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    Can you feel me ? As the sun rays
    Have crawled in, again . . .
    Concealing the void with a duvet ,
    Engulfed in pitch black .
    Once again a set of new smile laid out ,
    Bright on your face
    Greeting the stranger caged in the mirror,
    Can you feel me?
    When conflicted , your thoughts
    Keep weighing you down
    Harder and harder until the pillow gives in ,
    Draining out slowly
    Voiding the space, with time ,
    As wine rushes through the veins
    Stargazing for your lucky star
    In camouflage,  can you . . . . 
    Feel me ?

    Can you feel me? The warmth of last rain
    Has evaporated so early
    Two figures and the red umbrella
    At the distance , diminishing .
    Synchronizing steps down the lane
    Condense lingering loneliness
    Hearing their merry footfalls following
    The traces, can you feel me?
    As you intertwine your
    Fingers and time runs slow
    Fighting with the odds , you hold your
    Breath again , another go
    Fixed eyes on paper, measuring the white,
    hushed are your thoughts
    Unvarnished yet dumb when they
    Are spoken to , can you . . . .
    Feel me?

    Can you feel me? When you have
    Dealt enough and felt like letting go
    The string that seemed so strong needs
    One snatch to break you free
    To run, as if horizon has stretched more
    Than the reach of your sight
    So unknown an identity, forgotten as
    A pale memory, can you feel me?
    Picturing yourself under
    the bright blue of September
    Your heart skips a beat again, dulcet a
    Calling encircling the core,  echoing
    Enthralled by intangible presence ,the familiar
    Fragrance fills the room.
    Head in the clouds , reaching your
    Hand out once more, can you . . . .
    Feel me?

    Can you feel me? As my presence prevailed
    Like a sunset never witnessed
    Composed of a song to the rhythm of your
    Heart beat , unheard it plays along
    The desiderium lies awake, marking each
    Second with the ticking of clock
    The walls of these forged fears
    Crumbling now , can you feel me?
    Searching for the eyes
    Deliberately under the spell Of calm ,
    Words sent to the unknown address ,
    May escort a messenger one day .
    Till the roses in the garden have
    heaved their last sigh,
    So long you will wait
    As I pull you a bit closer in an embrace
    Too delicate , would you then feel me ?          

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    #Jk #acrostic

    8:30 pm (IST) 31 December
    1 September 12:02 am (KST)
    JK DAY��

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    Jewel of empyrean he is, playing with stars.

    Unfolding the petals of tiger Lily  playing guitar.

    Niveous fade away in Nimbus, when his glance steel all the warmness.

    Glimpse of him and sunbeams unite together and paint an exquisite bizarre

    Kindling ineffable enthusiasm, he is pouring in zillions heart.

    Orchids of our garden he is, Cultivating love and strength.

    Oodles of hope he drizzle in lyrics.

    Kage of music resembling him completely, and his lyrics parallel with kaze.


  • btslove 60w

    #JK #kookieday

    Standing underneath the vivid sky
    Looking in the sky because no matter the distance..

    We share the same moon same stars same sky.

    Whenever I feel sad i listen to still with you..
    When Your feeling Mixed with my tears
    Works like a healing oinment for the immortal scars .

    Whenever I feel happy I listen to euphoria because I want to feel safe .
    I feel like all the happiness are in my hand.

    / You filled up all the blank pages of My life with love/

    "You are the cause of my euphoria "

    1 September 2020
    2:00 pm

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    You filled up all the blank
    Pages of my life with love