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  • annebird23 43w

    #Godisalive #Godspeaks #HolySpirit #blanketofruth #Hiswords

    Please, repent, turn away from your sins! Hes waiting for you to return His love! He is so serious and wrathful to those whom do not turn away! Be warned, the Lord SPEAKS!

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    Truth & Free Will

    Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven
    Thou shalt not break in like a thief in the night
    These things are reserved for Christ Jesus' return
    "Turn away from thine iniquities
    For His wrath is at hand
    Thou shalt not eat, or drink
    For only prayer and fasting shall please Him
    For my blanket of TRUTH is upon thee
    Love Me like I love YOU son's and daughter's"
    Says the Lord.

  • ashleynicole1990 107w

    Set free by his grace

    At your feet is where I'd be
    Just you and me
    While the rest of the world would flee
    With my dirty hands I'd begin to weep
    You'd brush your hand on my tear filled cheek and pull me to your knees
    No matter my amount of shame you'd declare that I had been made new and set free
    A love and favor greater than what I could understand or believe
    See I had scrubed my hands until they'd bleed but I alone could not begin to wash them clean
    With shame and guilt I'd begin to weep laying my chin to your knee
    Gently you take my chin and all my shame within the palm of your precious marked hand
    lifting my eyes to your sight and with your grace my soul would see the light
    Mark by mark scar by scar you'd show me just who you are
    You had set me free from my sin and shame
    My Jesus you are my savior my saving grace a spotless innocent lamb sent to carry the dirt from my filthy hands . To you all is owed I wrap my arms so tight around you praying never to let go .

  • ashleynicole1990 108w

    I surrender

    Were all searching to identify.
    Whatever that means for you.
    Whatever that means for
    At our core were never quiet satisfied with anything the world has to offer .
    We look for a temporary fix to ease our minds or lighten our souls.
    Some of us to the point we no longer have control
    Each day filled with continuous compromise of who we are said to be in our fathers eyes
    Down to my knees because I need his guiding light
    Without him ,surely I'll never survive
    I'm sick of me and all my worldy compromise
    Father my life is not mine
    Your will is so much
    More divine
    In all my searching to identify your spirit is the only thing that has caused my soul to take flight .
    I need you father you can have my life .

  • rachealangel 111w

    God is alive and he is seated on the throne in heaven. He is watching over us

  • ashleynicole1990 116w

    A father's kiss

    The heat of the sun warmly kisses my cheek
    A peaceful sensation melts through to my soul
    All the heavy weights and chains become released
    A feeling of pure extisy tingles throughout my body
    A smile stretches effortlessly across my face
    And a warmth wraps tightly upon my heart
    Though it lasts for such a quick moment
    I know my father sent his warm sweet kiss from above
    They always find me no matter the cloud that sets even directly or so high above .
    Such a sweet and precious love is the fathers for his daughter
    I've never experienced any kind of love that impacts my spirit with such a flood
    So pure and full
    Without a doubt I know it comes from my father who sits above

  • ashleynicole1990 116w

    Down is where I've found myself
    So small for such a great fall
    Head to my heel unable to continuously deal
    This world relentlessly continues to leave scars I alone am unable to heal
    In the far I hear my fathers call
    one not expected after my ungraceful filled fall
    I on my own so broken and wiry from the destruction that was all my own and only rightfully so for me alone to take the fall
    My fathers call now grows more near
    On my knees now I begin my crawl
    Once left lost and broken from my fearful fall
    As I seek, I understand I am anything but weak at all
    Too many lies of deceit I've allowed the enemy to manipulate and lay at my feet
    Nothing to fear at all
    The more I seek his name and the louder the call
    To my feet hes given me more than strength
    And shown me all the devil's tempting spells we drink
    Some of yall are stuck walking the plank because the devils got yall twisted in the way you think
    My savior has saved me from this worldy based flesh that has left me broken and deceived causing me too many lies to be cashed in at the bank
    I've been made new
    I'm born again
    My head will never lie at my own heel ever again
    I've been shown all that is real and been given knowledge of my king's will
    Words cant express just how good the spirit will make you feel
    better than any man made pill designed only to kill
    See my heel was made to smash your head satan
    How can I make it any more blatant
    I'm no victim ! I have a purpose greater than any enemy set out to steal
    You weekend coward you are no match for my fathers power
    My God is greater and no weapon formed against me and mine will prosper .
    Your times dried up
    I'm taken my rightful stand with my Gods perfect will and plan .
    See your words weaker than quick sand and my Gods foundation is on strong land .
    Satan you've no place left to stand so I'm making my demand
    Stay clear of me and mine and our sacred land. See Gods got me right by the hand and hes shown me all that I am and just how I'll land .

  • ashleynicole1990 125w

    The calling

    He's calling
    He's demanding
    He's wanting more
    I'm being called for more than ever before
    I hear his call even through my sin enflamed door
    I've been left now with my knees buried within the floor
    How could someone like myself ever meet God at my dirty and filthy scorned door
    No matter my worldly based fear
    His call can be felt through the strongest test of fear
    He sees through my stained and dirty washed door and promises me more than anything that has ever tempted me worldly before
    He's calling
    He's demanding
    He's wanting more
    I've been called for more than even before
    I'll vow to never allow my dirty and scorned knees to leave my worldly sin based floor and to that dirty entrapped door you'll never be shut on my Lord anymore

  • ashleynicole1990 125w

    My savior

    I never understood exactly your sacrifice
    You gave your very son's life for all too many of our earthly and worldly sin
    I've heard it said all my life but only just now did I really allow the understanding to take flight
    It saddens me to the depths of my heart to think of how such a pure and undeserving life would take the suffering that was only rightly mine to make right
    My sweet and so sacred christ I want more than anything to make this right
    It's so unimaginable how you suffered for me to have life
    I ponder how to make your undeserving loss of life more than an empty sacrifice
    And then I can hear it
    Stop living by the sin of your own wicked life
    Cant you see God has so much more promised to you than your worldly and so soon to demise of life
    Repent now before all your time is spent
    Gods waiting to take hold now and guide you within his light
    Cant you feel he made you so perfectly within his will
    It's time to live for more than the world and not let all of Jesus christ's suffering be washed away with the sinners darkened flight, and washed out light.
    We were called to be so much more than what this world will tell you is real.
    Allow God the renewal of your mind so that you can live so perfectly within his will and forever find your light

  • ashleynicole1990 125w

    Instead of saying, "I cant " let's replace that with saying, "God will."
    Sometimes such a small change can bring forth great faith

  • ashleynicole1990 128w


    My hand gripped tightly to my worldly desires. I was wrapped tight by these fires and desires that in too many ways consumed me and doomed me to their flames
    Through my self created doom for hell , Jesus was calling. Quietly I could only hear at first .
    I'd allowed my crackling worldly fire to grow too loud , my soul to proud to hear his voice at first disperse
    Then louder I heard his roar, this I could not ignore
    Now his rain came to flood my fires and self destruction that consumed and doomed me for hell
    Oh how it poured washing my sinful spirit into the muck
    To my knees there I fell washed clean by his unbelievable love .
    By my dirty hand he took me up
    He blessed me there with mercy ,with grace, with forgiveness and an undeniable love that filled me up.
    I've been wrapped so tight by his holy spirit that continuously fills me.
    So consumed now by all my Godly desires .
    I'm over grown by Jesus confetti in my soul its bursting from me from somewhere deep within
    From my past self created hell Jesus was calling, all I had to do was let him in .
    Quiet now and you can hear him too
    Now just open your heart and let him in

  • ashleynicole1990 128w

    The time is near

    From the heavens the storms grow near. It is to say the end will soon find us all here . We seem to have placed Gods plan for us all in the rear
    So entertained by this world that will soon only show us all to a final end and then disappear . Dont you know were all on borrowed time here .
    The devil plays games and tempts us all with his false happiness, temporary satisfactions, and troubles us with his fears
    Weve allowed ourselves to be his captives here
    This is the time to take a stand in Jesus name,right here !
    From the heavens Gods storms only grow more near
    Hear him calling through the raging thunder and surrender to him through your worldly fear. Look up now and pray let his holy spirit flood you here . It is known the end will soon find us all
    Dont let your lost souls get left behind here .

  • ashleynicole1990 131w

    His fleet

    Wounded soldiers of God
    Your scars bring forth rumble and a non mistaken tremble never to hide
    Your pain run deep and wide some making you wish to even grow blind
    Your feet blistered and wiery from the climb, to his mountain top high above in the purest rise of the sky
    Your shame of defeat causing you to grow shy and week of your God that you are maybe even so soon to meet
    Wounded soldiers cant you see what you thought to be defeat was shaping you into a warrior to lead Gods broken fleet
    Too many days weve been shaken by the devils false and weak deceit
    It's time now to claim, to call ,and to own
    That no amount of sin will take what God has already called to be his own
    Wounded soldiers of God allow your trembles, fear, and the devils failed attempts at deceit to fuel you in your raging climb and know through God no destruction too great you will ever find nor meet

  • ashleynicole1990 132w

    In your struggle could you feel him even through the rumble
    could you look up from the ground and see that he was there in everything that was around when you took your fist, and relentlessly pound ,could you feel him all around in everything you surround
    you didn't know he was every step ahead of you on the ground , he even anticipated each and every frown
    It was a plan for you before any of us were ever around
    You couldn't see you were his masterpiece ,even before he placed you upon the ground
    He knew the storm that would rage and pound, in everything you surround but from himself you were formed and he woud shape you into his form with each and every storm

  • ashleynicole1990 132w

    He will

    In the quiet of his presence
    My life has evolved into what is so peaceful and so still
    Comotions and troubles, yes they plague even still
    I've grown to know , God made me so perfectly within his will
    In his quiet presence, all I must do is place the souls of my feet so perfectly still
    He will handle all, that is more than I am able to deal
    God holds every key,to every battle,yet to face
    He is in control of all that is to be and will
    Battles rage and satan's efforts may never become still
    God will see me through because I am his and he is in all that is to be and will

  • ashleynicole1990 140w

    To your knees

    Its sometimes so easy to be found with your life scattered all around
    Destruction and defeat lay at your feet
    Suffocating all that you surround
    Life seeming more like a maze
    Not understanding each and every blaze
    Down to your knees to pray!
    When all is in a disarray
    Sin just won't flee or turn away
    No uplifting melody left to play
    Down to your knees to pray !
    Soon you will be shown a better way
    Troubles they will soon find a new place to lay
    The more you hit your knees to pray
    Faith will always see you through to another day
    Answers will come in oh so many ways
    You will be shown so many better of days
    Down to your knees to pray!

  • ashleynicole1990 142w

    Take his hand

    Some of us are dealt a different hand
    Circumstances beyond any individual plan
    Trust there is always a guiding hand
    Even in times you do not understand
    Struggles are in high demand
    Spirits are low
    Continued blow after blow
    You must know to take his hand
    And trust his road
    No matter the weight of your heavy load
    To understand is not always part of the plan
    We have all found ourselves smothering in the low
    Never understanding each and every blow
    Some more than you may know
    This is the path God has chose
    To shape and make you into what he shall know
    His victorious child
    When your life is all compiled
    You bow at his feet
    Defeat will not be your victor
    All pain will deplete
    This was his road
    He chose
    You must know his hand was always there
    Always with you through every part of the plan
    Lift your head from the sand
    Open your heart to his divine plan
    Trust hes got you right where you stand

  • marktomdoc 257w


    Without the presence
    Of the given present
    Who procured redemption
    And unwrapped our rag
    Filled with shame and disdain
    As an atonement for our sin

    Our message is messy
    Like cluster in the attic
    It is like a peek
    Into a stench of dung

    He wore our shame gallantly
    And persevered dishes of pain
    That was served recklessly
    To grant us unfiltered redemption

    He is the greatest message
    That could ever be told
    Because it harbors hope
    And bequeath freedom

    With his dripping blood
    Our mess was soaked
    To give us eternal life

    What a gift unimaginable
    Of the freely given Messiah
    Who wipes our tears
    Heals our diseases
    And breaks every yoke

    The one who crushes
    Every infirmity in our path
    To assuredly make us whole

    From every oppression
    And debilitating strive
    That the world imposes
    Through the ruler of darkness
    Hellbent on destroying
    All that lay in his wake