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    May god bless the day through prayers and giving strength to us in everyway, he protects us from every situation, he is inside everyone, let's join hands and thank him for this life, shelter, food, that we got.

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    O Ganpati Bapa, you are our guest in today's function and we will all serve you, support us, bless us, we are your children, and you are the elders, stay with us always.


    #keepsupporting #keepthelovegoingon....
    #happyfathersday #ganeshchaturti

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    Hey ganpati bapa, aj ke function mein ap humare mehman ho aur hum sab apki Seva karenge, saath Dena humare, ashirvaad dijiye, hum apke hi Bache hein, aur ap bade, humare sath hamesha rehna.


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    Toote rishto se umeed kya rakhna,
    Toote rishto se umeed kya rakhna,
    Woh joh bichad ke bhi jod na paya,
    Paas reh ke bhi door ho, aksar esa kyun hota hein jinko hum Pyaar karte hein woh humse itne khafa hogaye ke bhul Jana bhi sahi hein.

    Love you all

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    #keepsupporting #keepthelovegoingon....

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    Haar ek beti ko papa se Pyaar hein, utna hi ek maa ko milni chahiye kyuki woh bhi ek insaan hein, maa toh har ek zimidari nibhati hein toh hum unko ek salaami date hein, isske liye jinhone humare liye apni kurbani de San kuch kare hein,
    USS maa ko hum Wohi Pyaar denge jitna ek pita ko milti hein.

    Love you all

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    “If you won't improve yourself,who will ?”

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    Fathers who abandon their children and make excuses as to why they don't see them, why they don't speak to them are the worst of the worst. The lamest excuse I've heard is oh I tried but they just don't want to see me I tried so I can't force it. Your children are your children, gifts from above. As parents we are gifted these beautiful beings we are responsible for, giving up and walking away are never options on the table. Those who do should never expect a random, I love you from the children they abandon and make excuses to, they should never expect help, or perhaps an organ should they ever need one, God forbid, they certainly don't deserve a Happy Fathers Day. They should feel shame but ironically they don't, I mean if they don't care about their own offspring why would they give a damn what anyone else thinks about them. Pathetic and sad, but none of us leave this world without answering for the things we do in this life.
    My baby will have his father like his siblings before him as long as his father breathes. We are grateful for all the wonderful fathers the honorable fathers, the fathers who stepped in to be a father in place of the father that left, you are a true hero, and you are loved immensely. And when the day comes that your question is asked...."And what did you do with the gifts I blessed you with in this life?" You will be able to answer... Lord, I was a father and I thank you.

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    A Father's Love

    No act too indefensible,
    No words to reprehensible,
    All things are repentable,
    For a father's love is unconditional.


  • royalriddle 17w

    I am starting this letter with a huge "Thank you" for being my angel when I had almost stopped believing in everything,for showing me the right path when I wandered in hopelessness,for helping me in a way that is beyond words.

    I wonder what if you hadn't been there and all I see is darkness. I never thought I would be able to figure out on which direction to head. Many times I had lost faith in myself and I had let hope slip though my fingers but it was you who could see the potential in me then. It was you who had utmost faith in me and that restored the faith I had lost.

    Sometimes I was devastated both mentally and emotionally. While everyone else looked at me as loser and left me as I was. It was just you who stood by teaching me patience and calmness. It was just you who is far away from home on border but always had time for us.

    If here I am today,all happy ,smiling and feeling proud then it's all because of you.Things would have been so different and messed up if you hadn't been there.

    They say you meet the right person at the right time but it was you who gave me the love of my life and the right person while I was not believing in relationships and was figuring out why we met certain people. You are the one who taught me the meaning of this beautiful relation called "marriage". As I am married to him now I clearly know why universe conspired meeting of two beautiful soul. And Papa,because of you I still believe in angles.

    You are my "Hero",Papa. ❤️

    Your little girl


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    Dear papa❤️


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    Father : My Co - Pilot

    Who says only mother can over love and she builds her child to be a strong individual?

    I participated often in drawing competitions as a kid there was one where I needed to have oil pastels. I call my father telling him there aren't any at the nearest stationary if he could get me some on his way home, he was running late he mentioned. I slept waiting for him that night. Next day there was a 60 shades oil pastel box kept along with my breakfast.

    For every bet he ever lost I'd get a large swirl as a prize to his misery.
    He'd manage to make somewhat round paratha's whenever mom was away and he'd always serve it with extra ghee.

    Somehow I never got maths and maths never got me. He'd always drop me in the morning for all my papers, nudging some fruits my way to eat and asking me to take it easy but of all the papers it was my maths paper morning that he'd an early board meeting. He managed to call me right before I walk in giving me his best prep talk, post the paper listening to my gloomy voice he decided to get two family pack of ice cream to soothe it all away.

    Leaving me to live on my own was clearly the hardest day of his life but be was still more focused on not letting me put mess right away to always sending me extra money and encouraging me to have a cheat day to eat my favourite outside.
    He'd send an entire box of mangoes in summer or a big packet full of dry fruits in the winter.

    To oiling my hair on the days they were too rough to stocking the fridge with all my favourites whenever I visited. To saving my ass from my mother when she found a lighter in the handbag or from the time whenever she saw a new novel in my hand, he'd always had my back.

    To listening me rant and to always telling me not to give up, he has always pushed me to be my best, sky is the limit he'd say.

    As I was preparing for interviews I'd tell him you being such an experienced interviewer should be giving me some tips to excel and he'd only have this crooked smile on his face saying nothimg in return.

    One day I go up to him and ask why do we celebrate Ganpati, I mean I've not heard our version of it like how maharashtirans have theirs.
    Very casually reading the newspaper he tells me well, I don't know and I look at him stunned what do you mean you don't know and he says exactly what you know that I've no clue.
    The unconvinced me asked him did you never ask your parents, he says we weren't so intelligent beta.
    The unsettled me asks him in return didn't you think what you'd answer if your kids ever asked, he answered with an evil smile I never thought my kids will be so intelligent either beta.. leaving me happy but speechless.

    Visiting relatives is always entertainingly handful so after one such visit when we returned I ask my father you're so well educated, you've seen so much of this world, you're at such a better position than any other to bring a change. Then why is it that you haven't done much on betterment of females in our house? He says I've done my share and I asked him how?
    With his usual evil grin on his face he replied our times were different and for to bring in the change you talk about I'd to only raise you right, the fact that today you ask me such questions and it troubles you this much, it only tells me I've done my part right.
    You're the change I'd in my hands to create, to mould my child and you're my rebillion against the world.

    As I grow up I realise he wanted me to be at the steering wheel and he'd only adjust it from time to time so that I stay on the path I'd decided for myself.
    He never chose a destination or a decision for me. He always left the cues along the path, he's there to support me, to motivate me.
    Thanks for being the best co-pilot papa.

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    Father : My Co-Pilot


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    Father this poem doesn't start with rainbows
    It's stringed up in hate
    In red peppered ire
    It's woven by tears
    Strung on loosed threads
    Folly had me dancing
    It's the world's fault
    To easy to point fingers
    Colossal hands that held
    It was presumptuous to think you didn't care
    That your absence
    Seemed like you didn't want to be around
    So the poem continues
    You craved stones
    Wiped your sweat
    Brought home beautiful sculptures and I didn't
    Notice the artist
    You stayed up all night
    Battling wants and needs
    You covered your wounds
    I saw your blood on your cloth and thought
    You wore fashion cloths alot
    You sang to me
    Danced to my tones
    Even when you couldn't
    Father, the poem ends
    I cherish the hands that held
    The captain that sailed the tempest
    The love that Aphrodite couldn't conjure


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    Happy Father's Day

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    मुझे गाड़ियाँ
    बहुत पसंद है
    मैंने अनेक तरह की
    दौड़ाई भी है
    पर बचपन में
    पापा के आगे
    साइकिल में लगे
    रॉड पर खड़े होकर
    उनके कंधे को पकड़ कर
    घूमने में जो आनंद आता था
    वो कभी नहीं आता ।

  • _bleedingfingers 17w

    Dear Daddy,

    My Father...my hero❤️
    From now till time unending


  • deerishti 17w

    Likhu kuch v to....
    Khtm ni kr paungi...
    Itna diya h apne...
    Labzo se tol n paungi...

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    Wish you all a Very Happy Father's Day... ��

    #fathersday #happyfathersday

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    A person who
    Never let you understand his pain,
    Never let you be tensed about anything,
    Never let you wait for any of your requirement
    Never let you embarrased in front of anyone,
    Never let you feel insecure,
    Never let you go alone in any path of your life
    Always will be backbone of you.

    || The person is no one other than your father. ||

    No one can love you more than your parents.
    So, never let them alone when
    they really need you.


  • biswajitdev 17w

    Conveying respect and admiration.��
    Wishing a #HappyFathersDay! ����❤️����

    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersbay @writerstolli

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    You're the lucent light that never stops to outshine.

    Your guiding light has always shown me the right way
    Your love & care has enriched life with unique & incomparable joys.

    Heartiest Thanks for your steadfast support & setting-up a firm foundation through the storms of life. I love you dearly.❤


  • kalp_cloud 17w

    Happy Father's Day

    He is not special for a day.
    His existence is a celebration
    right from our birth.
    His every step and every act,
    Is a part of our upbringing.
    He puts his soul into,
    In utter silence,
    to see us laugh aloud.
    Having his back and blessings
    Is truly being fortunate.
    A thank won't be enough,
    and he never even wished for it.
    It's all love and care forever.

    ❤Happy Father's Day❤

  • inked_selenophile 17w

    A R T O F S M I L E

    There is an old woman on the road
    Who has cut the ties
    from the art of smile
    as she was left abandoned

    Her eyes search for home
    and she tries to find
    the rhythm of her existence
    in the crumbled dried
    leaves on the road.

    A R T OF E X P R E S S I N G

    There is a man (a father)
    who has cut the ties
    from the art of expressing.

    He holds up patience,
    hiding tears of pain and
    tries to find peace in the family

    A R T O F S A C R I F I C I N G

    There is a woman (a mother)
    Who has cut the ties
    from the art of settling

    She hugs everything
    which comes in her way,
    accepting even the sacrifices.
    She makes an effort
    and finds serenity in adjustment

    A R T O F L O V E

    There is a young lady
    Who has cut the ties
    from the art of love

    She was betrayed
    at a young age,
    that now she fears
    accepting affection.
    She tries to build
    an abode in the hatred

    A R T O F P O E T R Y

    There is a poet
    Who has cut the ties
    from the art of fiction

    The poet was daydreaming
    about the fiction chapters
    of the tale which was penned
    Now the poet tries
    to compose the truth of life


  • lawsacerdos 17w


    We always see the smile of our parents but we never know the struggle, tears, sweat, theirs worst Days behind their smile which they have spent to make their child worthy and happy.

    Whatever we are today, parents are the only reason behind that, So keep them happy.
    Must Respect Your Parents and get your parents respected by others as well.

    I wish you all "Happy Father's Day"

  • gdotsey 17w

    As a father,
    Be renowned by your children as exceptional Dad
    Be praise by your wife for most loving one
    Today is the day of all fathers
    I celebrate every father a Happy Father’s Day


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  • mai_shayar_to_nahi_ 17w

    Sab ne apne bap pe likha h
    Humne sabke bap pe likh diya

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    जय हो!

    जय हो जगत के पालनहार
    है तेरी महिमा अपरमपार
    तुझसे ही चलता कालचक्र
    और तुझसे ही सकल संसार !

    है शेषनाग का छत्र तेरा
    और पीले परिधान!
    तुम भवसागर का केवट हो
    तुम ही जीवों के प्राण!

    हम मृत्युलोक के वासी
    तुझे नित-नित फूल चढ़ाते है
    दुःख में करते सुमिरन तेरा
    और सुख में भूल जाते है!

    होते यदि सफ़ल यदा-कदा
    अपनी मेहनत पे इतराते है
    असफ़लता का ठोकर का
    ठीकरा तेरे सर मढ़ जाते है!

    नियति के पैनी तीरों से
    कौन यहाँ बच पाया है?
    जितना जिसका हिस्सा है
    वो उतना फल पाया है!

    यहाँ सच्चा भक्त वही है जो
    जिसे पाने की कुछ आस नहीं
    अंबर मचला, मही डोला
    पर भूले तेरी अरदास नहीं