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  • quinasthepoet 4h

    A description of my experience with a corpse. #death #gone #traumatic

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    Layed peacefully on a firm bed,
    you unknowingly took your last
    raspy breaths in this polluted place.
    Your vital life already escaped;
    gone like the passion from a man
    who has been beaten by his own existence.
    And now… here I am…
    To prepare your spiritless body for
    the stony-hearted undertakers;
    with their guts made of steel.

    I timidly reach for your
    Strangely stiff frame and touch it…
    A terrible cold escapes from the confines
    of your leathery skin and eerily enters
    my body, my psyche, and my sanity.
    My senses raged,
    begging me to cease this terrible task.
    Yet I gallantly continued onwards,
    swearing within my upsetted soul
    to never repeat this atrocious activity again.


  • junkyard 2d

    Love is just a decision; you made your choice.

    Past your skin, it runs deep inside.
    Should have seen the signs; but you were blinded by the sun.
    Inside shallow sheets; you overslept your summer nights.
    So when you heard the thunder you burried the seed before its time.
    Now gone are the days of young; soon just meant never.
    And if you decide to come for forensic, hope for a touch firm enough.

  • myhiddenlies 4d

    You should not hurt someone who is still there for someone who has already gone.


  • captainfatimahabiba 1w

    #start @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Her eyes look like unheard stories
    Fossilized aura of some glories
    She stands as sun,
    the central creature
    Around her, revolve
    the genres of literature
    Ink inhales her as stimulus,
    alike oxygen from the tree
    She is a living tale,
    breathing in the air of poetry
    She seems myth from far,
    but when she comes close
    Stereotype's broken when
    translate her in prose
    Centuries have been consumed,
    many more ahead
    Conspiracies had been fumed,
    to bring it to an end
    She is sung with words by men,
    and by stars with the glitter
    A SHEHARAYZAAD resides,
    deep in her eyes
    With every blink of lash,
    another mystery flies
    spare another hour
    Be her reader, be a listener
    and let your suspense hover
    For suspense is like IGNORANCE,
    Then eternally alone, you'd be,
    the fact is rather known


    ALLUSIONS credit to the rightful source.
    》》I tried to make the allusions bold by capitalising them.

    1) #SHEHARAYZAAD : Scheherazade (/ʃəˌhɛrəˈzɑːd, -də/[1]) is a major female character and the storyteller in the frame narrative of the Middle Eastern collection of tales known as the One Thousand and One Nights.

    2) #HEARD_MELODIES .... _ from one of odes by JOHN KEATS


    4) #IGNORANCE .......#GONE : By OSCAR WILDE in his play, The importance of being Earnest

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    Her eyes look like unheard stories

    A SHEHARAYZAAD resides,
    deep in her eyes
    With every blink of lash,
    another mystery flies


  • jaylin 2w


    Here i stand looking at the broken pieces of your heart That you willingly placed into my hands.

    just like a cracked mirror, your broken heart came with demons and haunting shadows.

    you used the broken pieces of your heart to cut me open, then you wrapped my wounds with your love, but it left splinters underneath my skin and with every breath i could feel them slowly carve a hole.

    No matter how many times i wrapped you in affection and care. There were always a few pieces missing and just like glass with one missing pieace you slowly started to chip away.

    Then when you finally broke no amount of glue are tape or i love you's could fix you.
    you crumbled in the silence of the pain and left me on my knees with blood on my hands crying over your shattered body.


  • shk_huzaifa 2w


    Koyi humai galat hi samjay wahi sahi
    Kisi ko yai lagay hum chood k chalay gayai hai
    wahi sahi
    Raab b oonko dekha day hum oonko chood k nahi
    Balki oon say durr hona chahtay hai
    Kyu ki hum aankh baand kar k baroosa kar laitay hai
    Baatu mai aapni oon dostu nai fuslaya humai
    Hum samajh baithay thay dosti nibaha rahai hai
    Dosti k bahanay say hum say mazay kartai rahay
    Kisi nai iss qadar samjaya ki
    Na hum roothay na hum rooyai
    Bs keh diya Khuda say oonko agar hum say koyi gillay shikway rahai hongay
    Maaf kar daina laikin oon hai yai dekha daina ki har koyi hum jaisa nahi
    Hum oonhai dostt samajh tay thay
    Wo humai dostt nahi dosti mai aapnai matlab say hum say baat kartai thay
    Galti humari hi hai jo hum itna sonch tay hai har kisi k baray mai
    Laikin ab nahi.....
    Ab jo jaisa chalay ga aus k sath waisa hi
    Kyu ki yahan ab shareefu ki aahaimiyat nahi.....

  • hiral_here_14 3w


    Hey! lost soul,
    I m' still hoping you miss us !
    The way you erased the uncomfiness between our soul
    I hope you still remarks me as your favourite love,
    I m' still hoping you saving that pearl, you brought when I told I was in love with your soul,
    I hope you still embrace my beauty in another's soul,
    I hope you still miss us, when I brewed our coffee in that magical cup of ours,
    I hope you still miss my taste of love , when I told you
    I was in love with your beautiful smile,
    I m still hoping and cherishing every sec of our beautifulness romance aura, I left in your body,
    And nothing left me in my soul,
    Coz when you gone,
    I lost my every ounce, part of my soul,
    Coz you were my soul,
    That I left leading the path of my own,
    The hollow soul left nothing parts in it
    Except your memory in it
    And your love,
    Coz you were my only soul I loved
    That once lived in this universe.

  • roel_gonz 3w

    Please don't ask me to write
    About the pain
    About the agony
    I been through
    when she's
    It's makes my heart and soul
    Bleed to

  • hiral_here_14 4w


    A last letter to you:
    I am gonna write again,
    I ama' tell this world how deep my love engraved,
    In my heart ,through your heart beats,
    I ama' tell myself how happy I was,
    When you touched my hands in cold shivering winter,
    I unfolded my love into your precious heart beats,
    I loved you in the darkness of sorrows when you were filled in nightmares,
    Your touched blossomed me to love yourself more in scrumbly soft blankets of wintery nights of December with cup of coffee, I'd hold you in my memories of dreams,
    Where i meet you every night, despite not having you there,
    I still love your essence of perfume you left me in my soul,
    I still love you,
    Coz you were mine there and still mine even if you're not there,
    I'll never tear us apart,
    Because the happiness you gave, will go to my grave even when I'm dead with flowers sprinkled as a token of our love

  • writtersfeelingz 4w

    Nothing changed

    My pen
    My pages
    My feelings
    My emotions
    My tears
    My love
    Except the volume number
    I wrote in my heart
    She moved on...I couldn't
    Yet a volume of my episode
    Of hopeless love story

  • _truesayings_ 5w

    बड़ी उलझन में हैं कि इश्क़ करें या इबादतें
    वो मुझको पुकारते हैं इतनी अदब के साथ।


  • hiral_here_14 6w

    I still tell these rose petals,
    That you'll come back and rise again,
    In my drenched heart,
    You'll bloom again.

  • queen_of_hearts_2nd 6w


  • puzzled_thoughts 7w


    Today, I am allowing myself to be a little hurt,
    I am allowing myself to be able to mourn for you,
    Because you aren't there anymore.

    Days, months and now years have passed by,
    But I remember your last laugh, your last voice, your last heartbeat and never heard a goodbye.
    You gave me strength , you gave me hope,
    But then you left, and I yearned for more.

    Some relationships are weird, yours and I were like one,
    You taught me all, and smiled through whatever little time you had, and went alone.

    Everyday day I think about you, your face, your voice and every memory where I could find and meet you again in past,
    For there is nothing left at last.


  • hiral_here_14 7w


    The shadows of sorrows ,
    Growing back,
    Completing me to dark,
    Will I find myself again,
    Or just disappear to it again,
    I need a hand to crawl,
    To move out darkness for me again,
    Or it's just me,
    Maybe I'll have darkness telling my all sorrows,
    Coz it's been there since you left,
    The pain in body is inevitable,
    I'd rather stay to dark,
    Coz it's inevitable to me!

  • dreamwriter_kiki 7w

    #gone someone...!����

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    விருப்பமில்லை என்று நீயும்...
    விலகியே இருந்தாலும்... உன்னை
    வெறுக்கவும் முடியாமல்
    மறக்கவும் முடியாமல்...
    விருப்பத்தோடு என்று நானும்...!


  • hiral_here_14 7w


    If I'd told you, you're my paradise,
    Would you collect all the heaven to my heart,
    And tell me,
    I am beautiful again?

  • tenderkisses 7w

    Words we use to express..
    Books we read what is expressed..
    And sometimes, we lay the book to rest..
    We can no longer fill it..
    No more chapters..
    The book about him is complete..
    No more words to write..
    No more thought to give..
    The chapters are finished..
    The cover now closed..
    The book is now done..


  • shadesofyu 8w

    A Toy

    So I removed time for you,
    Cancelled my appointments for you,
    Kept you first, while the butterflies in my stomach kept dancing,
    My heart fluttering as I came close to you,
    The idea of spending the day with you made me go all weak in my knees,
    Like to just be there and not do anything,
    To see your face and stare at it the whole day,
    For when you are with me, it seems the world is at our feet, you treat me so well, that I feel that all you can see is me,
    I am the one that you always wanted,
    I am the one that you always cared for,
    I am the one whom you always longed for,
    The soft touch, the gentle caress,
    That beautiful smile,
    And the day went by,
    As the sun set and it was time to go home,
    I knew that I won't be all that anymore,
    That 'i love you' while I left your car was something I would hold on to,
    Cause you being you, will vanish like a speck a dust,
    I was just someone for you to play with,
    For I knew that, I wanted to believe otherwise,
    I wanted to hold on to something else,
    But a toy I am, I somehow dont want to be that,
    But I know you will always want that, and somehow you never even realise that.


  • charveekoyada 10w


    Its just nothing but when our net is finished the most important thing we need is hotspot...
    Just want to say that the
    person is just nothing but when
    we need them they are no more with us.
    And that's the most unhappy thing
    in our life it's so sad that we can't
    even cry and also can't hold it