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    When you're up, your friends know who you are. When you're down you know who your true friends are. #miraquill #mirakee#poems #friend #friendship @sudhashri @angel_sneha @sanjanajha_26

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    When you're up, your friends know who you are.
    When you're down, you know who your true friends are.

  • _aesthetics_ 16h

    You know what it feels to be in a toxic friendship? It digs ur soul every minute, it suffocates you so bad ; difficult to even pull a breathe and the only reason you don't let your heart out and tell the other person is because you don't want to hurt them. It's so difficult to say "no" to them when they ask you for a complete useless party even when you have a terrible head ache and lots of assignment to be done, because you will never be understood and will be tagged with words like "you are never there with me", "it's so unlikely that you will help in future if I even need you".. Disgusting! It's so annoying when some so called friends demand reply to their text within a sec even when you're dealing with painful family stuff ! It's ridiculous when you score better than them in tests and their behaviour towards you suddenly changes as if you have wronged them in some way or the other! It's so difficult for them to see you being praised by the teachers. You break down sometimes for not being able to meet certain expectations of teachers , parents, but lovely friends call out as "Oh for God sake stop being so dramatic, you're gonna top anyway " "you're still gonna stay his favourite student" "you always lie about your exam, at the end you always score better than me" "you studied so much, yet u couldn't ?"

    When you couldn't attend the school/college for a day or two because of some deleterious health issues but when you show up after a few days, "you've been absent for so long, you must have completed whole of your syllabus" "oh stop lying about being at the hospital, I know you were busy studying!"
    Every time they talk to you, it's only about how I have wronged them, as in, replying to their stupid text after an entire minute and not binge watching THEIR favourite shows, not having the interest to listen to their gossips about new couple in the class !

    It really is suffocating, drains the soul slowly but entirely!

    #toxic #friends #friendship #suffocating #mentaldisturbance

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    A toxic friendship is more poisonous than all venoms combined.


  • wildestsage 1d

    In the midst of chaos
    and things going bad,
    Their friendship
    was the best gift he ever had.


  • bhagyad 1d

    And its not that hard to be cruel ��
    p.s i'm sorry ��

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    When some efforts seem worthless.
    When ignored as fast as a rocket .

  • curious_writer 2d

    कभी - कभी जिंदगी में कई पल ऐसे भी होते है,

    जो होते तो बहुत खूबसूरत है और दिल के बेहद करीब भी,

    पर उनका गुजर जाना ही दिल के लिए बेहतर होता है।


  • antici 3d

    Hey, Hey, Hey
    Come here you... Wipe your face
    Give it here. Put that down
    I know. It's the only thing that makes sense right now Makes it all feel better right?.. Well....tolerable right?
    But look me in my eyes
    This isn't it. This wallowing and fading aren't it. This isn't all you're meant to leave here.
    You're letting them take it from you
    You're taking it from yourself
    Look at him. Quit hiding from him.
    Now look down. You can't hide from them.
    Even if you have battled feeling like you're worth it
    They are.
    Get up
    Get dressed
    Go outside
    Take them with you
    It will not come knocking
    It will not chase you down
    It will not give you more chances than today
    So give it everything you've got
    Even when you don't believe in you


  • saniyasain 3d


    When I first started writing......

    My first poem back in 2018.

    I want to shine.

    I want to shine like water,
    In sun in moon.
    I want to show my colours
    Like flowers and nature.

    I wanna be the best
    In this world.
    I want to show you who am I
    I want to shine like
    Diamonds in dark.

    I want to fly
    Like birds, like planes.

    I wanna be the best
    Like you (people), like stars in night.
    I want to shine like sun
    Which blows and burns
    I want to shine like water
    In sun in moon ..

    It's been almost three years since I wrote my first work of poem. Well to be honest I neither had the talent nor the interest, but that morning I had a little argument with my parents over things I didn't knew I could do, they said that I limit myself, I always put a boundary with people before talking to them that is why, I don't have people I want in my life.
    So I wrote this, why I limited myself back then was because, I wasn't good enough, actually not at all.
    I was to afraid to put myself truly out, I was afraid I will get hurt again and again.
    It was a serious pain to be honest.

    A pain of not having people you want to, fear of losing people you don't want to, fear of failing at everything you do or not doing them as good as others, fear of not having the courage and confidence to talk.

    Now when I look back at my older self or this( poem) I think, the biggest fear was losing myself from me, I wasn't eager for other's attention but my own, I never really paid attention to me rather I gave them attention who were never meant to me, I was looking for my lost self, I badly wanted to be recognised, but by me.

    In this three years of writing I didn't only got good at my grammar but I found my lost self, I started knowing what am I worth, and I'm worthy for myself, the attention I want I'm getting, from me.
    My lost love for me returned back.
    My lost confidence grew stronger.
    And by this I got all the people I need by my side, the ones who are care, who I wanted in my life.
    I think some things can change your everything, that argument with my parents ( ps thanks a ton to them, and obvio I have always been grateful and will be to them) changed my whole world, I'm not the same person I used to be, I didn't lost my old self but I grew more on my own, the confidence, the hard work, and a passion of wanting to do something so badly.
    Writing changed the whole of my world for a good and I'm happy, I'm happy I'm not the same, I'm happy I still am silly but I'm not losing me.
    I'm finally happy, I'm finally shining
    But for me.....


    I can't see you with her.

    I was sleeping at night
    And I thought your were only mine
    But you weren't even better
    Like every other boy
    You fucked my life.

    And then suddenly you showed up with her
    Idk why but I just can't see her with you.
    It's the feeling I can't describe
    But I don't wanna hate her

    I wish you were only mine.
    Only if all those things didn't happened.

    Maybe you liked her only from the beginning.
    I wished it wasn't true
    But I know you never felt a thing for me.

    I don't wanna give up on you
    Cause you are my everything
    And a piece of my heart I once had a right to call only mine.

    I'm sorry, but I can't see you with her.
    I don't wanna cry but my eyes they refuse to stay dry.
    I don't wanna give up on you but all I see is her in your eyes.

    I guess she's all that matters.
    I'm the lost card you first pretended to love.
    I guess she's the only girl you have in your life.
    I wish we could end up together but that was just a dream in night.

    © Saniyasain

  • ___shweta 3d


    आज एक खूबसूरत धरती की चांदनी
    उस खुबसूरत आसमान के खूबसूरत चांद में मारे को देख
    ये खूबसूरत सा करवा चौथ का त्यौहार मारे खातिर बिताई होगी...��

    #English, #hindi
    #nature  #love  #travel  #life  #inspiration  #friendship  #poetry  #thoughts  #diary
    #karwachuth #chaand #mohbbat #pyaar

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    रहकर दिन भर वो भूखी प्यासी
    अपने महबूब के मोहब्बत को
    वो थाली में सजाई होगी
    और कोई देख न पावे उसके हथो में मारे नाम की मेंहदी
    कुछ इस तरह से मेंहदी वो अपने हथों में रचाई होगी
    सबसे छुपती छुपाती इधर से उधर भटकती फिर रही होगी
    थोड़ी पागल है ना, मेरी जान
    मारे लखा बार मना कारां के बाद भी
    कि यों व्रत-वृत्त से मोहब्बत का पता न चले है
    थारे और मारे साथ से यों प्यार का पता चले है
    और जो रवा न सके कबी भूखी प्यासी
    आज दुल्हन की तरह आईने में खुद को वो सजाई होगी
    आज मेरी चांद,
    आसमान में उस खुबसूरत चांद में मारे को देखकर
    ये करवा चौथ का खूबसूरत सा त्यौहार
    मारे खातिर बिताई होगी...

  • doctor1994 4d

    Rishta gehra tha gehra rahega
    Zindagi hai dukh ka fera rahega
    Utaar chadhaav aaenge bahot par
    Tu kal mera tha aaj bhi mera rahega

  • shinyindeed 4d

    Being A Friend..

    A friend is a gift you give yourself..

  • ___shweta 4d

    Word Prompt:


    #nature  #love  #travel  #life  #inspiration  #friendship  #poetry  #thoughts  #diary

    Write a 10 word micro-tale on Expectation

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    आज चांद में नूर है
    इस बात का चांद को गुरूर है
    हम किस पर गुरूर करे गालिब
    जब चांद ही हमसे हमारा दूर है...

  • simu_bittu 4d

    Yaad aati ho

    Aankhe moond lu to khayaal tumhara
    Aankhe khol du to najar tum aati ho
    Tum hi ho jo har pal mujhe
    Mujhse nayi tarah milaati ho

    Shabdo se na sahi magar
    Mann se pyaar jataati ho
    Prem rang me range huye
    Dosti ke geet gaati ho

    Duniya se haar jaau main jab
    To mere dil ko himmat dilaati ho
    Mere har sukh dukh me na jaane kaise
    Tum itna ghul mil jaati ho

    Kitni taaqatwar ho tum
    Jo mere darr ko akele haraati ho
    Jo saahas main dhundh na paau
    Tum mujhko wo aasaani se dilaati ho

    Kabhi na kiya hoga kisine
    Utna pyaar mujhe de jaati ho
    Bhul jaati hu saare gam apne
    Tum itna mujhe hasaati ho

    Mere din ka har lamha
    Apne pyaar se bhar jaati ho
    Chah kar bhi chupa na paau
    Tum mujhe kitni yaad aati ho

  • itsssiya 1w

    #broken #love #friendship #letter #biggest #write
    Hey guys I hope you like this �� I wrote this in 15mins so don't mind it if it isn't good �� stay happy stay positive ���� love yall ��

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    Write a letter

    If I could write you a letter
    I'd write you the biggest one yet
    Starting with how much I loved you
    Moving on to where we first met
    I'm sorry it has to end this way
    But I still I have to say
    If we where meant to be
    Then you and me
    Wouldn't have needed a break
    So now I would end with
    Were We ever? Cuz we weren't meant to be


  • bookaholic_butterfly 1w

    Wish I could

    Wish I could see you one last time
    Trace those beautiful lashes
    loosing myself in those sparkling eyes
    Strucked dumb by your smile.

    Wish i could hear you one last time
    To tell you a terrible joke of mine
    just to make you giggle
    For you were my sunshine.

    Wish I could breath you one last time
    Inhale your scent and let it linger on my mind
    So that i can never forget
    The memory of your essence.

    Wish I could taste you one last time
    Brushing those honeyed  lips on mine
    Tangling tongues entwine
    Kiss you breathless make you feel divine.

    Wish I could feel you one last time
    Caress you untill satisfied
    Hold you close that we could align
    Touch you so your touch brands on mine.

    Wish i could just rewind
    Just to be with you one last time
    To cherish every moment
    And make you Forever mine.


  • reformme 1w


    "Good morning sunshine! "
    She was not one for nicknames
    But with him it came easy.
    She had always hated the cold.
    Dealing with her iced out heart,
    The nickname seemed fitting
    "You know why I call you sunshine? "
    "Cus no matter your mood you always shine!
    Sometimes overshadowed by dark clouds,
    Sometimes by the moon. "
    He was so warm, so very warm.
    She liked being kind to him but it was selfish actually.
    People were not used to kindness , so they either took advantage of it or she adapted to bond.
    Being kind to him allowed that part of her to breathe.
    It was all true though, like two sides to a coin.
    She felt the warmth spread through her chest again.
    She really did hate the cold.
    He was truly like the sun, shining on all her dark areas and warming all the cold ones.
    His nickname was so apt, she smiled.
    "Goodnight sunshine."
    He deserved all her kindness.
    He was her selfish kindness.


  • writtersfeelingz 1w

    Dost hu

    Mana dost hu
    Par dil mat thodo yaar
    Humhe bi feelings hai
    Haath jod tha hu
    Hum time pass nahi hai

  • writtersfeelingz 1w

    Reality sometimes

    I am online 24x7
    I reply on time
    I motivate them
    I try maximum to keep them happy
    I make sure they are relaxed
    But why when I text they take
    Time to reply...
    Be it a friend or foe
    Please remember ...
    Those who reply on time are jobless
    Still I will reply...what to do
    I respect... FREINDSHIP

  • alltimefamished 1w

    Meeting her people

    Bags were packed. She was ready in her well draped Saree, diamond earrings and red bangles adorned her skin.

    Checked her belongings one last time. Walked out of the door, and locked with a smile.

    Her excitement screamed in her eyes. She was going to meet her in laws after the lockdown.

  • ___shweta 1w


    कुछ जानना होगा तुम्हें तुम्हारे बारे में
    तो इस सरोवर में खुद को देख लेना
    और सब कुछ स्पष्ट दिख जाएगा...��

    #English, #Hindi
    #nature  #love  #travel  #life  #inspiration  #friendship  #poetry  #thoughts  #diary
    #radha#krishna #prem #premsarowar

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    तुम्हारे हृदय में मेरे लिए अपार प्रेम से बना है ये सरोवर,
    राधा तुम्हारे अश्रु से ही तो बना है ये सरोवर,
    तुम्हारे और मेरे अश्रुवों के मिश्रण से बना है ये सरोवर,
    हां, इसी का नाम होगा प्रेम सरोवर...
    हमारे पहले मिलन का प्रतीक है ये प्रेम सरोवर
    प्रेम की परिभाषा होगी ये प्रेम सरोवर
    इसमें राधा और कृष्ण के प्रेम का अपार प्रेम है
    ये प्रेम सरोवर,
    अपार प्रेम से बना है ये सरोवर
    हां, इसी का नाम है प्रेम सरोवर....
    श्वेता ✍️

  • salvi_chris 5d


    He understood all because he started to reside with my mind