

    HÀHAHA ������

    #miraquill let's #help one another to #forget someone who is a little bit sh*t no #love just felt something #hate and a little bit #pain of #regrets

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    Did you know?

    The worst feeling isn't being LONELY,
    it is being FORGOTTEN by someone you'd never forget.


  • benevolentsoulhealer 8w

    Beauty Is Rent

    Attacked for being ugly
    And the pretty being awed.
    But underneath perfection
    Hides a person who is flawed.
    Tries to fit in nicely
    Discounted blessings that they got.
    Moulded to society to be
    Something we are not.
    You want to be the envy
    Even for a little bit.
    You’ve just got to be stronger,
    And maybe be more fit.
    You stare into your mirror
    And you don’t like what you see.
    Buying things to make you happy
    But happiness can come for free.
    You want to be a masterpiece
    That’s there and whole and done.
    Who’s carved out of diamond
    But still dulls under the sun.
    You want to be a goddess
    That refuses to be bent.
    But what people’ve yet to realise
    Is that beauty is just rent.

    #beauty #goddess #diamond #rent #help

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    Beauty Is Rent

    You want to be a goddess
    That refuses to be bent.
    But what people’ve yet to realise
    Is that beauty is just rent.

  • ammy21 8w

    Everyone just came
    Being nice to me
    Nd they call nd msg me
    when they need me
    Nd i helped them
    But when i need them
    They're busy in their world
    They just left me
    They hurt me a lot

    I'm just depressed from all this
    I don't wanna suffer more
    I'm just tired from this

    Why should always i suffer
    Whyyy ????
    Coz I'm kind nd good
    So u can take advantage of this
    Nd hurt me...

    Just remember there's a limit of my patience
    When the limit gonna broken then u can't handle it
    Just remember it nd keep in ur mind

    You only see my soften side nd u take advantage of my kindness nd goodness
    You don't know my hardest side nd when u know it you're gonna end ...

  • anuradhasharma 8w

    फिलहाल , सांसों का ही सहारा हैं ए खुदा ।

    लोगों ने तो कब का , दामन वीरान कर दिया ।


  • kajalpawar2911 8w

    "You will experience what love is when you travel to war zones having starved and tortured children yet when asked for one wish all they wish for is to be with their parents."

  • sh12345 9w


    साकी से तैश में आ बैठे थे वो,
    मैखाने में सुरूर ढूंढने निकले थे जो।
    मगर अक्सर, अक्सर भूल जाते हैं वो,
    नशा चौराहों पे नहीं, महबूब की आखों में मिलता है।
    जो नसों में नहीं, सर चढ़कर बोलता है,
    रातों को हसीन,सवेरों को जवां बताता है।
    कीमत में सितम, रंज ओ ग़म के सिवा भला क्या चाहता है,
    मगर याद रहे ये मोहब्बत का सुरूर दोस्तों ,दीवानों को दिवालिया भी बनाता है।

    - श्वेता

  • kingbts 4w

    20 Years

    A definition of what's unseen
    yet to be seen.
    A big word for humanity,
    Despite their highs and lows.
    To Some, hope is just wishes that skipped
    Coming through

    Man! Oh, Mr Man!
    A Substance!
    A figure!
    An unpredictable Species
    With deceit in the bloodstream.

    An absent expression,
    Not here, can't be found.
    Once existed, now exiled by Lieut. War.
    Not in Hope, Not in Man.

    Oh, Sweet Joy,
    Rarely remembered
    Long forgotten
    Killed at the exile of peace
    With her twin sister
    On the throne of Humility.

    Is she even real?
    Can she even been seen
    At sight with Cousin Tolerance?
    I guess she wandered the wandering of a wanderer?

    Ah! Freedom
    A potion made by Mr Man
    Taste so good with Comfort
    But not forever,
    Only used at the Need of Selfish Wants

    La Nation!
    Needs a Saviour
    Not 20years of Promise
    Needs Men of Valour
    Not fleeing Cowards....