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  • vdascribbling 75w

    A Google-less World

    The attics would be dusted
    Looking for that Encyclopedia collection
    We bought from that annoying salesman
    When we much preferred to watch Lifetime instead.

    To say goodbye to Rabbi Google
    Would mean that we wouldn't be dying from a paper cut
    And doctors' offices would be demanded
    And not for a second opinion for what Doctor Google initially thought.

    A world-less Google
    Would mean getting to know each other for real, for real
    And not after we had Google searched for pictures instead of just going to meet the real deal.

    A world without Google,
    Would hopefully pique and not kill our curiosity
    That we would once again make dates in the libraries.
    A Google less world may be just what we need
    To get off our laurels, to explore, to feel,to succeed.