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  • mbyler 20w

    Stay or Go

    Have you ever lost yourself?
    And the found that self back again?
    How about finding someone you don't know?
    Unsure if this new you,
    Needs to stay or needs to go?

  • thewet_lotus 44w

    A Real Girl

    All I want, is to look like how I feel inside.
    And be comfortable in my own skin.

  • atmajyoti 70w

    "Finding myself"

    After finally finding myself
    I realised that, to begin with,
    there had been nothing for me to find,
    but everything for me to lose,
    everything that I thought I was,
    and everything that I was not.


  • drunksquirrel 73w

    finding self

    With hungry wolves
    Howling for every piece of meat
    In your body
    You are selfish
    Shaping and chiseling parts
    Holding your emotions together
    Strengthening your bones
    Nurturing your feeble spirit
    Cleansing your mind
    Healing your soul
    Creating yourself
    Crediting yourself

    Today you are selfish
    Tomorrow you are the world

  • drunksquirrel 74w

    #findingyourself #happying��#bad moment not bad life�� #im just me#im distracting you so that you won't find me#i got this together ��

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    Being vulnerable

    Hear me out
    I'm sad
    I'm lonely
    See my words
    Speaking in tears
    Hear me out
    I'm broken
    Into bits and pieces
    Hear me out
    I'm selfish
    I'm losing
    I'm faking
    I'm falling
    I'm hurt
    Hear me out
    I'm strong
    Yet brittle
    Hear me out
    I'm down
    I'm breathless
    I'm scared
    I'm all over the places
    It's not about rainbow
    Or butterfly
    Come on
    Find me
    Fight me
    It's tears
    It's beautiful
    I'm happy
    I'm weird
    I'm vulnerable

  • drunksquirrel 77w

    camera dilemma

    Which sides of my face should I click today-
    Front or the usual sideways?
    Which part of my face should I click-
    Lips, eyes, or my perfect jawline?
    The dimpled chin and the moles
    Need special mention
    While the dark spots and the freckles
    Will be covered by makeup
    and beauty apps!
    The new haircut and its trend
    Will be featured another day.

    Which part of my body shall I
    Share with the virtual world?
    My hands, fingers, nails
    Or my palm, if you can read it for me?
    Or my closet?
    O, Wait. My sneakers and high heels
    Need equal attention y'all.
    Or shall I go out into the wild side
    And show them my trim physique,
    Small waist, and long legs
    In the guise of a walk with nature?
    I need more likes and adulation-
    More followers, more and more.

    Which part of my body should I show you today?
    Tell me in the comment section below!


  • joybirdpoetry 79w


    Left lane must exit.
    But what if that exit
    keeps taking you
    somewhere you don’t like going?
    leads you down that same old road
    over and over again?
    The road to
    uncertainty, unhappiness,
    mediocrity, discontent?
    always leads to a dead end?
    And what about if one day
    you didn't exit left
    but just kept going straight ahead?
    You might get lost,
    but you never know,
    you might just find yourself too.


  • the_acataleptic_ 80w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #poetess_for_you #terrybbrown @alisdaire_ocaoimph #infinteyou #Findingyourself #lifegoeson

    I thought this could be that day,
    The day was so perfect;
    It was like a painting,
    adored by every passerby..
    But like every other good thing,
    It caught an evil eye
    and broke into shades of light and night !!

    I thought this could be the night;
    The night was so black,
    It almost ate the moon,
    After smearing on some twilight dressing!!
    But like every other bad thing,
    It had a silver lining
    Like rainbows after the gloomiest rains !!

    Nothing ever seemed what it was !!
    The world seemed jilted,
    And my mind felt tilted..

    A waning crescent awaits;
    When I hope for the fullest moon,
    Then it haunts me like a dark melody..
    A new beginning remains;
    When I hope for that lasting end,
    Then it follows me as one anxious shadow..

    It felt like I was waiting..
    Always waiting for something,
    Something that was nothing,
    That nothing which was something;
    A thing beyond forever..!!

    I kept looking on the outside,
    And I got nothing..
    Then I started looking inside,
    And I got something...!!

    I realized;
    I am the day and the night,
    I am the light and the shadow,
    I am the rainbow and the rain,
    I am the moon and the melody..
    I am the end and the beginning..
    I am not just nothing !!
    I am not simply something !!
    I am everything..!!

    I am everything I was waiting for.

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    I am everything ☯️


  • the_acataleptic_ 81w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite @alisdaire_ocaoimph #poetess_for_you #happyplace #thememoriesofawomb #atlantislost #findingyourself

    The wide repertoire
    of every dismal dark day
    draws out a routine of sadness,
    rooted deep in the shadows of my soul!!

    I carry the weight
    of dying hope in that long plight
    and still yearn for a light,
    that lessens the exhaust I bear and bare!!

    There I am an afterthought in human size,
    lost in time and walking and in turn
    waiting for a direction towards home,
    looking for a place where I belong!!

    Then the child in me yearns for comfort
    and the confines of a womb calls to me,
    waiting to cover me in the welcoming
    coolness of her damp touch, almost alive!!

    My legs move and hands turn on command,
    twisting the metallic shower handles,
    I stand there resembling a humanoid
    plugged into its portal, slowly recharging!!

    There I am the actor and spectator of my life,
    going through the motions and stopping
    to feel the wet caresses poured all
    over me, water that soothes and saves!!

    Then the heat builds and I wonder what the water
    running off of me tastes like, whether it has become
    a weak tea flavoured from the dregs
    of my experiences, dredged in depths of my sorrow!!

    Soon, I am the water descending and drifting,
    I transform into the ricochet of droplets on the floor,
    I turn into muted sounds of a serene cascade;
    I am in Atlantis, my happy place, a lost sanctum !!

    Inside the fall-walls of my fading atlantis,void of cares;
    strength finds me at my most vulnerable,
    knotted thoughts untangle as troubles wash away; and
    I am resurrected, remade whole again!!


    PS: What's your happy place?

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    My Atlantis

    Soon, I am the water descending and drifting,
    I transform into the ricochet of droplets on the floor,
    I turn into muted sounds of a serene cascade;
    I am in Atlantis, my happy place, a lost sanctum !!

  • marlyanna 83w

    The Story

    You think you know, you dont

    You have no clue, yet the answer is right in front of you

    Staring back at you in the mirror

    You are the true answer to happiness

    Your life is like an empty journal waiting to be written

    With every passing day and every blank page turned

    Only will stay blank unless you take the time, to look deep within yourself

    Find the happiness that lies within


  • harleyquinn_06 93w

    Be You

    It’s okay to be imperfect;
    It's okay to cry when you cannot express;
    It's okay to be the odd one out;
    It’s okay to not be cool as others may describe;
    It’s okay to prefer spending time alone;
    It's okay to create layers to avoid others;
    It's okay to be weird in everyone else's eyes;
    It’s okay to feel a void inside;
    It's okay to seek solace even when you know you won't find one;
    It's okay to feel frustrated at times when there's no reached out hands;
    It's okay to be the darkness in this glamorous world;
    It’s okay to be the coal rather than being gold;
    Because you are you, not others;
    And it’s perfectly okay to be different,
    to be unique,
    to be broken,
    to be YOU.


  • aimeedesta 95w

    Standing alone in her balcony,
    She looked at the world that was still,
    Breathing in the air that was new for her,
    Smiling to herself as she listened the songs of the birds.

    Standing alone in her balcony,
    She soaked in the stars and the moon,
    Trying to remember the last time she did so,
    Smiling to herself as she danced in the moonlight.

    Standing alone in her balcony,
    She felt the night breeze moving around her,
    Like a dance of seduction asking her to join,
    Smiling to herself she gave into all those feelings.

    Smiling to herself she felt loved and very new,
    Smiling to herself she realized she fell in love,
    In love with herself and everything around her.
    So she stood there in her balcony a little while longer,
    Smiling to herself and to the moon and the stars.
    ©Aimee_desta s

  • classicofme 94w

    Peace within...

    Peace is
    A meeting with insanity
    A forever home with sanity.


  • onasisto 98w

    Under The African Son

    He walked with thoughts in disarray
    Making plans on how to get away
    He could feel his scalp sizzling under the African sun
    The burden that came with being born an African Son
    Snow would be nice
    For only the truly successful drank mineral water with ice
    His inability to choose his origin was his greatest demise
    Dear African Son, do away with your foolish thoughts and listen to the wise
    The colour of your spirit isn't white
    It's as red as the eyes of Mansa Musa on the day of his resurrection
    You dream of visits from the ghosts of Christmas future, past and present
    But the river of the heritage that flows within your veins holds stories you've never heard
    You've never felt the peace of a Fulani man watching his herd graze
    Dear African Son, there are stories under your loafers
    But you never walk barefoot, so you've lost touch with your ancestors
    You can only be truly great when you decide to embrace your fate
    True stories of African heroes unwritten and forgotten
    The lovely feeling of shea butter slowly refining your skin during the harmattan
    The laughs and frowns of your brothers and sisters waiting in the waakye line
    The smell of Kelewele on a cold March night is truly divine
    Dear African Son
    All the answers you need are within
    Your spirit remains dormant
    How then do you expect to hear the directions of the ones before you
    Reach within and find yourself
    Your soul doesn't reside in a ministry
    Your mind is the Creator's best work of artistry
    Your dreams are of a royal ancestry
    Take off your loafers and feel the ground
    Breathe in, breathe out
    You're no longer lost

  • deniarose 101w

    This is the journey of exposed
    Where the truth will be shown
    Where true self will be exposed

  • deniarose 101w

    Truth be told
    lost in the world
    What's next
    What should be done
    It's hard to find my true self
    How I am meant to be felt
    Truth be told
    Lost on the road
    This it the journey of exposed

  • eden_with_eve 105w

    Does he love her, or does he love an ideal?
    When he says "Come", does she walk or is she being brought to heel?
    Does she find her knees or is she forced to kneel?
    Her back is bowed, her hands are bloody.
    When her voice dares break it speaks a broken call.
    "I've murdered myself and mangled my feet. If I had the will to walk out the door I would."
    If she had a choice she'd be happy.
    Instead she chose him because at the time he meant more.
    The worst kind of heartbreak.
    Somehow even it feels selfish.

  • haarika 106w

    Happiness is finding
    Yourself lost in the pages of a book
    Coloured with Emotions


  • itshdeepss 110w

    There's something beautiful about the rain. The way the sapphire sky turns into melancholic gray; dark yet beautiful. The way clouds let go. The way small beads of rain falls from above at first and then, heavily; just like how we cry when we let go things. The sound the sky makes, screaming to be admired when it's gray. Letting us know that it can't always stay sapphire with a tint of yellow like we wanted it to. That, things aren't really what they seem to be.

    And that's okay. It's okay to let go things once in a while; to cry and scream until you fall asleep. To tell someone that you're not actually okay when they ask you how you're doing. Because sometimes you won't have any other sane choice to stop hurting from whatever that's been hurting you. It's okay to cry infront of someone you trust, to let go things that's been hurting you. You'd feel better, a little better. Even if it's for a while.

    But I wish letting go things was that easy.


  • aurevoir 113w

    Journey to find myself

    I've been searching for some lost treasure
    Or maybe a gennie in a lamp
    That will somehow miraculously take all my inconsistencies and align me in the most perfect way possible.

    But when I saw you sitting by the windowsill,
    Your eyes etherally reflecting,
    the golden rays of the setting sun,
    And you acknowledged my presence with a crooked smile,
    All warmth and acceptance,
    I wondered if all I ever needed wasnt a gennie or a lost treasure,
    Just someone who'd somehow fill up the small cracks and light up the dark corners of my heart.

    And it felt endless really, but just like everything it had an end too,
    Somehow I was back to where I began but this time I had lost count,
    Of the pieces,
    The broken promises,
    The unfulfilled wished,
    The betrayals.

    It was a long night, torturous and haunting.
    Everything and everyone was out to get me,
    I just wanted to laugh at the pathetic mess I'd become,
    I'd never be happy,
    No one will love me,
    Not until I love myself.

    Its hard, so very hard and my soul is tired and my bones are heavy from all the hurt,
    But I still woke up today,
    So maybe its not too late to try again,
    Even if its a little bit.