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  • tengoku 24w

    As I always say, you're special. For me, for Mirakee and for everyone else. I'm so glad that I've a friend like you. We don't talk much but whenever we do, it never feels like we ain't good friends :"))

    Happiest birthday ♡

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    She is fragile like a human heart
    but strong like the spine of a book.
    She is the chaos of the ocean depth
    and sangfroid in a babbling brook.

    She is far away among the stars, but
    seems close to you like phosphenes.
    She can't be touched with bare hands
    but can be fathomed in naked poetry.

    Her bones are made up of haiku
    and sonnets' blood run in her veins.
    She is the dance of summer wind and
    songs sung by the earth when it rains.

    She is loud like ear piercing silence
    while she speaks the tongue of peace.
    She is the cool shelter under tree and
    the warmth in the December breeze.

    She fights like roaring waves of ocean
    but she loves like the moon to the night.
    She owns the whole world, and everything
    belongs to the universe in her eyes.


  • tengoku 38w

    29th April, 2021.
    Your second birthday, together.

    Exactly a year ago, on the same day, at around 3 AM, I started writing a birthday post for the first time. To be honest I was a bit nervous because writing prose was (is still) never easy for me. And it's nearly impossible for me to write for someone I love and admire. Tho I tried to gather everything I had to ink, in my mind and heart. I won't lie, I was smiling all the time while writing it, thinking about the smile my small present would bring on your face. I had only sweet nostalgic aroma around me at that time. I had nothing to give you honestly, except some childish words and imperfect verses. So I gifted you some moments. I stuffed pauses between lines with laughters we happily spent and filled the spaces between words with smiles we shared. I always had a void in my life for an elder sibling (being eldest sucks). And that void seemed to be filled by your presence. Did I ever tell you that even my younger sister calls you bhai?

    I remember how you helped me once to learn writing prose. You inspired me each and every time. I remember how I used to send you my poems to check before posting them. I remember your reply "bol" on my text "bhai". I remember each and every time when you helped me to get rid of some hard situations. Can I ever thank you enough for all these things? No. Doesn't matter what happens today, I would always be grateful to you for whatever you did, for me in past.
    You were always a cool brother. The coolest I should say. You never got angry on me, not even for making jokes or memes on you. Not even on making edits of your pictures. Not even for spamming your posts.
    Like an ideal elder brother. You supported me everytime. Told me what is wrong and what is right.

    Today after a year, on the same day, at the same time (writing at 3 of night), I'm writing for you again. But instead of smiles I've tears in my eyes and a weird pain in my throat. You know what bhai? I miss the night when I was writing first birthday post for you. When I was a naive sister and you were my super hero.
    We didn't talk since days now. Maybe we can't anymore, like the way we used to. I swear, it takes all of me to accept this thing. But I'd always thank universe for letting me meet a soul like you, and call you my bhai. You can't imagine how much it means to me. No, you can't. You just can't. No one can. Only my heart knows what you are to me.

    I'm writing this post for the person my first dedication post was written for. And that's for my bhai. Not for the person I and we all saw few days back. Whoever was he, I don't wish to see him again. I hate myself for holding things way too hard and denying changes. I still hope that everything would be same, happy like before. I miss old days.

    Pardon me for being so silly and stupid. I never wanted to hurt your feelings.
    I just don't want a blot to ruin everything, we both have cherished so far.
    I still love and respect bhai.  

    Rooh se behti huyi dhoon ya ishare de
    Kuch mere raaz tere raaz awara se

    Kho gaye hum kahan
    Rangon sa ye jahan

    Tedhe mede raaste hain
    Jaaduyi imaaratein hain
    Main bhi hoon tu bhi hai yahaan

    Khoyi soyi sadkon pe
    Sitaron ke kandhon pe
    Hum naachte udte hain yahaan

    So gayi hain ye saanse sabhi
    Adhoori si hai kahani meri

    Phisal jaaye bhi toh darr na koi
    Ruk jaane ki zaroorat nahi

    Kagaz ke parde hain
    Taale hain darwazo pe
    Paani mein doobe huwe
    Khwab alfazon ke

    Kho gaye hum kahan
    Rangon sa ye jahan

    Happiest birthday bhai.
    I know I ruined your b'day post this year.
    मला माफ करा भाई :")

    #firstandlastlongpost #HBDP

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    Even poetry can't fathom,
    how many scars he hide in the
    depth of his heart.


  • tengoku 49w

    #HBDP Friday, 12th February 2021.
    You're the strongest, sweetest and most beautiful soul.
    Happy birthday Jinia @jiniaa

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    She isn't just a girl.
    She is the most alluring war you will
    never know about,
    because she is dug deep beneath
    a mesmerising smile,
    smelling like a warm cup of coffee,
    your favourite old torn novel,
    a cozy corner of balcony and
    a rainy afternoon.


  • tengoku 54w

    #HBDP Saturday, 9th January 2021.
    @dusky_dawn Happy birthday, inspiration.

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    She ties her hair with ribbon of chaos,
    she rules the hurricane of her soul.
    She is poetry melted into flesh with
    metaphors carved on her collarbone.


  • tengoku 58w

    9th December, 2020.

    I literally used to believe that I'm the most insane and weird creature on this entire planet until I met you, who replies 'good afternoon' to my 'good morning' text which I send at 3 of night. Are you sure that we never visited kumbh mela together in childhood? Because I really doubt that you ain't my sister.

    You were really an underrated writer when I saw your profile for the first time. I swear I had your image as a very intelligent and strict lady (HAHAHAHA JA BEY). I still wonder why I had this thought of you in my mind, maybe because your write ups were masterpieces from the very beginning and you didn't use to talk much with people here.

    I don't exactly remember our first conversation but it was you only who used to come on my 3 AM rants (kaahe ki apan dono insomniac).
    You (always drunk and high) and me (always depressed and low) were the deadliest night combination. I remember, our conversations always lacked very vital ingredients called 'logic' and 'sense'. And I'm pretty sure that no one could ever understand what illogical things we discuss so seriously. Neither do we. But the most important thing is, you always made my day little brighter and happier (you still do). You never knew, but you encouraged me each and every time we talked. Your presence feels like sunshine in a gloomy sad day (kaahe ki hum jaadu). I feel good with you perhaps because you accept me the way I am. I never need to sugarcoat or fake myself in front of you (kaahe ki tera aur humara sarcasm, humour and pagalpanti ka knowledge almost same hai)

    To be honest, I miss those old days. I miss your wonderful shayaris (dekh ye aise hi bola hai dil pe toh bilkul bhi mat liyo). I wish to live those days (nights xd) again.
    There are very few people who know how to make me smile in this huge virtual world, and Sutta you are one of them. I will never ever regret joining Mirakee because here I found, you. You are special. ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ And I chilli chicken you.

    Yaari teri yaari
    Chal maana iss baari
    Saari meri fikrein
    Tere aage aake haari

    Khoob hai lagi
    Mujhko teri bimaari

    Iss bedhangi duniya ke sangi
    Hum na hote yaara
    Apni toh yaari atrangi hai re

    Kar berangi shaamein hud'dangi
    mast malangi yaara
    Apni toh yaari atrangi hai re

    Ho bin kahe thehra tu har mod par
    Ho yaara mere liye
    Bhula tu khud ki dagar o yaara
    Mere liye har kadam
    Sang chali teri hi yaari

    Yaari teri yaari
    Chal maana iss baari
    Saari meri fikrein
    Tere aage aake haari

    @shashagilbert_ Happiest birthday, Sutta :)

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    While sprinkling colours of hope,
    she knits forever on her scars.
    Now fireflies draw wishes on them,
    instead of waiting for shooting stars.


  • tengoku 64w

    31st October, 2020 :) #HBDP

    You're one of the sweetest kids.
    Happy birthday Chotu @someone_alive ��

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    She is the smell of change,
    with taste of vintage heart.
    She is the monsoon of faith,
    summer of whispering dark.

    She is the baby steps of angel,
    with ruling vision of queen.
    She is the touch of song,
    and voice of silent poetry.

    She is giggles of flowers,
    with wings of flying butterflies.
    She is the peace in death,
    and hope in dying life.


  • tengoku 76w

    Thursday, 6th August 1:55 PM :) #HBDP


    You're special for me ♡
    Happiest birthday, Devika :))

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    She drags sun rays in the sky
    which is turning into blue.
    She pours ink on gloomy clouds
    and let poetry rain on you.

    She wipes tears of autumn leaves
    before they fall from the branch.
    She makes butterflies smile
    and teaches them to dance.

    She farewells sun with a smile
    when it sinks in the horizon.
    She cries to accompany moon
    when it shed tears in the sky alone.

    Her ink sings songs of sangfroid and
    metaphors of peace on the canvas of life.
    Her pen fights lies and fake hopes
    which she hides under her smile.

    Her words promise to touch
    the deepest core of your heart,
    where no one could ever reach
    because it's way too dark.

    Her fingers dance while holding pen,
    deciding fate of the blank paper.
    Her verse are soaked in feelings,
    tangled with spells she whispers.

    You see reflection of your hidden
    beauty in the pure flow of her rhymes.
    You listen your own unheard story
    between her silent lines.

    You find yourself rising,
    flying with colours of hope and light,
    whenever you try to drown yourself
    into her deep ocean eyes.


  • tengoku 90w

    29th April, 2020.

    I've always been envious of kids who have elder brother. My mom told me that lord Krishna is my elder brother when I was upset on Raksha Bandhan.

    So you can't even imagine how precious your presence is.
    You've always being the coolest elder brother, friend, teacher, mentor, supporter and my hero.
    But here, I must say that sometimes you're annoying too. One should learn how to accept defeat in life and post battles. Failure is completely alright bhai. I won't tell anyone that I always win post battles. It'll be a secret between us. okay?

    With about two hundred followers you were quite new here when I met you for the first time. Then also your posts were amazing but you weren't a celebrity like now. I remember when Ruchi di had blocked you for ANNOYING her.
    kya humne kuch galat keh diya idhar. Utna toh chalta hai. Nahi? (ꏿ﹏ꏿ;)

    I've stored some of your golden words and advices in my heart. I remember, When I was crying for losing a person who used to recite me stories, you made me understand that crying doesn't solve any sort of situation and told me that you'll recite stories for me at night. You know I'm not good in expressing my feelings so writing something for my hero is not easy for me but you own a special place in my heart.

    Now what to say about your writing skills. Seleb ban gaya tu ab poora idhar. You've evolved so much (cocoon se seedha lion >.<) And I'm so proud of you (thodi jalan bhi hoti hai -.-) Your love posts are best here. And those emotion dipped dark posts are just WOW. Here almost everyone knows about the magic you weave.
    And you already know that I'm your huge fan (chal chal, ab udd mat jaaiyo)

    Somewhere I feel safe here because of you. Roaming on an unknown street is easy when I've a protective brother like you. Kisi ne pareshaan kiya toh seedha bol dene ka 'apun ke bhai ko jaanta hai kya Tu(⌐■-■)'
    Not all superheroes wear a cape. And you're one of them.

    Your birthday is special to me because it gives me the chance to remember the day that someone I
    love and honor came into the world .

    Itti si hasi
    Itti si khushi
    Itta sa tukda chand ka
    Khwabon ke tinkon se
    Chal banayein aashiyan

    Dabe dabe paaon se
    Aaye haule haule zindagi
    Hothon pe ungli chadha ke
    Hum taale laga ke
    Chal gumsum tarane chupke chupke gaayein
    Aadhi aadhi baant lein
    Aaja dil ki yeh zameen
    Thoda sa tera sa hoga
    Thoda mera bhi hoga
    Apna yeh aashiyaan :)

    Happiest birthday bhaiii!!��

    गंजाचे स्पेलिंग काय आहे? Gun or gan? :p


    #FirstAndLastLongPost #HBDP

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    He rubbed poetry on his scars
    and sprinkled 'em up in the high.
    Now moon is envious of the
    brightest star in the night sky.


  • tengoku 105w


    It's been a long day without you, my friend
    And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again :)

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    Meet me
    where you lost me..

    Sing me a lullaby in
    between those lines
    of your poetry where
    you felt me
    for the last time.

    And push me in
    an endless sleep,
    with your dreams in
    my heart,
    with your aroma
    in my mind,
    with your
    reflection in my eyes.

    Kiss me where
    your forever ended,
    And seal my lips
    with your love.
    Fill them with
    your taste and leave
    them murmuring your
    name till they get
    cold and dry.

    Hug me where
    your promises
    of eternity died
    and my love is still alive.
    Whisper your
    silvery voice in
    my heart and pack
    it with your
    echo forever.

    Meet me where
    you lost me.
    Trace those lanes
    of my heart where
    you have never been.

    Find me among
    those dark lanes,
    and stuff me with
    your memories,
    memories of
    our first 'hi',
    to memories of
    our last 'bye'.