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  • ankahi_battein 13w

    For all the beautiful lovers out there
    #love #payar #missing #emotions #firsttime

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    Ye jo baithe baithe mai kahi kho jati hu na !
    Kahi or nhi bs tumse mil k aa jati hu .

  • susann 24w

    New Age-(Day 57)

    I was walking wondering
    All this time
    Where is my soulmate?
    Where is my love?
    I was busy growing up
    I almost missed my step
    You picked me out of the field
    Held my hand and smiled
    Such a beautiful smile
    You were the one I have wished for
    Now you are here
    And I am speechless
    My heart is racing
    I'm excited and afraid
    Why I'm I afraid of this feeling?
    Losing my mind
    You guided me back to reality
    The most amazing moment
    I was myself with you
    We laughed and hugged
    My precious golden link
    You saved me my love
    My eternal friend
    I'm grateful for you

  • raman_writes 35w


    आज भी फ़ुर्सत ना मिली तुझे याद करने की ।

    आज ही हम पहली दफ़ा मिले थे मुझे याद है ।।


  • berries_54 35w

    Do you remember what it felt like when you got your first car?


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    First Drive

    Both hands on the wheel
    My heart beats uncontrollably
    "There's no way I could do this"
    Mirrors and gear in check
    Seat belt on
    Hand breaks down
    Foot taps the accelerator

    "This isn't bad"
    Breeze flows through my hair
    Serenity enters
    The tunes play
    I cruise on by in my new ride

  • blackshadezs 36w

    ~First love always alive and lives all the time in your heart. How much you try to forget it never goes away from your heart. It's always something special~

    Date : 3/12/2021 09:41 PM
    Lat,Long : 11.706,78.416

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #firsttime #ceesreposts #wod #pod

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    My first love

    We met first time
    On the internet
    3 days before Christmas
    I was in mango city (salem)
    Escaping High school
    Dropping out
    Popping pills
    Living hard
    You were in banglore
    Land of gardens and IT hub
    Everything you said to me
    Was like a love story
    It's stuck a chord
    My phone became
    My lifeline
    My phones became you,
    Laying behind empty field
    Behind minyards at midnight
    A lifetime ago
    Drinking coffee
    From the flask
    With warm chips
    Leaving 100+ voice mails
    Of me talking nonsense
    I found you saved them
    Did you know you saved me ?
    I spent my first savings
    On plane ticket to see you
    A few hours together
    After a year of long distance
    Soul connection
    Hand written letter in the mailbox
    Every day without fail
    Excessive to some
    But I had never know love,
    Sleeping next to you for the first time
    Was the highlight of my life
    I didn't imagine you,
    Even once told me it was
    Too good to be true,
    You were real
    I had never heard you voice,
    But I understood,
    You just as sacred as me
    To open up and be rejected is,
    The most terrifying thing,
    We promised that would never happen
    Was started as an Idea,
    Become my entire future,
    All that I really live for
    Running away from familiarity
    And into your laps indefinitely
    Was the best decision I made.
    Day passed year changed
    You moved out for someother person.
    After 6years you came back
    Messaged me "I got married,how are you?"
    My eyes filled with tears
    My mouth went little up smile
    Thanks for giving bittter sweet tears
    And beautiful memories.


  • _broken_mirror_ 36w

    First time

    My heart broke with my expectations,landing me into confusion,
    The person in front of me became a complete stranger quite contrary to the person I had met some time ago.

  • sujmamchat 36w


    I remember the first time, I took my son to school.
    I made him learn all the P's and Q's and also the rules.
    Holding my finger, the little one walked
    Not knowing what was in store for him as we talked.

    I told him of the playmates he would meet
    All teachers and the headmistress on the seat
    In the premises, a beautiful garden, a park
    Where he would, on his first journey, embark.

    Lovely fairies in colorful dresses (girls)
    Looking so innocent with their hair in tresses
    Tiny elves who would play around (boys)
    And loiter in the classes and in the ground.

    There would be colorful blocks and vibrant toys
    Available for all the girls and the boys
    A blackboard where the teacher would show
    Figures of numbers and alphabets kids know.

    Hearing all this the little one said
    "Mom I am not at all afraid,"
    "But tell me mom, will you be there ?"
    "To cuddle me when I need your care ?"

    To this, my silence was heavy with remorse
    "I am always there for you, for better or worse."
    "Just call me and I shall be by your side."
    "To love and care for you, I shall abide."

    We reached the school and I bid him adieu
    Handed him over to the security guard in blue
    He whimpered, as he was taken away,
    "Mumma, mumma, where are you today ?"

    My heart did cry and my soul did weep
    I knew he was hurt inside very deep
    He was searching for his mom, who wasn't there
    How would he receive her love and care ?

    What about my promise to be by his side ?
    When he called me, why did I hide ?
    Behind a tree, to avoid seeing the sight
    Calling his mumma to hug him tight.

    When this memory haunts me down the years
    My voice does break and my eyes have tears
    The first time when my son went to the school
    I taught him the P's and Q's and the rules.

    @ Dr. Sujata Chatterjee

  • muskaanbhatt_ 36w

    I am sick but still I managed to write, hope you like❤��

    So, many things first time happened with us related to many things, but here are some few of those first times, actually when something happens for one time it's called first time but what when all these lovely things happens with us not just once, when that first time but when these things happen always with us from the first day of our love till today and everyday and still going on, then it's known as every-time.

    Everytime I see you, talk to you I fall continuously for you❤��

    As our love is different, unique and not like today's people, so those things which happen for first time with others, those things happen with both of us everytime, I mean our love is still as before which it was on the first day, nothing changed between us,be it talking for hours,be it never fighting and having arguments,be it never hiding each other from known ones, be it anything,the things which happened in the beginning still happenes with us, 4 years and going on, it's as same as before, we aren't like others whose love changes with time, our love is mature enough to fight all challenges of today's time, our love isn't kiddish like today's people who fight everytime, block un block each other's,deactivate their ids to show their moods, post sad stuffs for each other, share their relationship secrets with others, remove dp last seen to show anger, show sadness through statuses and never show happiness, leave talking for days and involving themselves with others, we have nothing like this kiddish stuff, we never fought, we never showed sadness through posts or social media even if we are in anger we keep it private between each other we never had this block un block stuff, we never posted sad or removed dp and all,our respect and shyness in front of each other is still present in our love as before,Be it sadness or happiness we always keep it between each other and let our haters assume����

    My love for you is so pure that I keep all my things for you, especially my face and beauty and soul, which is only yours ,and only you are applicable to see and I never keep that available for others to see and on a show on social media or in real like few people❤��

    #pod #wod #firsttime #first #december @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    All our first times❤

    The day when we met for the first time
    We fell in love with each at first sight which felt like a sweet crime

    When first time you offered those love roses when you sat on your knees
    There I understood that you will be my angel and guardian with your love keys

    When first time you proposed me by saying I love you and will you marry me
    I got that you offered something permanent and not that temporary relationship thing to me

    When first time you held my hands in your hands
    Rapidly gave a rush to my blood in veins and other glands

    When first time we went on that long drive
    Discussed every chapter of each other and felt like alive

    When first time you bought me those gifts which I refused to take
    I was shy to take but you felt bad and those tears you fake

    When first time you were staring like insane
    And all I did was to look away and giving that shy smile again and again

    When first time we went on that long walk in those summer days
    Were our footsteps were matching with each other's while looking at each other's face

    When first time we went to my favorite restaurant and both had food stuff in a single plate and after 4 years this habit remains the same
    As we know love like ours isn't easy and not like other's a timepass game

    When first time we had an argument where I was wrong and you Were perfectly fine
    Made me fell for you again when you said sorry a hundred times when mistake was all mine

    When first time you touched my soul with your eyes and never with your hands
    Made me believe your love is so pure, true and full of scents

    When first time you called my name in your deep voice
    My breathe paused and the blood in my veins freezed by choice

    When first time we got lost in each other's eyes and got mad in it
    Such a beautiful moment it was when my sea met your eye's ocean with such a fit

    When first time you took me to your hometown
    While travelling through unknown streets, you made me feel safer and comfortable while you felt like I am your crown

    When first time we talked for hours
    Be that love talks, sharing sorrows or some talks of humors

    When first time you shared all your dark sides and secrets with so much honesty
    I told you all your things are mine and will protect your secrets like a partner full of modesty

    When first time you introduced me to your family and friends as your would be wife
    Again made me fell for you and you became my life


  • _pluto_ 36w

    The first time I felt scared of dead bodies
    Was two years back,
    On the 13 December of 2019,
    When the winter couldn't stop my cries from reaching towards your end,
    From reaching to your lifeless self.

    I can still hear your Polaroids speaking tons of wavelength ,
    (An eclipse scenery of your lost self).
    Have you tasted the freedom yet ?
    It was from the beginning, wasn't it ?
    For those feelings were not transferred from the last day,
    To the day when I saw you coming down in an ambulance,
    And going back on a wooden plank.

    Sometimes I find myself talking to you while looking at the ceiling,
    As if you can listen to each and every word of my poem.
    Your anniversary is coming,
    I wonder ,
    Should I pray for your health ?
    I hope you are doing okay.

    It was chaos and I was crying in the rain,
    Cause I realised you were at the other end of the thread to which my hand was tied,
    I wished I had pulled you down with the string.
    I wished I never went back home from school that day.

    - There's not a day which goes by when I fail to remember you,
    I wonder how much it hurt to make you fade away, I wonder if I could take that pain away.

    #first #firsttime #pod #lost #wod @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @miraquill @mirakee

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    [ Read while listening to : Crying for rain by MINAMI ]

  • akshiwrites 36w

    The first time I
    wove the verses of
    poetry, flowers of tranquility
    began to bloom on
    the cold desert of my heart.

  • anupriyachauhan18 37w

    First time

    Pretend like its the first time again, let your heart get ahead of your body again.
    Love has forgotten me. I am shrinking. I must be.
    I am not going to live through this, if I do, I will not be alive enough.
    Even when I dont know what to say, I know I want to keep hearing your voice.
    I hate that now everyone has to know me after love left me unlovable.

  • i_shukriya 39w

    Meeting you for the first time felt like
    you are not mine,
    & the end holds that right.


  • ritesh18 42w

    Strange things for this Ind vs Pak t-20 World Cup match
    Lost 1st time yaar, but congratulations to pak for their performance...!!!
    10 wickets victory

  • ions0206 44w

    Nothing is easy at first be it tieing shoes or be in relationship•••||

  • anzil21 46w

    आज भी अच्छी तरह याद है अपनी पहली मुलाकात, कुछ खास तो नहीं थी, पर फिर तुम खास बन गये,

  • pristine_crescendo 47w

    Simple Love

    And one day I met a boy,
    Someone too good to be true,
    Chivalry in his heart and a little shy,
    A man who stays, my heart knew.

    He talked to me,
    Just with his eyes,
    And he called me his sweetheart,
    He said he was gonna keep me,
    He said he was gonna hold me,
    I'd met God's own piece of art.

    And I began to feel safe with him,
    He was my comfort personified,
    I'd call him out, inside my head,
    And surely, he'd be there by my side.

    I'd gaze at him
    And often get lost,
    I wished he'd read my eyes,
    And so deeply did we look at each other,
    Our hearts connected in a trice.

    And lost in reveries of him, I realised,
    That I was in the midst
    Of this beautiful feeling of falling in love,
    In love with the right one.
    The deeper I fell,
    The more I smiled,
    All day long, on his thoughts I'd dwell.

    I wished to listen to his heartbeats,
    They'd sync with mine soon enough
    And all my anxiety would go away,
    The warmth of his hand,
    The sounds of his breath,
    His smile would lighten up my day.

    I'd always wish he'd touch my hair
    In my head, we were a happy pair
    And more than often
    I'd think about kissing him
    I'd miss him for nights,
    And then think about missing him.

    At last one day,
    On 28th of May,
    He actually held my hand,
    And not long after,
    I was in his arms,
    In his fragrant care,
    And then it happened...yes it did,
    He smiled sweetly and touched my hair,
    Oh he touched my hair.

  • dosbambi 49w

    For those who don't believe in pre marital sex, or fornication, for religious reasons, they anticipate their wedding night with every thing within them.

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #lovestory #weddingcard #marriage #firsttime #sex #fantasy

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    Here it is, first of its kind,
    the first of many of its beautiful kind.
    Many time I've wallowed in the thought
    of what will make of this first of its kind.
    The first of many to come for you and I.
    Come here my lady, let our bodies
    get closer than they ever did to each other
    that they might whisper their secret desires
    as they have been sold out to each other.
    Hold me everywhere, please feel free to roam
    all over my body as your soul so desires
    because tonight, all my soul desires
    is to explore your body like an explorer.
    Come now, let us lie together,
    this night has to be very different.
    The first time is the most anticipated time.
    We are no longer two for we have become one.
    Shame is prohibited here for it's an holy night.
    Lie with me my woman, let me worship your body,
    my offering has long waited for this night.

  • the_inked_script 49w

    #sometimes #summer #heat #tanka #season #firsttime #wod
    Azured: Bright blue
    Sweltering: Uncomfortably hot

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    The Summer Heat

    Sometimes the sky
    seems azured, and the
    bright Sun allies.
    The noon is sweltering,
    and baking mankind as buns.

  • redishbrown 52w


    There's a transparent ocean in your eyes
    where I can see the beauty
    And the messiness of different rocks
    Different stages that makes you who you are

    Everytime I look at you
    I can see the pebbles of different colors
    I see the colorful fishes
    that swim through your soul

    You may be thinking
    that what we see above is better than you
    but you are bluer than the sky
    because you may be empty in a naked eye
    but you are full from the inside.

    And they all make you different.
    They all make you more beautiful
    They all make you more colorful.
    And they all make you a better one.

  • chowang 54w

    #kwansaba #wod #poem #firsttime @writersnetwork

    “Try until you succeed” — anonymous

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    Old couples

    Respect is earned comes along with love
    Is what I see in those couple
    And regret seems to be vanished within
    The old couples communicate with their eyes
    Celebrating their love with the simple lunch
    Under the oak tree with the hummingbirds
    Sun giving out his blessings to them.