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  • anasmoh 1w


    अकसर मैं सोचा करता हूं की लोग कई हैं ज़िंदगी मै।
    उमर निकल जाति है किसी को अपना बनाने में ।
    आज फिर कोई ऐसा मिला जिसमें कुछ अपना सा था।
    क्या वो समझ सकेगा मुझको ?
    या छोड़ देगा मुझे मेरे हाल पर।
    क्या उम्मीद लगाऊं उससे ?
    क्या मुझे फिर से भरोसा होने लगेगा?
    ये छोड़ देता हू वक्त पर ।
    जो होगा नसीब में मिल ही जाएगा।
    थोड़ी सी कोशिश करूंगा उसे समझाने की ।
    क्या पता यही नसीब में लिखा होगा।

  • marlyanna 2w

    Shining Gem

    Feeling lost and lonely?
    You got you!
    The best part about life is learning to love you and appreciating who you are
    You are a gem
    A beautiful gem that may not have been polished yet.
    Shine it, and glow even in the dark

  • iamsatyajitrout 5w

    One day you would meet that someone...
    And that someone will never ever make you cry...
    Will give you happiness that you deserve...
    Will give you immensely love and affection...

  • michaelnene7 16w

    May the story be that
    We lived, We loved
    We cried sometimes yet we conquered
    And we controlled our narrative.


  • madmans_diary 17w


    Anyone around you can share their happiness with you

    But only a few in life share your pain

    They aren't just people , the gem in your crown..

  • nocturnal_enigma 21w

    * 3.9.2021; 8.25 P.M (Malaysia)

    * Recording uploaded at my Instagram: nuems_poems

    * 3rd in #NuEmRaps #Rapper

    #rap #Eminem
    #poem #stem #them #gem #problem #REM
    #like #grow #sleepy

    * 'Them' refer to other poets.

    * I didn't chose the background. It automatically there. So, I just use it.

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    -em ~

    Yo! I am NuEm.
    Grow like a stem.
    This is my poem.
    I like Eminem.
    Is this piece, a gem?
    Like poems by them?
    Well. No problem.
    Sleepy; Come REM!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • tuiethetweety 23w

    "Embracing Happiness"

    Don't get so much upset for
    someone who left you after
    playing with your emotions.
    because they didn't know how
    valuable you are,so they left.
    had they known your value,
    never would they have left you.
    They considered you as charcoal
    and thrown you into dustbin.
    Then somebody else happens
    to get there and took you out
    the dustbin and saw a diamond.
    that diamond is none other than you!
    just like that story of a covert, village
    in very deep,unfathomable forest
    of Africa,where the tribes reside in
    wild manner like ancestors.
    the poor and unclothed uncivil
    tribal children played with some
    stones they collected from the
    very earth and the nature.
    once,few foreign explorers go to
    that uncivil covert village and saw
    the children playing with some shining
    stones that were almost fully covered
    with coal and dirts,seeing this strange
    stone,the explorers decided and took
    some of them back to their country and
    tested the stones in a laboratory,
    the test result left them with intense awe
    and dropped their jaws,rambling their mind.
    Because those stones were Diamonds.
    so,if someone knows your value he wild
    cherish you like a treasure if his life.
    whereas an ignorant selfish person is
    never just going to think you precious.

  • jaisyjosh 24w

    A Tribute to the Gem

    I have seen a genius gem
    Endowed gloriously with talents
    Bearing the heat of life like a layman.
    Cherishing life with a radiant smile,turning it a bumpy adventure zone.

    Warmly reaching out to the needy
    You kindle joy and strength
    Brushing aside fears and cares of life
    With words of courageous wisdom and guidance.

    Praises rain in, yet you are You
    And that is what Makes and keeps You.
    I have seen many lads but you are a rare gem of admiration
    And a Master to the world.

    O Gem!O Master! Great are you in the sight of us
    Keep sparkling, be honourable always with simplicity and goodness
    I wish you a blessed and fruitful birthday.

  • graearea 33w

    Hidden Gem

    I'm always a secret
    Kept in the dark where glimmer is a luxury
    Fed by the empty silence and echos of nothingness
    I stay in my little cage
    A willing participant to this game
    Maybe on this day you'll let me out
    So I can show you what my love can be
    Untamed, raw, full of energy
    Let it wash over you, show you how sweet it could be
    If you'd just love me without secrecy


  • gboye_ 36w


    Like a phoenix she moves, in the elegance of her beauty
    Shooting far into the sky like the torch of Athena
    Her touch dissolves every form of doubt
    And the words from her lips is of the ancient gods filled with so much wisdom
    I see her in a class,another light
    Not the usual, a goddess.
    I mean a gem on earth
    I'd call her the daughter of the heavens
    Cos this scent can only be born, not given
    She fills me with desire, and she's one to melt the mountains with her smile
    Melanin her skin is, but this color is quite unusual
    A mixed fragrance, oh! She satisfies.
    I behold with the eyes of a king and a child
    One as a queen,the other a mother
    She's one to be walked down the aisle

  • madnaw 38w


    A gem is rare they say but you can actually easily find them from someone's eyes

  • princessprink 39w

    Tribute to Imran Khan

    bechara kahan janta hai... Khalish hai ye kya khala hai
    Shahar bhar ki khushi se... ye dard mera bhala hai
    jashn yw raas na aaye...mazaa to bas gum me aaya hai

  • jayanthdeshmukh 40w


    it is alright to be in love.
    It is a good emotion.
    It is fine if someone doesn't love you back.
    What matter is
    Love isn't white and black
    Feel the emotion
    Go through them
    Afterall, it takes time
    For a coal to become a gem


  • anasmoh 41w


    कहने को तो संस्कार एक छोटा सा शब्द है
    पर इस शब्द मै समाहित है जीवन का सार
    संस्कार हमारी परवरिश मे झलकते हैं
    संस्कार हमारे व्यक्तित्व को पूरा करते हैं
    संस्कार इंसानियत का हृदय होता है
    संस्कार से ही इंसान को भीड़ में पहचाना जा सकता है
    यूं तो हम जी रहे है आधुनिक दुनिया में
    परंतु संस्कारों का हाथ तो नहीं छोड़ा जा सकता है
    संस्कार विरासत में दिए जाते है
    संस्कारों ही से तो लाखो के दिल जीत लिए जाते है
    कहने को तो संस्कार एक छोटा सा शब्द है
    पर इस शब्द में समाहित है जीवन का सार

  • layersofdesires 41w

    Ever since I ran into you
    At the staircase
    I was yours
    When I heard you called out my name
    The sweetness of your lips I craved
    When your eyes were beautified
    With tears floating in them
    About to break the bridge of eyelashes
    Streaming down on your cheeks
    I so wanted to stop them with gentle kiss
    When i saw you sitting beside her
    Staring at the horizon
    My heart sulked realising I wasn't the chosen one
    You made me brave
    Saving me from the demons living in my own head
    Your presence feed my hunger to live
    Till now i was struggling to breathe
    If you can't love me the way I wanted
    Why you looked at me the way you did ?
    If your heart doesn't echo my name and your eyes don't look for me
    Why you held me the way you did ?
    With you my lips curved
    My fears faded
    Your voice is the song playing in loop in my mind
    Seeing you disappearing like thin air
    From my world
    To be the answer of her dreams
    What about my prayers ?
    Haven't you listened to my heartbeats beating nothing but letters of your name ?
    Don't take away the hope you ignited
    I just started getting used to the feeling of being found
    Not wanting to feel lost
    A little room in your heart is all i need
    Let me be there beside you
    Like gentle breeze
    I don't want to own you
    But being able to see you
    Is my only driving force
    © Layersofdesires
    #sweetmunchies #vikirakuten #loveislove #gem

    Walking journey of life, I stumbled upon a beautiful gem worthy of being shared with you all. I saw this beautiful series called " SWEET MUNCHIES on VIKI RAKUTEN ages ago but for some reason my heart keeps going back to kang tae wan my favourite person in the drama.
    This constant pull made me realize this love deserves a token of tribute so I knew I can't sit still untill I pen it down.
    It all starts with nothing more than just a mere encounter at the staircase to be turned into a rollercoaster of self discovery, self acceptance and most importantly self-love.
    It's a beautiful story of renounced designer kang tae wan. A beautiful soul with heart filled with love to be spilled but eyes tired of living in his own head dying to see all the seasons of love people talk about before actually looking death in the eye he only craved to live once & HEAVEN LISTENED BUT
    Little did this fragile angel know 1st love only meant to be felt to learn self-love ❤️

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  • _deepika_gupta 49w

    Confession of an introvert

    I Know I'm an introvert...
    Sometimes I may find difficult to make new friends...
    But if you think I am empty hand..
    Then sorry my friend you don't know what gems I held...

  • shayne366 68w

    Underneath those rocks
    Was a gem filled with power
    Once you start to control it
    You'll receive chants for hours
    It might be fun the first time
    But you really got to realize
    That this type of power
    Could jeopardize many lives

  • zain_bee 69w


    I was odd and all alone ...
    N' then a twinkle appeared ...
    Nowhere out of the dark sky ...
    I gazed upon him all dawn n' night ...
    Started to shower all the inner sparkles ...
    As if he never felt uneven tunes within me ...
    Worshipping me far from the heavens ...
    Painting me without even knowing me ....
    Our silence echoed through the galaxies ...
    Near yet so ... so far ...

  • vasubandhu 70w


  • sarahrachelea 69w

    You're the spark
    Especially when it's dark
    You don't even realize
    What a fine gold you really are

    A wonderful treasure
    One precious gem