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  • melcus86 3w


    Her eyes
    Speak poetry
    As mine drink it in
    Every sip
    Is betterment
    Settling in
    With friendship
    In constant development
    A walk that'll never end
    Unstoppable togetherness
    Talks fraught with tenderness
    In every touch
    Irreverence is found
    Remembering to love
    With everything we are

  • liveandletlive 3w

    Indulge in struggle

    I always try to remember the struggle. The struggle always puts pressure, with pressure comes diamonds, diamonds are stones, those stones are turned over for us to find value, that value was the struggle that gave wisdom. With your wisdom comes strength. This strength is power!


  • melcus86 6w

    The will to survive

    It's about going
    25 rounds
    With a demon
    That belongs
    to someone else
    In a hold almost
    beaten to a pulp
    Honor beholds weakness
    from Spilling over
    Leaking soul from the mouth
    Speaking hope until it comes
    The feel of love knows to rush
    A head to toe fill of God
    Saying don't let go until it's gone

  • geekysapien 12w

    Mera man, Meri kahani

    Na jane kyu ek dar sa lagta hai
    Kaisi hogi zindagi aage, yeh sawal meri rooh mai jhunjta hai
    Ae mere malik, sabki dor tu sambhal rha
    Garib ko tu khila rha, hawa ko tu chala rha, mere ang sang hai tu
    Teri mahima kon hai janta, sheshth se sarwashesth hai tu
    Meri zindagi ka b maksad likha hai tune
    Ae mere malik, mujhe shakti de rha tu
    Na jane kyu akela sa lagta hai
    Na jane kyu sab k bech rehkar b khali sa lagta hai
    Ae mere malik, sabko tu hi chala rha

  • seraiah_smiles 12w


    God is love (1 John 4:16); and God is infinite (1 Timothy 6:16). By His generosity, by His grace, He filled my open cup inasmuch that it overflows with love that never runs out. He filled my fleshly heart with love that comes from the well of water springing up into eternal life. Brimming, I can only—joyfully, willingly—share this love unto others:

    • to my dearest family:
    • to my dearest brother—always and forever—kuya Ry:
    • to the one that catched my heart, my dearest Billie:
    • to all humanity be it in the past, present or future—my brothers and sisters in Christ;
    to my dearest Lord, God and Savior, Jesus;
    most of all, love is not that I loved, but that God loves me and everybody:

    (P.S. to all the angels of the one, holy God, I love you too!)

    ~ ~ ~

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    #God #is #love #and #infinite #Godislove #Godisinfinite

    #share #angels #family #Ry #Billie #everybody #Jesus

    This is my 300th post. ��
    This is posted on August 2, 2021 at 5:55 PM.

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  • wycliffascending 19w


    The Creator's eyes raged with sorrow for humanity
    The claws of death snatching away His very own
    Lazarus should be here embracing his beloved master and friend
    But he sleeps behind the stone, cold and breathless
    How close can you dare the Master Himself O foul death!
    Who art thou to put the Resurrection and the Life to a duel
    His compassion and tender mercies aroused within Him
    Deeply grieved in spirit by the sight of death's desolation
    The Lord wept, and yeah! His tears speak, His anguish roars
    See how death fled with his tail between his legs at the Saviour's Word
    O how blessed are they whom the Lord loves and calls His own
    And by His Spirit, intercedes for them in groanings that cannot be uttered
    For such, the power of death shall forever stand afar.


  • earl_maurice 21w

    Negative Emotions- Pt 1

    Sometimes I get
    distracted by the darker
    side of life and tend to
    loose focus. Drowning in
    all the negative possibilities
    that Satan sold us.

    Yes, I said us, and yes I’m well aware.

    I’m talking about me
    and the little boy inside
    that’s scared, because
    he never got to grow into
    his wings. His folks would
    often tell him there was
    more to life to than chasing

    And me…

    I tried to convince that
    they were wrong and didn’t
    know s**t, but you know how the
    devil does with doubt, he
    reinforced it.

    I tried to speak,

    but…my words fell on def ears, and have done so for years.

    Now look at us, anxious
    when the world is calm,
    sad on the sunniest of days,
    and afraid to do anything.

    God help us.


  • earl_maurice 22w


    A blood stained cross, and an empty grave.
    A man who walked on water, and a child born to save.

    Works of service performed by the masters hands.
    Words of comfort for wolves, voiced by a lamb.


  • earl_maurice 22w

    Broken Grail

    Like an old drinking glass I lay on the floor in pieces, and beyond repair. You wouldn’t know how beautiful I once was by looking at me now, only the mess that I’ve become.

    You wouldn’t know that kings, artisans, and scholars had sipped the wine of wise inspiration from me.

    How could you know?

    How could you know that I had quenched the thirst of queens in times long ago?

    A masterpiece of craftsmanship, I once was called. Now I am empty, and broken.


  • earl_maurice 22w


    In her hair dance the bones of Kings and heroes, no more than trinkets now.

    In her eyes lay the pleasures of all the world. Her voice speaks beautifully of what we all want, or believe we deserve. Her lips are poison, the kind that many taste.

    Her poison doesn’t kill swiftly, it gets deep inside of you and takes root, slowly working it’s way over time, years perhaps.

    Her breasts hold no sustenance, only the milk of sin. Between her thighs lie the gates of hell, and the heat that burns within.

    She takes the girls and makes empty promises, spinning tales of what they can achieve, and of how they can be her sisters, if they say her words and agree.

    To the boys she vows to make them men, with pleasures they’ve never known, if only they will bend the knee and worship at her throne.

    The girls have become whores for her, the boys are men indeed; but not the men that God intends. Instead, men filled with greed.

    She is, and has been, and will be the death of all who court her, and entertain her whims. She
    uses them to feed herself, then
    leaves them to the wind.

    Jezebel, Oh Jezebel, the
    Devil in the nude. She
    offers fools gold to
    steal the souls, and
    feast on them as food.


  • earl_maurice 22w

    Adam Left Eden

    Where will I go, now
    that Eden is no longer
    my home?

    What does life hold for
    a would be king, now that
    Satan sits on my throne?

    What of the world, now
    shadow cast, because of
    the trial that I failed?

    What of the creatures I
    once called friends? Their
    corruption I know not the

    Where I trod now I do not
    know. Things shall
    never be the same. I
    no longer hear your steps
    beside me.

    You no longer say my name.

    You’ve made an alien
    of me, I call out to you
    in vain.

    The distance between
    us now is great, and
    grows farther with my


    You are still the
    great I AM, whom I shall
    not know again.


    This is what I came up with for the alien challenge. I hope you all enjoy.

  • earl_maurice 22w

    Starving In Babylon

    I grew weak, because
    the food of this world
    Was to spoiled to eat.
    It turned my stomach
    and rotted my teeth.
    It was sour, when those
    in power had said it
    was sweet.

    I collapsed in the
    streets of Babylon,
    with hands lifted high.

    I was thirsty, for a
    draught had caused
    my well to run dry. I
    drank the sweat on lips,
    out of fear that I’d die.

    I asked a neighbor for
    food. He had none to
    spare, though I gave to
    him in a time when none
    would dare.

    With the last of my
    strength I called out,
    but none were there. So
    I resigned myself to a fate

    I would die empty, with
    all my good karma
    unreturned. Good deeds
    alone will not feed you.
    This is the lesson I learned.

    Then a voice was heard,
    with words that gave
    me hope and made me

    “If you are hungry I’ll
    feed you. If you are
    thirsty then drink, my


  • earl_maurice 23w

    Old Clothes

    I hung the robes of my old religion in the back of my wardrobe, and I adorned myself in new faith.

    In its drawers my novice notions of God lay packed away, along with false theologies that blocked me from his grace.


  • wycliffascending 28w

    Sweetheart, are you sure you will walk this long journey of life all alone?
    Are you sure you need no helping hand to bear the burdens of this world?
    Are you sure you will make it trudging through the darkness without light?
    Are you sure your skin is thick enough to quench those fiery darts by yourself?
    Because, this very time, there's a voice crying out to you, "let me help you out,"
    A friend is ready to take your hand and walk every step of the way with you,
    There's one willing to shoulder your burdens if you will cast them upon Him,
    There's a Father ready to fight for you and make your enemies your footstool,
    There's a Spirit willing to be one with you, to be your most trusted confidant,
    And guess what, there ain't no terms and conditions for you to this partnership,
    He has always been way closer to you, waiting for the day you will trust in Him,
    Let go of the world and embrace Him, surrender to Him and He will uplift you.


  • wycliffascending 30w

    The Father's heart

    Bottomless is the Father's heart
    Unsparing in love, unyielding in faith
    His wings outstretch wide as the skies
    Ready to fly to the rescue of His people
    His eyes has He denied the taste of sleep
    Neither will He let His eyelids shut in slumber
    For He keeps keen watch over His little ones

    He will do anything for His own
    He holds back nothing from them
    From their first cry to their last breath
    He has sworn never to forsake them
    He clothes the lilies and feeds the fowls
    Much much more shall He do for His beloved

    He reignites the flickering candle
    He strengthens the bruised reed
    The prodigal He still embraces with open arms
    He never casts away whoever calls to His Name
    And no one can snatch His people from His hands


  • wycliffascending 32w

    Restless were the sleepless days, countless breathless nights beneath the pillow,
    Unbearable were the noisy midnight memories, the crying lullaby of a broken heart,
    Lost in my mind with a battered soul for a guiding light, clutching onto shattered dreams,
    With shadows for a companion, and hope merely rumours carried around by wishes,
    Washed away by noxious thoughts, I got drifted far from home and cast into oblivion,
    But you called out from the depth of my heart, and showed me the way back home,
    In the chaotic arena of my mind, you commanded me to be still and know that you're God,
    Then you armoured me with your Word to bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ,
    And you shielded me with faith to withstand every fiery dart that was shot along my way,
    By your salvation, I found refuge under your wings, a resting place for me under your feathers,
    Now a thousand fall at my side, ten thousand at my right hand, but no evil befalls me,
    I have tasted your goodness, and I shall live to testify of your love in the land of the living,
    I have set my love upon you, forever shall you be my dwelling place and only in you shall I trust.

  • wycliffascending 33w

    When you realise how wealthy you are in Him, you will stop bargaining with life, believe me.
    When you realise how complete you are in Him, you will stop fixing yourself to fit anywhere.
    When you realise how perfect you are in Him, you will not look for miracles, you are the wonder.
    When you realise just how much He loves you, you will never stop testifying of His goodness.
    Believe me.


  • wycliffascending 36w

    My only love, every rose has a thorn but you're the only rose that never pricks,
    You fought tooth and nail for me; even faced the grim grave to win my heart,
    Thank God, love never fails, you put hell to shame, left the grave wide open,
    And you won us a place in heaven, you and I seated in the heavenly places,
    And now our love; no principality, no power, no dominion can put asunder,
    Am all yours love; forever and always in your courts, beholding your beauty,
    Let all creation call me by your Name now because I am your beloved bride,
    I was crafted for your glory, every other part of me fashioned for your adoration,
    The sun is for the day, the moon for the night and my heart for your worship,
    The clouds are for the sky, the waves for the sea and my soul for your praise,
    We are knit together beyond duality into perfect oneness, you in me and I in you,
    What share have I with this world if not to paint your name in every nation,
    My precious Lord, my best friend, Jesus Christ my only true Love, I love you.


  • mariateresa 36w

    In God, I trust

    Crying tears that shed fears
    In pain there is much wisdom to be gained
    By surrendering, I am brought closer to God
    Rejoicing in the Light of Spirit's great mystery
    Worries fade away and become ancient history
    Rising to glory amongst the chosen, living truth
    Carried back to freedom, liberation found in youth
    Reborn to walk the path of soul
    Loving myself and others with a heart wide open and
    so bold

    Bowing my head to you, the Almighty
    Heaven on Earth is the ultimate experience
    Felt by all because of His deliverance

  • marykurian 3w

    I woke up and saw a glimmering light.
    A white light.
    I saw many coloured rays.
    Then i saw him.
    He was like a magic,
    A shining star with a Golden crown.
    I saw his golden hair, elevated to his shoulders.
    He was in a dew white dress elongated upto his feet.
    I saw love,
    The galaxy of love.
    The one who is love.
    I saw the pure love, like a Crystal.
    He is love itself, because, he is called love.
    He called me by stretching out his arms
    towards me...
    Panting, i ran...
    I ran and cuddled him.
    He enclosed his arms around me.
    Then he said: 'i love you and i have plans for you'...
    I smiled at him,
    His arms felt like a secured chain of love.
    He is love ,
    The purest form of love in Golgotha*