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  • uniquely_alike 4w

    Always try to see the good in people.
    Even the darkest shade of gray has a tinge of white..


  • babla93 10w

    There is always better than yesterday
    There is always a better tomorrow

  • theanu 13w

    इतनी भी जल्दी क्या, जरा धीरे चल लो,
    मंजिल एक ही है, रेस की जगह साथ ही चल लो।

  • ms_shayara 14w

    Taraste dil ke naam likhe kuchh harf,
    Baraste badal jaise bikharne lagte hain.
    Farishton ki baat jab aati hai toh,
    Kadam khud sahi rasto’n pr chalne lagte hain.

    - Nancy Uppal


  • nileshavinash 15w

    The Train

    I went to the station,
    and briefed up to the whole time,
    Musics, raps were many to listen,
    Things of thoughts were like as a stopper,
    I moved up to one more seat,
    To get the correct source of entertainment,

    The two of the three were there,
    She was there with two more of them,
    Dreams were like love for them,
    But as the time passed,
    They started there entertainment at the station,
    One girl started singing,
    And the other two were acting like a best,

    I sat in the front to see them,
    What a music and what a voice she was having,
    At the last minutes,
    I took the signatures from them,
    The entertainment in the train showed a life.

  • nileshavinash 17w

    The Three Paths of Life

    Even upto the mark is,
    Once is not that twice,
    To a new spark,
    Its Flying very high in the sky,
    As like the first path is to fly,
    Being so general in norms
    as like creating the super excitement to the date,

    The second path is to blow around,
    Marking round and round to note down,
    Stepping one one steps to the plates,
    Flowing around but to now,
    Noting as if every inch is known,
    Glowing around coz the noting is to zoom around,

    The third path is to collect and swing around,
    As like to hit all to blow down,
    some are to the left,
    Coz round and round all around
    Has blown down,
    Two special things to know,
    The first is knowledge and to the second,
    Is to use it around.

  • heavenly_broadcast 17w

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    Are you yet to make Jesus Christ, Lord of your life, then make today yours in knowing Him and receiving His Love for you; so that you can step into that realm of dominion over sin and death, basking in the Love of God.

    Therefore simply join me in praying this, believing Every Word of it with your heart as you do:
    "Jesus I come to you today, believing you are the Lord who came to this world for my sins, died and on the third day you rose again. I receive forgiveness of my sins and cleansing from All unrighteousness. I receive you as Lord of my Life, receiving the abundance of your Grace by your Blood and I offer my life to you today, use it for your glory; Amen."

    Congratulations, you just received the abundance of God's Grace in the salvation of your soul, with that simple prayer. You are now a part of God's family and He desires to reveal Himself to you daily, so that you can live life triumphantly. So simply get a Bible from any app store and begin studying about the abundance of God's Grace and the gifts of His righteousness to you.

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    #Grace, #Mercy, #Goodness,

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    The Grace we live by is not ours,
    For it is the power of the highest
    who envelopes us and protects us

    Keeping us close, He Favours us,
    For by His Blood He redeemed us
    Ready to save, and deliver
    Above our errors and seeming blunders,

    No matter our errors,
    He is ready to save,
    ready to deliver
    Till the end of Time

    So Are you willing,
    and ever ready?
    To drink of His cup,
    Of Endless Mercy

    Are you Awake?
    To His Glorious Sound
    The Glorious Cry
    Of His LovingKindness

    Jesus is He
    who wants to feed you
    Feeding you Love
    and Endless Mercies

    Jesus Is He
    Who wants to Heal you
    That you may Taste and See
    He is Good

    He paid it all
    For you to pay none
    So What is your answer to Him today?
    Give Him your answer In Total Faith.

  • beensn 17w

    Goodness is the biggest weakness,
    Gone are those days,
    When goodness enjoyed regards.
    Now it's only regrets.
    © beensN

  • nileshavinash 18w

    The black book

    Books are the open secrets,
    But being colourful in a way,
    It comes and goes for some secret,
    The first to go
    Second to caught
    Third to fly away
    Fourth to dive down

    This angel like stories comes in the paper,
    Book have its own angel like stories,
    She with a long hair,
    He was with a t-shirts,
    Some issue arises,
    What all that ??

    The black book,
    The black magic,
    The secrets which never came out,
    The dark which flourishes inside,
    But the remover of this obstacle is there,
    He is a emperor, a rebellion, a warrior.
    The secret continues,
    The black book, The black book.

  • nileshavinash 18w

    The flowers of beauty

    In the garden there are flowers,
    Reddish,brownish and the scent of air,
    To get a life in this scene,
    Can't make to run from that place,
    they were not that ruthless peoples,
    But still they were in a charge,

    We moved some further,
    to ask some flowers from that garden,
    but he moved to the front,
    and said,
    i will not pluck the flowers,
    just you go away from here,

    what a scene was that,
    what a scent was that,
    to that long memory to remember,
    yet we can't get the flowers,
    he again said,
    don't touch them,
    we then moved to our path,
    the flowers of beauty,
    the flowers of heaven.

  • nileshavinash 19w

    The Poison of Love

    She was watching a dream,
    And the room was full of flowers,
    The middle of the night;
    A creature came and spoke,'the poison'.
    That was then and he flew away,
    After some few hours,
    She woke up and saw the flowers,
    Then she spoke,'oh, so beautiful'.

    The creature came again and saw;
    And a little of his hands, he touched her,
    She saw him and run to the other side,
    Her eyes were like she was frightened,
    The four lines of that creature was:
    Ever the love has blossomed,
    But the poison resides in me,
    I am and I too wish to touch you,
    But the poison of love ever regretted.

    That girl in her mood,
    She uttered,'the poison of yours,
    You can't touch me,
    And even I can't touch you,
    Coz I am a bat in my original form,
    O! Creature, I am having curse with me,
    That who tries to touch will get burn,
    Creature still with his voice said,
    whatever too go for further,
    i will be with you forever and ever,
    Let the poison be, coz
    some other day,
    I will make you to get rid of that curse.

  • nileshavinash 19w

    Life in the mid

    The life is having the full of colours,
    Moving and revolving around the specials,
    Going round about the things,
    Then the past to the present comes in line,
    Whooping up of big things as to,

    It's the mid of the journey,
    The journey of soulfulness,
    The journey of happiness,
    Tweet in life like as to,
    Did the some quietness asked anything ?

    The life is little encouraged now,
    With yet the more power,
    With yet the more strength,
    With the still encouragement,
    Love life like as,
    The life is in mid.

  • nileshavinash 19w

    The Hope

    Ever have you hope for anything,
    Will this matter go along,
    Sharp sharpness is really on your clock,
    Have you hope for this,

    Holy days are the strong,
    Meeting not one of the long,
    Blissful times of past has gone,
    Have you hope for this,

    Willing to be most happy,
    Charms is the collection of yours,
    Happy days or happy moves of the present times,
    Have you hope for this.

  • nileshavinash 19w

    The charm of a coin

    A rupee coin to the bit,
    Still it corners to at its kit,
    Sweet music like when moves down,
    Being solely alone it creates its own,
    The huge amount is not to go,

    Catching with a rupee coin,
    It draws a bit to purchase,
    Then that coin slips,
    Why it is so ??
    The catchy quality and the pure of bit,

    Bit a bit, a coin to coin,
    To a row, to the down,
    Makes up like zoom,
    A rupee a coin it tweets like time.

  • nileshavinash 19w

    The Good Wish

    Stop, stop, stop,
    Make a wish,
    Make a wish,
    in the flow,
    to grow,
    To have a wish,

    Sparkles at the five,
    Twinkles at the six,
    Sprinkle at the seven,
    Talk right at the eight,
    say then yes,
    To go play,

    The wish is true,
    As the dream come true,
    Make a wish, make a wish,
    As this wish, as this wish,
    Gonna to get a good wish.

  • nileshavinash 19w

    The shadow to the Light

    The front row to the points,
    The light is the copying print,
    Towards the four,
    Shadow lies to them,
    Isn't it that right or the wrong,
    He catch up to that line,

    Not that enough light,
    Tying me to the knot,
    Shadow, shadow,
    To the light,
    Friends what about it,
    Don't cling to that,
    Have me a cup,

    What,what is this,
    It's the shadow,shadow to the Light.

  • susann 23w

    Golden Heart-(Day18)

    A master piece
    They called it
    A soul of the people
    A reflection of goodness
    Is what it used to be
    It's kindness and love
    Upset and uplifted equally
    In the end it exploded
    They broke the glass
    Tore the heart up
    Stomped on its ink
    And spit on its remains
    The ugliness of envy
    Jealousy and greed
    With time
    It stood tall again
    Patched up with gold
    Embracing it's cracks
    And praising it's scars
    A symbol of strength
    It became
    To all broken hearts

  • tamilselvan_kandan 24w

    It's Not About Who We have in Our Life
    It's about who wants to stay genuinely
    Despite Every Goodnessand Badness
    Happened not just by Word Say


  • serenarose 25w

    By Side of Sun

    When you went away,

     All of my colors
        were sent into chaos
    Happiness was brown,
              envy, blue-

    I was painting a life
    I didn't recognize

    The strokes weren't of my liking-
    I've always been
           rather particular
               about clean lines,
                     proper edges-

    But you can hardly paint
    when you can hardly think
    And you can hardly think
    when you can hardly breathe

    And before you know it
    The pain has begun unraveling
    It's own visions on your canvas

    You behold peculiar landscapes,
    cold colored intentions-                
         You don't dare claim to be an artist
           You don't dare claim this mess
    Yet still you waken
    And so does the Sun

    Since you went away,
    Sun reaffirms me each morning

    That goodness doesn't halt
           just because you stop believing in it

    That heaven is intended
     just as sincerely
     for our waking hours

    As the unavoidable toils
    that seem to steal those moments away

    Now when the winters voided gray
    Plays upon the void you left behind

    I can look at the sunset
    And see more then an ending
    For the Sun has never left me
    And neither will you ………………………………………...........

    S e r e n a R o s e


  • holybible 26w

    Galatians 5:22-23

    But the fruit of the Spirit is love,
    joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
    Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

    © HolyBible