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  • uyemhietokhe 3d

    If being with you is wrong, then let it be so. The desperation to cross that bridge is too great and I wish you understand why. #farewell

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    On the Bridge

    On the bridge,
    I say my final farewell to you,
    A farewell I had no idea was coming.

    On the bridge,
    I give you a goodbye hug,
    One I wish would be forever on my side of the bridge.
    On the bridge,
    We speak and laugh,
    If it only won't be the last time.

    On the bridge,
    A voice calls for us to part—
    Both to either sides of the bridge,
    One we can never cross.
    Do tell me that someday I'll get to the other side,
    Where you and I shall be together forever.
    For now,
    Torment me with the thought those final hours,
    Let me dream and hear you whisper.
    Remind me it isn't forever.
    I hope the wait shan't be long...


  • alekya_gsnvl 2w

    One can never bid a perfect farewell
    The memories shared between
    The emotions gushing in
    Never lets us cut them off
    We treasure the moment only to visit it whensoever
    Tricking ourselves everytime as if it weren't the last one ever

  • octavian 4w


    One of the worst things in life is to ,not touch or feel your loved ones for one last time.

  • the_scribbles 6w

    Last days are so confusing. There's the excitement of a new venture around the corner, of the amazing aura of change.
    But the stinking pain remains where you realise all those favourite people you spend a part of your past with is no more a part of your morrow.

  • hearts_to_ink 10w

    Goodbye for Now

    Waltzing ahead, a new chapter in her tale
    Towards the glimmering horizon setting sail
    A moment of angst for the loved ones behind
    A ray of hope towards a better tomorrow in mind
    Never too far behind shalt halt her comrades
    Hand in hand forever, merry and loving parade
    One last glance around, bade everyone goodbye
    "Be back home afore thee blinketh thy eye"

  • poetrani 10w

    You go on

    For the faces slowly turning away, give them a last farewell smile.

    For those who no longer want to listen, whisper a final goodbye.

    And go on, like the doll you always were.

    As the beautiful, cruel, porcelain doll,
    you go on.

  • thirteenthofaugust 15w

    One string

    We were once woven together
    But now shredded tapestry are we
    Slowly destroyed by lies
    Yet stabbing me until i bleed and die

    I'm gracious for your mercy
    Withholding the truth that will set me free
    Stop clinging, just give it to me
    The blade to sever this connection

    I'll free myself from your grip
    No tears will ever drip
    I'll bid my goodbye
    Hoping that we will never have another tie

  • burried_thoughts 14w

    An ode to you, who won't come back

    It's been 7 years since you left....
    And i am grieving for your lose now after all these years;
    Everybody say that I am your favorite, alas I was able to realise it then
    Then I was a kido who wanted prove myself strong infront of all others, wearing a stone face and numbness to push away people.
    That day i was confused myself why am I not able to cry for your lose ?
    But today when i face the reality that you have left us and won't come back,
    Alas I grieve today, that I could have given you a little more than the prayers, a little more love......to bid you farewell !

    #grief #mourning #farewell #regret #funeral
    #goodbye #pain
    @miraquil @miraquilian @writersnetwork

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    Alas I grieve today, that I could have given you a little more than the prayers, a little more love......to bid you farewell !


  • nethaspeakzzz 18w


    I never thought I would be writing you this letter.
    If destiny could still throw us back to our time I'll never write this again. I don't want to.
    Unfortunately, we ourselves planted some weeds in our lawn along with our roses. Now when I walk through our bubble, I really find nothing left to hold onto. Stems but not leaves Thorns but not Roses!! Everything lost it's life and so our love.
    There's is this famous line which goes, "It is time to call it a QUIT and walk off in our separate ways" and I think it's time now. Lmao! I know you already killed and buried this QUIT. It's me still holdin'.
    You remember, how many times we blamed us? how many times have we said enough is enough and I don't want to see your face again just to make more Love, more hugs and many more kisses. Luckily for you, this time I'm letting this off and I'm never coming back again.
    Inevitably, there are many moments, many things and many places that mean so much to both of us or maybe only for me.
    It's been months I've using your chat just to write my whole day there and at the other end, I guess you never even bothered about your blocked chats. You remember baby? We used to count our total number of texts on whatsapp just to make the number bigger and bigger everyday. How lovely that was? Or how silly it was for you?

    I promise I'll stop creating new accounts on instagram just to text you a 'Hi'. I'll make my heart more strong to not to watch your whstapp last seen from my dad's phone. I promise, I'll stop asking all our mutual friends to text you to know your mental health. My phone looks empty without your pictures, without your laughs. Even Gmail feels weightless without your mail ID logged in. Lmao!

    I'm truly sorry if this decision cause you any pain. I know it won't even tilt you heart! Lmao
    Trust me, It's not going to be easy for me to handle. Definitely someday you'll agree that this was the right step I took. Whatever happens, I wish you the best for everything in your beautiful life. Please do remember that I do love you and every part of this body always will.
    Let me be honest for the one last time,
    All those words I wrote above were not from heart but, from brain. My HEART will always and definitely chose you no matter what!!
    I truly wish you the best of luck and happiness in your life with your job, with your family, and with finding a new love
    Adieu my love

  • bhavti 19w

    इतने ख्वाब सजाए थे जिसके,
    वो खुद ख्वाब सी निकल गई।
    अब क्या ही बताएं हम, कि
    हमारी बारहवीं कैसी गई…

    सुना फिक्र सभी कर रहे हैं,
    कहो शिकायतें किसे सुनाएं?
    कुछ मुफ्त मिल रहा है कहते हो..
    जो छूट गया, वो कहां से लाएं?

    सबसे रोशन होना था जिसे,
    साल वही सबसे अंधेरा था ।
    याद भी नहीं आखिरी बार,
    यारों ने किस बात पर छेड़ा था…

    क्या पता था वो समोसे, वो मोमोज,
    वो साथी फिर नहीं मिलेंगे,
    उस घास पर फुटबॉल नहीं फिसलेगी,
    वहां ऊंचे छक्के फिर नही लगेंगे..

    हमें भी तो बचपन से,
    टीचर्स डे का खुमार था।
    खोया वो दिन भी है हमने, जो
    सबसे अज़ीजों में शुमार था।

    काश हमारा हक,वो ठहाके,
    वो मस्ती हमें लौटाए कोई….
    काश यादों की अलमारी में,
    न फिर मोबाइल सजाए कोई..

    मत कुरेदो ना जख्म हमारे,
    न पूछो फेयरवेल कैसी रही…
    इस से ज्यादा अब क्या बताएं,
    कि हमारी बारहवीं कैसी गई...


  • sruthikaliyaperumal 21w

    Everything comes to a full stop (.)
    But we have a choice,
    To leave it as such.
    Or extend it into a comma (,)!

  • seraiah_smiles 22w

    Fare Well

    I guess there has to be a farewell.
    I hope that even if I do go,
    You would fare well.
    My spirit's always with you, bro.

    The rivers shall still flow.
    Wherever the waters go,
    Like they say, O,
    "What flows, flows." Lo~

  • _aayushee_ 22w

    ~Farewell - A Goodbye~

    Stories are passed on as a tag of experience. They keep various laughters and tears between them. Many days will pass and suddenly a photo will come out from the album bringing back thousands of memories. Recollection of punishments on the corridor, sharing of tiffin boxes and the hub of playing grounds. The chaos will come back in front of wet eyes and will fade away but in the deep place of the heart the memories will be as fresh as mornings and as bright as sunshines.


  • asmakhan 22w

    Dear brother @johnsolomon I don't believe you are not here with us anymore. You are and will always be in our hearts. I wish we could meet in real life but I believe we will, someday, in some other world. ��

    #writersnetwork #mirakeeapp #reelsmiraquill #pod #tribute #haiku #prayers #thoughts #peace #farewell

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    You are gone like spring
    But linger in our hearts
    Like fragrance of rose

    ©Asma Khan

  • _lostsoul___ 22w

    When you have a habit of listening to someone about there good n bad deeds n daily stationary on the the daily bases on the other hand you trust them soooo much that u share all ur tinee tiny to bulky secrets to them. There you see there is a special space for them. That space belongs to them.

    Then... Imagine a day
    Let it be the day after you shared ur feelings for him to someone n then suddenly the person leaves telling the fact we never worked..
    G : 'Yes we didn't but we should try nnn'
    B : Being together makes both of us weak dear we have to be strong we can't be together uk it. "If i decide to stay I'll loose myself n I can't do that to myself or even to you" understand me n move on i say respect my decision take care bbye.
    G: (speechlessly muttered I love you dear one ) take care dear

    They both cried in silence...
    One feeling no hope
    Another respecting one's decision.

    I miss you.

    Having feelings for one another this story doesn't work the compatibility wasn't great enough u see but the bonding was both knew eachother extremely well but this isn't a movie u see everything does not get better in end.

    Every story just not end well uk each n every story has its own importance in one another's life.


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    I miss you ❤️


  • himanshibajpai 23w


    हँसी तो आएगी.. पक्का। ��
    हमारा Farewell 13 February 2020 को था,और इधर बच्चे बोल रहे थे यार ये स्कूल वाले 14 February को नहीं रख सकते। खासकर couples भाई Valentine's Day होता है ��most important Day �� पर हुआ 13 को ही unfortunately ��

    Clear instructions दे दिये गये।
    और हम जैसे संस्कारी बच्चे सही मे नहीं लेके गये।
    ये भी नहीं सोचा कि क्या ही उखाड़ लेगें Last Day अब तो Practical के Marks भी चढ़ चुके।
    उस दिन लगा किसी बात को ज्यादा serious नहीं लेना चाहिए ��।

    ये दिन लड़कियों के लिए OFFICIAL MAKEUP DAY होता है��जो पहले कभी नसीब नहीं होता है। makeup करके लड़की स्कूल आयी ये देख के कुछ मैड़मो का खून खौलता है ����।
    इस दिन क्लास के लड़को को लगता चलो हमारे क्लास की भी लड़कियां अच्छी दिख सकती है।��

    और लड़को के लिए OFFICIAL NARROW PANT DAY और बाल खड़े करने वाला दिन।�� जो पहले कभी नहीं मिलता Narrow Pant को उससे पहले स्कूल की भाषा मे चूड़ीदार सलवार बोला जाता था और बाल खड़े करना तो अपराध।

    उस दिन Hooting हो रही थी हर Performance के बाद और कोई मना भी नहीं कर रहा था किसी टीचर ने नहीं बोला" Is this Fish market ".
    हम सब खुश भी थे दुखी भी, दो भाव एक साथ। उस दिन कोई भी Speech Boring नहीं लग रही थी। ❤

    आज स्कूल की याद आ रही थी, तो सोचा लिख ही लू।
    #school #farewell #memories

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    उस दिन स्कूल से आने का मन नहीं कर रहा था।
    इतने सालो का सफर उस दिन थम रहा था।

    कोई रोया नहीं उस दिन पर अब वो स्कूल, वो स्कूल यूनिफार्म, वो दो चोटियाँ, वो एक टिफिन चार हाथ, कैन्टीन के समोसे,पंखे के लिए पंगे, वो बाते,वो दोस्त सब बहुत याद आते है।

  • msupstreamist 25w

    You could miss a man's wedding but never his funeral.


  • adn_soul 25w

    Warm was the weather
    And memories were vast
    When we were together
    For the day being the last

    A journey of hopes and threats
    Was ending in all merry
    Time to get parted, lets
    Relish the cake with cherry

    Cheerful seemed the faces
    Though hiding all their grief
    Colorful being our races
    Those who come, one day leave

    My friend, I gift you this beautiful shell
    Brought from heaven, not the hell
    The moments are making my heavy heart swell
    May God bless, Fare thee well

    #mirakee @writersnetwork #farewell #friends #life #journey

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    Fare thee

    Anurag Debnath


  • amatullahsabir 25w

    What would you do to have just one more night with them?

    #farewell #lesson #mercy
    @mirakee @writersbay

    Instagram: @amatullahsabir

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    Till the Sunrise

    Yes I know this has to end,
    An end so brutal, we possibly can never be friends.
    It doesn't hurt you as bad as it hurts me,
    Just be mine once more before you sail the sea.
    Won't you have mercy on me? Give me a prize?
    Won't you stay here just till the Sunrise?

    "Change is necessary, change is the way of life,
    Change is a permanent medicine nature has prescribed."
    Let change be the talk of tomorrow,
    Give me one more night before all the sorrow.
    Won't you have mercy on me? Give me a prize?
    Won't you stay here just till the Sunrise?

    The moon will witness this night,
    Stars will see as one last time we unite.
    Let the air tell how beautiful was the sight,
    Just one night, the destiny let me rewrite.
    Won't you have mercy on me? Give me a prize?
    Won't you stay here just till the Sunrise?

    My heart already aches,
    With every passing second more it breaks,
    Give me few more moments that'll help me strive,
    Then you may stab my wounded heart and twist the knife.
    Won't you have mercy on me? Give me a prize?
    Won't you stay here just till the Sunrise?


  • thehibernatinghomosapien 52w


    We bid our last with hopes to meet at dawn on the shore of the other side...
    Little did I know the shore you stood was a dawnless shore.