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    झूठो के शहर में अब सच्चे आने लगे है।
    आशिक़ों की महफ़िल में भी अब बच्चे आने लगे है।।

    इन लड़कियों को बहम है कि इनकी खूबसूरती बढ़ गयी।
    मसला ये है कि फ़ोन के कैमरे अच्छे आने लगे है।।

  • nobolb 22h

    The truth I hold, took years to unfold, locked up and never told.
    Now I speak, for I am done being weak.
    A story I will tell, awakening the pits of hell.
    Pinned against the wall, being six a little small.
    Tongue against my chest, you can imagine the rest.
    Touching, feeling, my eyes rolling to the ceiling.
    I push away, forced down, I am here to stay and pray.
    Day and night, always full of fright kissing, sucking, nonstop fucking.
    Crying, weeping, always happened when they're sleeping.
    Was I that bad of a kid?
    Why was I auctioned with this demon to bid?
    Sold to the pervert in the chair, dragged off stage by the strings of my hair.
    No one cares about you he said, cutting my wrist wishing I were dead.
    He's right, you see, all these years no one gave a damn about me.
    A puppet I am to him, dangling from limb to limb.
    The years pass on by, I have no tears left to cry.
    I escaped this hate, no more videos left to tape.
    Visits became less and less, I'm starting to grow up a mess.
    Drinking here, smoking there, my life is hard to share.
    Making friends with the junkies, parading around town like diseased monkeys.
    Every day that goes by, I feel ashamed and left to die.
    I tried to share my story to those I trust, but all they wanted was my lust.
    Met a boy, come to find out I was just his toy.
    I wanted to help his soul, but instead I paid his toll.
    Being punched in the face, always leaving with a trace.
    Left in harm's way, wasted with no place to stay.
    Wandering the streets, giving myself to men with sheets.
    Crying while we fuck, gasping for air the more they struck.
    I always gave myself for free, it was you who ashamed me.
    No respect for myself, no metal to place on a shelf.
    Falling down to dirt, clothes stained, blood stained skirt.
    The cold making me shiver, drinking the flask and damaging my liver.
    Why should I care about my life, here I go carving myself with a knife.
    Blood dripping down my thigh, hatred fills me like a high.
    All numb, can't feel a thing, the mourning doves ready to sing.
    I am not dead, just hanging by a thread.
    The ambulance speeding so fast, all I can see is a movie of my past.
    All stitched up ready to go, put your cloths on you stupid hoe.
    Here I go this life I lead to know, take a seat and watch the show.
    Dancing for their eyes to see, please God set me free.
    A man took me home that night, my eyes sparkled full of fright.
    He was addicted to drugs, veins shot up, full of bugs.
    Leaving me in the ghettos, dreaming I was frolicking in meadows.
    Touched and abused I was, just so he could get a meth buzz.
    Smoke filled air, the smell is hard to bear.
    Watching him fly like a kite, he cheers me while I get fucked in the night.
    His eyes so black, pinning me like a thumbtack.
    The years passed on by, still living my past as a lie.
    I did survive this life, I have now retired my knife.
    Scars still there, people look at them and stare.
    I am sad at times, past full of all these crimes.
    Smiling to all, putting my hands out, breaking my fall.
    I would like to share my voice, it's up to me to make that choice.

    Now STOP it.....

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  • sparkingpoet 1d

    Every girl feels eve teasing in her life during childhood ,adulthood ,every period of life that sucks
    To be a girl isnt a blessing but it is so stressfull .because of people around .
    #girls should stay home stay safe #one guilty stays
    free and happy#eve teasing #freedom#writers network #sparking poet

    Some strangers stared at her
    But no one cared for her
    She was felling bad everyone were hiding their daughter it wasnt their daughter they were glad
    The girl was sad as she was felling bad

    she wasnt wrong
    She was coverd full from top to bottom ,
    But still they were stayring at her somehow scaring her
    She was uncomfortable,her body language wasnt stable
    No one calmed her no one huged she was stuck

    But the girl didnt responded as she was from inside wounded
    She knew if she responded her freedom is gonna get snatched so she just standed
    She changed her way because of those fools
    She afterwards regreted as she didnt follow
    Every rule
    The rule to stay home stay safe
    Afterwards she is a girl

    She feels unsafe

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    Eve teasing

  • thepapervoice 5d

    The bad blood girl

    Charactors :- girlfriend-vaishu
    Boyfriend- varun
    Boy's sister- pari
    Their was a girl named vaishu who had a fair and innocent boy friend named ram they had a really matured relation but vaishu was little translucent with ram after a while of three years of relation she wanted him to break the bond... Ram was so exhosted with her like they had fight for ever single thing so finally she broke with him on tags of over protective , over caring , over love , being honest bla bla bla... Finally she did that successfully

    But ram was really felt that painful and shameful to be broken he had many fights in house with parents when he was in relation that he didn't spoke to his mon for one year and didn't spoke to his sister siri for 4 months as she said him to not to speak with his sister as they both had fight last evening....
    He also agreed with that but that girl left like he was a stranger.....

    As siri is vaishu friend, siri urged her to speak with her then vaishu felt ok and spoke to her.... Now Siri can get the solution for her brother's problem

    Siri started to spy over vaishu and got to know she also had a past with a boy who left after using her..... As he left her she was into other relation with ram and ram was really sincere towards that girl now Siri is knowing things slowly....

    One day she slowly started to know about her like asking why she left her brother so cruely then later vaishu started to say things like she was into a fake relation later to save her another friend and now she is in a new relation taking seriously from past one year then siri became so angry started to yell on her but vaishu was still saying she don't want ram....

    This was the story of vaishu and ram .this was real story happened around me



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    कितनी नाजुक होती हैं न लड़कियां ,
    चूड़ी टूट जाए तो घरको सर पे उठा लेती है

    लेकिन दिल टूट तो सामने बैठी मां को v
    पता चलने नही देती।

    जरा सा हाट कट जाए तो हाला मचा देती है
    लेकिन मन अंदर से परेशान हो तो उफ्फ तक नहीं कहती

    एक नया शूट न मिले तो त्योहार तक नहीं मनाती
    लेकिन परिवार की खुशी के लिए एक अजनबी इंसान से सादी करलेती है।

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    Koyi dard hai
    Bohat roola k jata hai
    Aur aanay ki khabar k waqt b roola k aata hai
    Dard aaisa jiski koyi dawa nahi
    Sehna hi padta hai yai dard
    Awaaz tak nikal nahi saktay
    Sharam ki baat hogi
    Aah! Kya niklay
    Dard baag jata hai.....

  • happypenning_sad 1w

    She is both my pride and prejudice.
    She is my pillow when I cry and the swing I ride in joy.
    She is my opportunity in crisis, just like the oasis of an abandoned desert.
    Be it hoarding a piece of secret or hosting a big world party, she is the first person I turn to.
    My first trust and last hope is she.
    If there is rebirth, I want her to be the same;
    My insides wish that she is my husband or I am hers, but I always want to only love her and want her to only love me. I cannot stand a small fight we may have as a couple. So let God do the same job, I am not going to disturb. For he knows what is the best for both of us, as I have always trusted him in that.

    #soulmates #friendship #girls @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    About her

    The day you get to read this, without me telling you, I know you will smile.
    So, gonna keep this as a secret, until fate reveals my surprise for you.


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    महीने का आना क्यों श्राप लगता है?
    क्यों सुनने में भी तुम्हें खराब लगता है...?
    मंदिर जाने से लेकर,
    किचन में जाने तक से रुका है,
    जमाने की इन रीतो में,
    तुमने खुद को क्यों आज भी घसीटा है?
    क्यों तुम्हे ये एक अभिशाप लगता है..?
    लाल रंग तुम्हे क्यों पाप लगता है..?

    ~ गरिमा प्रसाद

  • sheikh_huzaifa 2w

    Juss bczz I am ignoring you!
    You are saying lie about me
    I am ignoring you!
    Bczz you are irritating me
    Your behaviour irritates me
    I don't like that kind of behaviour!
    So, better is to stay away from me.....
    #girls #quotes #remember #it #always #never #forget #ignoring #lier #irritating #behaviour #better #stay #away #from #me #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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  • sheikh_huzaifa 2w

    Don't hurt someone in Life!
    Don't cheat with someone's feeling!
    Don't lie to someone!
    Don't make hatred in someone's heart!
    Don't! Don't! Don't
    Hate these things a lot from core of my heart!
    I hate these kinds of guys and in mine heart their is no value, no care, no love and no respect for that type of guys...
    It touches heart by doing such that kind of things. The pain that it gives is so hard that no one can remove it.....
    #hate #hatred #hating #negative #negativity #thinking #people #girls #boys #pain #flurt #cheat #lie #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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    Bohat hogaya donkhay bazi
    Bohat hogaya jooth!
    Kyun ladkiya ladku k dil k sath khail tay hai
    Kyun ladkay b ladkiyu k dil k sath khail tay hai
    Khilona samajh rakha hai kya aik dusray ko
    Dard nahi hota tumko yai saab harkatay kartay huway
    Kya tumharay pass Bayi ya Behan na hotay
    Kya tumhay oonki qadar nahi hai
    Jab donkha aur jooth hi karna hota hai
    Phir kyun dosti ka rishta bana tay ho
    Phir kyun sath rehnay ka rishta bana tay ho
    Nafraat hai mujhay oon ladkiyu say
    Oon ladku say jo aaisa kartay hai!
    Kyun kartay ho aaisa! Nafraat hai mujhay inn jaisay logu ki
    Mainai khud aapni aankhu say dekha hai khaas kar ladkiyu ko ladku k sath khail tay huway
    Bohatu ko mainai samjaya hai
    Nahi samjah hai koyi b
    Ulta aaisay bartav kartay hai
    Ki oon k mua lagna b acha na lagta.....

  • shamwords 3w

    Girls be so fine and then boom they write poetry about
    Grief and their mother ��
    #girlslife #poetry #girls #constant #presence

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  • shamwords 3w

    For all the strong and beautiful girls out there ....

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  • rupal_kaur_anand 4w

    People say marry at the right age, otherwise you won't get a suitable partner.
    Is it true?
    Well according to me it's better not to get married rather than jeopardizing not only your life but the life of the person you are getting married to and his/her entire family.
    #feminism #feministquotes #feminist #equalrights #society #girls #equality #socialpressure #quotes #philosiphical #decisions #weddingdecisions #wisdom #instagram #caption

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    I won't get married
    until I am ready to get married
    Is it that difficult to understand?

  • neehaa 4w

    If a girl has a lipstick on,
    It doesn't mean she's wearing makeup..

    Make-up means
    moisturizer, primer, bb cream,
    cc cream, foundation, base, concealer, blush on,
    eye shado, mascara, eye liner, lip liner, lipstick,
    Contor, highlighter and makeup sprav.

  • smritisingh__202 4w

    Kill them

    Kill those demons that haunts u at night
    Crush those villans that touch u like a toy
    Show them fire that's burning in your eyes
    Tell those vermins that they gonna see you shine ✨

    Kill that patriachy that makes your mother cry
    Tell your mother to give badaas reply
    Break that bone that try to make you high
    Tell those phoney to get detoxify

  • smritisingh__202 4w


    Girl you are born to rule the world
    Don't let your crown now fall to hole
    Don't u ever lost ur shine
    Just make the world twirl on your signs
    Crush those hands that cage your wings
    And just fly high up in sky

  • ajit___ 4w

    एक रिसता य़ह भी //
    #doll #babydolls
    {Pic credit from #pintrest}

    उसके किरदार में सुरु दिन से समीक्षा हो गई,
    बेटी को बेटी बनते ही, माँ बनने की ईच्छा हो गई!
    माँ के सारे गुण वह बचपन में सीख लेती है,
    करुणा, ममता, त्याग, सब अपने ज़हन में लिख लेती है
    माँ से मिला प्यारा उसे भी आगे बाँटना होता है,
    जैसे माँ ने डाँटा, उसको भी आगे डांटना होता है!
    इसके लिए उसे, पापा द्वारा गुड़िया मिलती है,
    जादू की झप्पी, प्यार की पुड़िया मिलती है,
    अब जैसे माँ उसको नहलाती है,
    वो भी गुड़िया को वैसे ही सहलाती है!
    रिसता दोनों का धीरे धीरे बहुत गहरा हो जाता है,
    एक संजीव निर्जीव में भी खुशियो का पहरा हो जाता है!
    खुद से ज़्यादा वो, उसकी फिक्र करती है,
    माँ से कई दफा, वो गुड़िया का जिक्र करती है,

    लड़कों को खेलने के लिए, झुनझुना मिलता था, ����
    अब वैसे ही बन गए, झुनझुनवाला टाइप ������
    Girls dekho सभी doll जैसी ����
    Note [इसे फ्लर्ट ना समझा जाए] ��

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  • swathi_dm 4w


    Hamare jism ko tune aise bech diya
    Tere gandi bathon ne humein nanga kar diya

    Ye Un ladko ke liye hey
    Jo ladkiyon ki shareer ke barey mey
    Gande comments marthe ye

  • not__so_poetic 4w


    My mom always said Boys and Girls can never be equal,
    I just thought she was old school,
    But lately I realised she was always right,
    Why be equal when we can balance it out,
    May be He can even out her odds,
    May be She can cancel out his negatives,
    It's never about being equal actually!
    It's always about the balance!!

  • dnswords 5w


    बंदा हूं ....

    रोया मगर ,आसू नहीं निकले थे

    चिल्लाया मगर ,आवाज ना निकली

    दुःखी था पर
    तेरी वजह से था इसलीए किसींको ना बोला

    सवार ने को, कोई न था ,
    खुद ही सवार गया....

    आज भी प्यार करता हूं
    Fir एक बार "ना या हा" सूनने के लिये तयार हूं...!❤️