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  • kennysal2 43w

    Many atimes I want to cry so hard,
    Most times I really want the pain in my head to stop,
    Few times I blame my idleness for my bad habits,
    Just don't want to feel too alone brought me tears too,
    The company you share comes with their pains too,
    Many of those you try to find comfort with are broken ��.

    It hurt more when you play the only victim of time,
    We are all in it together just different levels,
    Let's just heal together.

    Let's learn to let go of the pain and move.
    In your pain you can still be nice,
    In your pain someone can get healing,
    In your pain someone can find comfort and peace,
    Don't allow your pain be the determinate to your personality.


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    Alone in the dark

    I am messed up too,
    Just couldn't hold it together sometimes you know,
    Because we laugh together everyday,
    Just because we play too differently,
    Or somethings don't get to me easily.

    I cry too,
    I got sad,
    Failure broke me,
    Friends pushes all sides,

    We all go through something,
    Because I try to play strong,
    I am not.

    Still working to figure things out,
    Just hold on,
    Keep the spirit.