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  • artistano1 3w


    She looked a little sad,
    those days of last summer,
    when her heels
    were coming down into the town,
    as when an army marches,
    with drums and trumpets
    Night was spreading from somewhere
    the smell of red poppy fields,
    and she had the name of grace.

    She looked a little sad,
    in that coat,
    tailored just for her,
    and no other.
    Or that sadness was in my eyes,
    as I watch her stand,
    waiting for the train that drives ex-loves.
    She said "i'm leaving"
    and she said she heard in my head
    drums and trumpets.
    Or she didn't say anything.

    And I couldn't watch her anymore,
    and I couldn't even take my eyes off her.

    She looked a little sad,
    in that colorless picture,
    which we made for the new year,
    and now the picture and the year are old.
    Or i'm just old
    as I watch as she look at me
    from the image of a motionless face.
    She said she heard in my head
    drums and trumpets.

    And I couldn't look at her anymore,
    and I couldn't even take my eyes off her.

    She looked a little sad,
    while she read all my poems,
    as she tried to seduce me.
    And she didn't know I was a writer,
    that the sky is my meadow,
    and that my hat is too small for two.
    My house is on my back,
    and storms blow through my pockets.
    But letters and verses sometimes
    are not enough to hide you from the rain.

    And I couldn't look at her anymore,
    but I couldn't even take my eyes off her.

    A thousand and one nights
    you're just fiction,
    a bad diction,
    Dostoevsky died in vain,
    he missed all those letters of her name.
    And I missed her,
    in vain too,
    and I swing in the square,
    like a lantern in the wind,
    staring at the promenade,
    some sad coat passes,
    and rain's feedback for crying dances.
    She said "I think I'm a better girl now"
    and she said she heard in my head
    drums and trumpets.

    P. S.
    Happy new year to you all,
    with love from Serbia, artistano1

    #genuine_readers #lovepoetry #writersbay
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Drums and trumpets

  • dazzling_sunlight_ 4w

    2 years of me being here ❤️

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    Memories made pathways
    Glowing and dimming all along,
    ups and downs,
    capturing imageries of melodies and cacophonies,
    making a collection of "quilling thoughts".

  • dazzling_sunlight_ 5w

    I believe in choosing the hues
    that paints my emotions
    outlining like a soul-stirring art.

  • dazzling_sunlight_ 5w

    To my present self,

    ‌Do you remember those days of endless cries, painful sorrows that you ranted in your poetries? Perhaps it was more of like those bottled emotions that you cared pouring in your cup of poetry slowly making ensure it doesn't break.There were and still are the times where you have got fake hopes in those colored papers shaped as a birds that doesn't fly higher made you feel stumble and shiver against the "will" calling you a lot of times went as Whispers. There were times where you tried to underestimate the bests in you thinking that it's all wastes to be thrown. The thought of not getting back into your normal self for one day intensified and grew every single day wherever and whenever you feel. It's the flow and fate that goes on and on don't you think? It's like a cycle wheel that keeps rotating despite every punctures and burst outs the tires have.You are gifted to be living with struggles and hurdles that in turn teaches lessons for to live stronger than you think. Scratches, imperfections that you have defines how to stretch the hands to aid those. Flaws aren't going to imply the characteristics you go along with your paths. And atleast I know that even though you have been through the strongest winds, gloomy days, sleepless nights, unsatisfied days, you never fail to say the words of self love that is written in the walls of your room. Never failing to smile and laugh in the chaos and numbness, you have been redefining and progressing the your true self, caressing the already existing goods. Perfectly you are adorned with blooms and withers, ups and downs continuing to glow in your own way.

    ~The way you are is beautiful~


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    You are beautiful

    (rest in captions)

  • artistano1 12w


    My soul floats
    on the mirror of the sky.
    Whining moon, a traitor, a voyeur,
    like a reflection of nothing in my dead eye.
    The mud forged the plan.
    My cheap rags are worn out
    and lips glued to bare thighs.
    I drink selfishly and greedily,
    until i drown in sorrow.
    I toast the bones of a dead fish.
    That livid and fleshy -
    It will be me tomorrow.

    The pain cut my nerves.
    More rags of miserable flesh,
    lying numb in my bed.
    The darkness of my blood screams,
    blade buried in veins.
    Red, I love you, red.
    Rusted in chains.
    Paint me with your fire of ruin.
    Take me tonight for your slave
    and do with me what you will,
    behind the curtain of my grave.

    The footsteps tremble, uncertain.
    Kneeling knees ring on my face.
    I'll see red drops of dew and insects.
    I'll see a hundred lightning pictures
    as they travel through space.
    I'll see myself lying down
    on a cloud of fog which reds.
    I'll see Invisibly,
    Closer and closer and closer -
    Insects and beds...

    By artistano1

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    Insects and beds

  • pillai_geet 12w

    An Absent Malady

    Young love ! One could brood over its absence
    Pleasant mysteries of an ever evading romance
    Fortune smiles for now there's a better chance
    Meet n' greet all , elusive serendipity plans
    To know , to cherish love of odd sorts n' dance
    To this pulsing grateful heart , lost in rhythmic trance.

  • officially_ray 13w

    #genuine_readers #whatever

    Me to writers block: I know you'll always stay!��

    There was a concert today, I'm so overwhelmed ��

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    Teach me.

    You asked me why I couldn't smile
    It was just a picture, soon will be a memory
    Everyone with brightest smiles
    And I'll be searching for my lost one
    Looking at people smile
    Like its the only thing they've
    been doing all their life
    Oh how wish I could make you feel the same
    You came without a warning label
    Made me feel extraordinary
    And the next moment, discarded me like dross
    You were the same person
    Who said - "I'll be here for you"
    Only to push me away when I needed you the most
    Now you're standing here smiling like psychopath
    Could you teach me how to push away my anxiety
    cause I know you're good at throwing things away
    Oh common, Please show me how to smile,
    Even if you'd throw me away again
    I need you the most, right now, just now
    And I hate myself for that, because I can never push you away like you did.
    I'm in a mess of unrequited love.

  • artistano1 14w


    When I wandered one night
    into Untoldland,
    the white hill of the moon turned on the light
    and out of nowhere she appeared
    with one her firefly friend.

    she stay and smiled at me,
    the night was hot like a heater.
    To pour honey from all the baskets
    in the world, she would be sweeter.

    Night or day, or both, silent as nightwatch
    just prettier, like a day with moonlight.
    The willows down looks like dancing,
    maybe it just occurred to me,
    maybe everything danced by her touch.

    It is not the moon, but milk,
    and it's not bird's milk,
    but the milk of the moon,
    she waved at me and say
    "I have to catch my firefly,
    see you soon!"

    Those who are awake will miss
    the most beautiful dream,
    and those who sleep will miss much more
    ... when they wake up.

    I'm just afraid
    my breathing won't disturb
    the perfect peace of the trees.
    God, how beautiful land is,
    how it is nice to be alive tonight,
    how it is nice to see you, miss Moonlight!

    All my worries,
    the beasts that have me,
    resting now down deep,
    like the anchor of a ship.

    So if is necessary
    that something happen to me,
    let it be tonight,
    and let it be
    miss Monlight...

    Miss Moonlight
    Written by Artistano1

    #patheticfallacy #wod

    #genuine_readers #daadigotyourback
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Miss moonlight

  • artistano1 15w

    She looked a little sad
    in that dress.
    In that dying summer.
    It's like she loves me
    for the last time.
    Art died in the paintings
    in which she fastens her bra.
    My skeleton is rotten.
    Collor. Column. Corona.
    Under infrared rays,
    the Moon is plump,
    airy and accurate
    in its appearance at celestial parties.

    We have started
    to unknowning each other.
    But flashes and dreams come by habit.
    We have joy and fun
    in that past life.
    The cobweb grabbed the door
    which was closed in one direction.
    After she left,
    my palms plowed more
    than when I started my circle.
    Circles. Plows. Pillows.
    Under infrared rays,
    the night is dark,
    and poetry stalks me
    on this celestial party.

    Just me and the mirror.
    Show must go on.
    I'm just an artist in circus.
    What's wrong with circuses?
    - At least I can walk on the wire
    and stumble ... and fall ... and...
    It'll be part of my show,
    the kids will laugh.
    Everyone laughs in the circus.
    - I'm crying.
    Circus. Citrus. Cycles.
    Under infrared rays,
    this town is empty place,
    and stray dogs bark
    to their celestial bones.

    The motive is the same
    for kill and locking the door since you left.
    Five years later
    there was a parade
    of charged gay particles in the city.
    I paraded among the bookshelves.
    The letters shone under the lamp,
    words fell from the sky,
    sky created us,
    we created books,
    books created shelves.
    And the circle closes there.
    Round. Scream. Click.
    Under infrared rays,
    your face haunting me in the mirror,
    and our roles dancing
    on this celestial show.

    But I still laugh.
    It was Sunday.
    I was at the cemetery.
    And it wasn't black as I imagined.
    I was happy to feel sad.
    I fastens her bra in letters on the paper.
    I was standing on the moon
    trying to touch the sky...
    - Don't let someone...
    - Don't let anyone.
    Artist. Atheist. Arthritis.
    Under infrared rays,
    the moon is plump,
    we are just a stain of wine,
    in this celestial life
    but i'm yours and you are mine.


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    Infrared rays

  • artistano1 16w

    then the other,
    then more and more
    piece by piece,
    I leave myself in the ghost town.
    And I'm going down,
    like in the ashes a log
    And so cold...

    Piece of me
    is still out there,
    somewhere in a bunch
    of crumpled smiles.
    where the morning
    dresses in purple the roofs.
    where are no more amateurs
    with rented costumes
    and cheap roles.
    where I stopped dreaming
    about spoiled doll's.
    And I'm lying down
    like in the ashes a log
    And so cold...

    One piece of me
    is still somewhere
    confused by your growing obligations.
    Where the world fell asleep before us,
    and where, at least for an hour,
    we had our first dream.
    And one piece
    stayed there
    where my songs made sense,
    and my dead hands wrote
    black letters on your white body.
    And now I'm leaving town
    like in the ashes a log
    And so cold...

    Piece by piece, by piece,
    I leave to your memories.
    All I have to do is see you tomorrow,
    and move your mind, the way I know.
    And all I have to do is bite your lip
    for some new year
    while burning balloons fly over us
    in Paris, or anywhere
    And all I have to do is dying in the fog
    like in the ashes a log
    And so cold...

    Written by artistano1

    #piece #artista #end #wod

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    Piece by piece

  • artistano1 17w


    Ten thousand days on earth,
    in space, in something
    Ten thousand nights eaten by moths,
    in a mess, for nothing ?!
    Ten thousand sleeps
    in one place
    which will never stop.
    And you will come one morning,
    in a small town,
    after ten thousand days,
    and I will be your friend
    and a complete stranger
    and it will be love that you feel,
    those ten thousand seconds,
    you just won't tell me that.
    I would like to share the cross with you,
    which I carry ten thousand faiths
    and tell you fairy tales
    on the roof of the world.
    I would like to fit into a mold
    and in other's shoes,
    and walk other's paths.
    If only you were
    instead of memories collect dreams.
    - How will you remember me if you forget me?
    It will remain your formal white dress,
    to flutters in the wind,
    ten thousand centuries.
    It will remain an abandoned railway,
    to wait some new train
    and collect dust from universe
    another ten thousand rides,
    and before you fall asleep
    imagine a wish,
    and imagine the falling stars
    above us
    ten thousand nights ...

    by ArtistaNo1


    #genuine_readers #daadigotyourback
    #miraquill #Us #poetry
    #tabularasa #tenthousand
    #artistano1 #writersbay
    #love #imagine
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Ten thousand

  • artistano1 17w

    I believe you fly,
    as I fall.
    I believe you dream,
    as i try.
    I believe you shine,
    as i fade.
    Like one ray of sunshine
    in the middle of the shade.
    I believe you sing,
    while i'm a song,
    happy with freedom,
    to which you belong.
    I believe you fly,
    I believe you dream,
    I believe you shine,
    I believe you sing,
    in your pain,
    i believe you fly like a butterfly
    whom I saved from the rain ...

    Don't let me die,
    turn me into letters,
    put me on paper...
    ... I still believe you fly.


    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #believe #poetry

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  • artistano1 17w

    It was raining,
    the morning carried the smell of the sea,
    and in an unknown language
    I tried to write shapes
    of your hair while you asleep.
    You'll never be mine,
    but while you asleep you shine.

    It was a sad day,
    and your eyes laughed at me.
    Words came from those depths,
    and what the meaning of life is
    if I don't drown in them?
    You'll never be mine,
    but while you asleep you shine.

    I dreamed of a fog,
    one ordinary morning,
    in your student room,
    you held out hands to me shyly,
    and I think I realized then
    where the Danube kisses the sky.
    You'll never be mine,
    but while you asleep you shine.

    Life is so short,
    to pass on the screen.
    Here or anywhere in the world
    in Madrid or Mumbai,
    in Belgrade or Rome,
    wherever your finger would stand
    as the globe rotates.
    And while the pictures change
    on canvas,
    beam projector lights
    creates shadows on the wall,
    like craters on the moon,
    and go into oblivion
    fake laughter
    risks and compassions
    and fear of death,
    here or anywhere in the world
    wherever your finger would stand,
    as the globe rotates.

    Slow music
    Curtain goes down
    I'm going down
    Darkness going down
    Silence going down
    your heartbeats
    Lust for lost years
    And you'll be
    forever mine,
    but while you asleep
    you shine...


    #lovepoetry #poetry
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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  • artistano1 18w

    An old umbrella,
    called a smile,
    has been leaking lately
    so i try to find a verse,
    or a role,
    bigger than all
    and whisper it into the ether...

  • artistano1 18w


    Is there an answer in those blank papers,
    or i'm lying down, cold,
    waiting for a death?
    Your panic attacks
    come at dawn,
    and you are no better
    if you take off your clothes.
    And you're not the only one,
    you just don't understand,
    you've been a woman for too long.
    But where am I?
    A thousand wings on my arms,
    played the blues for a distant friend,
    which I don't have.
    A mocking romanticism
    I choke the crumpled paper.
    Open mouth fireplace,
    as on dead guard,
    still gaping and wait,
    like he can't find,
    and seeks
    a word,
    for a terrible curse.
    And I'm so tired
    of periods, commas and letters.
    You take the bait,
    like any fish.
    And you're all waiting
    for one of your Godot,
    and you tattoo my words,
    but I need a mirror,
    for my fantasies,
    to look the void into the eyes.
    - A mirror for a hungry stomach
    and a cold sleep;
    - Wait for me even when you know I won't come.

    Life and death
    pass each other for days
    and find a compromise in statistics.
    You and me,
    already mad;
    like a wind and plain.
    Show me your breasts,
    and hold your breath tight,
    that in those few heartbeats
    I hear I'm not the only creature on this planet,
    languished under cross.
    Someone's at the door,
    maybe just a day.
    I'll stay here anyway,
    engrossed in a mindless dream,
    I will sleep for hours.
    What does this mask mean
    which I can't take off?
    I know I'm under her,
    in the middle of a party bell
    which intoxicated the crowded city,
    when dealers procure them,
    everything is the same on this ground,
    and smell and stench.
    I don't need medicine,
    to forget sin;
    I need centuries
    to forget the applause and laughter.
    We will never see
    Paris with the same eyes.

    I will play for a long time
    this role assigned to me,
    in the defeat that will save me.
    I'm not Godot, don't wait for me.
    In the city of sold souls,
    in the city of passion,
    you ask a stranger to listen to you,
    as you cum on my strings,
    you do not hear the song in the birds;
    and you lose your wings.
    And that's all you need,
    in a dirty room,
    while your hair stinks of oil,
    you don't need love
    you need a vaudeville
    but you just don't understand.
    It remained dark in the room.
    And a couple of pale pictures,
    dead tonsils,
    and some things.
    Nothing knocked on the door
    with a large suitcase
    ready to unpack
    and settled right there,
    in my room,
    and to sleep beside me;
    and to wake me;
    And to look at me from every angle;
    I will remain only a messenger of life,
    new world order;
    "Hannibal ante portas"

    #start Artistano1 #wod

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Coetry- Corona Poetry

  • officially_ray 18w


    I wonder how different I used to be
    I loved myself and the world around me
    Like a wave you came, splashing at me
    A fool I was to let you drag me deep within
    Love is what I felt it was
    Nightmare it turned out to be
    You didn't let me drown
    You didn't let me breathe
    Trapped in your dreams
    You won't set me free
    All I am is a pitiful puppet
    You play me all day but won't throw me away
    Oh how bad I wish
    That it would come to an end
    I'm sick and tired of being a game

  • artistano1 19w

    Fragments of happiness
    days by habits,
    and who we are now?
    Chasears of rabbits,
    pair steps in snow.
    Don't say you love me
    Fragments of happiness,
    words on the wall,
    that's all.

    What will a poet to do with you,
    with dark in the words
    on the blank paper,
    with a torn reality
    under a hat.
    Go somewhere
    entertain your humbled years,
    at least try,
    and come back when you realize,
    where wild boars go to die...

    Fragments of happiness,
    blind to world,
    colorless and fold.
    That's how i stay,
    in cheap treals,
    lost in milky way.
    Fragments of happiness,
    words on the wall,
    that's all.

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #poetry #artist

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    Thats all

  • pj_animation 19w

    I am a mess
    With lots of less
    Seeking out a bless
    To shine upon me face

    The streets of my mind
    Filled with rage being blind
    Seeking peace hopes to find
    Among the chaos hoping to climb

    As the heart seeks peace
    Among a shattered pieces
    As blood pumps in a race
    Violent peace in a chase

    Clearly can't see
    Fogged like morning sea
    Conflict within won't flee
    The violence within at its peace

    Finding peace in the violence
    Finding voice in the silence
    Finding rush in patience
    Finding in a sense

    I am a mess
    In the streets of my mind
    As the heart seeks its peace
    Yet clearly I can't see

    Hoping to find sense from non
    Hoping to find patience within the rush

    #pj_illmind #mentalhealth #soul @miraquill #genuine_readers

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    Taking a simple walk
    But me heart is racing
    Making a simple talk
    But me mind is messing...

  • artistano1 19w

    Once when i was young,
    a long time ago,
    she ask me
    to write her a song.
    And I wasn't sure I would make it.
    Words are my toys,
    they come to me out of nowhere,
    but there are some things in us
    that cannot be translated into words.
    Maybe i wanted to find
    a special one for her,
    but time passed...

    "What about my song?"
    Ten years later she asked me again.
    As she cuddled, clinging to me,
    on a meadow
    from which the whole universe
    could be seen,
    when it was a clear night,
    like that night,
    when we hung,
    once when i was young.

    And I really didn't know
    how to make it.
    the words I know,
    the letters i've got,
    the signs i've seen,
    were blurring in my head,
    wanting to inspire her.
    Wanting to leave a mark on her,
    on her body.
    As I counted the birthmarks on her bare back,
    there, on the meadow
    from which the whole universe could be seen,
    that I could only look at the sky instead of at her.
    That night, silence istead of tongue,
    once when i was young.

    And time has taken us far...

    I'm not sure I could calculate
    how many starry nights have passed
    since she begged me to write a song for her,
    a long time ago,
    while I was counting the birthmarks
    on her bare back.
    Even today I can clearly see that picture,
    of her,
    of birthmarks,
    on the meadow,
    under the whole universe,
    as if I were there again,
    only this time I looked at the sky,
    and saw the arrangement of stars
    identical to the arrangement
    of the birthmarks on her body.
    And my fingers like shooting stars
    fly over letters,
    like over her bare back,
    what an irony,
    here's your song,
    you little fool...

    #genuine_readers #writingsongs #daadigotyourback #writersbay @miraquill @writersnetwork #once #wod

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    Once when i was young

  • rohitmahariya_0105 19w

    I Keep smiling but Deep down,

    "Tuta hua saaz hun main,
    Khud se hi naraz hun main'